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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! shonen-ai / yaoi

    Main pairings:
    - Yami no Yugi x Seto Kaiba (Prideshipping)
    - Noa Kaiba + Mokuba Kaiba (Stepshipping)
    - Rafael x Valon x Amelda (Domashipping)

    Side pairings:
    - Katsuya Jounouichi + Mai Kujaku (Polarshipping)
    - Yugi Mutou + Anzu Mazaki (Peachshipping)
    - Ryou Bakura + Malik Ishtar (Angstshipping)

  • Final Fantasy IX shonen-ai / yaoi

    Main pairing:
    - Zidane Tribal x Kuja

  • ... and a tiny amount of Hokuto no Ken het / gen

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    Final Fantasy IX and Hokuto no Ken Fanfics
    A fic for FFIX, and a couple of drabbles for Hokuto no Ken - updated 2.8.19
    Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations
    For clarification on abbreviations, pairing denotations and ratings used - Updated 1.11.09

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