Final Fantasy IX and Hokuto no Ken Fanfics

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- 11.30.20 - Ch. 34 posted for "The Show Must Go On"
- 4.17.20 - Ch. 33 posted for "The Show Must Go On"
- 10.30.19 - Ch. 32 posted for "The Show Must Go On"

Final Fantasy IX

A sketch I did of Kuja and Zidane a few years ago. Never quite finished it...

In game renders from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

"The Show Must Go On"
rating: PG-13 to NC-17
pairing(s): Zidane Tribal x Kuja, Zidane + Dagger, Blank + Marcus
summary: “Take care of Kuja.” Zidane wondered if he’d misunderstood what Garland had meant by that. A canon inspired tumble through the events at the end of the game and beyond, hitting Kuja’s issues along the way.

- Prologue: Hang On in There
- Ch. 1: The Show Must Go On
- Ch. 2: Leaving Home Ain’t Easy
- Ch. 3: I Can't Live With You
- Ch. 4: Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
- Ch. 5: The Great Pretender
- Ch. 6: Don't Stop Me Now
- Ch. 7: Too Much Love Will Kill You
- Ch. 8: Don't Try So Hard
- Ch. 9: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
- Ch. 10: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
- Ch. 11: Long Away
- Ch. 12: I Want to Break Free
- Ch. 13: Keep Yourself Alive
- Ch. 14: Hammer to Fall
- Ch. 15: In My Defence
- Ch. 16: Scandal
- Ch. 17: Under Pressure
- Ch. 18: Doing All Right
- Ch. 19: Reaching Out
- Ch. 20: Through the Night
- Ch. 21: Back to the Light
- Ch. 22: Keep Passing the Open Windows
- Ch. 23: Dreamer's Ball
- Ch. 24: Somebody to Love
- Ch. 25: Back Chat
- Ch. 26: Rain Must Fall
- Ch. 27: Sheer Heart Attack
- Ch. 28: I Was Born to Love You
- Ch. 29: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
- Ch. 30: Good Company
- Ch. 31: A Dozen Red Roses for My Darling
- Ch. 32: Action This Day
- Ch. 33: White Queen (As It Began)
- Ch. 34: One Vision

Hokuto no Ken Ficlets
"Jidai Wa Yuusha no Densetsu O Kataritsugu" (Your Heroic Legend Will Be Told Throughout Time) aka the Hokuto no Ken LJ Ficlet Series
rating: PG
pairing(s): various (listed after each individual "chapter" description)
summary: One-shots. Various ficlets, scenes or drabbles that I've posted on my LJ.

- "Nanto no Tamashii Moyu"
300 word triple drabble - Rei + Mamiya: "Rei wasn’t much for idle conversation, not unless it amused him. And it was hard to predict what would amuse him." Spoiler warning for episode 57 + of the Hokuto no Ken TV series.
- "Otoko no Namida Wa Ichido Dake"
Ficlet - Toki, Raoh: "What have you done, Raoh? You should have taken my life, but instead, you took away my reason for living." Spoiler warning for episode 71 + of the Hokuto no Ken TV series.

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