All characters, concepts and such on this site belong to their original creators and their licensed affiliates, and not to me - I did not create and do not own any part of any of these characters. All copyrights belong to the original owners/creators/studios/other authorized copyright holders. I do not earn any money from this website and only run it to promote and encourage the anime, manga and video game fandoms - basically it's free advertising for people in the business. The only exceptions to the copyright rule on this site are my fanfics and original character art - if I created any original characters for use in fanfics or artwork, then the characters are mine.

On that note, do not plagerize images, stories, or other files from my site. Although I may not technically own the rights to the characters or series featured on my site, I would appreciate receiving proper credit for my work. If you wish to use something from my site, please ask for my permission first.

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