Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Not all the terms listed below apply to my site, however I tried to include others that I deemed relevant to help visitors get a better understanding of anime and video game fandom in general.

This page is split up into several sections:

Site Specific Abbreviations, Pairing Denotations & Ratings

Abbreviations Used on This Site:

Pairing Denotations:
  • Yaoi pairings are listed with "x", as in seme x uke. If I put "and reverse" (& rev) after a pairing, it means the seme and uke switch roles. If I put an "&" between 2 character names (i.e. Yohji & Schu x Aya) that means 2 semes x 1 uke.
  • Hetero lemon pairings are listed with "x" as well, as in guy x girl.
  • Shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, and hetero lime or citrus-free pairings are indicated with "+," as in guy + girl. Order of names does not matter.
  • Stories without pairings, I'm just listing the main character(s) involved with commas between names if needed.
  • I hope I got all the pairings in the fics correct but might have missed or mislabeled some. If I messed up anywhere, sorry.
  • The fics on this site vary anywhere from PG all the way to NC-17 in rating. Assume anything marked shonen-ai is rated PG-13 to R and anything marked yaoi is R to NC-17. I don't use an X rating.

Slash / Yaoi Terms

Refers to works which include lemony or lime-ish content (hence the term!)

Artwork, comics, stories, etc. which include graphic sexual scenes (i.e. yaoi, yuri, PWP).

Artwork, comics, stories, etc. which include implied sexual content... scenes take place behind closed doors (i.e. shonen-ai, shoujo-ai).

Acronym for "Plot? What plot?" Pointless smut, basically.

The top in a yaoi pairing... denoted first when listing a pairing.

The Western equivalent of shonen-ai or yaoi, denoted Top / Bottom. The classic example would be Captain Kirk / Mr. Spock.

Shonen-Ai (Shounen-Ai):
Artwork, comics, stories, etc. involving male + male relationships of a romantic nature. The term "shonen-ai" translates to "boy love" and it differs from yaoi in that sex is not the focus of the genre, but the relationship and romance is. The female + female equivalent is called "shoujo-ai."

The bottom in a yaoi pairing.

WAFF / Fluff:
WAFF is an acronym for "warm and fuzzy feeling"... basically a feel-good story. Fluff is similar, but usually refers to WAFF stories with very little plot as well.

Artwork, comics, stories, etc. involving male x male relationships of a sexual nature. "Yaoi" is an acronym for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" which translates to "no climax, no point, no meaning." An old joke is that it's an acronym for "yamete kudasai, oshiri ga itai yo" (stop it, my butt hurts). Yaoi can contain shonen-ai elements (and often does) or it can be purely sexual. The realism of the pairing is irrelevant. Note that yaoi should really only be used to refer to pairings taken from Japanese media and is denoted seme x uke. In the Western culture the proper term would be slash. The female x female equivalent is called "yuri."

General Fandom Terms

Japanese cartoons (though these are not meant to be strictly for children!!)

Truths derived from official artwork, comics, games, movies, stories, etc. for a anime, manga or video game series.

Fan made written or illustrated stories from Japan. Some professional mangaka (manga artists) also do doujinshi, sometimes of their own work!

Fan made "truths" derived from fan work (like fanfics or doujinshi) which other fans take as canon.

Japanese comic books.

OAV (Original Animation Video) and OVA (Original Video Animation) are the same thing. They are animes that are not released in a movie theater or on TV, so they are the equivalent of straight-to-video movies. OAVs usually are have a higher budget than TV series and are often serials, unlike movies which are usually one-shots.

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