Title: Turn
Author: bnomiko
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto
Spoilers: none... takes place post-Noa's arc
Warnings: light BDSM
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi, Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Duelist of the Roses is a product of Konami, Playstation 2 is a product of Sony, Maximus is a product of BodyWise. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: PWP. Mokuba and Noa get Yami and Seto interested in the Duelist of the Roses video game, and Yami and Seto decide to try it out. Then pointless sex happens. Written for PharaohsPalace - Seme Yami / Uke Seto Challenge.
Status: 1 / 2
Archived at: http://www.phenixsol.com/Miko/FF/

This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

* * *

Author's Notes:

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Chapter 1: My Turn

* * *

Noa studied the display of cards on the screen before him, then decided to select Limiter Removal and placed it on the field, face down. Then he tapped Monster Reborn in order to bring back Slot Machine from his graveyard before returning to Limiter Removal and flipping it for a 500 point ATK/DEF boost to all his Machine monsters.

Mokuba, flipping through a manga, frowned at the characteristic sound of a power up being triggered. "I have a bad feeling about this..." he said, but as per their agreement he didn't look up at the television.

The green-haired teen smiled a little. "Sorry Mokuba," he began as the game generated battle ended, "but my Machine King just took out your Queen of Autumn Leaves for 700 points of damage." He hit the start button to end his turn and picked up the magazine resting in his lap. "It's your turn, Otouto."

Mokuba frowned again at the loss of his most powerful monster and the loss of 700 life points, but after he selected Summon he brightened up a tiny bit. He played his second Soul of the Pure card to restore 2000 LPs, and tried to sound upbeat as he said, "That brings me up to 7000 LPs, and you're at 2900 Noa. Your turn." Man, he's almost got me cornered!

"Another Soul of the Pure? How many of those do you have?" Noa commented, selecting a Magic Jammer and placing it face down on the field 'just in case.' He may have more LPs but he's only got weak monsters on the field, and I almost have him cornered. "You're going to hate me for this Mokuba, but here I go."

Machine King, Slot Machine, and Blast Sphere vs. three Green Phantom Kings in defense mode... Noa couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. A combined total of 9300 ATK against 6400 DEF. Three successive battles and Mokuba knew he was out of monsters. He pushed heavy black bangs out of his face and muttered, "Nuts!"

"Very good, Noa," came a deep voice from the doorway. The brothers looked up as Yami sauntered in and stood beside Mokuba's bed.

"Where's Nii-sama?" Although neither one had ever mentioned it, both of them knew that on Seto's rare day-off, wherever Yami turned up, Seto was sure to follow.

Yami shrugged gracefully, but his flickered over to the doorway anyways. "Phone call."

Mokuba pouted. "He's supposed to be taking the day off, especially since he just got back from a two-week business trip." He made it almost sound like an accusation, but in truth they all knew that not even Yami could separate Seto from his cellphone.

Noa looked over at Yami, then nudged Mokuba. "Hey, it's your turn."

"Yeah, yeah..." Mokuba sighed as he turned his attention back to the game and considered his options. Yikes, what a bad draw! I guess I'll play this Forest terrain card and try to buy myself another turn. But when he played Forest, he triggered Noa's Magic Jammer. "RATS!" Resigned, the younger teen moved his deck leader one space into the corner of the field.

While flipping his phone shut, Seto wandered in just as Noa moved his monsters around Mokuba's deck leader and boxed him in. Mokuba frowned and hit the start button (which ended his turn and effectively, the duel), and proceeded to scowl at Noa over his latest defeat.

Yami couldn't help but consider possible improvements in Mokuba's strategy, but that train of thought derailed as Seto came up beside him, lightly brushing his arm against Yami's shoulder. For a moment they simply stood next to each other, then Yami leaned his weight slightly to the left, pressing his body against Seto's side while casually reaching around his tall lover's waist with his arm.

"Grr... I'm so going to beat you next time Onii-chan," swore Mokuba, not missing a beat.

"No way, Otouto, not with that deck."

"What's wrong with my deck?"

"You need stronger monsters," " You need more traps," Seto and Yami said simultaneously.

The two younger teens looked over their shoulders. Mokuba smiled as an idea struck him. "Why don't you two try it?" he asked, offering up the game's instruction booklet. He knew the two older teens rarely dueled each other anymore, but perhaps a video game version of their beloved Duel Monsters would spark their interest, and perhaps he could figure out some new strategies as well by watching them?

Seto accepted the booklet and stared at the cover. "The Duelist of the Roses? Lame name." He and Yami had consented to the Konami's request to use their likeness in the game (for a fee of course) but this was his first time seeing the finished product. Yes, weird name for a Duel Monsters game, but Seto was almost impressed at the artist's rendition of him in armor designed to look like a Blue Eyes White Dragon had wrapped itself around his shoulders.

"Nice armor," Yami commented, eyeing the booklet as well.

"At least I don't look like I just left a BDSM convention," the brunette retorted automatically, tracing the illustrated Yami's outfit of black leather and multitude of straps. The outfit was a little kinkier than anything Yami actually owned, but not by much, as Yami was currently clad in strategically torn black jeans, a ribbed black muscle shirt, and a red leather collar.

Yami grinned at his lover's reaction. "Admit it, you like the leather AND the straps," he purred, before proceeding to fondle his boyfriend's denim-clad ass, crimson eyes crinkling in amusement.

Mokuba stifled a laugh as Noa cleared his throat. "Ahem! You guys can do that later, ok?" Not that the two younger teens really cared; they were used to it by now, but still ....

"So?" Mokuba smiled and held up his controller to his big brother.

Seto glared at his shorter lover and grabbed the game controller. "I'm up for a game or two if Yami is."

"Oh, you know I am Kai-baby," he threw back with a wink as Noa handed him the other controller. "They don't call me the King of Games for nothing."

The taller teen bristled at Yami's favorite nickname for him, and even more so at the reminder that Yami was indeed, the King of Games. But was a 3000-year-old ex-spirit of a pharaoh any good with video games?

"So you think you can beat me Yami-kins?" he sneered. "I didn't know they played video games back in ancient Egypt."

I wonder if he's even aware of all the video games I've played with Noa and Mokuba? But instead of voicing his thoughts, Yami just gave Seto an infuriatingly smug smile in response, then turned to the two younger Kaiba brothers. "Just give us a round or two to get used to the game and then I'll give you some pointers, ok Mokuba?"

Gee, am I that obvious? "Uh... I don't need any pointers," Mokuba protested, but Noa just grinned at his younger brother.

"I'll give you a few tips if you really want Otouto," he said sincerely. A pause, then he turned to address Seto and Yami, "I know you two won't need our help to figure out how the game works," and Seto snorted at that, "but just don't mess up our decks too much ok? Yami, you can save a deck on my Memory Card and Nii-sama, you can use Mokuba's I guess. Just... don't swap cards."

"Don't worry, we'll be good," said Yami cheerfully, already accessing Noa's card library and selecting the Dark Magician as his deck leader.

As Yami began sorting through monsters for his deck, the two younger brothers wandered out, Mokuba pausing only long enough to singsong, "... and don't kill each other!" before the two younger teens left.

While Seto flipped disinterestedly through the instruction guide, Yami supplemented his deck with various power up, magic and trap cards. He knew Seto's playing style too well, so even with the game's format it wasn't hard to pick out cards that would take the bite out of Seto's dragons. Traps like Shadow Spell and the aptly named terrain card Yami were obvious choices for his deck. This ought to be interesting... hmm, but I don't like this particular class of cards...



The shorter duelist motioned to the magic cards he was currently scrolling through. "Can we agree to not use direct damage cards?"

Seto barely glanced at the screen. "Fine by me... I don't need cards like that to take you down."

Yami smirked. "My, confident aren't we?" Bypassing the direct damage magic cards, he finally decided on adding two Magic Jammers to bring his deck up to 40 cards, then saved the deck onto Noa's Memory Card and nudged Seto.

"Your turn."

Seto tossed the instruction guide to Yami and picked up the first controller. Scrolling through Mokuba's decks and card library, he mused that Mokuba must have been playing a lot to get such a large selection of cards. Hn, he's even got two Blue Eyes... I'll start the deck with these. But I'll need a deck leader too, well... I think the Kaiser Dragon will do.

He began adding various other dragon cards to the deck, then some power up cards as well to augment his dragons. A hint of a smile touched his lips as he read some of the special effects that some of the other cards had, such as the Mystical Elf's ability to increase other light attribute monsters ATK and DEF by 800 points. The final few slots on his deck were filled with a few choice magic cards like Monster Reborn, and one trap card. Sorting through his selection one last time, he smirked and turned to Yami.

"Prepared to lose, Yami-kins?"

Yami answered with a twitch of his own lips. "Are you, Kai-baby?" he crooned.

"Hmph. Don't even try distracting me. Let's just duel. I go first." Yami stared at his lover a moment, then turned away from the screen as Seto's deck leader, the Kaiser Dragon, materialized on the screen, and at his command, his initial draw of five cards.

* * *

Yami studied the ceiling in boredom as Seto carefully considered his next move. Since the game displayed all the cards in the opposing player's hand and on the field during the opposing player's turn, he couldn't look at the television until it was his turn again. I suppose that explains the number of magazines and mangas stacked around the game console. He gave a soft sigh while his boyfriend continued to shuffle, move and flip cards.

"Are you done yet?" he sighed.

"Stop trying to distract me," snapped Seto, as he flipped over his Mystical Elf to boost his two Kaiser Dragons and Seiyaryu by another 800 points, before moving his deck leader right one space and ending his turn. "It's your turn now. Happy?"

"Ecstatic." Actually, he just thought of a way to really spice the game up, but not wanting to reveal his hand just yet, Yami merely gave a staged sigh, then lifted his head off the end of Mokuba's bed to consider the five cards in his hand. He had just drawn a Shadow Spell trap card, which now sat alongside Dark-Piercing Light, Magic Jammer, Swordstalker, and Black Pendant. Humming softly to himself, he summoned Shadow Spell to the field before launching an attack.

Seto's head snapped up at the sound of game generated battle, though he pretty much knew what had happened. Yami turned and looked at his lover. "I just attacked your Seiyaryu with my Dark Magician Girl. That's 3500 ATK to your dragon's 2850, so you're down to 2950 LPs," he reported, lowering his lashes a little.

"I knew you couldn't resist attacking my weakened monster," said Seto, though he still was still trying to formulate a plan of attack against Yami's Mirror Wall trap. He drew another Dragon Treasure power up, so he threw it on yet another Seiyaryu from his deck and put it out on the field face down. Yami was still facing at him, fluttering his long lashes now. "What? It's your turn."

Ah, don't be difficult now, Kaiiii-baby. The ex-spirit smirked, and began to toy with the dangling ring on the studded leather collar encircling his neck; he knew this particular collar was one of Seto's favorites. He drew another Black Pendant power up, and decided to move his deck leader close enough to his Dark Magician Girl to give her an additional 1000 point boost courtesy of two Black Pendants. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that the brunette's attention was now on his neck. "Turn."

Seto blinked and turned back to the television. He crushed the Dark Magician Girl he stole from Yami earlier in order to summon Hoshiningen to the field, flipping it for a 300 point boost to his monsters. "Your turn."

By this point, Yami had unbuckled the collar and slid it off his neck, and was rubbing his chest against Seto's right arm. One of Seto's brows shot up.

"Distracting me won't work you know..." he began, sounding rather distracted.

"Really..." came the smooth reply. Yami blew through his turn as quickly as possible, drawing a Dark Magician and Dark Energy power up and playing both of them to destroy Seto's Mystical Elf for another 100 points of damage. "Turn." He dropped the controller and began to fiddle with the collar instead and moved to the bed, sitting behind his lover.

"What are you..."

"Just keep playing, Baby," he whispered, running his fingers over the skin at the nape of Seto's neck. While Seto drew and played a Copycat magic card, to recover Paralyzing Potion from his graveyard, Yami slid his collar around his boyfriend's neck and buckled it on. The taller teen's fingers instantly flew up to his throat and he turned around to give his lover a look that was a cross between angry, confused and intrigued.

"It looks nice on you Seto."

"Yami..." was the growled response. So he wants to play THAT game does he? Fine by me... he knows he'll end up being the one getting pinned to the ground. "Whatever. Your turn."

The shorter duelist grinned and played Dark-Piercing Light, revealing all of Seto's cards on the field. "Your turn," he said rather smugly, sliding back onto the floor, his fingers now lightly dancing over the collar's ring.

As distracting as the jingling of metal was, Seto's face bunched up into a scowl when he realized what card Yami had just played. He threw his third Seiyaryu onto the field with a Megamorph power up, then ran into more bad luck as his Paralyzing Potion triggered a Shadow Spell trap card, spellbinding it for three turns. "Damn! Turn."

Yami merely put a Magic Jammer face down on the field and ended his turn.

While Seto crushed a stolen Dark Magician in order to summon his newly drawn Hoshiningen, his crimson-eyed lover took the opportunity to hook a finger through the dangling ring and tugged him down enough so that he could run the tip of his tongue over the taller duelist's throat. "Yami, stop... that..."

"Hmm?" Yami let his lips vibrate over his lover's throat and let his free hand brush lightly over the brunette's lap. Seto's dick jumped in response. Yami chuckled softly and faked innocence. "Is it my turn?" he asked, his lashes fluttering playfully. Letting go of the collar, Yami turned his attention to the television long enough to play another Dark Magician Girl face down and augment her with the Dark Energy and Black Pendant he drew two turns back. Then he crawled over Seto's lap, straddling him, and returned his attention to his boyfriend's neck. "Turn."

Seto smirked and grabbed his boyfriend's ass with one hand, eliciting a groan from Yami, then turned to the game long enough to draw a Mountain terrain card and put it face down on the field, moving it forward one space. "Turn."

The shorter teen ground his hips down against his boyfriend's thighs and burgeoning erection, then he twisted his torso enough so that he could see the television. He had drawn Kuriboh and Injection Fairy Lily and decided to play the latter face up in defense mode so that he would recover 50 LPs at the beginning of each of his turns. Yami gasped as Seto worked his lover's black top up over his nipples and began pinching them lightly. He shut his eyes for a moment and allowed the pleasure to rush through him, then finished his turn by moving Dark Magician Girl in front of Seto's Kaiser Dragon. "Your... turn." And my turn to return the favor...

Yami deftly began unbuttoning the taller duelist's light gray shirt, pausing every few seconds to drop kisses on the pale chest that was revealed. Seto grunted in satisfaction, but then let out a yell when Mountain got Magic Jammed. "Damn it!" He narrowed his eyes at Yami, but the crimson-eyed teen merely winked at him and sucked a nipple into his mouth, caressing the smooth surface with his tongue.

Seto's brain began to shut down at Yami's talented teasing. "Uh..." At least he remembered to look at his hand instead of just ending his turn, but as he went to play Graverobber, Yami bit down and Seto's thumb prematurely clamped down on the square button. "Ow... shit!"


"Look what you made me do! I hit the stupid button again because you bit me!"

"So...?" Yami's eyes wandered over to the television.

"Don't look! It's still my turn but... well, since I can't do anything I might as well end it," he huffed, hitting the start button in disgust. A healing sound effect preceded Yami's turn and his LPs increased by 50, bringing him up to 7150 LPs.

Yami rolled his eyes. I thought we were playing a different game, Kai-baby. "Hand me my controller." The shorter teen switched his Injection Fairy Lily to attack mode and ended his turn. "Now just continue where you left off..." and I'll continue where I left off. He dipped his head back down and continued to lavish his boyfriend's nipples with attention.

"Ahh... Yami...!" The brunette could barely remember what he was complaining about a moment ago. Stupid, distracting, sexy... oh yeah... He mentally smacked himself for drifting, then selected Graverobber and flipped it to bring Mountain back onto the field. He let Yami work on him a minute longer, then nudged his lover and gasped, "Your turn."

Hmm... yes, I think it's my turn indeed...

* * *


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Yes yes, how evil of me to cut it off right there just as it was getting good... lemony goodness will take place in the next chapter. This chapter was just necessary set-up and a bit of teasing. But if you want to bake a pie you gotta prep your ingredients first, right?

* * *

Additional Author's Notes (regarding DotR and the duels in this game):

* * *

May 4, 2005