Title: Sunday Morning
Author: bnomiko
Rating: R / NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami
Spoilers: none... takes place post-Noa's arc
Warnings: swearing, unsafe sex ^^;
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "Sunday Morning" is performed and recorded by Maroon 5. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these lyrics or characters.
Summary: Prequel of sorts to "Turn" (but can easily stand alone). Yami accompanies Seto to the airport early one Sunday morning.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

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Author's Notes:

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Sunday Morning

* * *

King Seto Kaiba was having the best day ever. Sitting on his huge Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon throne, he lorded over all the peons in Domino City. Already he had most of Yugi-tachi hard at work building a modern-day Colossus in his likeness to stand over Domino Port, a monument to his greatness as supreme ruler of Domino. In the center of the courtyard before him, the Mutt was chained by a leash and collar to a stake and running in circles, trying in vain to escape a well deserved beating from one whip wielding Yami. Seto was looking forward to watching the Mutt groveling at his feet... there was no better entertainment.

As much as he liked seeing Yami worked into a good sweat, he preferred it be by his own hand. "Yami, forget the Dog. Come here."

"Yes, as my illustrious Master commands." The crimson-eyed teen gracefully moved to comply, walking slowly up the steps to the dais, then kneeling and bowing low before Seto.

Seto licked his lips in anticipation. The young slave was perfection; golden skin flowing over toned muscles, exotic kohl-lined eyes, a head of lush, soft hair that was so unusual in color that some of Seto's subjects believed him to be a magical creature. And now he was kneeling before him like a well trained slave, decorated with only a leather collar, sheer black vest, and loincloth. Unable to contain himself much longer, Seto grabbed a handful of thick tri-colored hair and...

"OW! Seto!"

"Hunh?... How dare you address your Master in that manner... Now I'm going to enjoy punishing..." Seto got punched in the shoulder. Did Yami really think he was going to get away with this? Seto pulled harder in response and viciously yanked the vest off to reveal...

"Seto, let go! Hey, stop that... don't... It's freezing this morning!"

"Mmm... You've got quite a mouth on you, slave... Why don't you put it to good use and..."

Yami was just about to slap his boyfriend silly when the alarm clock / radio suddenly flared to life, setting off the automatic light switch and jerking Seto out of dreamland. Both teens groaned and blinked as a pop song began playing, the male singer wrapping his voice around some piano chords.

Sunday morning, rain is falling
Steal some covers, share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in

"Uh..." Seto looked down to see a pair of crimson eyes glaring angrily at him. He had a fist wrapped tightly in Yami's hair, and the other hand on the covers, which were now all piled on his side of the bed.

"Master? SLAVE?!" fumed the ex-spirit.

"I... um..." Seto couldn't think of a thing to say that wouldn't get him in trouble.

"You can let go of my hair now. And I'm cold!"

"Right." Okay, release hair. Hand over blanket. Then dig hole in yard and bury head in embarrassment.

Yami sighed and slapped his hand on the alarm clock, shutting it off. It was hard to stay angry at someone who was sleep-rumpled and somewhat confused, especially if the certain someone was his often abrasive and sometimes charming lover. "You're weird," he finally said, snuggling back under the covers.

Seto blinked at Yami for a few seconds, then looked at the clock. "It's 3:00 AM. Why's the alarm set to go off this early?"

"You're leaving for a business trip this morning."

"Oh. Shit."

Yami turned and glanced at the clock as well. "You still have a little bit of time. Come here, Kai-baby. I'll show you how I can put my mouth to good use."

Seto answered Yami's smirk with one of his own, then the two teens practically threw themselves at each other, hands roaming everywhere. Seto moaned into Yami's mouth as his lover snaked a hand down his boxers and stroked his morning erection, then he remembered something that pissed him off. "Fuck! I haven't packed yet!" he yelled, grabbing Yami's wrist to stop him from going further.

Yami pouted a little. "Pack later."

"That's what you said last night! That's why I have to get up, now!" He pushed back the covers and jumped out of bed.

But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road, get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you
That someday it would lead me back to you

Yami sat up a little and watched as Seto yanked some luggage out of the closet and selected a large navy upright, then began to stuff clothing into it. "Seto, slow down. You have plenty of time before your flight."

Seto paused to look at his lover, who was cocooned in the sheets now. "It's raining or haven't you noticed? That means it'll take me even longer to get to the airport, so I have to leave earlier than I intended."

"Well... what if I drive you? That's faster than taking the limo."

"Faster? Your driving scares the shit out of me, and the thought of you taking one of my sports cars out in the rain? Forget it."

Yami huffed in exasperation. Seto was always a bit snappish in the morning. "All right, how about you drive and I'll come along and drive the car back home. Better?"

The brunette slowed down minutely, then after some consideration, finally agreed. "Okay. But I'll be pissed if you wreck the car on the way back," he yelled as he headed for the bathroom.

"It was just that one accident, and the car was barely scratched! Honestly, Seto..."

"Are you going to get out of bed or what?"

Yami sighed and began unwrapping himself from the sheets. "Coming..."

"Damn it, where the fuck are my toiletries?"

Yami opened his mouth to respond, then shut it. Instead, he walked up behind his frantic boyfriend and wrapped his arms around Seto's waist, pressing his cheek to Seto's back with an audible sigh. Seto paused and turned around slowly, loosely draping an arm over the shorter teen's shoulders.


A soft sigh. "It's... nothing, Baby."

"You know I don't want to go. But I've been putting off my trips for the last four months. It's only for a week." The younger duelist only clutched him tighter. "Yami... are you okay?" he asked with uncharacteristic tenderness.

"Yeah... sorry. I didn't mean... I've just gotten used to having you here." Yami tilted his head and looked up at Seto.

The brunette gave his lover the barest hint of a small smile, then guided him back to bed, picking up Yami's red robe along the way. "Here. Put this on and sit down." Yami complied without further protest. Seto sat down next to him and slowly leaned in for a soft kiss. When they finally broke apart, Seto brushed his thumb over Yami's cheek and gazed at the piercing crimson eyes half hidden by long lashes. "I've gotten used to having you here too," he admitted softly. "I like it."

That may be all I need
In darkness he is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

Yami blinked as Seto got back up and resumed packing at a slightly more controlled pace. While the taller duelist's whispered words didn't sound like much on the surface, Yami understood the depth of emotion in his lover's voice. He's gotten used to having me stay here. He's gotten used to me. He likes having me here. He likes... me! Although it didn't sound like much on the surface, he knew from experience that a "I like you" from Seto Kaiba was worth a thousand "I love you"s from anyone else. A huge grin worked its way onto his face and a split second later, Yami had gotten back up and pounced.

The surprise hug was met by a short bark of laughter. "Yami, how am I supposed to pack like this?"

"Mmm... I could help you." The shorter teen began running his hands down his boyfriend's back, tracing his spine. Seto gave an involuntary shiver. "For starters, I know where your toiletries are, Baby."

"You little... Yami-kins... why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"You were being unpleasant," Yami said coyly, his hands now moving down to Seto's waist and hips. "You packed them earlier this week. They're in the small gray carry-on."

With Yami still attached to his hips, Seto headed into the closet to find the piece of luggage Yami was describing, and sure enough, all his toiletries had been packed, along with pajamas, slippers and several books. "I guess I forgot."

Yami chuckled, plucking idly at the waistband of Seto's silk boxers. "I hope you'll remember to get dressed at least."

"Same to you."

Yami took a step back and held his arms apart. "I am dressed."

"Yami, don't be silly. You're in a robe."

"Hmm." The ex-spirit stepped back towards Seto, then took Seto's hand into his and pressed it against the exposed bit of skin just under his throat. Without even thinking, Seto automatically began to push aside the thick fabric, tracing a delicate collarbone before running his fingers down to pinch at a hardened nipple. "Kai-baby..."

Seto groaned and reluctantly pulled his hand away. "You have to stop distracting me. Now I have all these dirty thoughts running through my head."

Yami merely smirked at the accusation, then he threw himself against his lover once again. "You're distracting me too, enticing me with that body of yours. Get dressed, Baby, or else you ARE going to miss your flight. I'll finish packing for you." Yami wandered out of the closet and started selecting socks from the dresser.

"All right, all right." Seto selected a blue cashmere sweater and a pair of black khakis and slipped them on quickly, then grabbed his usual KaibaCorp logo belt and a silk-blend trench coat to finish off the outfit.

Yami quickly took in the outfit. "You should switch to a heavier coat, Seto. It sounds like the rain's coming down harder now and it's windy too."

The young billionaire paused to consider the advice. Sure enough, he could hear the steady beating of raindrops on the window as well as the whistling of the wind through the tree branches just outside. He shrugged out of the lighter coat and stepped back into the closet, selecting a heavier raincoat in dark blue. As he emerged, Yami nodded his approval and threw a pair of socks at his head. Seto just managed to grab them just before they smacked into his face. "What the...?"

"Put those on. Did you already grab underwear?"

"I dunno. You have the suitcase there."

Yami took a look at the contents of the upright. "That would be a no. What would you do without me, Kai-baby?" His characteristic smirk was back in place as he quickly threw in a week's worth of boxers, then zipped the bag shut.

Seto rolled his eyes as he handed Yami the smaller gray carry-on and the silver briefcase which contained his laptop and itinerary. He hefted the navy upright into his own arms, then double-checked to make sure he had grabbed everything he needed. "Did I remember everything?"

"Did you?" The smirk was still there. "At least you're dressed."

"Hn. Let's go." The two lovers quietly made their way down the stairs.

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
Change the weather, still together when it ends

Once they got down to the cavernous garage, Yami turned to Seto with a grin and asked, "So, which car? The Ferrari?" If he had a tail, it would have been wagging a mile a minute.

Seto looked up from zipping up his boots. "You just want an excuse to drive it. No way... and don't even think of driving it while I'm gone." His blue eyes quickly scanned the garage for a better candidate. "We'll take the Viper."

Yami pouted a little but followed the taller teen as he made his way over to the royal blue coupe which had a Blue Eyes airbrushed in between a pair of white racing stripes. Seto popped the trunk and helped Yami load the luggage, then slipped into the driver's seat. "Ready?" Yami put on his seat belt and nodded as Seto started up the car, then reflexively checked the time. "Okay, I gotta grab some coffee on the way, but I think we're doing all right on time."

As the garage door opened and Seto backed out, Yami's brain woke up enough to translate Seto's previous statements. Put on your seatbelt and hang on. I'm currently on time but I'm not one to risk being late. And I have a coffee addiction. So to feed my addiction I'm going to drive like an out-of-control charioteer to the nearest coffeehouse, then I'm going to tear down the freeway at highly unsafe speeds just so I can get to the airport at least fifteen minutes earlier than I need to be. As the car rolled to the end of the long circular driveway, Yami clamped his hands down on the arm support just seconds before the young billionaire stomped onto the gas pedal.

Several minutes later and coffee cup in hand, Seto was feeling much more human. The rain was still falling heavily, but at least the streets had been relatively empty and now that they were on the freeway and the wind was at their back, it was all smooth sailing. He glanced over at Yami, who was stiffly braced in his seat with a half-dazed expression. Although Seto often preferred to sit in silence, the sound of rain and the pervasive darkness of the early hour were taking their toll on him, counteracting the caffeine. Nothing's more effective at counteracting sleep than Yami, he thought to himself in amusement. His younger lover was certainly good at keeping him up at night. "So..."

Yami jerked in his seat, blinking rapidly and rubbing at his eyes. "What?"

Seto regarded his bleary-eyed boyfriend, and his mind drifted back to the unusual dream he had been enjoying. You've got quite a mouth on you, slave... why don't you put it to good use... The taller duelist smirked and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he considered the possibilities. While Yami would never bow down and call him Master, there was always that other fantasy. I'll show you how I can put my mouth to good use... "Why don't you show me how you can put your mouth to good use?"

Yami stared at him for a long moment. "What?" he repeated.

"I've always wanted to have you suck me off while I was driving."

"... Are you crazy?! While you're driving? On the freeway? And in the rain? In the dark? At 4:00 AM?!"

Seto shrugged. Maybe he was crazy. "Live a little. What do you say? You're the one who started this."

"Started what? You're the one who was moaning and mauling me this morning."

"I was dreaming... and it was nice. At least for me."

"I'm not even going to ask," said Yami, but his face and tone both betrayed his curiosity.

"Hmm... not curious?" Yami's brows twitched. Now that Seto had grabbed his lover's attention, he wasn't going to back off. "All right... how about a trade then? I'll tell you all about my dream and you agree to blow me."


"Look, I have ten, maybe fifteen minutes tops before we get to the airport. And I'll admit that your morning antics got my blood boiling. So how 'bout it? Please, Yami."

Both of Yami's brows shot up. He said please. Arrrgh! I can't believe I'm even considering this... "I swear, if you crash while..."

"I won't crash."

Yami saw the sincerity in those blue eyes and he gave up. "Fine, but you have to agree to slow down as well." Seto immediately eased off the gas and moved to the slow lane. Yami rolled his eyes. "Geez..." He unlatched the seatbelt and shifted himself in the seat until he was leaning over Seto's lap, then pushed back roughly at his tri-colored hair. Grumbling a little to himself, he undid Seto's belt and pants just enough to free the brunette's engorged cock. "Start talking, Baby," he murmured, and gave the swollen head a quick flick with his tongue.

The older teen bit back a moan and thought back. "Well... I was King of Domino." Yami snickered and nipped lightly at the soft skin on Seto's balls. "I had a throne which looked like the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon... oh God...." Yami suddenly took Seto's erect member fully in his mouth and began sucking hard.

Seto groaned and squirmed, then realized that he had really eased off the gas; the car was practically crawling along on the freeway by this point, and Yami had just started. Putting a little bit more pressure on the gas pedal, the brunette tried to remember what else was in his dream. "Um... the Mutt was there." Yami growled deep in his throat, which had the inadvertent effect of sending a nice vibration straight into Seto's crotch. The taller duelist moved his hand off the stick and lightly ran his fingers through Yami's thick hair, placating him a little. "The Mutt was tethered in a courtyard, and you were whipping him. Fuck, Yami... that's good. And you... were a slave."

Yami popped his mouth off Seto's arousal and glared at him, mouth glistening with saliva. "I was a slave," he repeated in a voice slightly tinged with amusement.

Seto gave a low chuckle and eased off the gas a little as the Viper sped up a bit too much. "Sorry. Don't stop, Yami," he said hoarsely, and the younger teen gave his boyfriend another look before once again taking Seto's dick with his talented mouth, a hand creeping up to rub at a peaked nipple under the sweater. "God... you were a slave, and I, your master." Sensing Yami's mounting displeasure, he quickly added, "You were so fucking hot. You were glowing with sweat and wearing just your collar... and a loincloth and a see-through vest. All I could think about was ripping off those ornaments... and having you go down on me. Mmm..."

Yami responded by changing his angle of attack slightly, now rocking his head straight up and down and occasionally throwing in a slight twist. Seto moaned and fought to keep his concentration on the road. "I didn't mean to wake you like that. I dreamt you were fighting me. It pissed me off... I liked it... gaahh... nnn..." He couldn't stop his hips from jerking upwards as Yami added a nice lashing of tongue into his performance. "Shit, I want to come. Make me come, Yami!"

Hearing Seto's ragged cries, Yami clutched at his lover's thighs and deep throated the hot cock in his mouth, feeling his own dick twitching sharply under his robe in response to Seto's surging orgasm. Yami groaned deep in his throat as the billionaire moaned and jerked in ecstasy, shooting thick streams of ejaculate into the ex-spirit's mouth.

That may be all I need
In darkness he is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

After finishing Seto off with a few final few sucks, Yami slowly raised his head and smirked. He went to swallow but ended up choking himself a little and had to coughed mildly into his hand instead.

"Am I too much for you, Yami?" Seto teased, then immediately followed it up with concern when Yami frowned. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, just fine..." He wiped his hand off on the front of his robe, then raised a sleeve to his lips and gave them a quick swipe as well.

Seto smirked. "What a nasty habit. That's going in the wash I hope." Yami scowled in return, then began to lick his palm clean. "And there's our exit." He slowed down a little more and began exiting the freeway.

Yami stopped licking and peeked out the window. The lights of the airport were clearly visible in the darkness even through the rainy haze. "Mm. I see my timing is perfect, as usual. "

"Hn. Zip up my pants."

Yami rolled his eyes. Seto was back to snappy morning mode. "You're welcome." He wiped his hand down the front of his robe again, then leaned over and fastened Seto's pants and belt as they pulled into the lanes leading to departing flight terminals. By the time Seto pulled the Viper up to the curb, Yami was sitting upright in his seat and tugging his robe back into some semblance of order.

"Ok, get out and help me with the luggage," Seto ordered as he flung open the driver's side door. Yami bit back a retort, got out, and headed for the rear of the vehicle. Seto had already put the upright on the sidewalk and was strapping on the carry-on, so Yami simply grabbed the briefcase and wordlessly handed it to his boyfriend, then shut the trunk.


"Here's the keys. Don't drive too fast or you'll crash the car." The brunette put down the briefcase, grabbed Yami's hand, and pressed the keys into his palm. Yami sighed and went to walk around to the driver's side, but Seto refused to let go of his hand.


Seto paused, blue eyes on fixated on Yami's hand, then just as quickly resumed barking out a litany of instructions. "I'll call you when I land. Keep an eye on my brothers. I'll see you next week. Will you come pick me up?"

"If you'd like," Yami answered slowly.

A slight hint of a smile touched the billionaire's lips. "Yes." A moment's hesitation, then he finally said, "Thank you." For waking up with me. For coming with me. For just being with me.

Yami smiled in return, his eyes crinkling with amusement as he responded with a slight nod. "I know. And... you owe me, Kai-baby."

"Next time." Flushing slightly at what he was about to do in plain view of the public, Seto lifted his fingers to his lips and kissed them, then pressed his fingertips to Yami's lips. Yami shuddered and closed his eyes, shutting out the airport and traffic and rain, and slowly kissed Seto's fingertips in turn.

"Yes, next time," the ex-spirit whispered.

"Yami... I'll see you next week," Seto said again, picking up his luggage from the sidewalk, then slowly turning away to walk into the terminal.

But things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do
Sunday morning, rain is falling and I'm calling out to you
Singing someday it'll bring me back to you
Find a way to bring myself back home to you

Yami stood and watched as his lover disappeared into the building, the tinted glass doors sliding shut behind him. With a slight smile still playing on his lips, he walked to the driver's side of the Viper and slid in onto the supple leather seat. Carefully merging back into the pass-through lanes, Yami headed back for the freeway.

The rain had finally begun to taper off but the roads were still slick, so Yami decided to follow Seto's advice for once and take it slower than usual. But slow was boring, and Yami found himself fighting off a mighty yawn as the morning's activities began to take their toll on him. Trying to keep himself awake, he flicked on the radio and idly drummed his fingers along with the music as his mind drifted back to the subject at hand: Seto.

Maybe I need to start a caffeine habit as well. But then I would be a prick in the mornings like Seto. At least it's Sunday; I don't have to make sure Mokuba and Noa get up and go to school on time. So I guess I'm going back to bed once I get home. All by myself...

Lost in his thoughts, Yami didn't hear the familiar tune that was playing on the radio.... the tail end of the song that had woken them up that very morning. Yami smiled to himself and leaned back into the seat. But... just one week... and then he'll be home again.

And you may not know
That may be all I need
In darkness he is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
(Driving slow, a ya ya)
(I'm a flower in your hair...)

* * *


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Additional Author's Notes (regarding how this chapter came up):

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May 17, 2005