Title: Summer of '69
Author: bnomiko
Rating: R / NC-17
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto (sorta), Noa + Mokuba, Jou + Mai, Yugi + Anzu, Malik + Ryou, Rafael + Valon + Amelda
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. Innermost Limits of Pure Fun is a film by George Greenough. "A Little Less Conversation" is performed and recorded by Elvis Presley. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: "A little less conversation, a little more action please, All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me"
Status: 13 / ?
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

* * *

Summer of '69

Ch. 11: Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

* * *

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

- "A Little Less Conversation," Elvis Presley

* * *

From his seat in the corner of the room, Yami watched silently as Seto sagged in his chair in exhausted relief. The brunette CEO had been double checking Noa and Mokuba's work to make sure that the dueling server was back up and fully functional and that the virus was permanently neutralized. And the younger Kaibas had come through, not only finishing the tasks they'd been assigned, but checking one another's work to make sure everything was back to normal.

"You both did good," Seto told the pair as he logged himself out of the terminal. He was more than satisfied with the way things had worked out. The worst the virus had done was waste their time, really.

"Of course, duh," Noa said haughtily, but his grin took the edge off his words.

"Noa..." Mokuba chided. He and Noa were still logged on their terminals, running a final round of integrity checks on the new server, but they were almost done, thankfully. He took the opportunity to stand up, stretching. It'd been one of the longest hour and 35 minutes of his life. But he felt good about it; he and his brothers had made one hell of a team. They had proved that they could take on anything Siegfried threw their way. "So what's next, Nii-sama?"

"Next?" Seto echoed.

"Yeah, like... anything else we can help you with?" Mokuba asked. Then a little too earnestly, he added, "Or is there anything scheduled that we need to attend?"

"Nothing major. Isono should've taken care of the post-Grand Prix press conference, and there'll be a small gathering for the duelists who participated in about a half hour."

Mokuba looked slightly disappointed. "And that's it?"

Seto wore a neutral expression on his face, though from way the corners of his mouth twitched, it was obvious he was fighting the urge to smile. "Yeah. Why?"

"Well... it IS someone's birthday tomorrow," Mokuba said slowly, studying Seto's face carefully. Then he scowled. "Nii-sama, come on, tell me! I know you planned something!"

The right side of Seto's mouth curled upwards. "Maybe."

"Ohhh... tell me!"

"Don't tell him," Noa warned, seeing that his big brother was wavering. Seto was never any good at keeping secrets from his beloved little brother. Not that he was great at it himself, a fact that Mokuba remembered all too well.

Turning to his boyfriend with a big grin, the black-haired teen yelled, "Fine, then you tell me!" He was acting more like a five-year-old than a 14, going on 15, year old. "Someone tell me!"

Yami chuckled and decided to intervene before Seto ended up spilling the beans. "Come on, Baby, we should start heading over to the hotel for the 'after party'..." and find a place to "celebrate my victory" along the way, eh?

Don't you think about anything else? Seto retorted, but he was already standing up. He didn't anticipate any problems with having Noa and Mokuba finish up the final server scan on their own.

Who me? You make me sound like some sort of pervert.

You are!

Like you mind...

"So meet you guys over at the hotel then?" Noa asked, figuring it was better to distract the two of them before they decided that the control room needed to be christened. Perhaps he and Mokuba ought to excuse themselves instead if that was what was going to end up happening.

Seto blinked, then nodded. "Grand ballroom."

"What's going on in the grand ballroom?" Mokuba asked with deliberate cluelessness.

"Nothing," Yami responded a little too quickly. Seto rolled his eyes at him, and he shrugged. At least he hadn't ruined the surprise... not that it was that much of a surprise. Mokuba had probably already figured it out anyway, that the so-called "after party" was in actuality, a birthday party for him. "Well, let's get going, Baby. We have an half hour before it starts, and I have..." and he coughed, "something to show you."

"It's down my pants," Noa whispered, just loud enough for Mokuba to hear. They both snickered.

Cocking an eyebrow, Seto gave the pair a weird look, having missed the joke but catching the resulting laughter. "So you two sure you're okay finishing up in here?"

"Of course. Don't worry about it. You go get lai... er, ready. For the, uh... party," Mokuba said lamely. Seto's eyebrow went even higher.

Yami coughed again but headed for the exit anyway, trying to pretend that he hadn't heard Mokuba's slip up. "Seto. Are you coming or not?" he asked from the doorway since the brunette was still standing there, staring at his little brother.

"Hopefully the answer is 'Not yet,' since we're still sitting here," Noa answered for him. Seto shot him a look that was part "Why me?" and part "You're so grounded," but the smirking green-haired teen wasn't intimidated. He knew Seto wasn't really mad about it. "But hey, don't let us ruin your fun."

Grinning sheepishly, Yami just shook his head and left. Kids nowadays...

Seto remained behind a moment longer, trying to think of a suitable comeback but failing to do so since his thoughts had already drifted southward, resulting in a slight tenting of his trousers. Heaving a huge sigh, he turned and stiffly followed Yami out the door, ignoring the knowing smirks on his brothers' faces.

* * *

Having Yami in the mood was what initially had gotten Seto in the mood, but now the brunette's libido was off and running on its own. So by the time Seto joined his boyfriend out in the hallway leading from the control room, he was pretty much ready to go, but unfortunately Yami wasn't the type who'd make out in a semi-publicly accessible hallway. So Seto began scouting around for a convenient room or elevator or something where they'd have some sort of privacy. He grabbed Yami's wrist and pulled him down one corridor and then another, then spotted a door to his left and went for it.

"Goddamn it," he hissed as he fumbled with pulling his locket out of his shirt. He wanted to get the door open NOW. Yami's hands had landed on his buttocks, cupping and fondling them. So much for not having sex in public - if he couldn't get the door open, Seto didn't think he could wait long enough to find another location. In desperation, Seto opted to press his clothed chest against the electronic sensor, hoping that would work.


"Oh thank God," Seto groaned as he pushed the door open, Yami shoving him from behind. He hit the lights and then suddenly stopped, looking around in bewilderment. Buckets, mops, vacuum cleaners...

"We're in a broom closet?" the former Pharaoh asked as the door click closed behind them.

"I guess we are."

"How romantic. I thought you knew where you were going."

"Does it matter?" Seto asked, though there was a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.

"Nah. I don't care. We've never done it in a broom closet before," Yami pointed out as he reached up to gently brush the hair out of Seto's eyes. "But it's a bit cramped for... certain activities."

Seto shrugged and tossed his briefcase in the corner, then put his hand on Yami's KC belt buckle. "I'll just suck you off. Will that do?"

Yami just grinned as his lover began stripping him. What else could he do? He certainly wasn't going to say no.

* * *

Anyone passing by the now occupied broom closet would've heard the muffled moans emanating from within. After all, who would bother soundproofing a closet? And, if they were paranoid enough, perhaps they would've notified security which in turn would've come up to investigate, but fortunately for the amorous pair, they had ended up in a janitor's closet located in a relatively unused hallway. Not that either man would've considered stopping even if someone had come knocking...

Yami was currently standing in the center of the closet, away from the shelves of cleaning supplies and the neat rack of brooms and mops, his legs slightly apart for balance. He hadn't been able to do more than get his shirt off and one leg out of his pants before Seto had dropped to his knees and licked his cock from base to tip, then tilted his chin down to engulf the throbbing member with his mouth.

With nothing else to grab onto, Yami had sunk both hands into Seto's hair, trying not to tug too harshly as the brunette's head began moving. Seto wasn't going especially fast, or sucking especially hard; he had set an easy pace. Yami figured he was just doing it to drive him insane since Seto often enjoyed toying with him, prolonging the experience, even if that wasn't what he wanted at the moment. "Harder..." he urged. "More... moahhh... that's sooo good..."

However, the truth was, Seto's exhaustion was starting to catch up to him once again in a big way, and he was too focused on hiding it from Yami to put more effort into the blowjob. But he wasn't the type to deprive his lover - nor his own insistent hard on - his attention just because he was tired. And... he figured he'd have plenty of time to sleep it off later. So while trying to give the best head he could, he began squeezing Yami's ass cheek with his left hand and struggled to pull his dick out of his pants with the other, not an easy feat considering how hard he was already. And Yami was no help either being that he was wholly fixated on the pleasurable sensations shooting up from his own groin and was now thrusting into Seto's mouth with increasing vigor, his hard on zinging between wetted lips.

In the back of his throat, Seto growled in frustration over his still trapped dick. Yami grunted at the ensuing vibration, his fingers tightening in Seto's hair. Well, tired or not, Seto was proud that at least his boyfriend didn't seem to notice his falling energy levels. He figured he was just that damn good. Now, if only his zipper would coopera... ahh, there it went!

Finally freed from the confines of his slacks, the young billionaire began jacking himself off in time with Yami's thrusts, concentrating on how good it felt and how good he was making Yami feel in turn. His moans were smothered by the engorged cock between his lips, but Yami felt the way his lips was tightening around him and he responded with even harder thrusts, his fingers curling tightly enough to send sparks of pain through his boyfriend's scalp.

Seto might have protested being used as some sort of glorified sleeve, but it was a little late to complain, and honestly, it was easier to perform with Yami holding his head in place so that he could set the pace he wanted. As much as he enjoyed touching Yami, tasting him, feeling his hips bucking against him... the young billionaire was weary and just wanted to come and be done with it.

Thankfully, Yami was more eager than usual, his shaft almost painfully stiff and the swollen head blushing hotly, the velvety flesh pulsing and spreading over Seto's flickering tongue. It would only take a little more urging to take him over the top. So Seto let his left hand drift down into his lap and rubbed the tip of his middle finger over the damp cleft of his glans, picking up enough sticky moisture to reach back up and slowly insert the digit up Yami's pursing opening.

"Ahh... ahhmmm... Baby..." Yami breathed, squirming as Seto inched his way in carefully, stroking the inner walls as if they were made of delicate crepe. Then he curled his finger and lightly scraped a well-manicured nail against a small patch of flesh before pressing the pad up against the underside of Yami's gland. One good, hard stroke and then another, and Yami's toes literally curled as he threw his head back, screaming, his orgasm coming out of nowhere, hitting hard.

Seto did as much as he could to keep Yami's erection in his mouth, but with the ex-spirit's wild jerking, it was inevitable that he'd slip out. When it did happen just a split second later, Yami switched from grasping his lover's hair to his chin, tilting it back into position and insistently pressing the still spurting tip against Seto's lips until it popped back into his mouth. Seto understood what he was asking for. Using his tongue, he coaxed out every last drop and dribble of semen while trying to remember to keep his left hand moving, rocking his finger gently inside Yami.

When his satisfied cock had finally grown limp, Yami loosened his hold on Seto's head, stroking the soft strands of hair thoughtfully as he knelt down before his lover. He leaned forward to kiss Seto almost apologetically for his urgency, tasting a hint of his own salty-bitter essence lingering on the brunette's swollen lips.

Yami looked down at Seto's right hand which still encircled his turgid cock, though he had stopped pumping it for the moment. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around it as well, smiling as he gave it a few firm strokes. Seto moaned, his eyes sliding shut at the sensation, his own hand following Yami's. He let the younger man take the lead; it was easier for him to fall into Yami's rhythm than trying to set one of his own under the circumstances.

In sync, their hands moved a short distance upwards before dropping back to their point of origin, over and over again, fingers clenching. Yami leaned in for another kiss, much more fierce this time, his tongue stealing sounds of pleasure from between Seto's lips. Then as Seto's back arched, he moved down to suck on the soft skin of his lover's throat as his free hand began lazily tracing circles around a tight nipple. Seto began writhing, panting, his release imminent. A few strokes more, a few more seconds...

Feeling the ghost of his own orgasm still tingling deep within his body, Yami bit down on Seto's shoulder just hard enough to leave a temporary indentation, his nostrils flaring as he felt hot cum splashing onto his torso. Seto went stiff, his jaws clenching, as if he had put so much of himself into his climax that he couldn't even spare the energy to cry out. Yami kept his hand moving, though now it was more of a milking motion instead of a frenzied pounding, and lifted his other hand to once again sink it in Seto's hair, fisting it tightly and pulling his head down for another kiss.

For a moment, Seto thought he would pass out from lack of oxygen; Yami was sucking on him that insistently. He found himself gasping desperately when the shorter duelist finally released him, his vision graying out. But then Yami leaned hard against him and he came back into himself, steadied by the feel of Yami's heart pounding against his, Yami's chest heaving as he too fought to regain his breath.

Minutes ticked by. Neither man moved. But as the afterglow began to wane, Yami was the first to "speak." Well...

Seto nuzzled him, the spikes of hair tickling his nose. Mm?

I guess we can take broom closet off the list.

* * *

Despite the detour and ensuing extra curricular activities, Seto and Yami did make it to the party on time. They even managed to beat Noa and Mokuba there, though Yami knew that Noa would've delayed Mokuba's arrival until the last possible moment, just to make sure everyone else had time to get there first so they could set up for Mokuba's surprise. Or, more like Mokuba's "sort of" surprise, since he had to have known...

At least the black-haired teen put on a convincingly startled expression when he finally walked through the doors of the grand ballroom and was besieged by everyone in attendance. "Wow, thanks everyone!" he gushed. "I wasn't expecting this at all!" But then he winked at Noa, which pretty much ruined the act.

"I know it's a day early," Seto pointed out quietly, "but I figured you wouldn't object."

Mokuba smiled. Of course he didn't mind. And besides, he had already known that several of their guests would be leaving late that evening or early the next day. So it made sense that they'd celebrate a day in advance.

"So you're going to be... what, 14? 15?" Rebecca asked. While she knew they were close in age, she could never remember if he was older or younger than her.

"15!" Mokuba clarified quickly.

Mai laughed. "One more year and you'll be street legal, kiddo."

Seto just shook his head as Mokuba's eyes lit up. "Yeah, I can hardly wait! But I guess it's a bit early to be asking for a car, right Nii-sama?"

"We'll talk about it next year," Seto answered dryly as everyone laughed at the exchange, though all he could tell himself was, I don't even want to think about it. Then, as if even that realization was too much, he pulled back a little from the crowd around his younger brother.

Yami didn't need a mind link to know what was on his boyfriend's mind. He slid his arm around the young CEO's waist, letting his touch and presence reassure him, then as Mokuba took a step towards them, a hint of worry in his eyes, he told him in a low voice, "I hope you don't grow up TOO fast, Mokuba..."

"I know. I won't," he responded contritely, hearing the "Your brother can't handle it" left hanging in the air. But he knew Yami wouldn't say it, even if Seto weren't in earshot.

Yami nodded, knowing that the youngest Kaiba understood what he'd been trying to say. But he hadn't meant to bring Mokuba's mood down. It was still a birthday party, and despite all the bumps in the road, they had a successful grand opening and Duel Monsters tournament to celebrate as well. He was just about to remind them all of that when he heard someone murmur, "Did someone invite him?..."

"Hmm?" Several people were now looking over at the entrance. The crimson-eyed man followed the direction of their gazes to see Leon standing in the doorway, looking quite uncertain at the sudden silence that had descended on the group. "Leon?"

The redheaded teen shifted nervously. "Uh, hi." He wasn't sure why he had decided to make an appearance; his flight was set to leave in three hours, and more importantly, he probably wasn't welcome. The invitation Noa had extended to him had been made when he was just simply Leon Wilson, not Siegfried's little brother, Leonhard von Schroider. But the part of him that had been foolishly clinging onto friendship once offered had hoped that they wouldn't notice him, or somehow not care. What was he thinking? "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have come."

Noa and Mokuba exchanged looks, then Noa looked over his shoulder at Seto, who just gave the barest of shrugs. He was leaving it to them, then.

"I don't mind," Mokuba said softly.

Well, guess it's up to me. Noa nodded, then turned to Leon. "Well, I didn't uninvite you, so I guess the invitation stands." He figured that if Leon had the balls to show up after everything that had happened, he wasn't going to be the one to back down.

"R... really?" Leon's voice cracked a little. He seemed relieved. Apparently, he really did want to be there. Then he turned back to look at the door behind him for a long moment before addressing Noa again. "I can't stay long though, and... my brother's outside..." he began to say, though after those three words, he couldn't think of what else to add. The truth was, Siegfried - the real Siegfried, the big brother that he knew and loved - wasn't going to just toss him into a den of wolves and walk away now that he practically had a sign above him reading "Dead Meat." But... he couldn't say that. And it probably also wasn't advisable to point out that they'd decided it made more sense for Leon to walk in first, because quite frankly, he was far less likely to get beaten up on sight.

Noa just stared at Leon as the other teen struggled to find something to say, then shook his head slightly. He definitely wasn't going to make that decision himself. Seto was obviously thinking the same thing, because he stepped forward to say, "It's not that I think he'll behave himself, but rather that I'd like to have him where I can see him."

I guess that's a yes? "Um, okay," Leon said hesitantly, taking a few quick steps back to prop the door open and wave his brother in before Seto had a chance to change his mind.

In spite of everything that had happened, Siegfried was still Siegfried. Not that he swaggered forth like the cocky bastard that he'd been in the beginning of the tournament, but he also wasn't going to apologetically crawl in and beg to be allowed to stay. Everyone in the room stared as he walked in, some skeptically, others with barely restrained hostility. At least it took the heat off of Leon, who was currently doing his impression of lumpy wallpaper.

Seto was the first to welcome the von Schroiders to his little brother's birthday bash. "Don't make me regret my decision," he growled.

Siegfried just bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement, which was apparently enough to appease the alpha dog in the other CEO. And once again, no questioned Seto's decision to let the German stay. It was his ballroom after all, in his hotel, and his little brother's birthday...

Still, the unfriendly silence was starting to become a bit stifling. And Seto hadn't exactly extended the warmest of welcomes to the von Schroider siblings. So, with a sigh, Mokuba decided it was his job to try and keep the peace. It was what he was good at.

Putting on his most encouraging smile, Mokuba told Leon, "You should try the punch. It's really good." At the same time, he stepped away from his mob of friends to approach the other teen so that he wouldn't feel like he was having to answer to a wall of people. Hopefully everyone else would follow his example and go back to the business of having a good time.

Noa was the first to follow his lead, of course. "Yeah, it's pretty kickass. Want to get a glass?"

Leon couldn't believe how friendly Mokuba and Noa were being - he figured the Kaiba brothers would be the hardest to win over after the whole virus debacle - but he was glad he was wrong. He liked Mokuba and Noa. He had hoped that maybe there was a small chance that they could be friends someday, real friends. But seeing the way the pair were acting, his chances were looking pretty good. It made him especially glad that he had kept his knowledge of their relationship a secret. They didn't know he saw them. He had no intention of telling them, at least, not in the foreseeable future. But more importantly, he had no intention of telling anyone else either, not even Siegfried, because Noa and Mokuba were his friends. And that realization made him happy.

"Thanks. It sounds good," Leon finally responded as he went to join the pair over at the refreshments table.

"Huh, that's it?" Jou muttered to himself, blinking at the teens. He thought there would've been a fight of some sort. He was almost disappointed that there wasn't because Siegfried deserved it. But Seto and Yami were now wandering away from the group, apparently more interested in one another than the von Schroiders, and Pegasus and the Doom trio were now approaching Siegfried, and... amazingly, things looked like were going to be all right.

"Hey man, you okay?" Honda asked, suddenly noticing the stunned look on his friend's face.

"I... guess so..." Then he grinned broadly, catching scent of hot appetizers being delivered to the buffet tables. The food had been timed to allow for Mokuba's arrival. But the guest of honor was there now, and the tasty tidbits were just calling Jou's name. "Well, damn it, I'm really hungry! Outta my way, that buffet is callin' my name!"

"What?! No way, me first!" Honda yelled back as the two of them dashed towards the hors d'oeuvres.

"Over my dead body! I'm starvin'!"

"God you two, don't act so immature!" Anzu chided, chasing after them like a mother hen. Jou and Honda hadn't done that in ages. But she smiled as she realized that were behaving like that intentionally; it felt good to let loose after all the stress the group had been under.

"They can't help it, I guess. It's just the way they are," Yugi told her as they rushed by, chuckling. He understood though. He felt just as relieved as everyone else at seeing the tournament and grand opening successfully draw to a close. But it wasn't quite over yet, at least not for him and his grandfather. There was one final task yet. If all went well, they'd each be down one Duel Monsters card by the end of the day...

* * *


Author's Notes:

June 20, 2007