Title: Slippery When Wet
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami, Noa + Mokuba
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. Slip 'n Slide is a product of Wham-O. "Fantastic Voyage" is performed and recorded by Lakeside. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: PWP. Playing outside on a hot summer's day. Just slide, glide, and slippity slide...
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Slippery When Wet

* * *

Hey, come on, come along take a ride
There's a party over there, that ain't no jive
It's live, live, it's all the way live
Don't even have to walk, don't even have to drive
Just slide, glide, slippity-slide
Just forget about your troubles and your 9 to 5
Just sail on (That's what you do), just sail on

We just want you to feel (We just want you to feel)
Nothing but pleasure, musical pleasure (Want you to feel)
'Cause music is a world of fantasy
Let's live it together (Together), musical pleasure (We want you to feel)
So come along beyond your seat (Come along beyond the seat)
(Dance in the sunshine) Take a load off of your mind (Yeah...)

- "Fantastic Voyage," Lakeside

* * *

"Whatcha lookin' at?" Noa asked as he walked over to join Mokuba by the window. The black-haired teen seemed to be staring at something going on in the backyard.

Mokuba shook his head. "I'm still not sure, exactly."

They were presently hanging out in Noa's new bedroom, mostly because it was immaculately clean, unlike Mokuba's room. It was so clean in fact that it almost seemed that no one was actually sleeping in it, which... well, that was the truth. It was all for show, but it had become a necessary illusion to maintain since it was starting to look suspicious that at 16, the teens had been sharing a single bedroom when they had a whole mansion to work with...

Not that Seto and Yami had had much of an opinion on the matter one way or the other, though of course they had gone along with his decision. Noa sometimes wondered if he and Mokuba were the only sane ones in the house. A look out the window only further supported his theory. In the distance, he could see Seto and Yami, naked, apparently wrestling each other on top of what appeared to be a massive sheet of wet plastic.

Noa tsked. "The usual, huh?" The setting might have been unusual, but the activity wasn't.


"They normally don't do it on the lawn. Didn't Seto get a rash before from the fertilizer or something?" Noa asked conversationally. They had become so used to seeing the older couple in various states of undress that that fact barely registered. It'd almost be a bigger deal if they were clothed. Even Kuriboh, busily rolling around on Yami's shirt several yards away, seemed to be more interested in the discarded clothing than whatever the two men were doing.

"Maybe that's why they put down some plastic this time."

"How sanitary of them."

"You should've seen them earlier, dancing around the sprinklers," Mokuba said with a sigh that was half amused, half put upon. Dancing wasn't quite an accurate term for it, but he didn't know how else to explain the sight of Seto trying - and failing - to fuck Yami over a sprinkler that was shooting water at their crotches while a dozen others spouted around them like an array of fountains. He couldn't even imagine what the attraction would be in something like that. Was it supposed to turn them on, or turn them off?

"I thought the sprinklers were timed to go on night?" Oops, there went Seto, losing his balance and falling on top of Yami, sending them flying several feet down the slick plastic tarmac. Noa wondered how many bruises they'd be sporting by the next morning.

"Maybe they turned them on on purpose. Like, maybe they like the idea of cold water pelting their backsides?"

"You would think that'd be a turn OFF, not a turn ON."

Mokuba couldn't help but smile. Oh good. Noa was thinking the same thing he'd been thinking. Obviously they were the only sane ones in the house. "Weird things turn them on."

"I guess."

* * *

Yami grimaced as he faceplanted into a yet another lube filled depression for the second time in less than a minute. At least Seto managed to keep from falling onto him this time, though considering all of the breathless cursing and grunting going on behind him, it sounded like the brunette had ended up landing hard on his back instead.

Yami forgot exactly how they had ended up wrestling on a plastic tarp covered in gallons of activated powdered lubricant. In a way he supposed they were both to blame for it - after their attempts at the "Sexy Sprinkler" had failed, Seto had suggested wrestling as a thinly veiled excuse for them to keep fondling each other, but the rest of it... well, that was Yami's fault. He had remembered seeing online videos of homemade Slip 'n Slides and thought that it would be a novel thing to try. In theory, it should've been a lot of fun. But he had underestimated just how slick the surface would become, and how hard it would be to maintain their footing once they began moving around...

"'Let's be creative,' you said. 'It's going to be autumn soon, so this might be our last chance to get out and try something crazy.' Bah, this sucks! My back hurts, my knee hurts, my ass is sore... and we haven't even DONE anything yet!" Seto complained.

The former Pharaoh rolled over to eye his boyfriend, admiring the way the sunlight glinted off his sleek body. "I told you wrestling would be a bad idea."

"Hmph. I thought you were complaining about that because you didn't want to be the one ending up on his back."

Yami smiled, managing to struggle to his knees long enough to throw himself between Seto's legs. The taller man caught him with a grunt. "And lo and behold, I didn't."

"Damn you," Seto growled, attempting to assert himself by pushing his lover off, but his hands literally slid right off him. "How much lube did you throw in here anyhow?!"

"30 ounces?"

Seto looked at his glistening, slick covered fingers. The stuff coated his hair, every inch of skin on his body... hell, he was going to be spitting it out of his mouth the next few days if things kept going on as they did. "This is NOT 30 ounces."

"Well, that's the dry weight. I think it makes something like 18 to 24 gallons with the addition of water." I think I overdid it...

Seto boggled at him. "Fuck... you trying to drown me?"

"Heh, no." Yami pressed down a little, sighing at the way his cock slid down between Seto's thighs, feeling Seto's erection skidding across his abdomen. He reached down and petted his boyfriend's hard on, feeling the head bloom even more in his palm. "That's what I want."

"I can think of a hundred more efficient ways to accomplish that, Yami-kins. But nooo... What's wrong?" he taunted. "Regular sex too boring?"

Yami just smiled as he hooked his legs loosely around Seto's. There was nothing wrong with plain old vanilla sex, but why settle for the ordinary when there were so many deliciously spicy things to try? Besides, Seto deserved the extra effort. Sex was probably the closest thing he did to playing, something done simply for the sake of having fun. Maybe next time it was raining, he'd suggest playing in the mud instead, but he wasn't so keen on the idea of gritty particles of dirt getting lodged between his asscheeks.

"If that's your preference, we can head back to the bedroom, but something tells me we wouldn't make it that far," Yami purred as he reached down to stroke the underside of Seto's cock, causing his lover to buck beneath him. Seto was already dripping like a melting candle, and Yami felt like the proverbial moth drawn towards the flame. He licked his lips. It took very little effort to reach a little further down, to slide his fingers into the waiting opening, to urge more action and less talk...

As much as Seto had complained about their sticky situation, it was obvious he didn't really mind. His legs were already parting without Yami having to urge him to do so. His eyes were half lidded beneath rumpled bangs plastered to his forehead. But he had no intention of losing control without taking his shorter lover down with him. He reached around and began fingering Yami as well, matching him move for move.

Their mouths came together. Their tongues twined. Seto thrust crazily against any part of Yami's body that brushed by - hips, waist, a wrist... with the amount of slick they were rolling in, it all felt equally good. Each bit of contact sent shivers running up his spine. He couldn't remember why he'd been protesting.

But it wasn't all blissful perfection. For one, it was hot, and the lubricant was amplifying both the heat and the intensity of the sun. They were broiling like a pair of roasts in an oven. The young billionaire just wanted to fuck and get back inside. And second, while slick and slippery was fun, there was also such thing as being too well lubed.

Seto tried to hold Yami in place by his hair, but his fingers slid right through the spikes. He couldn't even get a good hold on Yami's dick - the more he tried squeezing it, the faster it squirted through his grasp. He began to snarl in frustration...

... Which promptly turned to a groan of pleasure as Yami lifted himself off of Seto's searching fingers and began lowering himself down onto his hard prick instead.

It was more difficult than Yami had anticipated. Balancing himself on a pair of unsteady knees, with no traction, was proving to be tricky. Propping himself up in order to get much needed leverage was even harder. Normally he would've just planted his hands on Seto's chest, but they were both so slippery...

He tried it anyway, and his hands shot out from underneath him, though thankfully it happened after he was pretty well seated. He couldn't help but laugh a little at their predicament. Normally, lubrication was something that had to be fumbled with, in little packets or bottles. Now they were fumbling around in it - a whole pool of it - and he couldn't get enough traction to get the action going.

Seto's fingers dug into Yami's hips, pressing hard enough to hurt. He lifted his head a little to growl into Yami's ear, "Not going as planned, is it?"

The younger duelist smirked. "Does it ever?"

"Hmph." The brunette considered their position. He knew he wouldn't be able to maintain his grip on Yami for long, no matter how much pressure he exerted. So instead, he tried locking his long arms around his lover's waist and through their link, urged Yami to brace himself against his shoulders and upper arms. Really, the only thing that needed to move was Yami's ass. And as long as one of them could get off, the other could draft in the wake of the first to reach the same goal.

In theory, it was perfect. In reality, it was like hugging a greased pig. Every movement caused their arms to inch up or down. Each thrust caused them to slide one way or another along the surface of the tarp. But they hung on, riding out the awkward opening moments the best they could until they figured out how to minimize unnecessary movements, until they moved as one... until even their breathing was in sync.

Their pants and moans mingled with the crinkling and crunching of the plastic beneath them. Yami's ass bounced off Seto's hips to the staccato rhythm, adding a squelching, slurping sound to the mix, as if his hole was a mouth and Seto's cock a popsicle being consumed. It was dirty and obscene and deliciously decadent.

Seto grinned like a wolf, showing his teeth. He liked seeing Yami wild and out of control. He liked wrenching moans out of him, liked seeing the lips that had been smirking tightening into an O.

"Ahhh!! Fuck... fuck," Yami groaned deliriously, which only drove Seto to try and comply as hard as he could.

Seto concentrated on the sensations gathering deep in his groin, imagined himself squirting his load while sheathed deep inside his boyfriend. He sent those same thoughts to Yami and felt his own asshole clench in response. It was almost as if he too was being penetrated, as if it were his own thighs shaking with the effort of staying aloft. He could hear his own screams being echoed back into his ears.

And there was more than just the physical accoutrements. Pleasant as those were, they were ultimately unimportant. What Seto wanted to feel was the pulse of a heart beating in time with his, the pricking of desires, not just for one another's bodies, but for minds and souls as well. Yami reached out to him with a tender thought, warming him from within, and Seto replied with his own mental caresses of affection, draping his feelings over Yami like a silken sheet.

They came in perfect, practiced unison, their bodies crashing together, mouths seeking mouths. They continued to move and writhe in a coordinated dance, Seto driving his hips upward, Yami tilting his forward, until they were both spent. Until the rays of the sun were more blistering than the heat their bodies were generating.

With a satisfied sigh, Yami finally rolled off of Seto, landing with a squishy splash as he flopped onto his back beside his taller lover. He crossed his left leg over Seto's right, sort of like hand holding sans the hands, and concentrated on the satisfaction he felt and the way it slowly ebbed from his body. When the afterglow had finally dissipated and he came back into himself once again, he asked in a light voice, "So... how the hell are we going to clean this all up?"

Seto didn't even bother opening his eyes or turning his head. Now that they were both down off their high, he was starting to notice how swelteringly hot it was, and how disgustingly viscous the lube had become. He wanted to go inside, take a cool shower, and have a glass of iced tea... laboring under the hot sun to mop up the mess Yami had made was the exact opposite of all those things. "You better not be looking at me."

Of course, the former Pharaoh instantly turned and eyed him. "You're guilty by association."

"Fuck that," he snarled softly, eyes still shut. Yami responded with a laugh, but as it died away Seto heard a soft hissing sound, and then droplets of water suddenly began landing on his face. What the...? There was no way it could be raining - there hadn't been a cloud in the sky - so it could only be... "Why are the sprinklers on?"

Yami sat up and looked around. All the sprinklers in the area had suddenly gone on, pelting them with a steady stream of cool water, though considering how hot it was, he couldn't really complain. "You think we messed up the timers when we were... well, you know... earlier..."

The young CEO vaguely remembered jabbing at buttons on the control panel until the desired grouping of sprinklers had gone on. He had thought that he'd reset the automatic timer that had accidentally been disabled, but maybe he gotten AM and PM mixed up. Lovely. "Probably."

"Hey, but look at the bright side. It's cleaning up the mess you didn't want to clean up."

Well, someone was perky. But he had a good point - Seto could already feel some of the lube thinning out and flowing off his body in rivulets. He propped himself up on his elbows and tossed his head back, sighing. It wasn't a shower, but at least it was vaguely shower-like.

Yami would've enjoyed gazing at that sight, but something else had just come to his attention. "Uh... Baby..."

Seto frowned, his eyebrows beetling. Now what? "Eh?"

"Why does... your pony have my pants on his head?"

Okay, that does it. Seto finally opened his eyes and looked over. Indeed, just as Yami had said, Kuriboh was standing a few yards away from them, a pair of black zip-off shorts crowning his head like some sort of jester's hat. There was an evil glint in his cow-like eyes. "Your pants, your pony," Seto said dismissively before shutting his eyes again and returning to his pseudo shower.

"... But, Seto..."


"He's also got your boxers wrapped around one of his legs. And now he's running away..."

* * *

"Now what are they doing?!" Mokuba suddenly yelped. He had made the mistake of looking outside for just an instant, burning his eyes with the sight of a naked Seto and Yami chasing after Kuriboh, who was dressed in their clothing for no discernable reason. And I thought I'd seen it all... Run Kuriboh run!

Startled, Noa's hands went skipping across the keyboard. He lifted his head to glare at his boyfriend, but Mokuba was rubbing at his eyes and didn't notice his reaction. "You looked out the window, didn't you? I thought we agreed to not look out the window."

"I know, but... oh, never mind. I can't even begin to explain..."

Noa began chuckling. "Besides, aren't you used to this by now? I know I am."

"Yes. Well, I thought I was. I mean, if they were just screwing, I'd be like, whatever. But they just had to go and do something that makes me wish I was blind."

As much as he hated to admit it, he was getting somewhat curious as to what was going on. Noa sighed. He wondered if this meant he was a masochist. "... Damn it, you're going to make me look, aren't you?"

"You don't HAVE to..."

"Yes I do." He swiftly stood up and leaned over to peer out the window. And just as quickly, he turned around, sat down, and went back to staring at his computer, grumbling, "Why did I look?"

"Told ya not to."

"The pony's going to need therapy too."

"We can all go together."

"Group discount."

"Yeah..." But Mokuba began frowning as he realized he could now hear the older couple screaming at the errant pony. They had to be getting closer to the house.

"Not that that helps us right here, right now," Noa said a little desperately. He heard them as well, but was beginning to realize that they weren't just yelling at Kuriboh, but Yami in particular was also calling out their names. I am NOT going to go down and help them...

"True..." Mokuba reached over and closed the window, and the blinds as well. "There, problem solved."

Noa laughed. Well, that's one way to deal with it... "Are we really just going to ignore them?"

Mokuba shrugged, and turned back to his own laptop. "See no evil, hear no evil..."

"... Speak no evil. Gotcha. I'm not saying another word."

* * *


Author's Notes:

August 14, 2008