Title: Shades of You and Me – Ch. 4: True Colors
Author: bnomiko
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Seto + Yami
Spoilers: none… takes place post-Orichalcos Doom arc; vague and non-spoiling reference to Pharaoh’s Memory / Ancient Egypt arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "Midnight Blue" is performed and recorded by Lou Gramm. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Chronologically, the first fic in my "Life with Kai-baby and Yami-kins" AU. It’s now two days after the first kiss; is Seto ready to make a commitment?
Status: 4 / 4
Archived at: http://www.phenixsol.com/Miko/FF/

This is a SHONEN-AI fic (male + male romantic relationship). If you are offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

* * *

Setup for this fic:

@>’--,---‘--- @>’--,---‘--- @>’--,---‘--- @>’--,---‘---

Shades of You and Me

Ch. 4: True Colors

* * *

Ain't got no regrets
And I ain't losin' track
Of which way I'm going
Ain't gonna double back
Don't want no misplay
Put on no display
An angel? No!
But I know my way

- "Midnight Blue," Lou Gramm

* * *

"Mmm, Seto, don’t go yet." Yami flung his arm and leg over Seto’s body as the brunette attempted to get out of bed.

"Yami, get off. Don’t be stupid. Fuck, I’m not going to be late for work again… I was five minutes late yesterday thanks to you," he hissed. God, I hate mornings. Stupid, shitty, good-for-nothing mornings…

"You’re the CEO. Who cares?" The shorter teen blearily opened one eye and tried to kiss Seto, but missed his lips and ended up landing a wet smooch on his chin instead.

Seto wiped his jaw off and scowled. "I need to set an example for those who work beneath me, or else I can’t fire the shitheads who are chronically tardy."

Yami yawned into his shoulder. "You can find ‘nother excuse to fire ‘em…. always such a sourpuss in the morning."

"Always? Yes, because after sleeping in my bed for less than a week you’ve got me all figured out. Go back to sleep, dummy. I’m going to go drown myself in the almighty substance known as coffee." The CEO pushed Yami back just enough to shift his weight off of him, then got out of bed. Never thought of Yami as the clingy boyfriend type. Fuck… I did not just think that! He’s not my boyfriend. He’s just the guy I’m sleeping with… no, I mean, next to!

"Hmm, yeah. That’s nice." The shorter teen rolled over onto the left side of the bed and curled up in the still-warm Seto-shaped hollow, falling asleep again almost instantly.

Seto couldn’t help but smile faintly at the sight.

* * *

As always, by the time Yami awoke Seto was gone. So the ex-spirit shuffled downstairs and went through his daily routine. As he munched his way through a bowl of cereal, he thought, It’s weird thinking of this as routine. I’ve been staying here since Tuesday night and it’s now Friday, and I’m already thinking this is how my mornings are going to be for the rest of my life? He shook his head a little. I’m getting ahead of myself. Seto hasn’t asked me to move in with him. And I haven’t told Yugi I’m moving out. Am I moving out? Am I supposed to be moving in?

Yami looked around the kitchen. The counters now sported all sorts of new wares like a food processor, a humongous block of kitchen knives, a rice cooker, and much more, courtesy of a hellishly long shopping excursion the day before. Okay, so it looks like I’ve already started moving in. Now how do I tell Yugi I want to move out? As much as he wanted to be with Seto, he couldn’t simply abandon his aibou. They had been through so much together, had shared a body, had faced so many perils… and even after they had become two separate entities, Yugi and his Jii-chan had housed him, fed him, employed him… they were a family, basically. His family.

But then there was the little fact that he had been in love with Seto’s previous incarnation... a 3,000 year love affair was nothing to scoff at. And whether or not Seto wanted to believe in fate or destiny, Yami believed in it, though he had already accepted that his boyfriend and his high priest were not the exact same person, just as he was no longer the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Even if it’s too soon to call it love, if nothing else I’m absolutely and positively enthralled by Seto. Uh huh… that’s just the long way of saying it. Great, now I’m the King of Denial as well… heheh, DeNile. Ugh, that really is an awful joke! …Why is love is so complicated? Yami sighed and threw his spoon into the sink, then realized he hadn’t contacted Yugi at all during the previous day.

Aibou! he shouted over his mind link.

Ow, don’t yell so loud!

Oops, sorry. Good morning.

And good morning to you too, Yami.

I’m sorry I forgot to contact you yesterday.

Yami, Yami, Yami… you’re not obligated to contact me everyday! I don’t mind. I know you’re "busy."

Actually… I’m bored and it’s not even… he craned his head to look at the clock. It’s not even noon yet. I went and spent a ridiculous amount of Seto’s money on kitchen stuff yesterday so that's why I didn't come by and I think I bored Noa and Mokuba because they’ve taken off. Either that or they’re very good at hiding. And I want to talk to you about something, but I need to do it face-to-face, he rambled.

Oh, so it’s "Seto" now, is it…? Yami, I’m so happy for you! I’m glad you finally had sex with him!

Yami made a face. What is it with you and sex?

Yugi practically giggled at him. Or maybe not. You’re still bitchy.

I AM NOT… nevermind! So are you available this afternoon, or actually… this evening would be better. Seto can drive me over on the way to dinner. I’m tired of being chauffeured around in a limo. I’m sure the security staff here have better things to do.

Er… It’s Friday, Yami. I know you’ve been sorta gone for half a week now, but don’t you remember what Friday is?

Uh… shit! Dinner and coffee with Yugi-tachi. Damn it, I totally forgot! Aibou, I can’t go tonight. Seto and I already have reservations for this new…

It’s okay. I didn’t think you’d be coming with anyways. And I doubt anyone will mind; Jou’s been talking to everyone trying to figure out who your mystery girlfriend is.

My… what? Aibou… he couldn’t help but let a rumble of disapproval slip through.

I *swear* I didn’t say a thing! He thinks you have a girlfriend. How funny would it be if he found out you’re with Kaiba?

You better not tell a soul!

Yami, I promised you I wouldn’t. You know me better than that.

Ah… sorry. Now Yami felt bad for jumping to conclusions. If you woke up next to Seto, you’d probably be cranky too. He’s so short-tempered in the morning, he added lamely.

Uh… I hate to have to point this out to you, but he’s always short-tempered. And if I woke up next to him? I’d just scream, very loudly, because I’d have no idea how I got into his bed in the first place. Yugi chuckled a little. But if you still want to come over tonight, just try to get here before 7:00 so the others don’t see you sneaking around, okay?

I’ll try. Thanks, Yugi. You’re the best.

Yami could feel Yugi’s smug smile through the link. I know. I’ll see you later, then.

* * *

With nothing better to do, the former Pharaoh spent his afternoon exploring the mansion. Along with the rooms he had already wandered through, there was a gym and a library, a downstairs office, and several sparsely furnished guest rooms. The gym looked like it was rarely used, and the guest rooms looked like they had never been used at all. Well, maybe I can change that, he thought to himself. If I am going to be living here maybe I can have Yugi and some of our friends over. What’s the point in having all these rooms if they aren’t being used?

Once he finished snooping around indoors, he headed out to the backyard, where a beautifully manicured patio area surrounded a large pool. Well, if I had thought to pack some swim trunks, I could have gone swimming. Looks like this would be perfect for a party though. Bypassing the patio, he walked out and around the perimeter of the yard, then headed to the two five-car garages which flanked the house. By all the gods of Egypt, how many cars does he need to have? One garage housed two limousines, a sedan, and two motorcycles, and the other had a lone blue sportscar in it. Ra... I am so bored...

By the time Seto came home in his brand new silver Ferrari, Yami had already given himself a full tour of the house and grounds twice, and had talked to all the household staff he could locate, which included the housekeeper and two security guards. The crimson-eyed teen rushed out the front door to greet his boyfriend as soon as he spotted the car rolling down the driveway. "Hi! Wow, is this the new car you were talking about?"

The corners of Seto’s mouth turned upwards. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it’s really beautiful. It looks expensive. And I don’t even know anything about cars. So… uh, did you have a good day at work?"

The brunette smirked and picked up his briefcase. "A better day than usual. The new car got delivered to KaibaCorp this morning. I didn’t have to fire anyone. And Mokuba and Noa showed up at my office for lunch."

"Ahh… I was wondering where they disappeared to. They didn’t leave a note."

"Hn. Next time you lose track of them, make sure you call me. I would be… less than pleased if you managed to lose my brothers somewhere." Meaning that if you EVER lose track of my brothers again, I’ll fucking kill you so fast you won’t even know that you’re dead… again. Again? Hmm.

"Less than pleased?" I guess he’ll kill me if I ever lose track of them again. Yami snorted and followed Seto up the stairs. "That’s the understatement of the year. So where are they now?"

"KaibaLand. And they’ll be there until it closes." He peeled off his coat and hung it up. "So we’re still going to that new seafood restaurant, right?"

"Yes, but if it’s all right, I need to stop by Yugi’s to pick up a change of clothes, and to talk to him." Seto and Yami began heading up to the bedroom.

"Don’t you usually do that during the day?"

"I’m tired of riding around in a limo. Will you teach me to drive?"

Yami driving? Hah… now that ought to be amusing. "Hmm… I’ll consider it. Not that you even have a car. Anyways... this time, try packing more than just one outfit, okay? I don’t want to chauffeur you around either."

Yami chuckled. "All right. Oh, and speaking of outfits… I took the liberty of picking out something for you to wear tonight." The ex-spirit rushed into the closet ahead of Seto and pulled out a shirt, jacket, and a pair of jeans. "Here. I bought them yesterday." You better like them. I blew a chunk of my savings on these.

The billionaire picked up the shirt and frowned slightly at it. It was short-sleeved and white, with black, red, and silver Chinese dragons printed all over it. "You got me clothes." God, does he *think* he’s my boyfriend or something?

Why is he frowning? The damn shirt has dragons all over it. "You always look so formal. And this is a semi-casual restaurant. Come on, live a little."

Seto shrugged and began stripping. Fine, I’ll wear it, but this doesn’t mean anything.

Yami tried unsuccessfully to hide his appreciation for the brunette’s body as Seto undressed all the way down to his underwear before pulling on the new slim cut black jeans, shirt, and leather jacket. "Well?"

"Looks good." Must resist urge to plaster myself again him. Oh, the hell with it. Yami stepped forward and pulled Seto’s head down for a kiss. "We have to go as soon as possible; Yugi-tachi get together for dinner and coffee every Friday night, and they meet at the game shop."

"Whatever." Seto tugged him back for another kiss. "I’m guess I’m ready if you are."

Yami just beamed at his boyfriend and took his hand. "Let’s go."

* * *

Aibou, I’m running late. Is everyone there already?

Uh, hold on a sec… The link faded for almost a minute. Okay, I’m hiding in the bathroom right now. And everyone’s here except for Otogi. Well, not surprisingly, you’re the topic of tonight’s conversation, Yami. Everyone wants to know where you are and Jou’s giving them all the wrong idea.

Gee… great. We’re almost there. I’m going to sneak in through the shop. Can you meet me up in your bedroom?

I see… no longer "our" bedroom, hmm? Yeah, I’ll head up in a minute.

Uh… yeah, I’ll see you in a little bit then. "Seto, can you park in front of the shop?"

"Why, so the entire dork squad can stare at me?"

Yami rolled his eyes. "They’re inside the house. If you park in front, they won’t see you, okay? Besides, I’m going to sneak in through the shop entrance."

Despite his complaints, Seto rolled his car to a stop in front of the Kame Game Shop, and Yami quietly unlocked the shop door and took the back stairway to the room he used to share with Yugi. The violet-eyed teen was already inside waiting for him.

"Aibou!" He smiled and rushed forward for a hug.

"Yami. I missed you too. You look good! Kaiba must be feeding you well."

"More like I’m feeding him," Yami said dismissively. "I need to grab some clothes, but more importantly, I wanted to talk to you about something."

Yugi just gave his other half an encouraging smile. "Go ahead."

"I, uh… mmm… well, things have been… progressing rapidly with Seto, and… err…"

"Let me guess. You want to move in with Kaiba but you aren’t sure how I’d feel about it, right?"

The crimson-eyed teen scrunched his nose up. "Damn it. Yes, basically."

Yugi laughed, his face lighting up. "When I set you up with him, I could only hope that things would work out. This is much, much better than I expected. If you want to move in with him, of course I’m okay with it."

"It almost sounds like you’re kicking me out," said Yami with a mock pout.

"Oh, Yami. Nothing will change the fact that you’re my other half, and you’ll always be welcome here no matter what. We’re family, right?"

That put a big smile on Yami’s face. "Yes, yes we are."

"So was that it?"

Yami gave a sigh of relief. "Yeah, and I’m glad that’s over with. I wouldn’t abandon you, Aibou. We’ve been through so much together."

"I know. Oh, and by the way, I already talked to Mokuba and Noa about it and they’re cool with it too. Just in case Kaiba asks," Yugi pointed out. "So… can I help you pack up a few things?"

"Sure. I can’t take everything today, but I need at least enough clothing to last me a few days." Yami opened the closet doors and grabbed a duffel bag from the top shelf, then began to critically eye the various articles of clothing he had hanging up. "Guess I’ll take these, and this one… and this shirt will match those pants…"

Meanwhile, Yugi walked over to his desk and began going through his own things. "Um, Yami, I guess… you should take these." He had pulled out several Duel Monsters cards and now held them out to his other half. "Oh, and the Puzzle too."

Yami looked over, eyes widening, and shook his head. "I can’t accept those, Yugi. The Sennen Puzzle is yours now since you solved it. And the cards too."

"Don’t be silly. Only you can truly wield the Egyptian God cards, and the Dark Magician is your soul card."

Yami very reluctantly accepted the three God cards, but shook his head at the rest. "The Dark Magician is our soul card, and I want you to keep it. For me."

Yugi was about to argue back, but the look on Yami’s face made him change his mind. "All right. And I promise I’ll take good care of it. Oh! But you must take this one." He shuffled through his cards until he found the Devil’s Sanctuary. "This truly belongs to you."

"Oh… thank you, Aibou." The former Pharaoh reverently took the card and slid it into his belt pouch.

"So does this mean you’re going to quit working at the shop?"

"I’m… not sure. I can’t just hang around the mansion doing nothing all day, but things are… things are still up in the air right now. Are you and Jou all right with covering my shifts for now?"

"Sure we are! Jou wants to get his own place and buy a car, so he’s more than happy to get some extra hours in." The violet-eyed teen began wandering over to the dresser.

"I see…"

"By the way, I got you something else. Don’t ever say I don't think about you." He picked up something from a drawer and dropped it in Yami’s duffel.

"Um, what was that?"

Yugi grinned evilly. "Lube, of course."

* * *

Shizuka went to get the door when the doorbell rang. "Hi Otogi! I didn’t think you were going to make it."

Otogi winked at her and walked in. "Just got back from the airport, actually. But I wouldn’t miss Friday night for anything. Hey, sorry I’m late guys – just got back from a business trip."

A chorus of greetings followed.

The green-eyed game inventor smiled and waved back. "So did you guys check out Kaiba’s new ride? That sucker is sweet!"

"When would we ever see Kaiba?" asked Honda.

Otogi blinked. "Oh, well, he’s parked in front of the game shop right now. Didn’t you guys see him?"

"Maybe he stopped by to challenge Yami to a duel or something, except Yami’s not home," said Jou, then he broke into a huge grin. "Let’s go… I wanna see this car! And maybe we can bug that bastard while we’re at it!" He jumped to his feet and ran out the door.

"Wait! Uh… hey, Yugi! We’re all going outside for a minute, okay?" Honda called up the stairs, then he and the rest of the gang followed Jou out the door.

* * *

Yugi threw open the bedroom door and frowned, then turned back to Yami. "Did you catch what Honda just said?"

"He said… oh CRAP!"

* * *

Seto was relaxed and sitting back in his seat, eyes closed and hands folded behind his head, when Jou’s voice rudely cut through the night air. "So what’re you doing here, Rich Boy?"

The young billionaire stiffened and scowled. "Last I checked, this was a public street and I can park here if I want, you stupid Mutt."

"Hmph. I just came to look at your car, asshole. What is this, a Ferrari?"

"Figures you wouldn’t recognize one when you saw one. And don’t even think of touching it, dork. This car’s worth more than your entire future lifetime earnings." Jou jerked his hand back and glowered at the brunette.

"Ooh, nice. Is that a F430 Spyder?" asked Mai. Seto turned his head just enough to see the rest of Yugi-tachi approaching the vehicle. Fucking fantastic… the entire geek patrol is here. So much for parking around in the front. He glared at the lot of them, but noticed that Yugi and Yami were both missing.

"What are you doing here, Kaiba?" asked Anzu.

Seto ground his teeth. What is this, 20 Questions? But before he could respond, the Mutt barked out, "If you’re here to challenge Yami to a duel, forget about it. He’s not here. He’s on a hot date or something with some mystery girl."

"Oh really? And what kind of girl would want to date a shrimp like him?" the brunette sneered.

"I don’t know. What kind of girl would want to date a shrimp like me?" asked a deep voice, and everyone’s heads turned to see Yami and Yugi approaching the vehicle.

"Yami, when did you get back?" Bakura asked softly.

The ex-spirit just smirked and walked up to the car, running his fingers lightly over the leather upholstery on the inside of the door. "Here to challenge me to a duel, Kaiba?"

Seto smirked in return and said, "That’s right."

"Oh, I don’t know. I do have a hot date tonight. The type that would date a shrimp like me." Yami slowly ran a free hand over his stomach, causing his purple top to ride up a little.

Seto stared at him for a moment, then snapped out of it, leaned over, and opened the door. "I’ll take you wherever you want after I kick your ass, how about that?"

"That’s presumptuous of you. What if I refuse?"

The brunette scowled. "Then you can just walk."

Yami pouted slightly. "Well, how do I know this duel won’t take all night? I don’t want to deprive my tall, stunning girlfriend the privilege of my company."

The scowl deepened. "I’m sure she won’t mind."

The crimson-eyed teen smiled slightly. "Oh, all right. Good thing I already packed an overnight bag." He hefted the duffel bag and tossed it at his boyfriend, who glared mildly at him before dumping it on the floor of the passenger’s seat.

"Did you remember to pack underwear?" Seto asked, his voice slightly strained now, blue eyes boring into Yami’s crimson ones. "I’m going to run out if you keep borrowing mine." There was a small, collective gasp from Yugi-tachi.

Yami stared at him, stunned. Did he just say what I think he just said? Well, if he doesn’t mind the others knowing… "Yes, Seto," he responded, putting deliberate emphasis on the name.

"Extra underwear?"

"Yes, Seto."

"Hn. Get in."

"Can I drive?"

"Ha! Not on your life. Get in."

Yami’s eyes narrowed momentarily. "Jerk." Everyone except Yugi gawked wordlessly at the duo as Yami got in the car and Seto helped buckle him in. "Is it okay if we pick up some more of my stuff in a few days?"

The CEO grunted in affirmation.

Yami grinned and pushed his bangs back. "The streets are pretty clear right now, aren’t they? So you told me that this car can do zero to sixty in under four seconds… Do it."

Seto started up the car and grinned openly at the challenge, then after checking to make sure the coast was clear, he gunned the engine and the car tore away from the curb with a spectacular burst of speed.

Yugi-tachi watched as the silver sportscar rocketed away. "Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag," said Yugi with a gentle smile. I don’t recall ever seeing Kaiba grin like that. I guess things really are progressing nicely.

"More like the Pharaoh’s out of the closet," Malik snickered.

Jou’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. He finally managed to blurt out, "Holy SHIT! I SO did not know Yami was gay. Or Kaiba. Especially Kaiba. Who’d have thought they were gay? They don’t look gay. And they’re gay with each other?! I thought they hated each other! Shit!"

"God, Jou, shut up," said Anzu. She looked more than a little upset at the sudden revelation.

Yugi put a light, sympathetic hand on her elbow, then turned to his blonde friend, his violet eyes flashing. "Does it really matter, Jou? It doesn’t change who Yami is."

"Geez, guess you’re right, Yug. It just never occurred to me, that’s all. Damn! But you really okay with it?"

"I’m more than okay with it. Mokuba, Noa and I were the ones who set them up," Yugi explained patiently. "Yami needed it." And I think Kaiba did too.

"Well, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do over coffee tonight, Yugi," said Mai. But unlike Anzu, she was amused by the entire situation. "Speaking of which, we had better get going."

* * *

After they raced away from the shop, Yami finally had to ask Seto to slow down because he couldn’t even hear himself think over the purring of the engine and the rushing of the wind over the open top of the car.

"Did you hear me? I said, ‘You do realize what you just did back there, right?’" Yami yelled.

Seto slowed down marginally and shrugged a shoulder. "I have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t do a thing."

"Riiiight. You told them I was wearing your boxers."

"That doesn’t mean anything, Yami. Stop reading into things so much."

"Okay, whatever you say." Yami grinned brilliantly and the brunette scowled.

They both gave up on conversation until they finally hit a stoplight. Then Seto said, "You know… I don’t have time to run back and forth just to fetch you clothes and whatnot. It’s inconvenient."

"Oh? And how would we resolve that?" Yami took a deep breath and plunged ahead with the real question. "Are you suggesting that I move in with you?"

"I didn’t say that; I was going to agree to your request for some driving lessons. But I suppose that would also be a possible solution."

Definitely not a yes, but not quite a no. "I’d be more than happy to move in with you, you know."

"Hn. Stop assuming so much."

Maybe I’m pushing him too fast. Shit. "So you don’t want me to move in?"

"I didn’t say that either. Damn it, will you knock that off? Besides, I don’t know what Mokuba and Noa would…"

"Yugi has apparently already talked to them. He said that they were ‘cool’ with it."

"Hmph. He’s worse than you… okay, look. You can bring some of your shit over, like your clothes and bathroom stuff. I’ll clear out some space in my closet, dresser and bathroom. But you’re not moving in."

I can’t move in but I can bring some of my stuff over? What the heck? "Can I bring over a few other things, like books or my dueling gear?" That’s pretty much all I have anyways.

"Yeah, I guess. But that’s it."

So basically I’m moving in but we’re not calling it that. Uh huh… Yay! I’m moving in with Seto! Yami mentally cheered. "So you’re really going to teach me to drive, hmm? In the Ferrari?"

"Oh hell no! I don’t trust you with my cars. I’ll just have to get you one of your own. Any preferences?"

Yami shrugged. "Nope, none at all."

"Then I’ll pick something out for you." The taller duelist drummed his fingers on the steering wheel while he considered his options. "Okay, that’s settled then. We’ll go to the Porsche dealership this Sunday."

What?! "A Porsche? Seto, you don’t have to…"

"What, you think I’m going to make you drive some piece of shit Yugo or something? Please. Considering the way you’ve been drooling all over my Ferraris, I’d think you’d appreciate something with a few horses under the hood. Fuck, is that the restaurant?" He suddenly jerked the car over a lane and swung into the parking lot behind the restaurant. "Okay, we’re here… damn, where should I park?"

Yami just stared at Seto and tried to think of something appropriate to say. "Um… thanks," he managed to mumble, though that didn’t even begin to cover it.

"Hm? What for? Do you see any parking spots that aren’t compact? Only SUVs park in compact."


"Wait… I see someone backing up. Perfect, an end spot." Seto put on his turn signal and looked over at the shorter teen. "So you were saying?"

"Err… I guess… I’m looking forward to Sunday." By Nut’s night sky, can he be any more perfect than he is right now? Please, someone stop me from just jumping him right here in the parking lot!

"Yeah, me too." The young billionaire swung the car into the parking spot, then looked at Yami again. "Hn. You must be starving… you’re starting to drool."

"Oh, yeah, starving." Take me now…

They locked gazes for a long moment, then Seto gave him a sexy, enigmatic smile. "Wait ‘til Sunday, okay?"

"Uhhhh… do you have to go to work tomorrow? We could do it tomorrow instead."

"You want to do it tomorrow instead?"

My balls are going to explode! "Yes!"

"You sure?" Now he was just teasing him.

"Absolutely… please." Yami hated begging, but if that made a difference, then he could beg all night.

"Hmm, well, all right. I guess I’ll just go in on Sun… oomph!" Yami had unbuckled his seat belt and thrown himself into Seto’s chest. "Fuck, Yami, not in public!!"

"Sorry. Couldn’t help myself," the shorter duelist said sheepishly, but he really wasn’t repentant.

"Yeah, whatever." But after noticing that there was no one around, Seto reached over and pulled Yami in for a quick kiss. "Don’t ever kiss me in public. Now… can we go? I’m starting to get hungry."

"Me too." Seto gave him a strange look. "No, really, I’m hungry. Seto…"

The brunette leaned in close and for a moment, Yami thought he was going to get another kiss. "Enough with the double-entendres…" he whispered into Yami’s ear. "I get the point. I’m not that dense, you know. You’ll get what you want… tomorrow."

Oh! Is that my tail wagging? Wait, I don’t have a tail… But Yami couldn’t help making a joke to lighten the mood. "You mean world peace?" he wondered aloud.

"If that’s what you want," Seto said saucily, getting out of the car.

"No, wait, I was kidding!" Yami scrambled out of the car and chased his boyfriend down.

"I couldn’t tell. Too bad for you."

"I've changed my mind!"

"Gee, so sorry, too late."

"Nooo… Seto!"

Seto just laughed and threw Yami a quick wink as they entered the restaurant together.

* * *


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Author’s Notes:

* * *

June 25, 2005