Title: Pipe Dream
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto (& rev), sorta
Spoilers: takes place post-Noa’s arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: "Fantasy" is performed and recorded by Mariah Carey. Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Seto Kaiba can’t sleep. Thoughts of his rival don’t help matters.
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Pipe Dream

* * *

Images of rapture
Creep into me slowly
As you're going to my head
And my heart beats faster
When you take me over
Time and time and time again
But it's just a

Sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes
You come and take me
On and on and on
It's so deep in my daydreams
But it's just a sweet sweet fantasy baby

- "Fantasy," Mariah Carey

* * *

Seto Kaiba turned his head once more to stare balefully at his bedside alarm clock. 2:12 AM…

He ought to be asleep. He certainly was tired enough, had had a long enough day at Kaiba Corp. But the stillness of the night was unsettling; the bed seemed almost too large to be comfortable. The darkness itself was as unwanted and smothering as a heavy blanket on a summer’s day.

Frustrated, Kaiba stood up, went to the window, and opened it. He remained there a moment to look up at the stars, breathing in deeply the cool night air, trying to quiet his mind… then returned to bed and lay back down.

But it was no use. He was restless. He just kept tossing and turning until finally, he looked back over at the clock. The large digital numbers stared back, mocking him. It was 2:17.

Kaiba groaned aloud. Sleepless nights certainly weren’t uncommon for him. If it wasn’t a persistent nightmare then it was his chronic insomnia kicking in. He wasn’t sure which was worse. Both were annoying; neither went away easily.

His mind fumbled for a solution. Perhaps he could read something, or watch TV? Mindless entertainment wasn’t really his thing though. Or he could take some sleeping pills, but he hated how they made him sluggish and cranky the next morning. And he wasn’t at that point of desperation yet. Surely there had to be something between the two extremes?

Well, there was that

Slowly he slid one hand beneath the waistband of his boxers, and, after a slight pause, idly began stroking himself. He wasn’t the type of guy who indulged in self-pleasure often, but every now and then was okay. Sometimes it’d wear him out enough that he’d just fall asleep afterwards… but if nothing else, it’d help him relax a little. It would feel good. It’d give him something to do other than stare at the blank plane of the ceiling.

But this time, his body didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Oh sure, he was beginning to stiffen up a little, but it seemed to be more of a struggle than it was worth. Kaiba frowned at himself. If he couldn’t get himself going, should he just stop? Maybe get up instead, go to his office, and try to get some work done? But… he was no quitter. He wasn’t going to give in to anyone or anything, not even his own body.

Hn, let’s see here… He took a moment to try and replay scenes from porn clips he’d seen, but immediately he realized that that wasn’t going to work. They were just so… unsatisfying. The scenes were too forced; the actors in them just weren’t cutting it, no matter how attractive some of them were supposed to be. Was that what was ruining it? The fact that he knew it was all fake? Or maybe those actors just weren’t his type? Did he even have a type?

He could feel himself going limp as he pondered the question. He knew he wasn’t into buffed out bodybuilders or tall athletic types. The heavier set guys and the older, businessman types were definitely out as well. And he didn’t like wimps, losers, or the stereotypical effeminate gay. So what did that leave? Someone shorter, slender and young… someone who could stand up to him and not just roll over on command like the average KC flunky?

The young billionaire laughed at himself. Why did everything always lead back to his rival, the King of Games? But here alone in the silence of his room, Kaiba could admit…the image of Yami kneeling before him was dangerously tempting, though contrary to what people might've assumed, he didn’t want to see the other teen bending knee in defeat or supplication. He wanted to feel that predatory gaze fixed on his body, burning into him like smoldering red embers. He wanted to see Yami’s lips part slowly, to hear his breath whistling over his teeth, as he leaned forward and slowly wrapped his lips around…

Kaiba let out a hiss as his cock immediately blossomed in his hand. He began pumping it, slowly at first, as he tried to imagine how it’d feel to be the recipient of a blowjob. Yami’s mouth would be warm, wet… Kaiba very lightly ran the nail of his ring finger along the underside of his shaft and imagined it was Yami’s teeth just barely scraping against the skin. A flick of the pad of his index finger under the glans made him wonder how much better the tip of Yami’s tongue would feel lashing that spot. His fingers tightened on the sheets as he fantasized about grabbing fistfuls of spiky hair, holding Yami’s head in place.

But… it still wasn’t satisfying, thinking of nothing but fucking Yami in the mouth. Pleasant as it’d be, he expected more from his rival than that. Yami was a challenge in all respects. Kaiba expected some give and take, some push and shove.

He felt his hand relaxing, pulling away, as he tried to remember what the shorter teen looked like naked, like on the day that Shadi gifted him with his own body.

Yami was thin, but not skinny… There was the promise of strength in that lithe, compact body. Kaiba frowned as he tried to picture what… well, what Yami had looked like below the waist. He didn’t remember looking down that far. It had seemed inappropriate, given the circumstances… and they’d all been so shocked that it had happened at all, that they didn’t even have time to react.

But at least he remembered that the other duelist had large hands. That was promising. Kaiba let his own large hand skim over his hips, his stomach, his still-clothed chest. Was that what it would feel like to let Yami touch him all over? And what would it be like to touch Yami in return? That honey-touched skin, the planes of his muscles… shifting and trembling beneath Kaiba's fingers as he touched just the right spots.

The tall teen let out an involuntary moan as he began exploring his own body just as he wanted to explore Yami’s. He wondered what sounds he could coax from the other duelist if he caressed him and teased him. He wanted to hear Yami groaning his name over and over, his deep voice husky with desire. He wanted to hear his breathing pick up, breaths harsh and ragged, accompanied by the rapid beats of his heart. And he wanted to taste the salty tang of Yami’s skin as their lips joined, as he swallowed Yami’s moans until their voices knotted together.

But even in a dream, the King of Games wasn’t one to be easily dominated, and he’d already been down on his knees, pleasuring Kaiba. As if they were dueling, somehow Yami overcame the height and strength difference between them and had Kaiba on his back before he could even register it had happened. Now the brunette was the one having the rest of his clothing stripped away, having his now-exposed nipples teased and tasted until they were painfully peaked. Now Kaiba was the one struggling for breath, Yami’s name the only word on his tongue. He couldn’t even protest as Yami pulled his legs apart, as he positioned himself between them. All he could think was, Yes! Do it!, shocking himself with his own enthusiasm.

He could only guess what it’d feel like… having sex, being the one penetrated. It’d hurt a little at first, but then the intense sensation of being joined with someone, of being filled, would overwhelm his senses. His back arced as he imagined how Yami would guide his hand back down to his own dick, encouraging him to stroke himself in time with his strong thrusts. When Yami picked up the pace, fingers firm on his hips, Kaiba would stroke faster, his hand flying up and down the shaft, until he was panting and on the verge of exploding. And when Yami slowed down to a deliberately maddening grind, Kaiba would squeeze himself hard, would try to focus on the way every inch of his body felt, as if self awareness could only come from giving his body to someone else.

Kaiba cried out, a low, guttural sound, as his free hand alternated between pinching his own nipples and cupping his balls gently against the underside of his erection. Yami would undoubtedly touch him like that as they neared resolution, as their bodies took over and sailed far beyond the heights of their imaginations.

His mind blanked as he came, unexpectedly hard and far sooner than he would’ve liked, the force of the orgasm causing his legs to shake uncontrollably and his feet to slap against the mattress. Kaiba was barely aware of the hot splashing of spunk on his belly, of his hoarse yells of pleasure, of the way his hips lifted completely off the bed as if to keep Yami in for as long as possible until finally, exhausted, he fell back bonelessly onto the mattress.

He hadn’t expected it, Yami brazenly claiming him like that. More surprisingly, he hadn’t expected to like it. But he’d kept his desires locked away for so long, it was no surprise that he'd been swept away when the dam finally burst. It felt good though… he felt recharged, despite how draining it was. There was still a pleasant tingle radiating outward from his groin, thrilling him.

With the heat in the core of his body dying down to a more reasonable burn, he hesitantly turned to Yami, the shadow of a smile ready on his lips… but nothing had changed. The reality of his situation was like a cold slap to the face. He was lying alone, sprawled on the bed with his legs apart, like a fool. His fantasy had felt so amazingly real that he’d momentarily forgotten – this was his life: this room, this bed. Yami wasn’t there. He had never been. He didn’t belong to him.

Still, Kaiba’s hand traced over the spot where Yami should’ve been, as if it didn’t believe what his eyes had already confirmed.

Then suddenly, before he was even aware of it, he grabbed the nearest object – a pillow – and flung it with such force into the far wall that if it had been anything harder, it would have shattered satisfactorily and left a sizeable dent in its wake. But Kaiba was somewhat grateful it was only a pillow lying crumpled on the ground. Anything else would’ve brought Mokuba running in to check on him. And he didn’t want his little brother to see him right now, not like this.

Kaiba turned back to stare up at the ceiling. Why did I even bother? he asked himself bitterly. Now he was back to where he started, tired and yet unable to sleep, his mind wandering in endless circles.

With one last weary sigh, he sat up. He’d wasted enough time on pointless fantasy. If he wasn’t going to sleep, then he might as well work. Those international emails he’d received late in the evening really needed to be addressed ASAP – as the CEO, that was his duty. He took in a deep breath, then got up and got dressed before walking out of the bedroom without a backwards glance.

* * *


Author’s Notes:

August 6, 2010