Title: Quel’Serrar, Será
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seto x Yami
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. World of Warcraft and all monsters, armor, etc. within are the property of Blizzard Entertainment. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: PWP. The guild "Silver Dragons" take on Onyxia… insert corny sword jokes here.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

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* * *

Quel’Serrar, Será

* * *

In the ravaged world of Azeroth, the weary denizens cry out for heroes who will save them from ancient evils and unending conflicts. Many will answer the call, but only a few will rise to the challenge and become true champions…

Sadly, that’s not what we’re talking about here folks. This is a video game, and Seto Kaiba wants to win. Screw the pathetic cries of the whiny NPCs who beg for a group of stalwart heroes to slay the dragon Onyxia and end the threat she poses to all kingdoms. It’s not like a victory would really mean anything; she’d just respawn for the next raid of intrepid adventurers who were probably already waiting at the entrance of her lair, swords sharpened in anticipation of their chance to become the heroes of the Alliance for the next six hours. How many heads does a single dragon have anyway?

* * *

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Ok, listen up.

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: I expect you all to have read the strat posted on the site, but in case you’re illiterate or just plain stupid…

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: When we go in, I want odd groups going left and even groups on right. Healers in groups one and two, heal me. If I die, we all wipe. And I will be pissed if we wipe.

[Raid] [Flamesword]: oh oh let me tank!

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: No you stupid Mutt.

[Raid] [Suzaku]: Jou should be OT

[Raid] [Flamesword]: don’t call me Mutt, fucking bastard!

[Raid] [Flamesword]: let me OT!

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: No.

[Raid] [Flamesword]: prick

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: ANYWAYS… can I explain this shit now so we can do this already?

Flamesword has left the raid.

[Raid] [Tinidancer]: …

[Raid] [Exodia]: …

[Raid] [Tinidancer]: :(

[Guild] [Harpiequeen]: Pup, come on… I’m sure Seiryuu will consider it after he’s done explaining the strat

[Guild] [Seiryuu]: No I won’t.

[Suzaku] whispers: Just invite him back… argue about it later

To [Suzaku]: I don’t want to. :p

[Suzaku] whispers: Seto…

To [Suzaku]: Goddamn it ><… FINE.

Flamesword has joined the raid.

[Exodia] says: wb Jou

Harpiequeen hugs Flamesword.

Harpiequeen loves Flamesword.

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Can I please continue?

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Ok, so groups 1, 3, 5, 7 left. 2, 4, 6, 8 right. Got that? And healers in 1, 2, 3 are on tanks.

[Raid] [Highwind]: Seiryuu, we’ve already read your post. And a bunch of us pugged this before too. Can we just start already?

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: PHASE 1:

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Ok, so once you see 5 sunders, start DPS. And that’s light DPS! Do NOT pull aggro! If you pull aggro, you’re out of the raid! If you can dump aggro, do it. And stay away from the tail! If you get knocked into the whelp pits, I’m docking you 10 DKP and you’re out of the raid!

[Raid] [Flamesword]: prick

Flamesword slaps you across the face! Ouch!

Flamesword slaps you across the face! Ouch!

Flamesword slaps you across the face! Ouch!

You shoo Flamesword away. Be gone pest!

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: So… who wants to OT?


[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Fucker.

[Raid] [Exodia]: Just let Jou do it

[Raid] [Flamesword]: ME! ME MEMEMe!!!!1

[Suzaku] whispers: Why not give him a shot? He’s got decent gear

To [Suzaku]: …

[Valentine] whispers: Nii-sama, just let him do it. He tanked for us in UBRS yesterday.

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Fine, the Mutt is OT.

[Raid] [Flamesword]: YES! :D

Flamesword cheers!

Flamesword dances with you.

[Flamesword] says: oops

You threaten Flamesword with the wrath of doom.

Flamesword makes a rude gesture at you.

You are terribly bored with Flamesword.

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: PHASE 2:

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Onyxia will take to the air at about 65%. We’ve got to get her down as fast as possible. All-out DPS – I want DOTs on her the entire time. Bring her down! If you see "Onyxia takes a deep breath" you’ve got to run to the sides AWAY from the direction she’s facing or else she will nuke you and you will die. DO NOT DIE. Groups 7 and 8 on whelps… kill all whelps first, then help DPS the bitch down.

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: PHASE 3:

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Ok, she will start landing at about 40%. Move back to original positions. STOP ALL DPS and let me get aggro back once she lands. Dump aggro if you can. Something like every 20 to 30 seconds we’ll get hit by a group fear and lava jets will hit us for damage while we’re running around like chickens, so make sure you aren’t in a bad position or your fear = death. Stay the fuck away from her tail. Kill the fucking whelps. Keep me healed or we wipe!

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: ANY QUESTIONS?!!

[Seiryuu] yells: ANY QUESTIONS? ASK NOW!

[Seiryuu] yells: ANY QUESTIONS? ASK NOW!

Highwind starts to charge!

[Raid Leader] [Seiryuu]: Ok, everyone on Vent. Let’s finish off buffs.

* * *

Seto leaned back in his seat and watched as the paladins buffed the raid. This was their first attempt as a guild at Onyxia, and he wanted things to go smoothly. He had read the strategies, or at least Mokuba had before passing on the pertinent information to him. And he had watched the videos. Okay, one video. On double speed. … But it seemed easy enough. And they were decently geared. How hard could it be?

"Silver Dragons versus Onyxia, take one," Noa breathed, tapping on the spacebar to make Highwind, his dwarf hunter, hop up and down in excitement. He was sitting between Mokuba and Yami and across from Seto, the four of them comfortably ensconced in a quartet of oversized, swiveling club-style chairs that they had pushed up to a table in the middle of the rarely used game room.

"There is no take one. We’ll one-shot her," Seto boasted.

Yami just smiled. He had to talk Seto out of putting him in group 1, his group, because as a mage, he really needed to be in group 7 or 8 to be on whelp duty. And despite Seto’s claims that he had only started playing because he was researching MMORPGs in anticipation of releasing his own, Yami knew that his lover was enjoying himself as well, even if he didn’t have much time to play. Mokuba had been responsible for leveling Seiryuu up to 60, and even though Seto as Seiryuu was technically the leader of ‘Silver Dragons,’ half the time it was Mokuba actually making the decisions, since he was controlling the toon. But it didn’t really matter. At least when Seto wanted to play, Seiryuu was available, his gear all repaired and his bags sufficiently empty, so all the busy young CEO had to do was sit down, log on, and enjoy himself. Like now.

"You guys ready?" Seto asked a bit late, having already started the countdown on raid chat. He was already focusing in on the fight, running it through in his head. He knew he had to keep the dragon's attention on him and keep her hating him; he had stay alive and on his feet, or else she'd start taking out the rest of the raid, and he didn't want to see that happen.

"God, I hope Dragonstalker’s drops," Noa began to say, then he glanced at Mokuba and amended it. "Okay, DS and Wrath, for Seto." No point in hoping for Stormrage as Mokuba had picked it up on a PuG run a week prior.

Yami couldn’t help but join in on the loot guessing game. "Netherwind!" he yelled, hoping for an equipment upgrade just like everyone else, though his attention was now shifting to how they’d celebrate their victory. There was something about being in a big raid, about anticipating the defeat of a high level boss, that was just exciting… stimulating. It was a lot like dueling a worthy adversary.

Seto just smiled slightly, then said into the mouthpiece of his headset, "Okay, listen up… I expect you all to keep the chit chat to a minimum. If you’re gonna say something in here, it better pertain to the fight." The various voices on the channel died down a little, then…

"It’s just a game, asshole," Jou’s voice snapped over the connection. "We're tryin' to have some fun here."

"Want me to mute you?" Seto shot back.

"Uh, no?"

"Then stuff it. Everyone ready? All buffs done?"

As players reported back in the affirmative, Mokuba quickly waved to get Seto’s attention, then said, "Remember to temper the Unfired Ancient Blade in your inventory."

"Temper it?" Seto opened his bags and looked for the item in question. "This thing? Do I click…"

"No! Not yet. You um… towards the end of phase 3, right click it and make sure it lands between you and Onyxia. She’s supposed to breathe on it, and then at the end of combat you pick it back up and stick her with it."

Seto blinked. "Why? Won’t she be dead then?"

Noa rolled his eyes. "It’s to make the Quel’Serrar. You know, the sword we told you about?"

"That sword is hot sex," Jou commented dreamily, no doubt wishing that he was on that quest line as well.

Mmm, sword. Hot sex… cooed Yami, and Seto blinked as he quickly realized that it wasn’t the Quel’Serrar that his boyfriend was referring to. But he couldn’t afford to be distracted at the moment. He had a vague recollection of his brothers telling him about some sort of tanking sword, that they had bought the quest item to get it; he supposed that was what they were talking about. Shifting slightly in his seat, he asked the group of raiders, "Okay, so we ready to start? 3, 2, 1… GOING."

Every player in the raid watched as Seiryuu charged forward, drawing Onyxia’s attention as the great black she-dragon rose up to greet him, spinning and walking north after the tank just as intended. For a moment it was just warrior and dragon, and Seto had to admit that while HE could have done a better job capturing the majestic presence of a dragon… the programmers hadn’t done terribly. At least Onyxia had presence - she was vibrant and fiery and moved with a weighty, yet sinuous grace. She was truly a formidable foe. But the moment of pure admiration passed as he saw Mokuba’s druid quickly running in after him, apparently more focused on keeping Seiryuu’s hit points up than her own, and when Seto turned to look back at the dragon, he saw nothing but a foe.

The remainder of the raid trickled in and took up position, waiting for Seto’s order to attack, watching the dragon’s debuffs, looking for five sunders and even then, unsure of whether it was okay to begin attacking.

Several more seconds passed, then Seto finally called into his mouthpiece, "Okay, begin DPS!" and arrows and magical bolts began flying through the air to strike at the dragon.

* * *

The fight was progressing decently well. Phase one, no real problems. Phase two… well… a few people got nuked and several got eaten by the whelp packs, but that was to be expected. Seto figured anyone who was dead by that point deserved to be dead, and would have been a hindrance by phase three.

"Phase three incoming!" Seto yelled as Onyxia began to land after having been airborne through all of phase two. "Stop attacking and drop aggro if possible! Don’t start attacking again till I give the word. And be careful of the fear; don’t be trailing in the back and…"

"Whelps," someone’s voice muttered through the speakers.


"Someone got feared into the whelps! Left side!" Jou called out. "Ton of ‘em!"

"I’m down!" Yami said, sitting back in his seat with a frown as his little gnome mage hit the ground, the whelps responsible for his demise fluttering off towards their next victims. "Someone get over here and AE! My entire group is down!"

"Who the fuck got into the whelp pits? Minus 10 DKP to whoever just aggroed the whelps! And why is Valentine dead? Healers fucking fail! BATTLE REZ him and Suzaku and keep them alive, damn it!" Seto snarled, not having a moment to look around at how the other players were doing. "Fucking kill the whelps people, don’t just stand there and let the healers and shit get owned! FUCK!"

Seto was so busy ranting that he didn’t notice Mokuba beginning to shrink down in his seat. His druid had been running back from the rear of the lair where she’d been busy keeping Seiryuu up, and got feared right into the eggs, causing a whole pack of whelps to hatch. Said whelps were the reason for her sudden demise as well. Seto was going to pitch a real fit when he discovered why things had suddenly gotten so bad. "Um, it’s okay… don’t rez me," he managed to squeak into the mic.

"If we wipe, it’s ‘cause your pet healer ran herself into the whelps," another voice commented snidely.

"I didn’t run myself into the whelp pit, I got feared in, okay?" Mokuba yelled. "Jeez…"

Seto turned to his brother. "Mokuba? That was you?"

The black-haired teen frowned. He had just confessed, hadn’t he? "Um… yeah…"

"You’re not really going to dock him DKP are you?" Noa asked as he distractedly tried to maneuver Highwind far back enough to shoot.

"Mokuba?" Seto queried again, as if he couldn’t quite grasp the concept of his brother wiping the raid, even unintentionally. "Why?"

Gray eyes met blue. "Uh, I was trying to heal you when you were in the back of the cavern, and I didn’t get back fast enough…"

"Hello? Hey come on guys, we can still beat her!" Noa reminded them. There were still about a dozen people up, and as long as Seiryuu stayed up and continued to hold aggro, they could still wear her down.

"Seiryuu, let’s finish off the bitch now. You can dock the little fuck 10 DKP later," said the same snide player from before.

Seto growled and opened up his social tab, looking down the list of raiders for one particular person, a sneer twisting his lips when he finally spotted him. Lucky, lucky… he’s already down too. "The ‘little fuck’ happens to be a guild officer, and my baby brother…" And he kicked the guy from the raid and the guild.

"Dude, what the fuck? You gkicked me for that?!" the other player yelped.

"Yeah. Bye." He went to mute the now unguilded player.


As if he hadn’t just gotten out of an argument, Seto reported to the remaining players, "She’s down to 15%. Burn all cooldowns! Get her down ASAP. Keep healing me! And if we have any battle rezzes up, get Suzaku and Val back up!" He sounded fairly calm despite all that had happened, but his heart was racing. As long as no one else died, they really could down her in one try! Almost as good as sex.

Yami smiled at his lover’s excitement, his focus shifting since his character was already dead. We’ll do it, even if I don’t get rezzed.

I want you to be up when this fight is over, Seto answered.

Oh… I *am* up…

"We have one brez up," answered the only remaining druid in the fight as he began moving to the back of the cave. "Val, is your brez up?"

"Yah!" Mokuba answered, and a moment later he was back up and rezzing Suzaku in turn. "Seiryuu, remember to throw down the Ancient Blade!"

Huh? Oh yeah… Seto quickly pulled his mind out of the gutter, popped his bags open, found the object in question, and threw it on the ground in front of him just as Onyxia reared back to breathe on him. "Come on people, we’ve got this! Stop dying! 10%!"

"Go go!" Mai whooped as her warlock spammed shadowbolts at the dragon.

"Out of mana," Yami said. "Wand, wand…"

"Same here!" Anzu added. "And I already burned a mana pot. Can someone innervate the tank healers at least?""

"God, just fucking kill it!" Honda groaned, his rogue Tristan being one of the earlier casualties.

"We’re trying!" someone else yelled. "5%! 4 now!"

"Oh my God, oh my God…" Jou chanted. "2%!!"

"1% - BURN HER NOW!" Seto commanded. "Yes!" His eyes fluttered shut as Onyxia let out a final bellow, twitched upward, and fell to the ground. There was something almost… climactic about the scrambled way they finished the fight, that feeling of being tightly wound and then having the tension suddenly release as they suddenly achieved victory with that final burst of damage.

Instantly the Vent channel was abuzz with congratulations and cheers on their accomplishment, requests for rezzes and of course, questions about the loot.

Noa, as DKP tracker, trotted Highwind over to the body take a look. "Let’s see, we have… Nemesis and Wrath! Grats to some lucky lock, and to our main tank, Seiryuu! We’ll start the bidding process once everyone is back up."

"And congrats Seiryuu on the Quel as well!" said Mokuba.

"Yeah… hey, remember to stick yer sword in the dragon to finish that up," Jou added, as the quest was timed and wouldn’t wait forever.

Yami dropped his hand from the keyboard and lightly ran it up Seto’s leg. Go on - stick the sword in the dragon.

Seto didn’t say anything for a moment, but from the racing of his heart and the flaring of his nostrils and the way his eyes darkened, Yami knew that he had his lover’s full attention, and no small amount of interest as well. Just as Yami had figured, they had both gotten a huge rush out of the kill, the way they had to struggle to bring the dragon down, the resulting surge of blood and adrenaline a potent combination in their veins. Well, isn’t that your job? Seto finally said, smiling slightly.

"Um… Seiryuu? The sword?" Mokuba piped up. He saw the look on his brother’s face and knew what it would lead to, but they technically weren’t done until the loot was distributed, so Seto would just have to hold on for a little longer.

Seto didn’t even look over. "Hmmm?"

"The quest for the Quel’Serrar is on a timer, and once we skin the corpse it’ll be too late," Noa said. "So can you finish it up?"

The brunette managed to tear his attention away from Yami to glance back at the screen. Sure enough, the Unfired Ancient Blade had become the Heated Ancient Blade, and he picked it up and walked over to the corpse of the dragon to finish that part of the quest. Onyxia just stared back at him, motionless, and he frowned. She was pretty cool when she was chasing them all around and giving them hell, but as a body just to be looted, she was really… unimpressive. And that was disappointing. Sure, they had gone into her lair, seeking her out, knowing that this was the outcome they had desired… but frankly, he preferred her "alive."

We’ll be seeing a lot more of her, Yami said, picking up on Seto’s change of mood and knowing better than to say something like, "It’s just a game." We’ll be in here at least once a week.

Yeah… With a silent sigh, Seto went ahead and finished up the quest, creating the Treated Ancient Blade which would become the Quel’Serrar once he returned to the questgiver. Then he sat back a bit and glanced at Yami, as if gauging his reaction. The former Pharaoh gave a slight nod of acknowledgement, his eyes bright with understanding, and Seto found himself reaching over to stroke his lover’s cheek. Yami made a pleased, throaty sound that reverberated through Seto’s mind, reminding him that there were other rewards he could claim, if he so chose…

Seto suddenly latched onto the arm of Yami’s chair and pulled it hard into his own, then grabbed a handful of black and scarlet spikes and tilted Yami’s head back. Lips met lips, and Seto began practically crawling onto Yami’s seat, pinning the shorter duelist beneath him.

Mokuba gaped like a goldfish at the sudden show of passion between the pair. Weren’t they just… the raid wasn’t over yet, and… Oh hell… He reached over to mute Seto’s Vent connection before the other players heard a bit more than they bargained for, then got on his own headset and said, "Um… okay then. Grats to Seiryuu on the Helm of Wrath. We'll do the bidding for Nemesis and other loot on raid chat please." Then he muted his own mic and motioned to Noa. "Let’s get this done quick, and get out of here before…"

"I think we should just grab our computers and jet, don’t ya think?" Noa whispered back, jerking his head over at Seto, who was currently sucking on Yami’s neck and growling at the fact that he couldn’t get Yami’s t-shirt off at the same time.

Mokuba made a face. Okay, while he really did appreciate the obvious passion that Seto and Yami had for each other, seriously… couldn’t they keep it in their pants a little longer? Apparently that was too much to ask. Hell, he knew that by now. And he wasn’t going to be the one to interfere. So he nodded in agreement at Noa’s very reasonable suggestion and typed in a quick message to the raid that they’d commence bidding in just one more moment. As an afterthought, he gingerly reached over to Seto’s laptop to make sure that the Treated Ancient Blade and the Helm of Wrath were both in Seiryuu’s inventory before he logged him off in the middle of the dungeon. Then he gathered up his laptop and quickly followed Noa out of the room.

* * *

Seto couldn’t really remember what they were doing before his hand found its way down Yami’s pants and his mouth made a home for itself on the soft skin of his lover’s throat. All he knew was that his blood was still boiling from the thrill of combat, and now that there was nothing else to fight, he had to find another outlet for all his pent up fervor… but with the chair shoved so close to the table, he really had no room to maneuver. With a muffled snarl, he planted his feet firmly on the ground and spun the chair around so that the back of it was bumping lightly against the table.

Yami didn’t complain about the sudden change in direction. He had his eyes half-closed in bliss, enjoying the feel of Seto’s moist tongue licking lazy circles on his neck, of fingers sliding down alongside his swelling member, of a hand possessively holding his head still so that all he could do was moan. He smiled a little as he felt his boyfriend beginning to tug down his pants. They were moving fast, but he didn’t mind. It was just like the Onyxia kill – strike hard, use all your skills and abilities, go go go.

I’ll give you go go go, the brunette murmured, his mental voice silken despite the edge it had to it.

I thought the sword was meant to go into the dragon? Yami answered, unable to resist the urge to play with Seto a bit, even though he knew it was just going to rile him up more.

As if a dragon would just stand there and allow that. They’re well armed too.

Oh? With what?

Seto snorted. Claws. His fingers tightened a bit more on Yami’s hair, pulling the ex-spirit’s head even further back. Teeth. He bit down on the already reddened skin above Yami’s collar, then again a little harder on the swell of muscle right above the now bared collarbone.

"Ahh…" Yami gasped. I… don’t doubt it.

Besides, a mage need his staff if he’s going to take on a dragon. And Seto pulled back and grinned, latching his fingers onto the belt loops of Yami’s shorts and tugging them all the way off harshly. The crimson-eyed teen slid down slightly in the seat at that, his hardening dick springing up, his thighs parting slightly, and Seto was quick to drop down between Yami’s legs and take the awaiting cock into his mouth, rejoicing at the way Yami instantly bucked up into it with a loud cry. He sucked hard, using both his hands to pull Yami’s hips towards him with every downward stroke his head made. The more Yami screamed, the more he wanted to make his lover come, hard - and the more he wanted to drive his own stiff erection into the embrace of a hot cavern, one that was his and his alone. Lube… where…?

It’s… it’s… Yami could barely get out a coherent thought. A little reluctantly, Seto eased off, though he kept his tongue moving over the sensitive swollen glans that was now pulsing against his lower lip, teasing a droplet of precum up and along the slit on the underside. Cabinet…

Well, considering they had an entire wall covered with custom cabinetry, it could be anywhere. Lifting his head and resting his forearms on his boyfriend’s thighs, Seto said, "Want to be more specific?"

Yami looked down, flushed, and then turned towards the cabinets. "Bottom drawer, center unit," he finally responded.

"Okay. And don’t get too comfy… you’ll get a new seat soon enough," Seto said wickedly before hurrying off to fetch a packet from the drawer, dropping his clothing as he went. After rummaging around a bit to find the lube since Yami had thought of hiding it between some board games, he said, "All right, get up now."

Yami did as he was told, curious as to what Seto had planned next, then smiling when the young billionaire flashed him a mental image of what he was going to do. After Seto sat down in the seat that Yami had left vacant, the shorter duelist carefully climbed onto his lover’s lap, balancing himself up on his knees, wedging his legs between the padded arms of the chair and Seto’s bare hips. Instantly Seto wrapped his arms around the slender body before him, holding Yami steady as he began teasing one nipple and then the other, using more teeth than tongue, the feral side of him not sated yet.

"Baby, oohh… mmrgh…" Yami’s body quivered at this treatment, and he soon found himself fisting handfuls of Seto’s hair, his erection throbbing from neglect and appeasing itself by leaving a thin, wet trail on Seto’s torso. "Mmm, please…"

Please what?

Just… don’t keep teasing me.

Why not?

Seto’s lips curled up in a smile around the firm peak he was currently tugging on. He hadn’t planned on much in the way of foreplay, but he had gotten the urge to just get his mouth on more and more of Yami’s flesh, as though he could never get enough of it. But yes, enough was enough, and he was just as anxious to get it on as his lover was. So with a final kiss to the nub before him, he lifted the packet of slick to his mouth, tore it open, and quickly coated his dick and a few fingers with the thick fluid, then immediately began probing for the familiar, puckered… Ah, yess… he hissed as his index finger penetrated the outer ring of muscle, easing in readily thanks to the lube.

Seto… Se… nn…ahhh… It always felt so right having Seto stroke him from the inside like that, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He needed it faster…

You love it, don’t you? When I do… this. And he pulled his finger out, wrenching a cry from Yami, only to be rewarded with a shuddering moan as he reentered with two digits instead of one, both thrusting and then curling, to the former Pharaoh’s delight and frustration.

Ah! I do, but… it’s not enough. Can’t you just… get on with it?

Seto smirked. How could he refuse? So he took a firm hold of Yami’s asscheeks, one in each hand, and guided him down onto the rigid, weeping member that awaited entrance. There was the indescribable sensation of flesh grazing against flesh, and muscle giving way, and… God, you’re so fucking hot. If he thought the jets of lava and other images of hellfire were impressive in Onyxia’s lair, they were just a light show compared to the incredible heat that embraced him now. He couldn’t resist thrusting up hard, stilling only when he realized that he apparently hadn’t given Yami adequate time to adjust to the intrusion. Taking some of the discomfort into himself, he sent a quiet apology and forced himself to remain still until his lover relaxed against him, sighing.

It’s okay now, really.

I’m sorry, Seto said again, nuzzling an ear.

I know. But Yami couldn’t help but smile at Seto’s concern. It was sweet, even though it really wasn’t necessary. It hadn’t hurt that bad, certainly not enough to make him want to stop what they were doing. Or… trying to do. You can start moving now.

All right. And he began a slow, rocking rhythm. Which wasn’t quite what Yami had in mind. So the younger duelist decided to take control of the situation, bracing his hands on Seto’s shoulders, then rising up on his knees until he could feel the heavy head of his boyfriend’s cock nearly slipping out of him before sitting back down in a strong, controlled stroke.

"Yeah… aaahhww…" Yami groaned. It felt so good having Seto deep within him, buried up to the balls.

"Is that how you want it?" Seto asked, but his hands were already grasping Yami by the hips and lifting him up, then driving him downward so that he could fill that tight passage again and again. The chair squeaked and trembled in protest, but stayed in place thanks to the table behind it.

"Yes! Yes… ohh; it’s incredible. You’re… incredible, Baby."

"Better… than gaming, huh?"

"Nnh! Oh… Yeah… much better!"

Seto smirked, and bucked his hips even more to really give his lover something to scream about. And Yami responded just as Seto knew he would, crying out the brunette’s name, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck, his entire body trembling as he bounced up and down in an erratic rhythm, his breaths coming faster.

But it wasn’t a one way affair. Seto was also affected; his fingers dug harder into Yami’s flesh, he shuddered and moaned and made all sorts of urgent noises. He knew he couldn’t hold out for very long. And there really was no reason to try and stave off the inevitable. As Yami urged him on, clamping down on him with surprising strength, Seto felt a huge rush of warmth, and thought, blood… and everything, went straight to his crotch, and for a moment, it was just him and his lover, and nothing else mattered. Then with a hard jerk he came, warm release mingling with slick as he continued to thrust, triggering an orgasm on Yami’s end as well. Winding down and satisfied, Seto had no complaints about the way Yami shot pearly droplets onto his abdomen, then collapsed against him, sated himself.

They both just sat there like that for a minute, feeling lazy and mellow. Seto stroked Yami’s hair as the ex-spirit made no attempt to move. They were a little sticky, the cooling cum rapidly becoming tacky and gumming up the fine hairs around Seto’s navel. Still, they were reluctant to separate, only doing so when Seto’s softening member finally slid out of the orifice it had been sheathed in.

Seto relaxed against the back of the chair, his hands still lingering on Yami, and made a sound that was half pleased, and half confused. So…


I… don’t remember logging off the game on my computer, Seto commented, a frown beginning to show on his face. Then he realized that Noa and Mokuba had cleared out, laptops and all. Um…

Yami laughed and stood up slowly, enjoying the slight soreness that lingered. Don’t worry about it; I’m sure Mokuba is taking good care of Seiryuu. He probably even went ahead and finished up the quest for the Quel’Serrar. He bent over a little to check his own computer. "I’m still AFK in Onyxia’s Lair."

"So she respawns every, what… week? Every few days?"

"Mm. Something like that. Not exactly sure."

"And we’ll be doing it again," Seto asked blithely, putting his hand on Yami’s naked rear as the crimson-eyed teen hearthed Suzaku out of the dungeon, then logged off. And while he had left his statement open to interpretation, Onyxia definitely was not what was first and foremost on *his* mind.

"Of course; we’ll definitely be doing it again and again," said Yami with a chuckle, his eyes sparkling at the implication. "Oh, and Onyxia too."

* * *

After getting cleaned up and dressed, Seto took his computer and went to track down his younger brothers. The pair had returned to their room, and looked up at him with wry amusement when he walked in.

"So…" Seto began, feeling a little weird with the looks they were giving him.

"I already went and finished your quest for you. Mai’s lock got the helm, and a Sapphiron Drape also dropped, which we just went ahead and awarded to Yami’s mage since he had the top DKP, even though he was um… distracted during the bidding," Mokuba reported with a slight smirk.

"Oh really? Thanks," Yami said, stepping into the room as well. He gave Seto a smile, and went and sat down on Noa’s bed with his laptop. "What about Onyxia’s head?"

Noa rolled his shoulders in a shrug. "We gave it to Seiryuu. Figured might as well gear him up instead of spreading the loot around. A few people were unhappy that there wasn’t more they could bid on, so we doubled the DKP for the kill and just let everyone present greed roll on the rest. We were about to turn in the head, but maybe… well, Nii-sama, you want to do the honors?"

Seto looked down at Noa’s screen. The available members of the guild, including lower level toons, had congregated around the gates of Stormwind City like a swarm of bees. Seiryuu was sitting on his mount in front of an NPC named Major Mattingly. "Might as well…"

"Yeah. And we weren’t sure what quest reward you wanted either, though I imagine it would be the Onyxia Blood Talisman," the green-haired teen said.

"All right, let me log on and take a look." So Seto took a seat, waited for Mokuba to log back onto Valentine, and then got on Seiryuu himself to finish the quest. With a quick look, he verified that the Head of Onyxia was in his backpack, then went to talk to Major Mattingly.

Guild Message of the Day: Onyxia down! Grats everyone involved! Seiryuu with Quel’Serrar!

[Guild] [Exodia]: hey Seiryuu

[Guild] [Seiryuu]: Everyone here?

[Guild] [Tinidancer]: Yup – just waiting for you.

[Guild] [Seiryuu]: Okay then… give me a minute here…

Major Mattingly yells: Citizens of the Alliance, the Lady of the Dragonmurk is slain! Onyxia has been subdued by the combined might of Seiryuu and his allies!

Major Mattingly yells: Let your spirits rise! Rally around your champion, bask in his glory! Revel in the rallying cry of the dragon slayer!

"Cool!" Mokuba breathed as they were all struck with what appeared to be a lighting strike. The Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer was a tremendous buff that hit the entire area, blessing everyone around with +10% crit to spells, +5% crit to melee, and +140 attack power.

The various members of the guild hung around and milled beneath the head of the defeated dragon, chatting away on guild chat before returning to their usual gaming lives. But Seto was strangely silent throughout all of it, even for him. He looked rather thoughtful as he tilted the camera angle upwards to examine the dragon’s enormous head, many times larger than his toon, hung by thick chains from the arch high above them. Yami looked over at his boyfriend, somewhat concerned, then burst into laughter as he finally realized what Seto was thinking about.

Noa looked at the two of them as if they were crazy. "Umm…"

Mokuba blinked. "Nii-sama?"

Seto just gave his brother a half smile, so Yami answered for him. "He’s trying to figure out how a dragon’s head that HUGE managed to fit in Seiryuu's backpack!"

* * *


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July 27, 2006