Title: What's the Story Morning Glory?
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Trevor x Alucard, Sypha x Alucard, Trevor x Sypha x Alucard
Spoilers: through the end of S3 + through S4
Disclaimer: "Morning Glory" is performed and recorded by Oasis. Castlevania is the creation and property of Konami. Castlevania (animated series) is the creation and property of Netflix. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: One-shot. Alucard's first time with both his lovers. A PWP intermission set late / post-"Under the Milky Way." Trevor wakes up with morning wood, Sypha takes Alucard for a ride, then hands the reins back to Trevor. Choo choo, all aboard the Alucard express! Post S3 + S4 animation canon based.
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* * *

What's the Story Morning Glory?

* * *

Adrian abruptly awoke to the realization that someone's hand was groping at his cock and balls. Attempting to sleepily, clumsily scoot away from it only made him aware of the fact that there was also a warm body spooned up against his back, snoring into his hair.

The half-vampire choked down the spike of anxiety that had accompanied his waking. It was Trevor, of course. Even with his eyes closed Adrian could identify him by scent, and by the pattern of the raised scars on the hand pawing him. Annoying, idiotic, kindhearted, wonderful Trevor. Somehow managing to sexually harass him when he wasn't even awake or aware of what he was doing.

Swallowing a sigh, the blond considered his options: he could elbow Trevor and tell him to keep his hands to himself, he could shift Trevor's wandering hands over to Sypha... or he could just lay there and put up with it.

The second option was definitely out; a pregnant woman needed her sleep, and Sypha didn't deserve to be woken like that anyhow. And as tempting as it was to wake Trevor, Adrian didn't want to have to explain why he was having to do so.

Besides, the hunter's touch wasn't wholly unpleasant, now that Adrian's initial panic was waning. Trevor's hand was big and toasty warm and rough with calluses, and he wasn't doing anything specifically annoying, just sort of cupping and holding and squeezing gently every once in a while. Adrian relaxed and sank back into the mattress, shifting his weight very slightly so he was pressing back against the sturdy frame of Trevor's body.

Apparently option three was the winner.

Adrian closed his eyes, intending to go back to sleep, but a minute later there was a pronounced snort against the back of his head, and the hand that had been cradling his genitals slipped further between his legs, while something hot stirred and twitched against his buttocks. Was Trevor seriously trying to have sex with him while asleep?

Time for option one, then.

"Oof," Trevor grunted as Adrian's elbow ground into his ribs, hard enough to startle him out of the very lurid dream he'd been having, but careful enough that it was obvious Adrian was being mindful of recently healed tissue and bones.

"Stop humping me, you idiot," Adrian whispered.

"Wha?" Trevor's fingers reflexively began wiggling around, as if trying to bring his attention to where his hand was currently lodged. "Uh? Ohhh."

"You're going to make me regret last night, aren't you?"

As if perfectly timed, Trevor's dick jumped against Adrian's backside again. The blond's sigh was audible. Trevor did his best to stop himself, to gather his wandering thoughts, but the reminder of last night made him go stupid again - being given the go ahead to do anything he wanted, being able to finally touch his boyfriend all over as he made love to him. He couldn't help but smile against the back of Adrian's neck. "I hope not. Sorry. It's morning, you know how it goes."

"No, not really."

"... Wait, what?" Trevor asked, incredulous, before he finally realized he should withdraw his hand, though he didn't fully pull away, resting it on the edge of Adrian's hip instead. "You've seriously never woken up with a hard on?"

"I'm fairly certain I haven't."

Well, having next to no sex drive sounded like a drag! "You're missing out then. Morning wood isn't always a bad thing. Especially if you're in bed with people you love." Trevor inhaled, taking in the scent of Adrian's hair, then began tracing lazy ovals on the skin over his hipbone. He shifted a bit so his left arm wasn't pinned down, so he could slide the golden curtain of hair out of the way before planting a short line of kisses from shoulder to the base of Adrian's neck. "So... can I?"

Don't ask, don't ask... If he just pretended to not hear it, he could ignore it and try to go back to sleep. Trevor poked him in the side, on to his scheme. "Can you what?" Adrian finally asked. God damn it!

"You know what I mean..." Trevor lazily drawled, amused.

"I won't if you don't say it clearly."

The brunet chuckled quietly. "Can I put it in?" He kissed the juncture of Adrian's neck again, then bit it lightly, pulling the barest of hisses from the other man. "Please. I'll go slow. Or I can just do it between your thighs, if you're sore from last night."

Adrian wasn't sure what that would entail. Something to explore later, perhaps. And regardless, he wasn't sore as far as he could tell.

Trevor's cock continued to prod him, awaiting an answer. Darn thing had a mind of its own.

"... I don't know," Adrian sighed, unsure why he was waffling over it. Trevor had been amazing last night, attentive and careful and sensual all at the same time; Adrian would be lying if he said he hadn't enjoyed it. But he just wasn't used to this sort of thing. Maybe his lover had a point - maybe he was missing out on something, something he wasn't even aware of, simply because he wasn't like other people. "Does that make me strange?"

Trevor shrugged. "Hell if I know. I'm just a little worked up because I had a pleasant dream, and it's fucking nice to wake up snuggled against you. But I'm not above taking care of it myself." He paused, then said clearly, "If you don't want to, then just say so. I won't love you any less."

He said it so easily now - nearly dying had changed him. But there was no denying the sincerity in Trevor's words. There was a world of difference between "let me put it in" and lovemaking. Maybe Adrian didn't really feel lust, but love was a whole other matter.

As if to punctuate the point, Trevor's hand shifted off Adrian's hip to search for his hand. He interlaced his fingers with Adrian's long slender ones, just holding on for a few moments, then patted him on the back of the hand before saying, "It's fine. Go back to sleep. I'm sorry I woke you like this."

"But I'm already awake. So... you can. Go ahead." The half-vampire could feel a tingle of anticipation racing up his spine. Trevor was rubbing off on him, it seemed.

"Are you certain?"

Adrian made a small sound of acknowledgement, then followed it up by reaching behind him and, with a slightly clumsy fumbling, felt for Trevor's arousal, petting it when he felt his fingers brush over the juncture where hard flesh rose above the coarse jumble of hair. The brunet grunted at the contact.

For a brief moment Trevor's body shifted away, and Adrian wondered if he'd done something wrong, but then he heard something scraping softly next to the bed and then the sound of a cork being dislodged, and then Trevor was back, with something small, cold and hard pressed between them, along with a nubby piece of fabric. One hand slid down the cleft of Adrian's ass, a scarred thumb working its way between the cheeks, stopping just below the curve before it pulled and lifted the flesh there, exposing the valley to the cool morning air.

"Adrian," Trevor murmured, voice heavy with desire, as slippery, moistened fingers began exploring the depths of the crevice, circling slowly around the entrance at first, before one slid in slowly.

Adrian barely managed to stifle the groan that welled up, mindful of Sypha sleeping only a foot away.

After pumping that one digit in and out a few times, Trevor nuzzled the back of Adrian's neck, kissing just behind his ear, then tilted his chin up to trace his way up the helix with his tongue. Adrian's breath caught as it always did, his body tensing and trembling with pleasure before his muscles went slack for a moment, and Trevor took advantage of that to add a second finger to go along with the first, twining them together and curling them to wrench out soft, nonsensical utterances from his partner.

A third finger soon joined the other two, opening Adrian up even more, causing him to push back and grind himself against Trevor's hand in anticipation. He may not have been all that eager at the start, but now that they were this far in, he felt a desperate need rearing its head. There was something about hearing Trevor's pulse pounding behind him and feeling his hot breath coming in gusts just an inch behind his ear, about being stretched taut, being filled, that was incredibly satisfying and unlike anything else he'd ever experienced. "Trevor..." he whispered, his voice dripping with want.

The hunter's hand withdrew. Adrian tried not to tense up at the loss of contact. He could hear Trevor slicking up his shaft, then wiping the excess off onto a towel that got pushed aside along with the jar of lotion that had been wedged between Trevor's torso and the small of Adrian's back.

Trevor placed a steadying hand on the blond's hip. "You good?" he asked.


Adrian was down to monosyllables, which was about as good an indicator as actual affirmation. Needing no further encouragement, Trevor began pushing in, easing past that first ring of muscle, careful to not go too hard or fast, but it was a struggle to hold back from simply thrusting in considering how delicious it felt to penetrate his lover, so tight and warm and welcoming.

Adrian couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped. He could feel his body stretching to accommodate Trevor's manhood, and the temporary emptiness from earlier was forgotten as he was filled again, inch by inch. Trevor drove forward steadily until he was nearly all the way in, then he held still, letting Adrian relax and adjust, the cock pulsing inside of him thick and hot and ready.

While waiting, Trevor ran his hand up and then back down that long, lean waist, letting it dip into the defined V leading down towards the half-vampire's own burgeoning erection. Using that hollow for grip, he pressed marginally closer, then propped himself up slightly to suck on the tip of Adrian's ear.

Immediately Adrian arched his back so hard that he instantly closed that last half-inch of space between them, his pulse racing as he drew in deep breaths.

From behind, Trevor moaned with delight. It was a dirty trick, but he loved that he could elicit a response like that from his normally stoic partner. He let his hand slide down further until his thumb, forefinger and middle finger encircled the base of Adrian's shaft, then he whispered, "It's okay if I move, yeah?"

Adrian grunted, and that was enough for Trevor to begin thrusting. He started slow, letting them both adjust their positioning, enjoying the way the friction and heat gradually built between them, as Adrian's arousal swelled further in his hand. Even his dick was elegant and sexy, longer and straighter and smoother than Trevor's own, sort of like the sword he wielded with ease.

What a great way to wake up, Trevor thought, sighing in satisfaction at the waves of pleasure radiating from his groin and up through the rest of his body. He was in no hurry to get off, so this sort of lazy grinding and bumping was just right.

"Sypha?" Adrian suddenly asked, his voice petal soft. Trevor stopped for a moment as he wondered if they'd woken her.

The redhead opened one eye, then rolled her head towards Adrian, smiling innocently. She'd been planning to simply lie there and listen in, but... "Can't sneak anything past you," she sighed, turning fully to deliver a morning kiss, enjoying his shaky exhale against her lips and the way his erection pressed against her hip. At least now she didn't have to pretend to be still.

"Didn't mean to wake you," Trevor said gruffly from somewhere behind Adrian. He didn't sound sorry at all.

"One: you're never as quiet as you seem to think." Though both men had deep voices, Trevor's had a rumble to it that seemed to stir the air around, even at a whisper, whereas Adrian's did not. "Two: it's not like I can't feel the mattress moving," Sypha gently scolded. Even now it was rocking slightly, as Trevor had started thrusting again. It was easier to ignore that sort of thing in the back of a wagon, but she'd gotten used to being stationary now.

Trevor didn't bother denying it. Frankly, he didn't care at the moment.

She turned her attention back to Adrian.

"You look prettier than usual," she murmured, stroking her fingers down the side of the half-vampire's face as he panted quietly. A warm flush lent extra color to his skin; his pupils had dilated enough that the honey gold of his irises were nearly akin to a glowing corona around an eclipse. His hair had the audacity to sit in artfully tousled waves instead of tangling into a messy nest like normal people would suffer from first thing in the morning.

"You mean, well fucked. Yeah he wears it nicely," Trevor said with a chuckle. He bit Adrian's neck again, harder than usual, enjoying the gasp he wrenched from the other man's lips and the way he tightened up around him.

"Crude. But yes."

Knowing that Adrian didn't like being overstimulated, especially with Trevor already working him over, Sypha kept her touches fairly minimal. A palm pillowing his cheek, a finger trailing over his chest, a kiss to the forehead, and then a few more on the lips. Having no such constraints for herself, she let her other hand drift across her breasts briefly, then slid it downwards. Adrian's eyes hazily followed her hand on its journey until it disappeared between her legs to start stroking in time with the faint creaking of the bed frame.

"You can touch me if you want," she told him, since he clearly was interested, but hesitant as usual.

Adrian swallowed, then reached up to stroke his fingers through her hair, enjoying the springiness of her curls. He drew her back in for a kiss, a more thorough one than the ones she'd given him, open mouthed and with an exchange of tongues, though as always he was mindful of his fangs - Trevor didn't mind being nicked, hell, he probably enjoyed it because he was weird that way, but Sypha didn't share in that interest.

His other hand came to rest on one of her breasts, rubbing in slow circles. He knew it was tender from swelling, so he kept his touch light and his movements slow.

She sighed softly, liking that he was careful with his ministrations, enjoying the sensations she was stoking in herself. "Adrian... that's nice," she purred. "Can I touch you further down?"

He made a soft grunt of agreement, and Trevor relinquished his hold to let her take over. A moment later, Sypha's fingers, damp from self-exploration, trailed their way up the underside of Adrian's manhood, sending a slight shudder through his frame. He reciprocated, his hand following the path she'd taken earlier to seek the sweet spot between her thighs. Once he reached the soft folds amongst wisps of coarser hair, he began rubbing until he was grazing over the tender nub that had her gasping his name in short syllables.

She sought out his mouth again, lightly sucking on his lower lip as she took hold of his shaft and stroked it in time with the flicking of his fingers. He moaned against her, shaking a little more than before.

"Too much?" she asked, pulling away to search his face. Adrian was fine up to a certain threshold, but it was hard to tell where the line was as it wasn't a set thing. So rather than guess, it was safer to simply ask.

Adrian didn't say anything, but his eyes were losing that hazy daydreamy quality and starting to sharpen, as if he were starting to consider his exit routes. It was a shame, but this was only his third time with Trevor, and his first time with both of them doing more than simply kissing him, so it was understandable that he'd struggle, especially in light of his previous experience.

"Trevor, let me have a turn," Sypha suggested.

The brunet nearly answered, "I'm not stopping you," until it sunk in that Adrian wasn't going to be okay with both of them continuing to put their hands on him at the same time. With a soft sigh, he patted Adrian on the ass and pulled out, moving away a bit to give the two of them some space. Adrian made a small sound of disappointment at the loss of contact, but Sypha's subsequent touch was mollifying.

She stroked his cheek again, kissed him deeply, then pushed against one shoulder until he rolled onto his back, allowing her to straddle him. Even at this stage of pregnancy riding on top was one of her favorite positions; it allowed her to control the angle and speed and depth, and it didn't hurt seeing Adrian lying pliantly beneath her, his hair fanned out around him like a sun bright halo, his eyes a soft honey gold again, his lean, muscled chest rising and falling rhythmically as he waited for her next move.

The half-vampire arched his back as Sypha took him in hand again, guiding him into place, before rubbing the sensitive head against her blossoming folds, then welcoming him inside. Adrian gasped sharply, his eyes fluttering shut for a moment. It was amazing - different from the sensations he got from Trevor spreading him open and plunging inside him - but the warmth and closeness and the sense of belonging were all still there.

Opening his eyes again, his gaze slid over Sypha's body as she inched back slightly to fully settle herself on top of him. He ran his fingertips lightly over her stomach, then put his hands on her hips, caressing the curves there. Her pregnancy was undeniably obvious now, in the fullness of her belly, in the extra roundness in her breasts, but he liked it. She was normally so thin that the additional weight sat well on her.

Pleased with where she was positioned, she began rocking in a nice, easy rhythm atop her lover as he made shallow thrusts, trying to match her pace. She trailed her nails lightly down his chest, pausing to pluck at his nipples, making no effort to avoid his scars - they were just a part of him, not something to pick out or to avoid. At least the ones from he'd gotten from Taka and Sumi had mostly healed up; other than the darker marks around his wrists, they were no longer visible and she could barely feel them under her fingertips.

Beside them, Trevor started jacking off at a matching pace, groaning a little at the squelching sounds coming from all three of them. Watching - and masturbating - weren't really his thing the way it was Sypha's, but he wasn't going to deny himself the eye candy either. There was something both ridiculously sexy and cute about seeing his fiery little Speaker riding Dracula's son like he was her favorite pony. Though actually... now that he thought about it, just because Adrian didn't want too much stimulation didn't mean Sypha had that issue. So Trevor sat up, grinning, and crawled up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, just below her breasts, and began kissing her neck. He even managed to slip himself in between her buttocks and Adrian's thigh, much to his satisfaction. "You're so sexy," he breathed in her ear.

"And you're in the way," she replied, though her smile showed she didn't really mean it. Trevor was sort of limiting her range of motion, but getting extra attention wasn't a bad thing.

He snickered, then debated what he should do now that he was there. If she hadn't been pregnant, he'd probably go to town on her breasts and nipples, but she'd been complaining about them feeling sore as of late, so that wouldn't be appreciated. Instead, he slipped his hand between her spread thighs and located the sensitive nub down there, rolling it gently as he could between his big fingers as she gasped, throwing her head back against his shoulder. It put her in the perfect position to kiss, so he did, his other hand coming up to hold the back of her head in place as he covered her mouth with his own.

They continued trading kisses as Sypha resumed her ride, her movements more uneven than before. She ground against Trevor's hips and abdomen a bit, then forward into his hand, sighing at the sparks of pleasure dancing through her body. She wasn't going to last long like this, but that was fine... she wasn't looking to draw things out. Getting her moment of satisfaction and then watching the rest of the show sounded like a perfectly good way to start the morning.

Trevor dipped his head to lightly kiss her throat as she braced against him, her hips starting to jerk as she clenched down on Adrian's cock. The half-vampire exhaled harshly, thrusting up into her with a little more urgency. Trevor spared a glance at him; the other man remained nearly silent, but his brows were drawn together, and he was staring at the junction between his body and Sypha's with great intensity. She had to be close, so Trevor urged her arm up until she was holding onto the back of his shoulder as he gently cupped a breast with one hand while circling his fingers around her clit.

She came with a soft, prolonged cry, writhing in Trevor's grip, her legs tightening against Adrian's side. The hunter murmured little nothings against her skin, happy to hold onto her as she wrung herself out, wiggling her hips like a spoon stirring a pot. Or more like, a pot stirring itself on a spoon.

"Oh... that was good," she sighed once the waves of gratification stopped crashing against each other and began dying down, leaving her feeling warm and tingly and content. She allowed herself to slump against Trevor, trusting him to be able to support her without issue. She landed a sloppy kiss on his cheek, then bent down to kiss Adrian as well. He sat up to meet her halfway, knowing it'd be difficult for her to bend all the way down right now. Staying where she was for a moment allowed her to enjoy the afterglow as she finished coming down from her climax, then Trevor helped her off her perch and back down onto the bed, where she lay on her side, her bright eyes flicking back and forth between the two men and their matching erections. "Well, carry on!" she said cheerily.

"You heard the lady," Trevor told Adrian as he leaned down to kiss the prone figure, tangling his fingers in his hair. "Any preferences in how we finish?"

The blond mutely gazed up at him, then his lips quirked upward in the corners before he gave a slow shake of his head.

Trevor smirked. There were so many ways he could take this - he was looking forward to trying all sorts of things. But considering it was still early in the morning, and Adrian's tolerance was probably starting to wear thin, he decided it'd be best to go with something simple and straightforward. "All right, up on your hands and knees then," he said, patting a well-shaped thigh.

The hunter shifted away to give his boyfriend some room to roll over, taking the opportunity to slick himself up with a bit more lotion, then moved in behind Adrian once he was positioned as instructed, looking curiously at Trevor from under his fall of hair.

Trevor bit back a groan. God I want to pull his hair. Is that bad? On second thought, leading with that right off the bat was probably a bad idea. Get in first, then pull?

Turned out his body wasn't going to wait for him to decide, as Trevor found himself nestled back in that tight channel before he'd figured things out. Frottage between Sypha and Adrian's bodies had been great, but nothing beat being inside one of his lovers, surrounded by smooth, hot walls hugging him from base to tip on all sides.

He reached down to idly thumb over a nipple, earning a soft hiss, and then switched to his less damaged left hand for a better grip to resume stroking Adrian to full attention before he started moving again, drawing out each thrust so it was nice and deep, rather than fast. Given that Sypha was just riding him, Adrian wasn't likely to last long, so Trevor tried to decide if it was better to get the other man off first, or finish first himself and then take care of Adrian. If he could get it just right they could come together, but that was going to take a little more experimenting and experience with Adrian's tells, and Trevor wasn't in the mood to think anyhow when there was a perfectly willing body ready to be screwed into the mattress instead.

Adrian's forearms buckled and his head sank down to rest against them as Trevor drove in harder. The blond moaned, fingers mindlessly clawing at the pillow as Trevor's grip on his hips tightened. The pressure was so intense, a pleasant burn, and when Trevor got the stroke just right Adrian felt sharp jolts shoot out from the center of his body, making his limbs weak and his nerves tingle. Trying not to lose himself completely in the sensations lest it prove to be overwhelming, Adrian tried to focus in on Trevor's grunts, the scent of his sweat, his...

Trevor wound his hand in the long gold strands and pulled, forcing Adrian off his elbows and back up on his hands. The half-vampire arched his back, hissing, then began trembling as he felt a telltale heat building inside of him. He pushed back desperately, chasing that high, rocking and essentially impaling himself over and over on Trevor's throbbing cock. It was nearly enough to drive Trevor past his breaking point, but he bit down on his lip and held himself in check, though it was getting more difficult with each passing second.

"Adrian... God, you're beautiful," Trevor marveled, steadily pulling a bit harder to bring Adrian's head up even further, so he could bite at his shoulder and neck, confident that he couldn't do any lasting damage. It was really nice having a partner who didn't mind a bit of rough play.

Those little sparks of pleasure and pain were all that was needed to push Adrian off the edge. He let out a choked cry as his body tensed, then began spasming. Trevor quickly got one hand in position to catch the spillage, holding himself still so Adrian could ride his orgasm out as he pleased, as he bucked and shook and spurted all over the palm of Trevor's hand, then began going limp beneath him.

With Adrian now spent, and Sypha watching them both with a pleased expression and heavily lidded eyes as she casually fingered herself, Trevor withdrew, quickly wiped the rapidly cooling release off of his hand, and began stroking himself off over his lover's now-prone body. It didn't take much; he'd been skirting the line himself, and less than a minute later he found himself joining the other two in blissful nirvana, grunting as he too emptied himself into his loosely fisted hand. He had been tempted to just come on Adrian instead - he'd look good with cum striping his abdomen, or even better, on his flawless face. But that was probably a bridge too far, given that the blond looked to be on the verge of passing out, his breaths already slowing and his body lying boneless beneath Trevor's.

"You okay?" the brunet asked once he was done and cleaned up, unsure if he'd get a response.

Adrian's lashes fluttered as he managed to slide a glance upwards. He frowned slightly, looking a bit like a disgruntled kitten. He shouldn't be so tired - it wasn't like he hadn't just slept for a full night, and someone had to make breakfast - but all he wanted to do was roll up in the blankets and go back to sleep, preferably with someone warm by his side. He gave a small sigh and curled up a bit, trying to hug some of the residual heat to himself.

"Well, good job Trevor, you wiped him out," Sypha said from the left side of the bed.

"Not my fault," Trevor asserted, smug as could be. In reality, he was happy to take the blame in this case.

"So who's making breakfast then?" she asked pointedly, and Adrian made a sound like he was trying to volunteer, but she just put her hand on his head and began stroking his hair. He made a faint noise, almost like a purr, that vibrated through his chest and throat. "Treffy, you go."

He'd rather lie back down and snuggle, but knew better than to protest. "Yes, yes," the brunet groaned, forcing himself up onto his feet even as Sypha began rearranging the sheets and pulling the covers back over herself and Adrian. "Well, that's not fair."

"It's very fair. You're obviously feeling better and you woke us both. Now shoo." She gave a small wave of her hand, then shifted closer to Adrian so she could curl around his shoulders, allowing him to lay his head to rest just above her breasts.

"Fine. But I'm bringing it back here so we can eat in bed," Trevor said, as he tried to remember what was readily available, since he didn't feel like doing any foraging at the moment. Really, he didn't want to leave the bedroom at all, but when a pregnant woman demanded breakfast, he knew he'd better deliver. He paused to further debate whether or not he needed to bother with clothes since no one should be in the castle anyhow, and decided... well, he didn't care, but Adrian would be scandalized if someone spotted him through a window. So he grabbed someone's nightshirt off a chair and tossed it on.

Sypha barely managed to stifle a yawn. "Sounds good."

Trevor chuckled, and stretched across the mattress to kiss her on the temple, and then leaned back down to plant one on the back of Adrian's head as well. The blond didn't respond; Trevor figured he was nodding off, if he wasn't asleep already. "Be back in a bit, then," he whispered.

Sypha smiled, then shut her eyes and cuddled up against the spent body in her arms as the bedroom door opened and then closed quietly behind her.

* * *

Author's Notes:

May 4, 2023