Title: Under the Milky Way
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Trevor + Sypha + Alucard, Trevor + Sypha (w/ implied Trevor x Sypha), Sypha x Alucard, Trevor x Alucard (& rev)
Spoilers: through the end of S3 + through S4
Disclaimer: "Under the Milky Way" is performed and recorded by The Church. "Cuts You Up" is performed and recorded by Peter Murphy. Castlevania is the creation and property of Konami. Castlevania (animated series) is the creation and property of Netflix. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: After the events of Lindenfeld, all Trevor and Sypha wanted was to return to the closest thing they had to "home," but Alucard has not fared well in their absence. "You wanted to save the world, remember?" " He also needed it. He needed us." Post S3 + S4 animation canon based.
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* * *

Under the Milky Way

Ch. 20: You pour yourself over me
Like the sun through the blinds

* * *

Another week went by, and although Trevor didn't say anything about it, he was starting to despair that he simply wasn't going to recover, despite everything Adrian and Sypha had done. It didn't help matters that Trevor's fever flared up anew as the relatively innocuous looking wound over his right shoulder swelled up angrily and began seeping again. Adrian had put in stitches thinking it had been healing well enough, but ended up having to remove them and reopen the wound to allow the infection to drain out.

Then just as that got under control Trevor developed a nasty cough which had him hacking up sticky clumps of discolored phlegm for days; coupled with the injuries to his torso they left him in agony. He'd cracked ribs before, but never so many at once... unbeknownst to them the fact that he'd been unable to properly draw in deep breaths made his lungs weak and susceptible to illness. Adrian more or less isolated himself with Trevor and had Sypha make pots of lemon scented honeyed tea and steamed bowls of herbs for him to inhale, all left outside the door because they couldn't afford for her to be sick as well. Adrian used up the remaining mold powder dealing with the cough because he didn't know what else to do; he was just glad he'd gotten more cultivating, as he had no other way of replenishing the supply. And that was on top of the daily bandage changes, the continuing debridement of the burns every two to three days, the constant monitoring of the other varied punctures and cuts for infection.

All that left Trevor feeling weak and tired and discouraged more often than not. His left arm remained immobilized at the shoulder and elbow, secured with a splint. And his right... he tried to get a glimpse of it whenever Adrian went to treat it, but it just didn't seem to be healing at all with the constant scraping and such, the scars sticky and shiny. On occasion he'd even get paranoid that something was catastrophically wrong, like maybe his arm would rot and fall off at the shoulder, or that the cough would never abate and he'd be struggling to breathe for the rest of his life. Or worse, that he'd get Adrian sick too - he wasn't buying the taller man's claim that he was at low risk for catching human diseases - and then Sypha, already starting to show a swell in her belly, would have to care for them both.

But the half-vampire didn't get ill, and the coughs eased up. Wounds began closing up cleanly and bruises faded; bandages came off and stayed off. Adrian dialed back on his overprotective tyranny and let Sypha back in, splitting duties more equitably with her. They both began detangling themselves from round-the-clock care, checking in on Trevor instead of living at his bedside the whole day, though nights were a different matter. The bed wasn't really big enough for all three of them plus the padded wedge, but Sypha took to sleeping halfway on top of Adrian so they'd fit without anyone being left out.

Just shy of eight weeks after Trevor's return, Adrian gave him the go ahead to start getting out of bed and moving around a bit, beyond simply going to the bathroom. It sounded better in Trevor's head than what it turned out to be: he was allowed to putter up and down the length of the hallway, and that was it. No stairs, no outdoors... he wasn't even allowed to walk down to the kitchen with Sypha's aid.

Trevor went from being quietly miserable and bored, to miserable and bored and complaining. He wasn't trying to make life difficult for his boyfriend, but he couldn't help it - he'd never been good at sitting still, and that was all he'd been doing. Adrian pushed back, citing concerns about contaminants and relapse - and Sypha backed the "doctor" up by threatening to freeze Trevor onto the bed if need be. In an attempt to keep him occupied, she tried to restart the reading lessons, but Trevor couldn't focus. He wanted to go outside or at least be allowed to wander around the castle, but Adrian remained steadfast in his restrictions until one day, two weeks later, Trevor found himself being carried downstairs, through the long entryway, and then out into the golden sunshine.

Trevor blinked up at the bright blue sky as small songbirds darted by. It sure was nice to be out; as comfortable as the castle was he was tired of ceilings and stone walls. He was glad to feel the heat of the sun on his face. He just wished he had some proper clothing - as they couldn't figure out a good way to get a shirt on him in his current state, Adrian cut up one of those ruffled nightshirts so it was more like a tabard, covering front and back and pinned at the side. But more than that, Trevor didn't want to be carried around like a complete invalid.

"Jesus, put me down already, there's nothing wrong with my legs, and I don't want to be seen like this," Trevor grumbled from Adrian's arms as the blond strode down the castle's front steps and across the field, his unbound hair flowing behind him. The brunet was too cranky to even want to joke about the fact that Adrian still refused to let anyone outside see him with his golden safety blanket tied back.

"The village is past the tree line, plus everyone's busy anyhow. No one cares about the blow to your masculinity, you pissy princess," the half-vampire volleyed back with a smile. He could hear Sypha giggling behind them.

"You said you wanted to see how things were progressing, so what's the problem?" Sypha asked merrily.

"You two are enjoying this," Trevor sighed.

"Once we get closer you can walk the rest of the way, how's that?" Adrian asked, willing to compromise somewhat. He left unsaid his plan to stick to the other man like he was his shadow, because the last thing they needed was for Trevor to trip and fall somewhere.

As promised, after another minute or two, Adrian came to a halt on a flat patch of grass, and carefully set Trevor down on his feet as Sypha came to his side to steady him if he needed it. The hunter did his best to stand up straight so the other two would stop hovering so damn close - he certainly wasn't going to lean his weight on his obviously pregnant girlfriend, she already had enough to lug around - and then the three of them began walking towards the center of all the activity just past the line of trees at the edge of the clearing.

Trevor paused a moment to look around. A lot of the forest had already been cleared away for lumber and fields. There were people everywhere, busy turning logs into planks, digging holes for support posts, putting up framework for buildings, and so on. But it wasn't chaotic; everyone seemed to be working together in an organized fashion... even at this relatively early stage it was obvious where the roads would go, and where central buildings would be erected. There was already a well installed.

They spotted Greta almost immediately; she was directing workers from her tent that doubled as a temporary town hall while construction for the actual building went on behind her. They'd offered her accommodations for the time being inside the castle, but she'd refused, saying that her place was with her people, even if that meant dealing with constant interruptions from dawn 'til dusk. She turned as she heard them approaching, assuming they were more villagers needing instruction, but her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her.

"Well look who's up! It's been a while, Belmont," Greta said with a big grin, her arms opening up as if she were about to go in for a hug, but then she thought better of it. She had no idea what was still injured and painful and what was not.

Trevor snorted. "Yeah, my jailer was feeling generous today."

Greta caught Adrian's irritated gaze. He probably would've punched Trevor in the shoulder, but that would undo a lot of the care he'd put into nursing him back to health. "Regret your taste in men, Alucard?" she joked.

"My patience is tested on a daily basis," came the deadpan reply.

Greta smirked as she surreptitiously looked the hunter over. He'd lost muscle mass, his trousers hanging loose around his thinner frame. He looked worn out and paler than normal, which was to be expected, with noticeable bruising and puncture wounds all over his neck, which she wouldn't have anticipated. Why Adrian was sinking his fangs into him in the condition he was in, she had no clue - maybe it was like bloodletting, without leeches? - but Sypha didn't seem bothered in the slightest, so Greta supposed it wasn't for her to question. Someone had shaved him recently and cut his hair too; it was cropped shorter than normal, revealing eyes that were still piercing and sharp and constantly surveying the surroundings. She could see a new scar or two disappearing into his hairline. And then there were the obvious burn marks that slashed their way down from the shoulder to the neat rows of bandages that still covered the lower half of his right forearm, angry reminders that he'd barely survived his last encounter. His hand was still gloved in layers of protective wrapping.

Then other people started noticing who was there, and coming over to give their regards and their thanks. At first it was an older man with his toddler grandson, then a young couple, and a trio of friends. Some approached alone, most came in small clumps. And the entire time, Adrian's hand remained firm on the small of Trevor's back, his thumb rubbing circles over his spine.

"I... don't get it," Trevor muttered after a mother and her two kids walked away, the children chattering loudly.

"You'll get used to it. Sypha and Alucard got the same reaction," Greta said.

"They're grateful for what you've done," Sypha added, in case that wasn't clear enough.

"Yeah, but... no one thanks us for it. It's just do what we do," the hunter said, shuffling a bit on his feet, feeling weird and awkward about the whole thing. He could handle all the misguided blame in the world, but words of appreciation were like hearing a foreign language for the first time.

"I know. It was an adjustment for me too," Adrian quietly admitted.

Trevor gave a small wave of his bandaged hand, as if to dismiss the fact that he'd even brought it up.

"Shall we walk around a bit? How do you feel, Trevor?" Sypha asked.

He was flagging already, but he wasn't going to say it. He probably couldn't completely hide it from the half-vampire who was constantly monitoring his condition, but maybe if he didn't voice it, they could both pretend he was doing reasonably well, at least well enough to not go back to his sick bed.

Looking around, Trevor spotted a line of wagons with a clothesline hung from one wagon to the next, with telltale blue robes fluttering in the breeze to dry. "Speaking of gratitude, I suppose I should thank the Speakers for bringing me back here. I was probably less than pleasant to deal with."

Sypha followed the direction of his gaze. "That's a different caravan. The Lower Prut Speakers already moved on; we thanked them in your stead. News spreads fast though when there's a village in need that's also friendly to Speakers; who knows, maybe my family's train will be the next to stop by." She smiled. "It doesn't hurt that Adrian's opened up some of his libraries, so that's like dangling extra juicy bait in front of my people. They're willing to work for that alone."

"It's a good thing. Having extra hands has been a massive help," Greta added.

"Win-win." Sypha agreed. "But I will introduce you anyway, Trevor, if you'd like?"

"Uh, sure." Truthfully he didn't care, but it was a good excuse as any to stay out and about a little longer.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, and Trevor was starting to sag even with Adrian's support, enough that the blond whispered to him that if he didn't "voluntarily" head back to the castle soon, he'd be taken back involuntarily. So given the options, or the lack thereof, Trevor "opted" to cut his tour short and turned to head back home. A few strides past the trees, and Adrian swiftly scooped him up again, ignoring the brunet's complaints that he'd done exactly as asked, so why was he being picked up yet again?

Despite all of Trevor's protests, he conked out within minutes of being returned to bed. It was the longest he'd been up and moving around since his battle with Death. He slept through most of the afternoon, but when it was time for dinner, Adrian allowed him to walk all the way to the kitchen for once. The next day, Sypha and Adrian even took him to see the grave marker they'd put up for him and his family. Obviously it no longer stood for Trevor, but he was touched that his partners had put so much thought into it, as he'd never installed a memorial to everyone he'd lost.

With stage one of Trevor's recovery on track and close to completion, Adrian turned his attention to rehabilitation. Trevor walking around the castle was one thing, but doing deep breathing exercises or moving damaged limbs was another. Even something as simple as flexing his burn scarred arm remained difficult, the skin almost stiff and leathery in places, and Adrian had to warn him repeatedly to work on it slowly, lest he do more damage to it. Trevor tried to be mindful of that, not wanting Adrian's weeks of care to go to waste, but it went against his training and his second nature, which told him to ignore pain and push himself through it instead.

One afternoon a week or so later, as Trevor retired to his bedroom for a quick nap after a stroll to the Hold and back, he thought he heard Sypha and Adrian outside the door. He frowned, wondering if Adrian had caught him hefting small stones to test the carrying capacity of his right arm. But how else would he figure something like that out? He waited a couple of minutes, curious if they were going to come in and what they were going to say, but when the knock didn't come, he went ahead and lay down.

Just as he was about to close his eyes, the door creaked open a sliver and Adrian stuck his head in. "I wasn't sure if you were still awake," said the blond, with a strangely... embarrassed? look on his face.

Trevor sat up part way. "Yeah. What's wrong?"

Adrian twitched. He nearly backed out of the room. Wasn't this exactly how Taka and Sumi had approached him, stealing into his room like thieves as he asked them what was wrong? He was even there for the same reason, except he had no ulterior motive beyond that... only Trevor's pleasure, and the desire to make it up to him for having turned him away before.

Sypha had already left, to give them privacy. Adrian wished she hadn't, because he could use a little more encouragement since courage was in short supply. But when he closed his eyes he could hear her gentle voice reminding him just how much this would make Trevor's day, if not his whole month. And then there was the slick stickiness between his legs, as he'd done his best to prepare himself for this, knowing that Trevor wouldn't be able to help in his current condition.

"I... thought you might like some company," Adrian ended up saying. It sounded terrible. It could be misconstrued as something more like, "Let's nap." But he didn't want to crudely proposition him like a whore either.

"Well, sure. Lie with me?" Trevor asked, holding up his right arm a bit in invitation. Yup, he was planning on sleeping. Adrian felt like an idiot, but reluctantly sat down anyhow, squirming a bit.

"Why are you so antsy?" the brunet rumbled.

"I, uh... didn't come in to sleep with you. I mean, actually, I did, but... uh, not the kind you were thinking of..." Adrian stammered. He could feel his face burning, but it wasn't like he could make it go away. As much as he wanted to bury his head in a hole in the sand, he instead tucked a few wayward strands that had slipped out of the loose ponytail behind his ear, knowing the points of his ears were probably scarlet, and that Trevor liked seeing that.

Sure enough, he heard a low whistle. "Adrian... are you sure?"

"Yes. If you'll let me."

"Absolutely," Trevor breathed without hesitation, drawing golden eyes back up to meet his gaze. He had no idea how this was going to go with both his arms out of commission, but he was vibrating with curiosity and anticipation already.

The blond shifted himself on the bed so he now was facing his boyfriend. It felt weird to be not only taking the initiative, but knowing that he'd be doing most of the "work" as Trevor could not without running the risk of pulling or tweaking something. He leaned down to kiss the hunter on both the mouth and the throat, then, with his lips lingering close enough to exchange breaths with Trevor, he shyly asked, "Can I remove your pants?"

Trevor bucked his hips, and grinned. He was already getting hard, his bulge starting to knock against the fly, so if Adrian was having any doubts about him being ready to go, that would hopefully dispel his worries.

To ensure Trevor could get out of them without issue, the pants were only tied in place with a slip knot, to make it easy for him to undo and slide down over hips and thighs that needed several more pounds to fill back out. Trevor was pretty sure he heard Adrian swallow as he eyed the swelling member before him, so he quickly did his best to "help" by tugging at the lower pant legs with his toes to get them off, then sprawled comfortably as Adrian repositioned himself between his knees.

Adrian continued to stare at the cock pulsing before him, now that he was allowed to examine it without fear of being caught in the act. His nostrils flared at the muskiness. He couldn't help but fixate a bit on the way the veins stood out as the erection jutted from a base of coarse, dark hair. He ran his tongue down the side of a fang without even realizing it, as he imagined all the ways he could accidentally nick something, slice something...

Trevor stared curiously at his boyfriend as he commenced a series of little kitten licks over the glans, then began tracing a path down the length of his shaft with his tongue. It was the most unexpected thing he'd ever felt down there. Getting kicked was sadly, not uncommon. Jacking off was normal. Blow jobs were a treat - and Sypha was master class at it - but still not out of the ordinary. But to see this gloriously sexy creature bent over him, studiously lapping at him like he was a dish of cream... Trevor's thighs twitched and his toes curled as he tried his best to not just thrust into Adrian's face.

The half-vampire noticed the tremor, regardless. He wiped his lips off on the back of his hand. "Is... this okay?"

"Oh, yes. Absolutely."

Adrian looked a bit disappointed despite the response. "I wanted to try oral, but... I don't think it'd be very enjoyable for you if I did it the way it's supposed to be done."

"Can't just put it between the fangs, eh?"

Adrian gave a slight shake of his head. "Not unless you relish the thought of being skinned, as they're still a little keen on the sides near the points. Furthermore, I can't pull my lips down over my upper teeth either."

He'd either been looking this up, or perhaps talking to Sypha about it. Either way, he'd clearly given it a lot of thought and was doing what he could.

"Well that's fine. It wasn't what I expected, but it still feels great," Trevor told him in encouragement, even as he suddenly and seemingly randomly recalled their first meal together after they'd joined up, and how Adrian had neatly cut his apple into wedges before feeding them into his mouth one at a time. He'd even torn up his bread into chunks before eating them. Trevor had thought he was being prissy and mocked him for it, but now it dawned on him, the fangs meant Adrian couldn't quite bite and chew the same way humans did.

Shit, now I feel like a massive ass... "Sorry," Trevor mumbled, wanting very much to cover his face with his palm or throw his arm over his eyes, except neither option was really available.


"Ah, it's... I hope this isn't too hard for you," Trevor managed to say. Once he was up and able, he was going to make sure he gave Adrian the best blow job he could manage to make up for having given him a hard time.

"It's not," Adrian assured him, then after a pregnant pause, asked in an even softer lilt, "Do you want me to continue?"

"Yes! Please."

The blond perked up a bit and went back to working his way over every inch of Trevor's member with progressively longer, firmer licks, then swirled his tongue over the tip before cautiously sucking just the very top of it between his lips, while the hunter grit his teeth and did everything he could to not just gush all over his lover's face like a teen with no self control.

Just when Trevor was starting to lose the ability to think, Adrian eased off. "Well, that should do," he commented to himself as he backed up, stood, and began peeling off his own pants.

Trevor's eyes just about bugged out of his head as Adrian's dick sprang free from its leather confines. "... Oh my God yes..." I'm finally going to get some! "Wait wait wait, take off your shirt too!"

Adrian complied with a chuckle, pulling it over his head and tossing it on the floor, then gave Trevor a small smile as he crawled back onto the bed, seating himself on the brunet's upper thighs, looking down at his prize in consideration. He gave an experimental forward roll of his hips, his length sliding by Trevor's like a bow on a violin, drawing a guttural groan from the other man, before he rose up gracefully to position himself above the enthusiastically leaking tip.

But as he reached down to hold it in place, Trevor suddenly yelled, "Wait! You can't just sit on it!"

Adrian flushed slightly, having forgotten. "You're right." He quickly assessed what was in the room, grabbed the jar of lotion he'd been using on some of Trevor's burns, put some on his palm, thoroughly slicked Trevor's hard on, and then got back in position.

But Trevor wasn't satisfied with that, no matter how desperate he was to get in. "No, I mean... you too. You'll tear something..." Though he wasn't exactly sure who'd be in more danger of getting hurt, him or Adrian, given just how damn durable the half-vampire was...

"I already took care of lubricating and stretching in advance."

"You... did?" Trevor asked, dumbfounded, noticing for the first time the small, slick dribble of oil on the inside of Adrian's thighs. A sudden barrage of fantastic images flooded his head: Adrian leaning against the bathroom wall, his pants halfway down, revealing flushed porcelain skin and muscular legs... Adrian's long fingers sliding into the shadowed space between his buttocks as he bit down on his lip in anticipation of what was to come... Adrian then struggling to neatly tuck himself half mast into the sausage casing he called pants, ass clenching as he held in whatever oil or grease he'd used, before making his way to Trevor's bedside... "But... what if I'd said no?" Trevor blurted out. Wait, what? Why would I do that?

Adrian blinked. He hadn't considered that, given Trevor's constant begging and harassing, but the hunter had a point. "Were you going to say no?" he wondered. Sypha had said it'd be a good surprise. She'd actually escorted him to the room with a wink and a nudge and a kiss on the cheek. But maybe he'd gotten ahead of himself. He should've made sure Trevor was fully on board with everything he'd had planned before he'd even climbed onto the bed at the start...

What the fuck am I doing?! Trevor wailed internally, seeing the confused, crestfallen look on his boyfriend's face. The blond was literally having to hold himself an inch above an erect cock while forced to listen to complete garbage nonsense. Was Trevor seriously trying to start an argument about consent with Adrian of all people, like some sort of insensitive asshole, when he was one hundred percent aboard the ship Absolutely Fuck Yes? "NO! I mean, I wasn't going to say no! Fuck, ignore me! No, I mean, don't ignore me - I'm just stupid. This is making me stupid." He paused a beat, then with a bit of a whine, added, "I haven't had any in months!"

"Good thing intelligence isn't required," Adrian muttered, but he shifted back to sitting on Trevor's thighs as he grew a little more somber. "Trevor, is this really all right? I meant to..." and he couldn't fight back the flush, "ride you."

"YesyesohGodplease..." Trevor begged. Smack me on the ass and call me a stallion if you want, I don't care!

Adrian gave it a few moments, but when it was abundantly clear that Trevor was as eager for this as he'd thought he'd be, he went ahead and repositioned himself above him. Thought it really didn't make things easier that Trevor, even with his limited mobility, was now half-heartedly trying to hump the air in a desperate attempt to finish closing the gap between them. "Will you just lie still and be good for once?" Adrian sighed.

"Yes, sir." And he immediately stilled... well, mostly.

Apparently the promise of imminent sex could make even Trevor Belmont behave.

The moment Trevor felt his arousal press against the ring of Adrian's flesh, he held his breath, having to force himself to stay as motionless as possible. He swore he could feel every minute shift in Adrian's position as the blond seated himself as best he could on the swelling head, his fingers settling around the circumference of the shaft just below the glans, and then began bearing down, enveloping Trevor's member in fits and starts with a mindblowingly tight channel of honeyed heat. He would not have guessed that Adrian would run as hot as a normal human on the inside. The friction was incredible, even with the lotion and whatever other lubricant he used, so unlike the smoother slipperiness of a woman's hallowed halls.

"Oh... Jesus..." Trevor gasped, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of his dick gradually vanishing between Adrian's spread thighs as Adrian's hand finally dropped away, of the blond's own erection arcing up above that, the view unobstructed by even a wisp of hair, just as long and elegant and lovely as the man it was attached to. Adrian himself had his head bowed down slightly, his loosely tied hair tumbling over one shoulder, eyelids sliding over cloudy amber irises like heavy blankets. Instead of a groan or a whimper, the only sound escaping his lips was a harsh, shaky exhale.

Ever so gradually the taller man sank further down, taking more of Trevor's length and breadth into himself, until it was fully sheathed inside him. He steadied himself, then finally looked up to meet Trevor's gaze. The brunet was amazed at how the blush in Adrian's skin had diffused over his whole body, giving him a healthy glow, and just how soft Adrian's eyes had become, like warm candlelight at dusk. No longer the predator Trevor had feared in the catacombs of Gresit, but the hunter would be delighted to be devoured nonetheless.

"Is this... really happening?" Trevor murmured, eyes wide. He'd be damned if this was just another fevered dream.

Adrian's lips twitched, but he didn't say a thing. Instead, he braced himself, one arm in front and the other behind, then lifted himself slightly before dropping back down.

This time, a soft hiss joined the louder moan rising from the bed.

Trevor's immobilized left arm twitched, fingers flexing but finding nothing but air. His right arm slowly unfurled to helplessly paw at Adrian with a bandaged hand, even though it hurt a little to use it that way. "I want to touch you so badly." I want to caress you and worship you and ravage you...

"Soon," was all Adrian managed to get out, before he lifted and dropped himself again. Then he put both arms behind him so his hands gripped the other man's thighs, arched his back - improving Trevor's already stellar view of a beautifully sculpted torso - and began rolling his hips forward and back.

Trevor made a sound that was a cross between a groan and a hiss. He didn't know if it was because Adrian Tepes was just that breathtakingly erotically gorgeous, muscles bunching and expanding under creamy silken skin, or if he was just that thrilled to feel something other than pain and boredom, because he was not going to last. Adrian wasn't even going at it that hard, but Trevor was ready to blow.

Almost as if sensing that very thing, Adrian suddenly stopped moving, earning a desperate whine from his partner. He pulled one hand back into his lap and wrapped it in a loose fist around his own girth, and began stroking. That shut Trevor up; Adrian definitely deserved to get off too, so the hunter was all for it if his boyfriend wanted to take a few moments to see to his own needs.

After a half-minute, Adrian leaned his weight forward, resting one hand on the side of Trevor's hip, then began rocking again, though this time with more of a bounce. Trevor moaned mindless oaths as his head fell back to roll against the padded backrest, unsure how long he could possibly hold back, as it felt as though Adrian was clamping down harder than before, clenching spasms rippling through him every so often. Trevor swore to himself, once he was mobile again, he was going to put his hands all over every inch of the other man's body. He was going to map out and memorize the shape of his ears, then flick his nipples until they looked like tight rosebuds. He was going to see just how much of Adrian's length he could fit into his mouth, as he grabbed those lean hips and sunk his fingers into the furrows that led down his abdomen and to his manhood. He was going to find out just how flexible Adrian was as he held his legs apart and hammered into him, wrenching out so many howls of pleasure that his lover went hoarse from it.

... Only issue was, fantasizing about all the things he wanted to do to Adrian didn't help at all with trying to draw things out. The heat and friction were too overwhelming, and Trevor had gone without for so long, he was simply too pent up to last. "Shit... I can't... Adrian... Adrian...!" he managed to groan just before all the muscles in his body seemed to seize at once. His teeth almost hurt from how tightly his jaw clenched as his hips began jerking to their own uneven rhythm; his right hand throbbed as it attempted to clench and grab at the sheets. It felt like the breath was being squeezed out of his chest as torrid lightning strikes shot from his belly and spread outwards. But an overwhelming euphoria quickly followed, wiping out any discomfort and settling over everything like a warm haze, leaving Trevor feeling sated and relaxed and so very, very happy.

Cool fingertips trailed over the side of his face, and Trevor opened his eyes to see Adrian leaning in, his brows slightly drawn together in concern. "Are... are you all right?" the blond asked, his voice a mere whisper, as if it was a struggle to concentrate long enough to form words.

"Way more than all right," Trevor said, his lips curving upward. "Kiss me, will ya?"

Adrian obliged without complaint, enjoying the unevenness of their breaths and the contrast in their lips as they pressed them together before he opened up to allow Trevor's tongue entrance so they could join them together, like writhing snakes. He sucked on Trevor's lower lip gently before he finally withdrew, then lifted himself off Trevor before the other man's softening member could slip out on its own.

"Hey, wait. You're not going to leave just like that, are you?" Trevor asked, looking down at the now neglected arousal still bobbing in the half-vampire's lap.

"I was planning on getting cleaned up," Adrian said, grimacing slightly at the amount of mixed fluid that was starting to dribble down the insides of his legs. It hadn't helped matters that he'd prepped in advance and then pulled his pants back on, as his lower half was now feeling noticeably sticky all over.

"You're seriously not going to finish!? I'd, uh... like to watch."

Adrian had considered asking Sypha for help in that department, since it really had nothing to do with Trevor's enjoyment, but if the brunet wanted to see it, then Adrian felt obligated to do that instead. "Right here and now?" he asked, wondering if he should clean up first anyhow and then come back.


Adrian shifted back slightly and sat back down on Trevor's thighs, whispering an apology for any transfer of tackiness, then curled his hand around his erection once again and gave it a few experimental strokes. He could feel Trevor's gaze acutely; it made him want to turn away or tuck himself in a dark corner somewhere, but he told himself that Trevor had specifically asked for this, so he'd do it even if he wasn't all that comfortable with it.

"Do you normally not touch yourself like this?" Trevor asked, and Adrian forced himself to meet his boyfriend's eyes. Did he really look that clumsy?

"... No. Sorry."

"Ah. I didn't mean to put you on the spot," Trevor replied awkwardly. "If you don't want to, you don't have to do it, you know," he added, trying to give Adrian an out.

The blond grunted, unsure how to respond. He shut his eyes so at least he wouldn't see Trevor staring back at him, but there was nothing he could do about the hot flush on his cheeks. Tightening his hand, he picked up speed, trying to concentrate on the sensations stirring in his groin. It was easier to just go with it and finish, so he could get out of there.

He could hear Trevor's pulse picking up, thrumming in time with his own as the sound echoed in his ears. Encouraged that he wasn't wilting or shriveling under his partner's gaze, Adrian continued to stroke while fixating on Trevor's response... the quickening of his breath, the soft moans that rumbled from deep in his chest, the scent of sex that still hung in the air. He was getting close, and Trevor seemed to sense it, his heartbeat speeding up as if racing Adrian's own. And then in a surge of hot sparking pleasure and relief, Adrian came, his hips moving on their own as he spilled onto a palm that he barely remembered to get in place in time, so that he wasn't showering Trevor in gluey stripes and drops.

"Damn, that's sexy," the brunet groaned, unable to stop himself from commenting.

Golden eyes cautiously slid open to meet wide, intense blue ones. Adrian was almost surprised at how pleased Trevor looked, like he was more excited about watching Adrian finish than he'd been about coming himself.

There was an uncomfortable moment where neither knew what to say, even though they both knew Adrian was dying to go mop up, and then Trevor smiled, his face slackening in satisfaction and a bit of tiredness as he said, "If you don't mind, I guess I could use a bit of clean up myself too. And maybe a nap after..."

The half-vampire relaxed as the tiny bit of tension between them snapped and vanished. He was being offered an easy escape. "Ah, yes. I can do that." He didn't know what to do with his sticky hands but at least managed to get himself upright despite his shaky legs. Now all he had to do was make it to the bathroom across the hall; that should be doable, even if half of the muscles in his body felt like jelly at the moment.

"Adrian...?" Trevor called out, just as he turned to leave.


"Thank you."

Adrian snorted softly and turned back, leaning down to plant one more kiss on Trevor's mouth, noting the brunet's eyes were already starting to look droopy. ... Well, he had interrupted his nap after all. "You're welcome. And start on that nap if you want, I'll be back shortly."

"Okay," Trevor said wistfully, watching as his pale, angelic lover departed the room. Oh, he was going to have some good dreams tonight...

* * *

When Trevor awoke a few hours later, he was all cleaned up and tucked under the covers, and Sypha was at his bedside, reading a book resting against her belly. She was chewing a bit mindlessly on her thumbnail, meaning she was really getting into whatever it was she was reading.

"Hi," he said, grabbing her attention. He was a bit surprised to see her there, given that his partners no longer felt the need to glue themselves to him.

She started slightly, but smiled when she saw him grinning back at her. "Well, good evening."

"Hey, guess who finally got to tap some sweet, succulent ass..." he boasted at her, chuckling, as he began wiggling himself upright so he wasn't stuck talking at her lower torso.

One of Sypha's eyebrows went up, but she helped him sit up anyhow. "Yes, I know. Do you want me to congratulate you or something?"

"You should. I finally got some!" he practically yelled at her.

Sypha sighed. It wasn't hard to predict that Trevor would be really excited about it, though she was bemused that he was trying to rub it in her face. "I see. And are you going to congratulate me as well? I've been 'getting some' for months."

"Wait, what? You two didn't wait for me?"

She frowned. "Why would we wait for you?"

"Be... because! I called dibs first!" Trevor protested lamely.

"You can't call dibs, you idiot! And I have needs too! Besides, who do you think helped him prep for all this?"

The former set of fantasy images suddenly got wiped out and replaced: Sypha cheerfully instructing Adrian to remove his pants and bend over, ass up... Adrian obediently bracing himself on one of the bath stools as his girlfriend slicked up her fingers with scented oil from one of the bottles... Sypha thrusting those same fingers into that tight orifice, scissoring and curling them, a gleeful grin on her face...

Trevor groaned. He couldn't decide if that was better than the thought of Adrian working on himself. "Thank you SO much for setting this up."

Sypha's eyes narrowed. She certainly wasn't going to take credit for something just because Trevor was apparently assigning it to her. "I didn't set anything up. This was his idea. He had questions and wanted some advice, that's all." And needed one last nudge at the end, though she left that unsaid.

"Oh." Trevor had taken "prep" quite literally. Well, there wasn't anything wrong with the first group of imaginary scenes. Hell, both sets were great if he ever needed wank material. Though if he was lucky, he wouldn't, given that two lovers meant twice the action... or so he hoped.

She reached out and tapped him on the nose to get him to refocus. "I was going to ask if you were feeling okay after all of that, but I guess it wasn't a problem, then? No soreness or anything?"

"Not at all." He was feeling a bit of strain here and there, but it was minor at best - overall he felt fantastic. Besides, he didn't want to say anything that would deter a return visit... if he got a return visit. Speaking of which... "Where is Adrian anyhow? Is he all right? I know this really isn't something he's done before..."

"It's not. I've been trying to help him through some of his hesitancy. But he really wanted to do this for you because he knew it would make you happy, because let's face it, your recovery hasn't been easy." She paused a beat, then added, "But don't think he's off somewhere sulking. Yes he was feeling a little awkward, but I think he talked himself through it just fine. He's working on dinner now."

"I see." Trevor relaxed slightly. "And no, it hasn't been easy, but it could've been so much worse considering, well, everything, and I know that," he admitted. "I'm very lucky to have you both taking care of me. I've never had that before... usually I settled for wrapping up my own injuries, hoping it healed okay enough to let me function, and that was that. You two have spoiled me terribly."

"We have," Sypha agreed, a slight smile touching her lips.

"So... now that Adrian's given the okay, you know you can spoil me in other ways," he suggested, his answering grin turning a bit lecherous. Sypha sighed, and he quickly amended that. "I mean, not this second of course, but... well, I've missed you too."

"You really are spoiled!" she said with a dramatic roll of the eyes. But Sypha couldn't help but smile broadly at the change in her boyfriend's mood. He was so much more cheerful than earlier in the week. Sex really was a game changer. "But I will consider it. Only if you're a good boy."

"I'm always good!"

"And as long as Doctor Adrian says it's okay, of course."

"He'll vouch for me, I'm sure," Trevor said with a wink. "I know him intimately."

"Mmhmm. Anyhow, since you're up now, I should go downstairs so I can help with dinner, if he wants it." She eyed Trevor, then asked, "Want to come with?"

Trevor swung his legs out of bed. Obviously he couldn't help, but... "I'd enjoy the company."

She nodded, spotting him as he stood up, then went to fetch the modified nightshirt which she pulled over his head and secured at the side. Brushing back his hair so that it wasn't completely sticking up all over the place, she kissed him lightly on his mouth before carefully taking hold of his right elbow. "Shall we?"

He bowed his head at her, and let her lead the way out of the room.

* * *

Author's Notes:

September 1, 2023