Title: Shake Your Kuri-Bon-Bon
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Even a pony needs a boyfriend. PWP.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Shake Your Kuri-Bon-Bon

* * *

It had been Seto’s idea. He had insisted that Kuriboh wanted a boyfriend… A boyfriend?? Horses lived in herds. They didn’t have girlfriends OR boyfriends!

"I thought he was Yami’s pony," Noa had ended up telling his big brother when he had first sprung the idea on them. They had all known the damn thing was Seto’s pony, but he had always insisted that it was Yami’s.

"Hn," Seto had responded. Which essentially meant, "Yes, but I refuse to admit that maybe I’m attached to a pony."

"Are you sure he’s gay? Maybe he’d rather have a girlfriend," Mokuba had said.

Noa had stared at his boyfriend like he was nuts. "It’s a pony. It doesn’t have a sexual orientation."

"Maybe he does," Yami had suggested, though considering the size of the grin on his face, he hadn’t been taking the conversation seriously in the slightest.

"I’ll wager that even if he wasn’t born gay, just by living here he’s turned gay," Mokuba had added.

"You don’t ‘turn gay!’ People don’t ‘turn gay’ and horses don’t ‘turn gay.’ And Kuriboh’s gelded anyways so he doesn’t even have a sex drive!" Noa had fervently insisted, but by that point, the conversation had gotten so far off topic that Yami and Mokuba had both begun snickering behind their hands. So he had just tossed his hands in the air and said, "Look, if you want another pony, Nii-sama, go ahead, be my guest."

"As if I needed your permission to begin with?" Seto had asked, but he was smiling too. The fact that he’d brought it up at all meant that he had wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. "Besides, I didn’t say I wanted another pony around. Kuriboh does."

Noa had just stared owlishly at Seto. The man was completely, friggin-lutely insane. "Right. Okay."

And that had been that. A few days later, Yami had begun going through online ads listing horses for sale. And now, barely a week after it’d been brought it up, Seto and Yami were heading off to the rural communities far outside the city to look at a few promising leads, though the taller duelist had been quick to point out that he "was just going to look."

But knowing Seto and his penchant for making quick decisions, they’d be coming home with a new pet.

* * *

"Are you sure this a boy?" Seto asked, sounding a little disappointed as the little pony was brought out into the yard for them to examine. He didn’t mean to come across as jaded, but after wasting a good portion of the day on ponies that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another, he was just dying to wrap up their road trip and head on home. This particular pony looked healthy and was tiny enough to pair up with Kuriboh, however… it had to be a girl. There were so many braids and pink bows on the animal that its mane and tail were practically exploding with them. It even had on a pink halter with "Muffin" written on it in a child’s scrawl in pale pink puff paint.

"Oh, well, my daughter… she wanted to make him look cute. So that you’d be more likely to…" the man trailed off as he considered that he was trying to sell two young men on a pony’s cuteness. Perhaps he should’ve asked more questions when he’d gotten the call inquiring about the ad he’d posted, but he’d been so happy to get a call at all that it hadn’t occurred to him. There just weren’t a lot of people shopping for ponies nowadays. At least these two men still looked vaguely interested. Keeping that in mind, he tried again. "Well, is this for a little sister, or…"

Yami cocked his head. Muffin the pony blinked back at him, then took a few steps forward to sniff at the unfamiliar pair in front of him. Yami couldn’t help but smile. The pony calmly accepted a few pats on the head, then, after deciding that Seto and Yami were not all that different from other humans he’d seen before, he wandered off to explore more interesting things, like the scraggly weeds poking up from the dusty ground. "Not quite," Yami told the man.

"Lawnmower, more like," Seto muttered.

"As a lawnmower?"

"No. For our lawnmower," Seto clarified.

"For your…"

"We have a pony already," Yami explained, taking pity on the perplexed man. "We wanted to get him a companion."

The man scratched his head, unsure of what to say next. He couldn’t get a read on the tall brunette at all, and the crimson-eyed man beside him wasn’t saying much. "Oh, I see. Well then…" He felt a little like he was wasting his time and theirs.

Seto shrugged, then turned to Yami. "It’s up to you."

You don’t have an opinion either way? Yami asked. Seto had been so decisive about Kuriboh that Yami had figured he’d be decisive here too, especially since this involved his pet pony. But he really didn’t seem to care…

It’s not that I don’t care. You’re the horse guy; you’re better at this stuff, Seto quickly responded after catching Yami’s thoughts. He totally ignored the part about it being his pony.

"Well, I like him," Yami responded aloud for the benefit of the seller. "He seems to be really calm, so I think he’d be good match for Kuriboh. Maybe it’d help calm him down too."

When is Kuriboh not calm?! Seto exclaimed loudly into Yami’s head, making the former Pharaoh wonder if this new pony could help calm Seto down too.

Uh… when he’s trying to eat Jou, Valon, delivery people, the gardeners…

Seto snorted. I don’t see the problem... Besides, it didn’t really make sense to him. If Kuriboh was so "un-calm" then wouldn’t a calm pony not get along with him?

Yes, I know. Yami smiled sweetly, then turned back to the seller. "I guess we’ll take him then, as long as he gets along with our pony of course. In fact, if you have the time and a trailer available, we can take him with us right now…"

* * *

It was early evening by the time the Viper pulled back into the driveway, followed by a noisy pickup with a trailer. Mokuba and Noa both came down to greet the new arrival and were joined by Kuriboh, who instantly approached the trailer with suspicion.

Seto was the first one out of the car. "Behave yourself," he warned his pony, waiting until Kuriboh had circled away from the trailer before motioning to the man in the pickup that it was safe to proceed.

"Maybe you should hold on to him for now. I’m sure it’ll be all right, but a slow introduction usually is best," Yami pointed out, nodding at Kuriboh, but Seto shook his head.

"Why? If they’re going to get along, they’re going to get along." But the slightest bit of tension crept into his shoulders as he began thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Kuriboh could hate the new pony. Or the new pony could hate him…

That wouldn’t do. Animals pick up on their owner’s emotional state. Seto being nervous about the introduction would only give Kuriboh the wrong idea about the situation; already the pony was pinning back his ears and pacing back and forth, ready to defend his master at the first sign of danger.

So Yami sidled up to Seto, rubbing his arm as the seller began lowering the ramp on the trailer. It seemed to help a little… Seto sighed and even began leaning against the shorter man, just slightly. When Kuriboh tried to squeeze between them, Yami scratched the pony on the withers as well, thinking that what worked on his boyfriend might work on said boyfriend’s pet as well.

The gate finally opened and the new pony took a few steps down the ramp, stopping to look around at his surroundings as the younger Kaibas took a good look at him as well. Noa had to admit the silver dapple gelding was "pretty," with a coat the color of dark chocolate and a mane and tail like champagne, but what was with the braids and fat pink bows? He couldn’t help but snicker quietly. He bet Seto had been mortified at the decorations, but apparently Yami had won out in the end. Noa had to agree with the shorter man’s decision though as the pony appeared both bright-eyed and physically sound, with the stocky, sturdy build ideal for his breed. And even more importantly, he seemed calm and fairly well behaved, which were desirable traits that sadly a lot of ponies lacked, including their Kuriboh.

On the other hand, Mokuba reacted pretty much like his big brother, scratching his head at the sight. "Uh…" It was a boy, right? It had to be. But it didn’t seem like Seto or Yami to pick a pony covered in girly crap. Not that that should be the determining factor in choosing a pet, but still…

"It’s a boy," Seto told him quietly, as if reading his thoughts. "It’s just crossdressed."

Noa wondered if he’d heard right. "Crossdressed?!"

Seto might have responded, but just then Kuriboh slipped away from him and Yami and approached the newcomer with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. Muffin froze, brown eyes wide as Kuriboh approached him and snuffled at the bows on his mane, but didn’t attempt to move away or kick up a fuss, as if he were awaiting Kuriboh’s judgement on whether he was staying or going. It came a moment later as Kuriboh, being the mouthy brat he was, began experimentally chewing on the ends of one of the ribbons with a contented sigh.

"Looks like it’s a go. You can go ahead and release him – we just let our pony wander the property – and we’ll finish up the deal," Yami told the seller, who was pleased not only at making the sale, but to see that Muffin’s new owners would give him a good home, just like he’d promised his daughter.

As soon as the lead rope fell away from Muffin’s halter, Kuriboh took off at a quick trot towards the back of the house, only pausing to check that his new friend was following as if to say," Come on, let me show you around." And Muffin was quick to catch on, whinnying and chasing after him as the two disappeared around the corner.

Noa couldn’t help but laugh. Ponies were odd to have as pets and most were bad tempered or simply bland, but these two had real personalities. And if Kuriboh was happy, then he figured Seto would be as well. "Fast friends, huh? But uh… we’re not really going to call him Muffin are we?"

* * *

After plenty of debate and dozens of suggestions and rejections, the name Seto finally settled on was "Kuribon." It didn’t matter that it referred to an obviously female Duel Monster or that it sounded just like Kuriboh. Seto was convinced that the new pony preferred crossdressing – or at least that Kuriboh preferred a crossdressed companion – and insisted that a few satiny ribbons be left in Kuribon’s mane and tail, matching the pony’s namesake. But once he’d made those decisions, the brunette considered his job done and literally handed the reins over to Yami. Not that there was anything wrong with the new pony. Seto thought he was a good addition to their stable. He just wasn’t Kuriboh, and that was that.

At least Kuriboh wasn’t letting Seto’s lack of interest interfere with his budding friendship. He and Kuribon were pretty much inseparable from the moment they met. It wasn’t that he’d been lonely before Kuribon’s arrival, but he’d never really felt like "one of the herd" either, being that he was so much smaller than the quartet of riding horses in the stable and preferred the company of other ponies anyhow.

However that didn’t mean everything went as planned either. Yami had been optimistic that Kuribon’s sweeter disposition would help mellow out Kuriboh’s more aggressive tendencies, but that didn’t happen. Instead of just passively protecting his master’s house and property, Kuriboh began actively guarding Kuribon as well, immediately and bulldoggedly chasing off anyone or anything he considered a threat, even if they didn’t get anywhere close to him. It was annoying and inconvenient and even a bit embarrassing at times, but it was a mindset that Yami understood, and so while he didn’t want to encourage the behavior, he didn’t exactly discourage it either. At least Kuriboh was too small to pose much of a threat to anyone.

As the days went by, life at the Kaiba mansion quickly settled back into its familiar rhythm. Late winter faded away and began warming into early spring, beckoning to stir crazy residents as they began thawing out. Yami, Honda and Jou eagerly resumed their morning jogs. And the horses were finally able to get some exercise as well in their paddocks, stretching out their legs as they enjoyed the lengthening days. So it really came as no surprise to Seto when he found Yami in the stables one unseasonably warm afternoon. Even with the covered arena available, Yami had always preferred riding outside whenever possible.

"Didn’t you hire someone to take care of this?" the young billionaire asked as he walked in on his boyfriend polishing a saddle in the stable’s large tack room.

"Mmhmm." But he continued wiping down the leather, leaning into his work.

Seto would’ve wondered if he’d be firing a stablehand very soon, but Yami’s illegally tight jodphurs were taking his thoughts somewhere completely different. And then Yami leaned over the seat of the saddle to grab the girth strap, and all Seto could see was… ass. Boy, he wanted to smack it…

"Seto!" Yami yelped as the brunette acted on his impulse. He reached back to pat the sore spot but his hand was intercepted and pinned against the small of his back. "Seto…"

The taller man quickly moved up so his groin was right against Yami’s behind, preventing him from backing up and essentially trapping him atop the saddle. "What?"

"Hello, I was doing something?"

"Mm, I’ll do something." He ground against his lover, letting him know just how hard he was already. He hummed happily at the way his bulge slid between Yami’s buttcheeks.

"I meant I was going to go riding," Yami tried again, sounding somewhat exasperated.

"Riding? I’ll give you… well, I don’t really have to say it, do I?" Seto purred. Then his eye fell on something hanging on the wall…

Oh, he knew why it was there. It was a tack room after all. But he couldn’t remember if he’d ever seen Yami use a whip while riding. He was so good with his hands it seemed like it’d be unnecessary.

What is it? Yami asked, twisting on the seat, a little disappointed that his boyfriend had gotten distracted and curious as to the source of said distraction as well.

Seto didn’t give a verbal answer as he picked up the riding crop. He briefly considered using it on Yami’s ass, but the mental image that that conjured up left a bad taste in his mouth. He didn’t want to mark Yami that way, not even temporarily. So instead he began carefully tracing the outline of Yami’s hips and thighs with the leather tip while continuing to hold him in place by his arm. That seemed like a good compromise, and he liked the way Yami reacted to the feather light strokes.

Admit it, you wanted me to come in here and find you bent over, smelling of leather, Seto finally said. It was weird how he associated the distinct scent of leather with Yami. Then again, he had learned to associate a lot of things with Yami… a lot of pleasant things. He looked at the crop in his hand once more. He had once thought there’d be nothing worse than feeling the sting of a whip again. But then Yami had taken it up and proved him wrong, erasing old fears, old doubts, with each stroke he’d laid on. He’d seen beyond the scars and for that, Seto was grateful.

Yami’s light mental chuckle suddenly broke through his lover’s thoughts, drawing him back to the present with the promise of even more pleasant things. Honestly, I came out to ride, Yami insisted, somehow making the phrase sound both innocent and titilating at the same time.

In those tight pants?

Uh, yeah. They’re riding pants, Baby.

Seto tsked out loud as he looped the strap of the riding crop around his wrist. I refuse to have you wandering around looking like that. Take them off.

Wait… you don’t want me in tight pants, so being naked is better?! Yami protested as Seto began peeling the jodphurs off of him.

Sure. No one’s here except you and me. Even the horses are out.

Seto’s logic was too damn funny. Still, Yami couldn’t help but put up a fight, mostly because he was expected to do so. Using his free hand, he tried in vain to keep his breeches on. Then if there’s no one here, what’s wrong with the pants?

They’re blocking… my access, the brunette grunted. Damn it, let go!


Yes! Seto swiftly grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist, pinned it down across the one he’d already held captive, then snatched a lead rope off a halter on the wall and used it to tie Yami’s wrists together. HA! Who’s winning now?

The crimson-eyed man struggled not to laugh. After all, if he was going to play the game, he had to do his part. So instead, he crossed his ankles, figuring that’d at least keep Seto from getting his pants all the way off. You think I’d concede just like that?

I don’t care. And I don’t need them all the way off anyhow for what I have planned. He tugged the waistband down enough to suit him, then undid his own fly and slapped his dick lightly on Yami’s buttocks, leaving the thinnest stream of dewy moisture behind. How convenient that the saddle rack put his shorter lover at just the perfect height for fucking. Good thing I remembered the lube.

Yami gasped as Seto grasped his asscheeks and spread them, pressing his thumb against the entrance. He didn’t penetrate him right away, momentarily content with just rubbing circles around it, but then Yami heard the unmistakable tearing of a packet and felt the ensuing cool wetness of slick being massaged into his opening.

"I’m gonna fuck you good," Seto promised as he pushed his thumb inside, pleased to find that for all of Yami’s complaining, he was eager to accept the intrusion. With his other hand, he began to push Yami’s shirt up his back, but it was a bit difficult since Yami had his wrists tied behind his back and wasn’t cooperating in moving them. But ah, there was a way around that as well… Seto swung the riding crop up into his hand and used it to push Yami’s shirt up, letting the leather loop at the end trail its way back down Yami’s spine, earning him a slight shiver.

He considered the trio of dragons on Yami’s back, then began tracing the flight path of each with the tip of the whip, following each swirling, sinuous curve, until at long last it swept over the curve of one buttcheek and into the crevice below.

Fuck, he was so turned on! He could practically come from just fingering Yami, from just touching him all over and watching him squirm. But that wouldn’t do of course. So he withdrew his thumb and replaced it with something larger and far more insistent, groaning as he felt himself drawn into the tight embrace of his lover’s body.

His hips drove themselves forward, knowing exactly what to do, slow at first, then harder and faster. All Seto had to do was get a firm hold on Yami to balance himself as his body went to work, sinking further and further in with each thrust. It was amazing how something so familiar, so comforting, could be so exhilarating at the same time. His cock strained to extend itself, to explore more of the warm passage that surrounded it, that clenched around it, wishing to be engulfed so completely that it would be impossible to tell where one body ended and the other began.

The forgotten whip dangling from Seto’s wrist swung like a pendulum between their bodies, lightly tagging Yami’s thigh and the half polished saddle beneath him before skipping over Seto’s leg. It goaded him on just as it would a racehorse, causing him to strain forward, to drive harder. The wood and leather beneath Yami’s body creaked along in rhythm. Gasps and groans and stuttered names mingled like the whirlwind of legs and hooves on a racetrack.

A final surge, a final push towards that one perfect, victorious moment… and then the triumphant euphoria of completion. Seto basked in that sweet feeling as long as he could, holding on to it with all his might, and then he took a deep, deep breath and it let it go, letting it slowly fade away. He continued to rock back and forth, in and out, but at a slower pace now, easing up gradually until he was too soft to continue further. With a contented sigh, he finally withdrew, his limp cock sliding out to flop back against his balls.

Being so well sated made him feel a bit lazy, but he wasn’t going to leave Yami unfulfilled. He leaned forward and wrapped one arm around Yami’s shoulders and used the other to guide his lover back against his body, so that he could brace him in a standing position. He even nudged his knee between Yami’s legs in case a seat of some sort was preferable, but even with Yami as wobbly as he was, he chose to stand, his face red from more than just the heat of the moment.

Crimson eyes fluttered shut as Seto slowly wrapped his fingers around the stiff shaft of Yami’s cock. He tugged on it gently, stroking the underside with his middle and index fingers, lightly massaging the balls at the base with a sort of kneading motion. His right hand let go of its grip on the rope that still bound Yami’s wrists behind his back, sliding around and up lover’s his torso until it encountered a nipple hidden beneath the rumpled folds of fabric. He petted it with tiny strokes until it started pushing back against the pads of his fingers, then caught it between two fingers and rolled it to and fro. Yami gave a moan of approval and even tilted his head away a little so that his boyfriend could nibble on his neck or ear if he so chose, an invitation that was quickly accepted.

Everything should’ve been perfect: Seto still felt happily drained and Yami was obviously enjoying the attention being paid to his hot spots, but there was something off. There was a familiar, undesirable feeling…

Seto could feel eyes on his back. There could only be one possibility…

"Mokuba, Noa…" Seto began growling in a low voice even before he turned around. Why were they just standing there, staring? Or was there something that really needed his attention, and they were just too embarrassed to speak up? But when he finally looked over to see what they wanted, neither teen was there. Instead, what he did see was totally unexpected…

Oh, there was something watching him jerking Yami off all right. Two pairs of large, liquid brown eyes on two furry faces, one topped with a giant red bow. And then he remembered… The horses may have been locked in the paddocks, but Kuriboh and Kuribon had full run of the property.

"Go away. Go away," Seto hissed. It was annoying, being watched by two animals who stood there stupidly, unblinking. Kuribon looked away for a moment, as if silently consulting with Kuriboh, then turned back and continued to stare at him, as if entranced.

FUCK! Why did he feel like he was corrupting them or something? Why wouldn’t they go away? Kuribon was probably too retarded to understand him, but Kuriboh usually obeyed his commands…

"Seto… Baby…" Yami moaned, his breath coming out in short gasps. The former Pharaoh had no idea what was going on behind him; all he knew was that he didn’t care. Even if the barn was burning down… He was sooo close… he’d freaking kill Seto if he stopped and left him hanging.

Seto tried one last time, mumbling something that sounded like, "Shoo, shoo!" while waving the crop at the ponies, but they’d never felt the sting of a whip and thus had no reaction to it. He finally had to concede defeat when he realized that nothing could be done short of him releasing Yami to physically chase off the two overly curious ponies – and he knew there’d be hell to pay if he did that.

Just get him off, and do it right, Seto grimly told himself as he readjusted his grip and began pumping more vigorously, keeping his pace slightly off what Yami was mentally expecting but close enough that he could almost feel himself being carried along.

Yami threw his head back against Seto’s shoulder. The brunette couldn’t resist bending his head down and kissing him on the lips, slipping him some tongue when Yami’s mouth opened to accept his kiss. Their tongues continued their teasing dance even as Yami’s body stiffened, even as a strangled moan squeezed out between their locked lips, even as spurts of cum spilled from Yami’s cock, dribbling along the planes of Seto’s fingers and hand. And then… dead silence, punctuated by nothing more than the sounds of harsh breathing.

When they had both finally caught their breath, Seto risked a glance behind him. Yup, there were still two ponies there, both as still as statues. Well, at least Yami hasn’t…

"Uh… what the hell?" Yami blurted out. He had noticed Seto’s distraction earlier and now as well, and had wondered what had caught the taller man’s attention. But now that he had his answer, he almost wished he hadn’t looked. "Have they been there the whole time?"

"Beats me." It was an honest answer; Seto really didn’t know how long they’d been there. He didn’t know why they were still there either.

Yami subtly shifted his weight until any exposed body parts were hidden behind Seto’s. "… I kinda feel… wrong. Why are they just staring?"

"Hell if I know. GO AWAY!" Seto commanded, this time with a lot more force.

Kuriboh swished his tail, as if trying to decide if it was worth sticking around any longer. His owner was mad, which meant no pats on the head. And his owner’s companion was just staring blankly at him, which probably meant he wasn’t going to get a treat either. Really, that was all he had wanted… Oh well. He’d harass them again later then, when they were covered in more of their colorful human-made pelts and thus more willing to listen to reason.

So Kuriboh took a step back, then tossed his head at Kuribon. Both ponies turned on their heels and left the tack room.

Silence descended back into the room for a minute. Seto picked up the polishing cloth that Yami had been using, wiped his hands off, then hung the riding crop back on the wall before letting out a big, overly dramatic sigh. "You just had to get another pony, didn’t you?" he moaned.

Yami stared at him. "ME?! It was your idea! Your pony, your idea!"

"He has to be your pony ‘cause he’s a pervert."

Yami just boggled at his boyfriend, who was beginning to give him that lopsided, smirking grin of his. "WHO’S THE PERVERT?" he yelled back, hopping back a few steps to remind Seto of his handiwork. His wrists were still tied behind his back, though the rope was getting pretty loose from all of the tugging and jostling. His pants were halfway down his upper thighs and his shirt was rumpled and partially pushed up his abdomen. He was wet with Seto’s spunk and his own.

Seto couldn’t help but let his eyes wander all over Yami’s body. He looked so hot. The fact that he looked almost mad made him even hotter. "Maybe I’ll accept partial blame. But the rest is yours, you and your ridiculous pants and that tight, perverted ass…"

"Untie me so I can strangle you."

Seto snorted. He couldn’t resist playing with fire. "No."


The young billionaire began tugging up his boxers and pants, zipping the fly back up and securing the button, then took a step backwards towards the exit. With a full-blown smirk, he said again, "No."

Yami glared back. "Seto! Don’t you dare…"

Seto tossed off a quick salute, then turned on his heels and bolted from the tack room. Kuriboh and Kuribon had made pretty fast getaways. He wondered how far he’d get before Yami took his revenge... Oh hell, who was he kidding? He was looking forward to it!

* * *


Author’s Notes:

June 3, 2009