Title: Halloween With Kai-bunny and Yami-kitty
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. Rurouni Kenshin is the creation of Nobuhiro Watsuki. Final Fantasy X is a product of Square Enix. "Y.M.C.A." is performed and recorded by The Village People. French Kiss Bubble Bar is a product of LUSH. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: There's multiple reasons to dress up during Halloween. Complete and utter PWP. Written for KnY's Halloween Fanfic Contest.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Halloween With Kai-bunny and Yami-kitty

* * *

Mokuba and Noa found Yami sitting in the parlor when they arrived home. The ex-spirit was fiddling with a red wig which looked like a big mop. "Hi boys! Did you have any luck?" he asked in greeting.

Noa handed Yami a brown paper bag. "These were the last ones in the store. Next time, don't wait until the last second."

Yami instantly put the wig down and opened the bag, eager to check on the contents. Inside were a pair of black cat ears and a pair of white bunny ears, just as he had requested.

Mokuba gave the older teen a weird look. "You and Nii-sama aren't really going as a cat and bunny, are you?"

Yami put the bag down and grinned wickedly. "Oh no. This is for something else."

Both of the brothers made faces at that. "That's… argh, I just got had a mental image of what you're talking about!" Mokuba exclaimed, shaking his head as if that would dislodge the thought.

Yami chuckled. "I hope not. I think you've been watching too much television."

"TV. TV?!" Mokuba screeched.

"I'm just kidding. I uh… hmm. Well, it's better than learning about this off the internet, ne?"

"Is there any room in this house that you haven't had sex in?" Noa asked dryly.

Yami rubbed at his chin. "Um…."

Mokuba shook his head again. "NO! Don't answer that. I don't want to know."

The crimson-eyed teen just smiled innocently. "So what about your costumes? Did Yugi's old school uniform fit you?"

"It's good enough. And he said I could borrow the Puzzle this afternoon too! But I can't figure out how you got the jacket to stay on your shoulders like a cape."

"Special Pharaoh secret," Yami answered smugly.

"Just use safety pins, Otouto," Noa suggested, running his fingers through locks that were temporarily dyed brown. "And he'll need help with the hair too. Not all of us naturally defy the laws of physics."

"God, Seto's going to die when he sees our costumes!" Mokuba crowed.

Noa snorted at that. "More likely he'll ground us till the end of time, but when you've already got a life sentence, what's another year or two?"

* * *

After helping the younger teens get their outfits just right and sending them on their way to help Yugi with set up for the party, Yami put his own private plan into motion. Seto was going to be in for several surprises this evening. Halloween costumes laid out on the bed, check. Whirlpool tub set up for a relaxing bath, check. Black cat ears perched just so on top of his head, check. Black collar with a big, shiny bell attached, check. Black fingerless armwarmers with cone spikes across the knuckles and matching legwarmers, check. And to finish it all off, one modified butt plug with a long, sleek black cat tail extending out in a graceful arc, check.

Yami wrapped the rest of the accessories in a pair of towels and headed down the stairs to greet his boyfriend, who was scheduled to arrive home at any moment…

* * *

Seto sighed as he stepped into the foyer. It was good to be home and away from all the numbnuts at KaibaCorp who insisted on having a short Halloween celebration and costume contest, even though he now had to get ready for Yugi's Halloween party. He really wasn't certain what Yami had planned in terms of costumes, but as long as he didn't have to wear a dress or pretend to be a giant penis or something vulgar like that, he didn't care what the costume was.


Usually the shorter duelist would be wandering down the stairs when Seto got home, but he was conspicuously absent. Maybe he's getting changed into his costume already?

A soft, strange sound coming from the parlor suddenly caught the brunette's attention. Seto frowned. It almost sounded like an animal or something. "Yami?"

"Rrrrr…." The former Pharaoh slunk out of the parlor with a square of folded paper between his teeth, completely naked except for black accents at his ankles, forearms, and throat. And were those cat ears on top of his head?

Seto choked a little and backed up a half step, his eyes sweeping over his lover's body. "Ya… mi?" he said stupidly for the third time.

With a feline grin and a rumbling purr accompanied by the jingling of the bell on his collar, Yami sauntered forward and circled his boyfriend, his body sliding sensuously up along Seto's.

Dear. God. In. Heaven! Seto swallowed hard, trying in vain to ignore the insistent stirring between his legs. He had been more tired than horny when he walked through the door, but now he couldn't tear his gaze away from his crazy, sexy, delicious lover. His eyes widened even more when he realized that the soft black tail that had brushed by his hands disappeared in between firm buttcheeks. That's a plug? Ohhhh fuuuck! Seto was so distracted that he didn't notice Yami now staring at him intently, his eyes bright.

"Rauu?" Yami flipped the note in his mouth up with his tongue, daring Seto to take it.

The young CEO accepted it, flipping it open to see that it was written on the type of nauseatingly cute stationary that schoolgirls seemed to favor, with the front being a die-cut sheet of paper with a cartoon of a cat dressed as… a hamburger? Shaking his head, Seto turned the sheet over to read the note scrawled on the back:


I'm a little lost sex kitten. Won't you please take care of my needs? I like drinking milk and cream.

Mew! >^._.^<

Seto groaned as his growing erection strained even harder against his pants. He dropped the note on the ground. "Sex kitten, huh?"

Pleased, Yami grabbed Seto by his tie and began licking his boyfriend's neck with short, kittenish strokes. The taller teen began frantically shedding his clothing as quickly as possible, though his tie ended up making things difficult since Yami refused to relinquish his hold on it. Damn it… he's choking me! he thought as he finally managed to get the strip of silk up and over his head. "Come on kitten, I have something else for you to play with." Seto grabbed a hold of his rigid dick and tapped it against Yami's tummy.

"Mew." As graceful as a real cat, Yami dropped to his knees and began batting gently at Seto's cock and balls.

"Geez… don't play with it, just suck it."

Crimson eyes flashed in indignation, and Yami suddenly hissed and bit the older duelist on the thigh.

"Owwww! Shit! Okay, okay, I'm sorry!" Boy, he's REALLY into this cat thing… Seto frowned deeply as Yami swung his hips, causing his tail to sway like a cobra. "Uh… would Yami-kitty like some cream?"

The little pink tongue flicked out again, swiping across lips curved upwards in a grin. Seto let out a short sigh of relief, then watched in fascination as Yami nuzzled against his crotch, his rosy lips mouthing the hot velvet skin stretched tightly over Seto's arousal. The brunette found his hand drifting down to rest on Yami's head of its own accord, stroking the furry ears jutting out from behind blonde bangs. Well hell, if putting cat ears on Yami's head made him eager to suck cock, Seto was all for it. Not that Yami was really sucking on it… he was licking it all over like a lollipop which was all fine and good, but when Seto tried pushing his erection into Yami's mouth, the devious little kitten evaded it. "Yami, if you don’t suck on it, you're not going to get anything out of it."

Yami gave another warning hiss, which had Seto backpedaling up the stairs real quick. But after cocking his head and giving it some thought, Yami apparently agreed with Seto's statement as he crawled forward and deep throated the happiest erection on the planet in one smooth move.

Seto's joy was short-lived however, since after only a few seconds Yami pulled back. With his ass high in the air, he began climbing up the stairs on all fours.

What the fuck?! "Hey, come back here!"

"Nyah!" Yami bolted up the stairs. Seto grumbled and gave chase. But when he reached the top of the staircase, Yami was perched next to a towel wrapped lump of something, which had another folded note on top of it. Yami must've had way too much time on his hands… the paper this time was shaped like a container of French fries, with four cartoon kitties sitting amongst the fries. And the note read:

Kitty's toys are stashed in this towel. Unwrap and put on everything you find inside please.

Mew! >^._.^<

"Um, okay…" Seto went ahead and unwrapped the towel covered items while Yami purred and began kneading Seto's thigh, letting the dull tips of his "claws" rake across pale skin. "No way, Yami, I'm not going to…" Seto began protesting, but his resolve crumbled as Yami butted his head up between his legs and started sucking his balls into his hot mouth. "Ooohhhhhh… Godddd…"

Yami pulled back after a minute, a satisfied look on his face. "Mew?"

I can't believe I'm doing this! "Okay, okay! Fine!" Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid… Seto popped the bunny ears on top of his head and scowled. "Happy?"

Yami smiled and nodded, his bell tinkling. Then he pawed at the towel to dislodge two additional items which were wrapped in a smaller hand towel: a bottle of lube and a tail. A TAIL. A freakin' bunny tail butt plug. "Meeeeeeeow." The shorter teen picked up the plug with his teeth.

"No way, nuh uh!" Seto blurted out, shuffling down a few steps as he waited for Yami's hiss of displeasure. It was bad enough that he had rabbit ears on his head. But a tail too?

But instead of hissing or clawing or biting, Yami just sucked on the plug and pouted, and Seto swore that his cat tail even drooped a little.

Augggh! Why didn't he just get pissed? I hate this… he looks like a kicked… kitten. "Uh… okay, look. Are there any other surprises that I should know about?" A tiny shake of the head. "'Cause if I'm going to do this, you know I'm going to pound you into these stairs, right?" Nod. "I'm not going to tolerate any more games or interruptions." Nod nod. "FINE! Whatever… I hope you're thrilled." Seto handed Yami the bunny tail plug after he lubed it and then began slicking up his dick. "I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll have rug burn for a month."

Yami gave a throaty purr at that, bad mood completely forgotten, then moved around behind Seto to slowly push the furry white tail into place. He gave his taller lover a few licks on the base of his spine just for the heck of it, then crawled back around to wave his tail at Seto. "Come on in, big boy," the tail seemed to say, "You know you wanna hit this."

"Hell yeah!" Seto grabbed the tail firmly and pulled it out, tossing it onto the towel. He swore Yami's hole was now flirting with him. Such a little tease, he thought as he drove himself into the welcoming warmth of Yami's body.

* * *

"Boy, I can't believe we forgot to grab the CDs for the party," Mokuba said as he ran up the stairs to the front door.

"Well, we could have done without them, but I figured since we already mixed them and stuff…" Noa inserted his key card and began punching in his security code. "I guess we could've had Seto and Yami bring them, but since Yami said they might be late…"

"Nyaaaah! Nyann!" Bump, thump, jingle.

The brothers stepped into the foyer and instantly looked at each other. It sounded like someone was slamming a cat into the floor upstairs; the only problem with that was they didn't have a cat. Or did they?

"What do you think that is?" Mokuba whispered, his brows drawn together.

"Ah, Yami!" Seto's voice cried out loudly. More thumping and jingling accompanied his cries.


Noa opened his mouth to say something crude, then shut it until he finally thought of a more appropriate response. "Uh… why don't you stay down here and I'll go grab the CDs, okay?"

Mokuba sighed. "Normal people have sex in their bedrooms."

"Normal people also don't consider dueling as foreplay," Noa pointed out. He took a deep breath and headed up the stairs.

At the top of the staircase, it became quite obvious what all the ruckus was about. Seto, completely buck naked except for a pair of bobbing white bunny ears and a tail, was pounding Yami into the stairs.

Uh… I don't want to know how that tail is staying in place. But at least a third of the stairway is clear, sorta… how considerate of them. "I'm not looking! I'm not looking!" Noa chanted as he slid by on the stairs, hopping over something long and black lying on a crumpled up towel. "Geez, you'd think some people would have the decency not to fuck on the stairs!"

"Language, Noa!" Seto growled, not even looking up. Apparently having his cock buried deep in Yami's ass didn't diminish his cussing radar, though it was hard to take someone seriously when they had bunny ears falling into their face. Yami hissed at the interruption, bucking up and slamming his hips back hard against Seto's groin.

Noa just hurried up the remaining few stairs and ran down the hall to the room he shared with Mokuba, fetched the CDs, and went to leave. But as he squeezed by Seto and Yami the second time, the young billionaire glanced up, did a double take, and ended up following his brother down the stairs. "What the hell??!"

Mokuba slapped a hand over his eyes. "Wanna put on some clothes, Nii-sama?" he mumbled.

Seto flushed slightly, but forgot about modesty when he realized what Mokuba and Noa were wearing. "Clothes are exactly what I'm talking about. Why are you wearing the Sennen Puzzle? What happened to your hair? And why is Noa dressed like me?!"

Noa quirked an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Halloween, Seto."

"You're going as Yami and me?!"

"Better than going as a Playboy bunny, porn star, or whatever it is you're supposed to be," Mokuba pointed out.

"I'm not…" Seto snarled, trying in vain to cover up his crotch. "That's it, you're both grounded!"

"For what?!" Mokuba and Noa both yelled. No one noticed a furious Yami creeping back down the stairs, hand clenched around the bell on his collar to keep it from tinkling.

"For… for… yeeoOWWCH!" Seto screamed as Yami launched himself into the older duelist, sinking his teeth into a buttcheek. "ARGH!! Get him off, get him off!!!"

"I'm never going to recover from this trauma, you realize," Noa said, watching with slight amusement as Seto danced around, trying to pry Yami off his ass.

The front door suddenly opened, and both Mokuba and Noa turned to see Yugi walk in. "I didn't know if… OH MY GOODNESS!!!!" The violet-eyed teen turned red as a tomato at the sight of a nude Seto dashing up the stairs with an equally nude Yami in hot pursuit, chasing the fuzzy tail bobbling up the stairs. Tail? Why are… they… Yugi turned around without saying another word and ran out of the mansion, slamming the door behind him.

Mokuba began snickering. "You got the CDs?" Noa nodded, his face scarlet from trying to hold his laughter in. "Let's go… I don't want to stick around to find out what's gonna happen next."


* * *

Sure enough, Seto and Yami were the last ones to show up at Yugi's Halloween party. But at least they were now wearing clothing, which was a very good thing since Sugoroku answered the door. "Ah, Yami, Kaiba… you're the last ones here, but at least you showed up on time."

"Hi Jii-chan," Yami said in greeting, quickly taking in the old man's brown leather jacket, white shirt, and jaunty hat. He also had a messenger bag slung across his chest and a coiled whip at his belt. "Uh… you're the guy from that movie… what was his name… Indian Johns?"

"Indiana Jones," Seto corrected.

Sugoroku nodded at the taller teen. "That's right! I used to be quite the adventurer back in the day. And who are you two supposed to be?"

Seto just looked at Yami, since he still wasn't exactly sure who they were dressed up as. All he knew was that he was a guy named Aoshi Shinomori, who was a character from the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga. He wasn't crazy about the black dye job on his hair, but at least the outfit suited him… a white and yellow trench coat, snug black pants, and a wrapped top with a black turtleneck underneath.

"Oh, we're just a couple of anime characters," Yami replied, smiling. In contrast to Seto's black and white color scheme, he wore a fuchsia kimono with a white hakama, and a bright red wig. An X shaped "scar" drawn on his left cheek completed his look.

"Hey Yami!" Anzu came running over, the long white and pink sleeves of her costume fluttering behind her. "Oooh, I like the Kenshin outfit. And Kaiba makes a perfect Aoshi. You like mine?" The aspiring dancer spun around, showing off her white halter-style top over a black bikini top, pleated blue skirt, and elaborate yellow obi. "I'm Yuna from Final Fantasy X. And Mai is Lulu, and Shizuka is Rikku."

The two other ladies waved from across the room. Mai had on a black wig done up in a bun, and a long black corset dress with fur trim around the low-cut, off-the-shoulder neckline and a slew of buckles across the open front panel of the long skirt. She was also toting a large white plushie. Shizuka had her hair up in a messy ponytail, and wore a pair of green shorts, a pumpkin sleeveless turtleneck, yellow boots, mismatched gloves, and goggles around her neck.

Seto seemed content to let Yami do all the talking as they followed Anzu over to the refreshments table. But when he didn't see either of his brothers, nor any of the Yugi-tachi males, he had to ask, "So where's everyone else?"

"Yugi, Jou and the other guys are upstairs 'practicing' a routine. I guess they're going to put on a show for us or something," Mai answered. "And your brothers went with them."

"It's really amazing how much Noa looks like you, Kaiba. And you really look like Aoshi," Shizuka put in. "I bet you spent a lot of time getting the details just right on Noa's outfit, hmm?"

"No." Seto gave Yami an accusatory look.

"Yami! Kaiba! There you guys are!" Malik yelled as he came down the stairs. All the other male members of Yugi-tachi filed in close behind him, including a slightly mortified looking Yugi. "So ladies, have you figured out who or what we're supposed to be?"

Yami looked over all six guys. Malik was dressed as an American Indian with a huge feathered headdress and a suede loincloth. He seemed especially proud of his bare, bronzed chest. Next to him was a blushing Bakura in black leather; pants, jacket, cap, all accented with silver hardware. Then there was Honda in a solid blue cop costume with fake guns and a badge, and Jou with a yellow construction worker's helmet, white shirt, blue jeans, and utility belt. Otogi was obviously a cowboy with his black hat, red bandana, cream Western shirt, and chaps over his jeans and boots. And last in line was Yugi, in a cute white sailor's outfit with a black tie looped around his neck.

"Nope, still haven't figured it out. You're all cute, but horribly mismatched," Anzu informed the group.

Yami chuckled. "I know… The Village People!"

Malik threw the former Pharaoh a wink. "Figures. Takes a gay man to recognize other gay men."

"Hey, I'm straight!" Jou protested.

"He didn't mean it like that, Jou," Yugi said. At least, I hope he didn't mean it like that…

"You guys ready? Let's get this humiliation over with," Honda said.

Otogi looked around. "Uh, guys… where did Noa and Mokuba go? They have the CD."

As if on cue, the two younger Kaibas ran out from the stairwell, both with KaibaCorp duel disks strapped to their arms. Noa straightened himself up to his full height, lifted his chin, and yelled, "Yami, I challenge you to a duel!" He looked exactly like a younger, shorter Seto in the white trench coat getup from the Battle City tournament.

Yami began sniggering while Seto groaned, embarrassed.

Mokuba snickered and tried to mimic Yami's deep voice. "Fine, Kaiba, I accept!" He activated his duel disk. "Let's duel! I'll go first… I summon Krokodilus, in attack mode. And I'll place one card face down and end my turn."

"They're not really going to duel, are they?" Bakura asked Yugi, who only shrugged. It certainly looked like a duel.

"Hmph. That's all?" Noa drew a card and looked over his hand. "I'll summon… oh, hell with it." He tossed aside the cards in his hand and lunged for his brother, knocking him to the ground. "Yami, I want you. Let's have sex!" he declared, throwing aside his duel disk.

"WHAT?!" the real Seto yelped.

Mokuba began laughing so hard that his eyes teared up. "Oh, Seto, yes!" he squeaked, pushing aside the Sennen Puzzle, removing his own duel disk, and pulling Noa down on top of him. They began moaning loudly and running their hands all over one another. Duel Monsters cards went flying everywhere. Everyone in the room either gasped in horror or burst into raucous peels of laughter.

"Yami, you're so hot and sexy! You make me drool all over myself!"

Mokuba was laughing too hard to think of anything new to say. "Oh, Seto!"

The real Yami buried his face against Seto's shoulder, laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe.

"This is really disturbing," Jou pointed out.

"Hey you two, the stairwell is over there," Yugi managed to say, wiping tears out of his eyes.

Noa climbed off Mokuba. "Stairs? We're so there! Where's my bunny ears?"

"Both of you brats are grounded for the rest of existence," Seto growled.

"Oh come on, it's funny, Nii-sama," Mokuba said from his position on the floor. "Right Yami?"

Yami panted for air. "Funny!" he gasped, pounding on Seto's chest.

"Well, I guess no one cares about our routine anymore," Malik said, pouting slightly. He put his heels together and held his arms over his head in a V shape. "Y."

"Uh… M?" Bakura made an "M" with his body, his feet apart and his arms up but with the fingertips touching right below his chin.

"C!" Malik curved his arms and tilted to the side.


* * *

Noa sat in the back seat, playing with the keychain he had won for having the best costume at Yugi's party, mumbling and humming the infectious little ditty that wouldn't get out of his mind.

It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.
It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.
They have everything for young men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys.
… Y.M.C.A.

"Noa, for the tenth time, shut up! Never never never never again am I going to a Halloween party with you people," Seto snarled as he pulled his silver Mercedes Benz S600 sedan into the circular driveway in front of the mansion. The party had ended a half-hour later than intended, but since it was Tuesday, everyone had work or school the next day, so Yugi finally decided to kick his friends out.

"You're really no fun, Seto," Mokuba said, toying with the blonde dyed bangs dangling in his eyes and grouchily kicking the back of Seto's seat just to be annoying.

"I thought it was hilarious," Yami commented, earning him a dirty glare from his lover. "No, really! It was classic!"

"They were making fun of us, Yami."

"We were not," Noa argued back. The young CEO ignored him, focusing instead on his crimson-eyed lover.

"It was innocent, Kai-baby…"

"Yeah? You want to be grounded too?"

Never one to back down from a challenge, Yami tilted his chin up and glared back. "Go ahead and try it." The Sennen Eye lit up on his forehead for a few seconds.

"Ooookay. I'm skedaddling before you two start 'dueling.'" Mokuba undid his seatbelt and was out of the car in a flash.

"If by 'dueling' you mean foreplay…" Noa quickly followed his little brother's lead.

Seto frowned at the backs of the two younger teens as they ran up the stairs. "What the hell are they talking about?"

Yami ran his fingers up Seto's arm, then gave him a coy sideways glance. "I dunno. You look good with black hair, by the way… Aoshi."

"Hn, whatever. Don't get used to it. I just want to take a shower and go to sleep."

* * *

Ten minutes later, sleeping was the last thing on Seto's mind. Yami had sent his boyfriend to the shower to wash out the hair dye, and in the meantime he filled up the two-person whirlpool tub with an entire slice of French Kiss Bubble Bar. By the time Seto's hair was back to its original cinnamon and chocolate color, the entire bathroom smelled like lavender, rosemary and thyme. And Yami was stretched out on his stomach, neck-deep in foamy, fragrant water, the obnoxious wig gone and the cat ears back on top of his head.

"I thought kitties hate water," Seto drawled, a towel draped on top of his head and another in his hand, which did nothing to hide the view.

"Catfish," the younger duelist responded, his eyes twinkling.

Seto rolled his eyes at the awful joke, then ditched the towels and climbed into the bath, seating himself on one of the two ledges molded into the tub. "So you're a fish now?"

Yami slipped through the water until he had both hands on Seto's thighs. "More cat than fish. I still didn't get my cream," he purred, that devious grin back on his face. He slid forward a few more inches and gave Seto's cock an experimental lick, then climbed up into his lap. With a low rumbling hum in the back of his throat, Yami captured an earlobe between his teeth and began flicking at the tender tidbit with his tongue.

The brunette closed his eyes and moaned softly at his lover's ministrations. Yami nipped and nibbled until the entire ear was pink and moist all over, then licked his way down the sides and back of Seto's neck before trailing down to his collarbone, uneven gusts of hot breath warming over each spot he stopped at.

"Yaaami…" Seto cupped his lover's cheek and lifted his chin just enough to capture that wet, naughty mouth and slip in some tongue, his hard cock sliding insistently between Yami's thighs. With a soft, guttural grunt, the crimson-eyed teen roughly pinched a nipple to get Seto to release him, then bent down to apologize to the sensitive peak with a kiss before catching it between his teeth and tugging lightly on it.

Seto's head lolled back in pleasure as Yami took his time making love to that lucky nipple, finally reluctantly moving away to slide back into the water, his tongue darting momentarily into Seto's navel as he slipped further down the happy trail.

"Yami, please," Seto rasped.

With a smile, the shorter teen took mercy on his boyfriend and wrapped his lips around the rigid rod jutting from between Seto's legs. Using both hands to steady the pulsating erection, Yami took it deep into his mouth, his tongue beginning to work its magic. Seto gasped as his abdominal muscles contracted in reaction and ended up grabbing two handfuls of Yami's hair as he bent his head down over his lover's. "Ease off… I'm… haahh…"

Yami heeded Seto's warning and slowed down until he reached a comfortable, easy pace. He reached one hand up to casually rub at a nipple while the other contained Seto's balls. The young CEO ran his fingers through damp blonde bangs and tugged at red-tipped ebony spikes, causing Yami's eyes to slide shut in pleasure. With a barely audible sigh, Seto leaned back into the smooth wall of the tub, content to enjoy his boyfriend's performance for as long as he could hold out, which wasn't going to be for much longer if Yami kept running the length of his tongue up over his slit like that. Sex kitten indeed… "Mmm…"

Crimson eyes slowly opened, then wound their way up the pale body until they made eye contact with Seto's brilliant blue gaze. Seto immediately felt his pulse quicken and like the toppling of dominos, every part of his body reacted in turn.

"Nnngh… ahhh!" the brunette cried out as he felt himself quickly approaching the point of no return. "Nn… Yami!"

With one final hard swipe of the tongue and a good, steady suction, Seto exploded into Yami's mouth, his hips rising off the seat an inch as his body sought to relieve itself of all the pressure that had built up. Yami wrapped his arms around Seto's waist and kept sucking and slurping on the pulsating cock until it was finally drained. Finally releasing the softening member, he lifted his head and smiled proudly at Seto, a bit of creamy cum dribbling out the corner of his mouth.

Seto gave Yami a tired smirk and ran his thumb over the shorter duelist's lips and chin. "You're a messy kitten."

"I know. Happy Halloween. I… hope I didn't wear you out."

The taller teen gave a short laugh and shut his eyes, throwing his forearms over them. "I shouldn't complain, but I'm exhausted."

"Mm." Yami popped the drain and started emptying the tub. "Go to bed then. I'll be along in a few minutes."

Seto gave a slight nod, got to his feet with a slight wobble, grabbed one of the towels, and headed out of the bathroom. Not surprisingly, by the time Yami drained the bath and tidied up the room, Seto was out cold on the bed. With one last sweet purr, he crawled into bed beside his sleeping lover, curled up against Seto's warm body, and went to sleep.

* * *


Author’s Notes:

September 26, 2005