Title: Games That People Play - Ch. 2: Bedroom Games
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami, Yugi + Anzu, Mai + Jou, Malik + Bakura
Spoilers: none... post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Direct sequel to "The Boys of Summer." First stop on the quadruple date, and Seto makes an embarrassing discovery.
Status: 2 / 5
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Games that People Play

Ch. 2: Bedroom Games

* * *

Seto shoved a handful of tickets at Bakura as Fubeta opened the door of the limo. "Take them. They're for the movie."

"Movie?" Yugi echoed absently, peering out the door to see that in fact, they were parked in front of the Domino Multiplex 12. The same theater he had dragged Yami and Seto to just a little over a year prior. Except this time, he was the one in handcuffs.

"But why are you giving the tickets to me?" Bakura asked.

"Because I don't trust your pimp," Seto said, eyeing Malik, "and Yugi is barely functioning mentally at this moment, and the Mutt is never mentally functional, and Mai didn't give me the key when I asked for it, and..."

"I think he meant, why aren't we going to see the movie with them?" Yami queried, his brow furrowed.

Because I have other plans for you. Yami flushed slightly as his lover then said aloud, "We have to make sure our other plans for the evening are set up, so we won't be joining you for a delightful viewing of whatever flick Mokuba picked out for you guys."

"What is the movie?" Mai had to ask, idly playing with Jou's tie.

Seto simply shrugged. "Hell if I know. I never even looked at the tickets."

Bakura looked at the slips of paper in his hand. "Grease."

"Grease? Oh, I LOVE Grease!" Anzu squealed. "It would've been cool if we had gone to a dancing, singing high school too!" Yugi smiled brightly at his enthusiastic date.

"Not really," Seto mumbled. "Okay, get out, you're all going to be late at this rate. Hurry up, get out. And don't eat a bunch of junk food cause we're heading to dinner right after this."

Everyone grumbled but got out of the limo anyways. The last thing Seto and Yami heard before Fubeta shut the door was Yugi asking Mai to undo the restraints.

"So what are our 'other plans?'" the former Pharaoh asked, smirking.

"Hold on." Seto lowered the privacy partition and nabbed his briefcase from the front seat. And it's not like I'd tell you anyways. Consider it a surprise.

Oh really?

Yeah. Hold still. The brunette began to slowly tug his boyfriend's tie loose, rolling it up and placing it on the rear seat. Then he removed Yami's blazer, folding it carefully before placing it next to the tie. Yami's black shirt followed after that.

I certainly hope this isn't one of those things where I end up naked and you don't, the shorter teen remarked, crossing his arms over his chest. Something about Seto methodically stripping him was making him a little suspicious. Or maybe it was the smirk that was doing it.

Hn. The taller duelist took a hold of his lover's right hand, placing a kiss in the palm, then gently alternated between bites and nips down the inside of Yami's wrist. As soon as Yami began relaxing into Seto's ministrations, eyelids fluttering shut, he felt something cold on his wrist and heard a clicking sound.

"Wha... Seto?!"

Seto finished up by fastening the other end of the handcuffs to the handhold of the limo's door. "There. That should hold you."

Yami scowled fiercely and tugged at the restraint in vain. "You have ten seconds to explain why you've cuffed me to the door of the car!"

Only ten seconds? Seto grabbed a hold of Yami's hair, pulled his head back, and kissed him so hard that he practically sucked all the breath out of Yami's lungs. I want to fuck you so bad. He slipped his tongue into Yami's ear to emphasize his point.

The younger teen moaned loudly and squirmed despite his protests. You didn't... have to cuff me... for that. You know?

I know. Seto undid Yami's belt and pants with one hand, then pushed that same hand down red silk boxers. Yami's hips jerked upwards, eager for contact. But I couldn't resist. You're so kinky.

I'm kinky? You're the pervert walking around with... ahhh, yeahh... um, handcuffs in his... pockets.

That's not all I've got. The billionaire removed his hand, then finished stripping Yami completely, save for the collar around his throat. Still fully dressed, he popped open his briefcase and began fishing around for something. Ah, here it is. I picked up some stuff to complete your look.

Yami tried craning his head to see what his boyfriend was talking about. Seto tsked and promptly put leather blinders over the ex-spirit's eyes, carefully fastening them behind the thick shock of hair before pushing Yami down on his back. Underneath the blinders, Yami blinked and wondered what else Seto was up to. He wasn't usually this playful. Baby?

Not done yet. Seto peppered Yami's mouth with several more kisses, gradually deepening them until they were both breathless, their tongues wrestling for control. With a groan, Seto finally pulled away and then Yami felt something that was... rubber? Silicone? Something being pressed against his lips. Open up; you really need this since you're so damn fucking loud. Seto sent him a mental image of what he was holding - a black leather gag with a mouthpiece that was molded into a cockhead.

Yami fought down the grin that threatened to break out across on his face and allowed his lover to gag him. We used this one before in your office, right?

I ordered a second one. Though I just realized this won't stop you from babbling directly into my head. Oh well, whatever. At least no one else will be able to hear you screaming. I'll die if one more person comes running up to the limo wondering what's going on in here... Seto began fiddling with a cock ring.

Isn't that what having a security guard is for? The young CEO rolled his eyes though Yami had hit it right on the nail; Fubeta was standing outside the limo just for that purpose. Hehe, sorry. I didn't mean to... uh... mmm... Yami arched his back, rolling his head against the seat as Seto began slowly stroking his shaft.

Tell me if this is too tight.

If what is too... ah! Yami exhaled harshly through his nose as the studded black leather strap was wrapped securely around the base of his penis. Setekh's thunder, next time warm up the studs before you snap that thing on!

Seto quickly wrapped his hands around the ring to warm it up. Sorry, didn't think about it. The cold metal was making him uncomfortable too.


Ooh, snarky. Seto leaned forward and licked the tip of Yami's erection, tasting the salty fluid dribbling down the slit. Maybe if I work you over a bit, you won't be so snippy. His mouth enveloped the swollen head and engorged shaft, causing Yami to squirm and buck.

Nnnh... ahh!! Kai... Kai-baby...

Seto groaned as well, feeling the tightness in his own pants, the echoes of pleasure passing through their link. Oops, I guess I should take off my clothes first. He pulled back and began systematically stripping, laying his clothes neatly on the rear seat.

Yeah... good idea, Yami mentally panted, a bit slow on the reaction time.

Seto smirked and picked up the last toy he had brought along in the briefcase, which was a feather tickler dyed and shaped into a single red rosebud. I have one more thing for you... you ready for it? He held the tip of the rose right above Yami's left nipple.

The younger teen tensed slightly in anticipation. Depends on what it is. The brunette brushed the feathers lightly over the nub, then around the areola. Is that a feather?

Seto sent him another mental image, showing his lover the rose as it wound its way down towards Yami's navel.

Oh, that's rather pretty.

Glad you like it.

* * *

While Jou went to get popcorn in spite of Seto's warning, the remaining five friends grabbed seats towards the rear of the theater and chitchatted while awaiting the start of the movie.

"So does anyone have any clue what else we're doing today?" Malik asked, directing the question mostly towards Yugi.

Yugi shrugged. "Yami doesn't even know or else he would have told me. I guess Kaiba, Mokuba and Noa planned the entire thing. And so far, Kaiba's only mentioned dinner after this."

"I wonder where we're going?" Anzu asked, thinking of all the restaurants in Domino. "I bet it's someplace pretty fancy. Maybe that place they had their anniversary at?"

"That'd be too easy, I think," Mai responded. "But I heard of a new French restaurant which just opened a few miles down from KaibaCorp. So if I had to place money on it, I'd say that that's where we'll end up going."

"Naw, I bet Rich Boy will just end up sendin' us to a fast food joint while he has some fancy schmancy dinner with Yami," Jou interrupted, back from concessions with a small bucket of popcorn in hand. "You want some, Mai?" he asked her cleavage.

Mai smiled, lifted Jou's chin with a finger, and shook her head. Jou blushed at the touch. "I doubt Kaiba made us all dress up for fast food, Katsuya." The blush deepened on Jou's face; it was the first time he could remember Mai calling him by his first name.

"I agree. In fact, it's terribly nice of him to organize this whole thing," Bakura said.

"And we'll get a nice dinner out of it too!" Malik added cheerfully. Bakura blinked at him. "Not that we don't have nice dinners, Ryou. Uh... you know what I mean."

"You're just trying to get out of this vegetarian thing," Bakura accused his boyfriend.

Malik didn't even try to deny it, shrugging sheepishly.

"You do realize he just did it to get revenge on me." Yugi held up his cuffed wrist.

Anzu gave her date a gentle smile. "Oh, it's okay, as long as we don't have to stay handcuffed all night."

"Wow, you sure are calm about this. I'd have punched Kaiba's lights out if he pulled that stunt on me and Mai," Jou commented, holding his fist up.

"Actually... Mokuba called me and warned me that something like this might happen." Anzu paused to giggle at Yugi's perplexed expression. "And he said that he wouldn't put it past his brother to pull a stunt like this once he starts dating."

Bakura chuckled. "Then I feel sorry for whoever that girl might be."

Malik snorted at his boyfriend. "Or guy." Everyone turned and gave the Egyptian a weird look. "What? The kid could be gay; look at his brother."

"I guess you would know, huh, Malik," Jou said snidely.

"Hmph. Bite me, Jounouchi."

"Why you...!"

Mai rolled her eyes. "Down, Pup."

Jou blinked in confusion as the others stifled their laughs behind their hands. "... Uh?"

Oops, didn't mean to say that aloud! "Oh, nothing. Hey, since Kaiba isn't here, I'll unlock you two for the duration of the movie, okay?" She dangled the key between well-manicured fingers.

Yugi breathed a little sigh of relief. "Great! Thanks, Mai."

With a smile, the blonde woman tried to unlock the wrist restraints, but oddly, the key didn't seem to work. "That's strange."

Anzu frowned slightly as Mai tried again. "Maybe he accidentally gave you the wrong key?"

"Gimme that." Jou studied the teeth of the key as if they held the secrets of the universe. "I betcha anything that Rich Boy threw you a fake. Just tryin' to make a move on your um... you know, your... your... you know." The brown-eyed blonde held his hands up in front of his chest and made a jiggling motion.

Malik groaned. "He's GAY, Jounouchi. He doesn't care about Mai's breasts. Say it with me... breasts."


"Jou, Malik..." Bakura held his forefinger up to his pursed lips just as the lights began to dim.

Anzu grabbed a hold of Yugi's hand, causing the spiky-haired duelist to blush. "Yay! Movie's starting!"

"Huh." Jou leaned towards his shorter friend. "So, Yug, whaddya think Yami and Kaiba are up to right now, anyways?"

"You probably don't want to know, Jou. Trust me."

* * *

Yami writhed on the tan leather as Seto finished trailing the rose over the tips of his toes. Stop that; it tickles! Just screw me already!

Tsk tsk... so impatient. Seto tossed aside the rose and began lubing himself up.

You've been torturing me forever! Ah! Why is lube always so cold? Yami strained against the cuff holding his wrist by the door, bucking in frustration. Kai-baby, hurry up!

Blah blah blah... my God, if I didn't gag you, you'd be talking my ear off by now.

But Baaaaaaa... Seto cut off the mind link, counted to ten, then reestablished it. ....aaaaaaaaby! Yami finished up, then immediately sent him a whap to the head, which surprisingly stung for a moment.


Baaaaby, do that again and I'm cutting you off. The former Pharaoh reached his left hand up for the blinders.

Geez, no, stop that. Seto grabbed his boyfriend's wrist. Let me get you ready and then we can get busy, okay?

In response, Yami threw one foot up on the top of the seat by the window and nearly kicked Seto in the face with the other. The brunette caught the foot that went flying past his head and pushed his shoulder into the back of Yami's knee, forcing Yami to open up a bit more. Just a wee bit eager, huh Yami? Not that he ought to complain, since he was already pushing two slicked fingers into the little hole left exposed by Yami's positioning.

The younger duelist curled his toes and moaned gibberish through their mind link as Seto stretched him as thoroughly he could, considering that Yami was already trying to pull his hand away so that Seto could replace the fingers with something more substantial. Figuring that they were both more than ready for it, Seto withdrew his digits and got his cock into position, then ground his hips forward carefully. God, you're always so tight.

Yami's response was to tighten up his muscles and clamp down on his lover's cock. They both threw their heads back at the sensation, then Seto began a nice, easy pace, taking his time to enjoy the way Yami's passage embraced him and sucked him in. Unh... Kai-baby, harder!

You want it harder? Seto stilled his body, feeling his dick pulsing in complaint. How hard do you want it, Yami?

Fuck, Seto... move! And get this cock ring off me!

Hmph. Seto pulled back and slammed all the way in with a lot more force, then began thrusting at a faster pace. Better? he asked, though he already felt Yami's physical response to the question.

Ah, aaah... Baby!

Seto growled as he picked up the pace even more, pulling Yami's thighs up and apart to get even deeper penetration, his fingers clutching tightly enough to leave bruises. Yami! The young billionaire varied the pacing of his thrusts spasmodically as he was quickly drawn towards orgasm. He felt like he could explode at any moment, shivers ghosting up his spine as his knob brushed against Yami's prostate. With shaking hands, Seto began fumbling with the snap release on the cock ring decorating his lover.

Yami struggled weakly as his boyfriend finally freed his swollen member and began to pump it with strong, smooth strokes. His teeth bit down involuntarily on the gag as his body tensed and then erupted in ecstasy, sprinkling his stomach and Seto's hand with his release. Meanwhile, Seto trembled as he felt himself slipping over the edge, and with a final push forward, he came hard, filling Yami with his essence in turn.

For a moment they both held their bodies still, basking in the afterglow and enjoying the pleasure of being joined mind and body. Seto leaned his left shoulder against the backrest, allowing his arm to dangle down to brush sweat dampened bangs off Yami's forehead. That was... nice.

Yes. But it'd be nicer if I wasn't drowning in my own drool.

Seto chuckled wearily as the pleasant tingle began wearing off, and after pulling away, he carefully undid the gag and then the blindfold, kissing his lover's forehead tenderly as each of the straps were released. Yami wiped at his spit with the back of his hand and rubbed his jaw a little, but grinned as Seto curled up beside him for several minutes before he began packing all the goodies back into his briefcase.

"All right, you've had your fun... can I get out of the handcuffs now?" Yami asked politely, his voice a little hoarse.

"Now that I've had my fun? I see... you didn't get any enjoyment out of that?"

"Maaaaybe." The crimson-eyed teen gave his boyfriend an enigmatic smile.

"Well... I suppose I could release you." Seto went and fetched the key from his pant pocket. "Huh... that's odd." He jiggled the key in the keyhole, but it wasn't unlocking.

"What's wrong?"

All the color suddenly drained out of Seto's face. "Shit. I thought... Mai has the key."

"The one you tossed her earlier?" Seto reluctantly nodded. "Um, why did you give it to her, then?"

"I thought these cuffs used the same key!"

Yami cocked an eyebrow, then began snickering. "So you mean to tell me that I'm going to have to lie here naked until the movie is over?"

"No. I'll go... damn it! I chained you to the only door. I can, uh... maybe Fubeta can go pick up the key. Or you can mind link Yugi and ask him to get it from Mai, but that means Anzu has to come with..."

Yami couldn't help but laugh harder. "How do we always manage to get into these situations?"

"Beats me. Murphy's Law?" Seto finished wiping himself down with a towel and began redressing himself.

"Who's Murphy and what's the law?"

"It's just a saying. 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.'"

"Ahh. So... you're not really going to leave me sitting here naked, right?"

"As pleasant as the view is..." and Yami smirked at that, "... no. Here. I can at least help you get back into your pants."

"As opposed to you getting back into my pants?" Yami joked.

"Are you asking for a repeat performance?"

"Don't tempt me." The ex-spirit licked his lips teasingly and stretched his legs out, enjoying the slighty sore twinge between his legs. "Now can we please decide what we should do about these cuffs?"

* * *

Yugi couldn't help but smile as Anzu hummed softly along with "You're the One That I Want" as it blasted from the theater's sound system. At least she was having a good time, which was all that mattered to him at the moment. And thankfully, the horror of "Grease" was nearly over as well. He looked over at Mai and Jou to his right; Mai looked a bit bored but Jou was grinning like a fool since he had snuck his arm around her shoulders. Okay, things are looking good for Jounouchi. Then Yugi took a quick peek at Malik and Bakura over to Anzu's left. Malik had fallen asleep, but Bakura had nestled his head against Malik's shoulder and was watching the film with some interest.


Yami? Hey, what's up?

Um... the link died down for a moment, then came back up. I need you to do me a favor.

Well, I don't know about that. I'm still handcuffed to Anzu; Kaiba gave Mai a fake key.

Um... it's not exactly a fake, Yugi.

What do you...

Oh for crying out loud! Seto blurted out, butting into the conversation. We have your key. We want the key that Mai has in exchange so get someone to bring it out ASAP.

Yugi wrinkled his nose. Why?

None of your business, Seto snapped.

Tell me why or forget it, Yugi argued back, forgetting for a moment that he was still chained to his date.

Yami sent him a sigh. Seto handcuffed me to the door of the limo and I'm sitting here with just my pants on, okay?

Yami! I swear... that's so nasty! We have to ride in that limo, you know!

Seto huffed impatiently. We wiped down the fucking seats with leather wipes, okay? It's not like we have cooties or whatever. And I just opened the moonroof for ventilation.

I bet it still smells like sex in there!

The brunette began growling as Yami decided to put an end to all the bickering. Kai-baby, stop that. Aibou, please... we both want to get out of our handcuffs, right?

Yugi smiled thinly. Yeah... all right, I get it.. Movie's about to end anyways. I'll get the key from Mai, but then what?

Seto will grab it through the moonroof and also give you and Anzu the key to your set of cuffs, Yami replied. Then I just need to get dressed and we'll be on our way!

Yugi couldn't help but laugh out loud at the situation as the credits began playing on the screen. Anzu looked at him oddly before realizing that he must be talking to Yami.

"Okay, Kaiba does have the key to these handcuffs, and they agreed to give it to us once we get out there," Yugi explained to his friends as they stood up and prepared to leave.

"Cool. So did they say where we're goin' to next?" Jou asked, stretching his arms over his head.

Yugi blushed slightly. "Um... no. They were... distracted."

Jou looked baffled. "By what?"

"Each other?" Malik suggested, yawning widely. At least he had gotten in a good hour's nap.

Jou made a face. "Aw, man, don't tell me they were... they... in the car." Everyone else began snickering behind his back. "It's not funny!"

"Don't worry, Kaiba mentioned that he wiped the seats down afterwards," Yugi couldn't resist saying.

"Oh gross!!!"

* * *


Author's Notes:

September 1, 2005