Title: Games That People Play - Ch. 1: A Mind Game
Author: bnomiko
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Seto + Yami, Yugi + Anzu, Mai + Jou, Malik + Bakura
Spoilers: none... post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Direct sequel to "The Boys of Summer." Yami and Seto prepare for a quadruple date with Yugi & Anzu, Jou & Mai, Malik & Bakura.
Status: 1 / 5
Archived at: http://www.phenixsol.com/Miko/FF/

This is a SHONEN-AI fic (male + male romantic relationship). If you are offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Games That People Play

Ch. 1: A Mind Game

* * *

Mokuba sat on the loveseat, swinging his legs idly as he watched his brother and his brother's lover tying one another's ties. Personally, he found the idea of wearing matching outfits a bit... nauseatingly cute, like something a girl would think of doing, but if it made his brother happy to go around looking like the taller half of a pair of mismatched twins, he wasn't going to say anything about it. A smile always made Seto look good, though all the brunette was doing at the moment was scowling at a tie that wouldn't cooperate with him.

Seto was dressed in a midnight blue suit with tone-on-tone stripes, a solid medium blue shirt, and a silvery gray tie in an unusual Egyptian print which Yami had taken an instant liking to. Yami himself was wearing nearly all black - a solid black suit with subtle monochrome black striped shirt, and a plum red tie in the same pattern as Seto's. He had left the top button of the shirt open however, displaying his beloved collar proudly, so the older duelist was being forced to loop the tie rather loosely so that the knot would hang down by the second button. And after multiple attempts, the perfectionist in Seto still wasn't happy with the result.

"Nii-sama, it's all right, just leave it alone."

"It sucks," Seto spat. "Why can I get a tie to look okay on myself, but I can't tie one properly on Yami?"

Yami just smiled and stood still with the patience of a saint as Seto began undoing the knot again. Mokuba groaned, and decided he had enough of waiting. He picked up his camera and started taking random shots.


"What?" The black-haired teen lowered the camera an inch. He had become obsessed lately with trying to take photos of his brother in all his moods but especially his good ones, mostly because he feared it wasn't going to last for long, though so far Seto's overall good mood was holding. Except when he was pissed off over little details like a misbehaving tie.

Seto's lips began to curl back in a snarl, but just as quickly as his temper showed itself it dissipated, and with a sigh, he went back to fixing up Yami's tie.

Mokuba snapped another quick picture before wisely running out of the bedroom, but he ended up smacking right into Noa instead.

"Owww..." they both moaned.

"Whatever you two are doing, stop doing it," Seto said, finally releasing Yami. "That's as good as it's going to get, I think."

Yami turned to examine himself in a mirror. "It looks great. Thank you, Baby."

"Hn. So did you two decide on where you're going?" Seto asked his brothers.

"Monster movie marathon," Noa answered, still rubbing at his forehead.

"All right. Remember we won't be back till late, so make sure you grab something to eat while you're out. And call me if you need anything." Then he switched his attention back to his boyfriend. "Yami, you did remember to tell everyone to dress up, right?"

"Yes, but Yugi mentioned that Jou might not own a tie or jacket," Yami responded, looking pointedly at Seto.

The brunette frowned. "Fine, I get the hint! I'll bring something along that the dork can borrow, happy?"

* * *

After leaving the mansion, Seto had Fubeta drive the white Mercedes-Benz S500 stretch limo to Bakura's apartment. Yami insisted that Seto accompany him up to the second floor apartment to retrieve their friends, but when the white-haired teen answered the door in only a powder blue dress shirt and gray checkered slacks, Seto began wondering if he was just wasting his breath.

"I thought Yami told you guys to dress nicely," the taller duelist said in greeting. Yami scowled at his boyfriend's rudeness.

Bakura blinked and looked at the suits Seto and Yami were sporting. "Tie and jacket then? I have them in my room... I thought it might be a bit much though."

"Not if you want to get into the restaurant we're going to for dinner."

"Not a problem," Bakura responded, then he headed for Malik's room. "Malik, you have to wear a suit!" he called through the door.

"Damn it!" Malik yelled back. The door opened, and a platinum blonde head of hair popped out. "Oh... hi Kaiba, hi Yami. Nice... suits."

"Do you even own a suit?" Yami asked. He wished he had been more specific when he had called everyone, but Seto hadn't given him any indication that they'd be wearing suits until Isono showed up with them shortly before lunch.

"Uh... actually, I do. Give me a few minutes."

"Great. Now we're late," Seto groused as Bakura led them back to the living room.

The pale teen frowned. "I'm sorry, Kaiba."

"No, don't apologize, Bakura. When Seto says we're late, he means we'll only be early by half an hour."

"Oh, well, all right. Let me go get my tie and jacket."

Yami watched Bakura exited the room, then turned to his boyfriend. So what are our plans? Where are we going?

Don't worry about it.

You saying that makes me worry about it.

Hn, whatever. At any rate, everything's been Mokuba and Noa approved.



Come on... tell me... pleaaase? The crimson-eyed teen crawled onto his lover's lap. Please. With. Me. On. Top? He licked an ear languidly with each word, shuddering in response to Seto's reaction.

Mm... Make it please with me on top instead and I might consider it.

... Well in that case, forget it.


Yami chuckled softly and brushed back a little more of Seto's hair to expose a pale neck, which he began nibbling on.

"Okay, will this do?" Bakura asked as he wandered back into the living room. "Oh, sorry... didn't mean to interrupt!"

Yami sighed at the intrusion and sullenly removed his lips from the young billionaire's throat while Seto looked over Bakura's outfit. He had on a jacket which matched his pants, and an unusual but attractive navy tie with what looked like a blueprint pattern. Seto curtly nodded his approval.

"Now I'm stylin'!" Malik announced loudly just before he stepped out into the living room as well. "How do you like it?"

Yami's eyes bugged out a bit and Seto's brows went up at the sight of the Egyptian in a pinstriped lavender zoot suit and black and chartreuse tie as he did a full turn to show off his threads. He even wore a broad-brimmed black hat with a lime feather stuck in the band, and gold chains swung at his hip. "What are you, his pimp?" the brunette blurted out, waving his hand at Bakura.

"Seto, that's awful!"

"No, awful is that... that... what is that? A purple pimp suit? A lime green tie? God, you're so fucking gay," Seto scoffed. Yami couldn't help but laugh at the observation.

Malik adjusted his hat so that it angled down and shadowed his face. "It's a zoot suit. I liked it, so I bought it. Hey, it's still a suit, right?"

"If I owned the restaurant, I wouldn't let you in looking like that."

"Your loss. And besides, you're even... gayer. At least Ryou and I aren't dressed like clones with one another's names on our accessories," Malik said smugly.

"You're just jealous," Yami and Seto answered in unison.

* * *

After picking up Malik and Bakura, the limo's next stop was the Kame Game Shop, where Yugi and Jounouchi were waiting. Seto grabbed the extra blazer and tie and followed Yami as the shorter duelist stepped out to fetch the two other teens.

Yugi answered the door after only one knock, his face flushed. "Hi guys."

"Aibou. You look good," Yami said kindly as he stepped into the living room to give his other half a reassuring hug. The violet-eyed teen was wearing a simple, single-button black blazer and slacks with a basic white shirt and a somewhat tacky red, green and blue tie that read "clothes make the man" in gold hieroglyphics.

"Oh... thanks." A sigh. "You think Anzu will be okay with this?"

"Sure, why not?" Seto commented in a neutral tone. That's a horrible tie. You didn't chose that for him, did you?

Yami bit back a laugh, seeing as how Yugi looked like he was about to faint. No, I didn't...

That looks like something you'd pick.

No it does not! I feel bad. We should put the tie we brought for Jou on Yugi instead.

Oh, and make the pooch look even tackier than he probably already does? Speaking of which...

Jou emerged from the bathroom and as Yami had predicted, he was in a button-up shirt and slacks only. No jacket, no tie, and were those boots under his pants? "Woah, you didn't tell me we were wearing suits!" Jou exclaimed as soon as he caught sight of Yami and Seto.

"Do you own a suit, Mutt? Or even a sportscoat?"

"Shut up, ya prick. I guess I shoulda bought a coat. God, we haven't even picked up Mai yet and I'm already screwin' up. Man, I'm so nervous!"

"Me too, Jou," said Yugi, sighing again.

"Look, dipshit, you need to wear a jacket and tie since the restaurant we're going to requires it, so I brought an extra set along for you to borrow. Don't stain them or snag them or do anything else to them, got it? God, it's really too much to expect you to act human for once, isn't it?"

Jou flipped Seto off, but then swallowed his pride and took the proffered chocolate blazer, pulling it on. While the young billionaire was taller by a few inches, Jou was a touch broader, so Seto quickly straightened out the lines of the jacket the best he could before tossing a black and gold paisley tie around the blonde's neck.

"Uhh... maybe it's just me, but isn't it a little weird that you're dressin' me and all?" Jou asked as Seto formed the knot and began straightening it up.

"Oh, like you know how to tie a tie? Considering that you don't even own one?" Seto gave the Italian silk fabric a vicious tug, smirking as Jou made a choking sound as the tie constricted around his throat.

"Gah! You tryin' to kill me or something?" Jou whined, reaching up with his fingers to try and loosen the knot a little bit.

"Whatever. Hold still, stupid," Seto complained, slapping at the blonde's hands. The CEO tugged and worked the tie until he was satisfied with the way it dimpled. "There. Much better."

"I don't get how guys handle wearing these... nooses all day." But as Jou examined himself in the entryway mirror, he had to admit that he looked pretty slick. The borrowed jacket worked with his tan slacks and white shirt, and the expensive tie just radiated opulence. Maybe he was almost good enough for a classy girl like Mai.

"You should be used to it... aren't you usually on a collar and leash?"

"Like Yami?" the blonde blurted out. Yugi gasped, Yami glowered, and Jou began backpedaling quickly as Seto advanced towards him with both fists clenched. "Aw man, I... I didn't mean it like that! I mean... the collar thi... I'll just shut up."

"Good idea. And if you ever insinuate such a thing again..." Seto left the threat hanging in the air as he punched his hand right past Jou's ear. "Anyways, we're wasting time here. Let's get going before we're really late."

"That means showing up at least 15 minutes early," Yami whispered to Yugi and Jou.

"I heard that!"

* * *

The four teens got back in the limo where Malik and Bakura had been waiting and next headed for the Kitten in the House flower shop on Yami's insistence so that Jou and Yugi could pick out flowers for the girls. With the help of the florists, Yugi ended up buying a half dozen light pink roses, and Jou selected a half dozen pale purple roses. Then Fubeta was directed to Mai's apartment where Anzu and Mai awaited their dates.

Once they arrived, Jou and Yugi nervously stepped out and headed into the building to pick up the ladies while Yami played an impromptu game of "I Spy" with Bakura and Malik. Of course, after Yami's first two turns, it became obvious that the only thing the ex-spirit was spying was his boyfriend. Not that Bakura was any better.

Malik and Seto counted every second of the eight minutes that went by before the door opened again.

"Hi boys," Mai purred as she stepped into the limo with her roses. She was dressed in a gorgeous blue-violet halter dress of silk and chiffon with a fluttering asymmetrical hem, her ample cleavage framed by the plunging front of the gown. Jou scooted in right behind her, stars in his eyes. He was practically drooling as he sat down next to her.

"You look very nice, Mai," Yami said politely from his perch on Seto's lap. He didn't have to be attracted to women to notice how stunning she looked.

"Like... like a movie star... or somethin'," Jou stammered.

Malik, Bakura and Seto just nodded at her. At least Mai knew what I meant by "dress up," Seto mentioned offhandedly to Yami.

"Are we all going to fit in here?" Anzu's voice asked as she poked her head through the door. "Hi everyone! Oh, this is going to be so fun!"

So fun! Thrilling! Enthralling! Blah blah blah... get your ass in the car, Seto thought at Yami.


I am. I didn't say it out loud, now did I?

Anzu practically bounded into the limo, pulling Yugi in behind her and motioning for him to sit beside Yami and Seto while she flanked Jou.

"You look so good, Anzu," Yugi gushed, oblivious to the world.

Anzu just smiled as if she had heard it a thousand times already and turned to the other guys in the car. "Is my outfit okay? I know it's not as fancy as Mai's..." She played with the hem of the dusty rose spaghetti-strapped dress, running her fingers lightly over the tiered ruffles on the fishtailed hem.

Seto and Yami made affirmative sounds at her.

"It's very nice," Bakura responded, jabbing Malik in the ribs very lightly.

"Uh, yeah, nice," Malik parroted, giving his boyfriend a dirty look.

"You look soooo good, Anzu," Yugi repeated.

He does know that he's already used that line, right? Seto asked his lover.


The tall brunette smirked, then figured it was time for him to spring the surprise he had in store for Yugi, which was pretty much the reason why he had agreed to this crazy mess of a quadruple date in the first place. "By the way, Yugi, I have something for you," he said, sliding Yami over to the right side of his lap and fishing something out of his pocket.

"Huh? Oh, you shouldn't have," Yugi began saying.

What? Kai-baby?

"No no, I insist... I want this date to be special for you, Yugi, since you helped to set up the blind date that brought Yami and me together. Something for both you and Anzu. Now hold out your hands, please."

"Awww..." went Anzu, romantic thoughts dancing through her head.

Seto? What are you up to? Yami asked again, feeling a bit alarmed at Seto's unbridled glee. Even without the mind link he would have known something was up for sure.

Nothing, Seto responded as he whipped out a pair of handcuffs and slapped them on Yugi's and Anzu's extended wrists. "HA! How do you like that, Yugi?!"

Malik snorted in laughter as chaos erupted. Yugi looked distressed over being handcuffed to his date, but Anzu seemed to take it surprisingly well once she got over her initial shock. Mai had her hand over her mouth, but that didn't stop her from tittering. Jou just stared at Mai's chest as it heaved in time with her laughter. Yami whapped his boyfriend on the back of the head. Seto instantly jerked his head back up and gave Yami one hell of a glare, then Yami began waving his hands and gesticulating at his aibou. Mind linked arguments... what a hoot! The tombkeeper looked over at his own boyfriend, who just shrugged and shook his head.

Seto, undo those handcuffs right now! Yami yelled at his lover.

No! Why should I? Yugi thought it was a good idea to cuff us on our first date.

It wasn't funny then, and it's not funny now, and Anzu had nothing to do with it anyways. Are you going to handcuff Noa and Mokuba every time they go out on a first date with someone?

Sure. They deserve it too, the little brats. And Anzu doesn't look like she minds. Maybe she's kinky like that.

Aibou looks bothered by it. If you won't undo them, then give me the key.


Seto Kaiba...

Yami-kins Mutou...

Give me the stupid key! Yami shoved his hand into Seto's pockets and began searching for the key.

Then things just got stranger. Yami found the key to the cuffs but Seto didn't want to give them up, so he did what any sane guy would do; he tossed them to someone else. But the person he chose was Mai, and she was laughing too hard to catch the key, so instead of ending up in her palm, the key smacked into a breast and slid down the front of her dress. Jou's eyes followed it on its downward journey of course.

"Go on Yami, go get the key if you want it," Seto finally said aloud as Mai stuck her hand down the plunging neckline in search of the piece of metal.

"Fuck you," Yami growled, crossing his arms over his chest while at the same time trying to wiggle his way off the CEO's lap. And then they began silently arguing again.

"So you two want this?" Mai asked Anzu and Yugi after having finally gotten a hold of the item. "Hmm?"

"Don't give them the key," Seto said as Yami smacked him in the shoulder.

"Mai, give them the key," Yami commanded.

Mai looked at them both, then turned her attention back to Yugi and Anzu. "Oh hell. I'll just keep it then. So where are we headed anyways? You never did tell us, Kaiba."

"It's a surprise," he answered, just as the limo pulled to a stop.

* * *


Author's Notes:

August 26, 2005