Title: Food for Thought - Chapter 2: Lunch Break
Author: bnomiko
Rating: R / NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami (sorta... LOL)
Spoilers: none... takes place post-Noa's arc
Warnings: masturbation, sex toys
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Sequel of sorts to "Remember to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies" (but can easily stand alone). Yami visits Seto at KaibaCorp during his lunch break.
Status: 2 / 5
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

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Author's Notes:

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Food for Thought

Chapter 2: Lunch Break

* * *

Clack clack, clackity clackity clack.

The young billionaire's fingers flew over the keyboard as he wrote up the outline for his afternoon presentation with Industrial Illusions to some stockholders. As always, time was in short supply, and it certainly didn't help matters that he had arrived 15 minutes late to the office thanks to the French toast incident that morning.

However, no matter how busy Seto was, he was never too distracted to notice the little things. Like the way the door to his office swung open, the distinctive tread of nearly silent footsteps, the rustle of a plastic bag. But just because he noticed didn't mean he had to stop what he was doing. Without looking up, fingers still typing furiously, he asked, "What is it, Yami?"

The ex-spirit smiled. "It's Friday and it's lunchtime, or didn't you notice, Kai-baby?"

"Hn. I have a meeting at 1:00. With Pegasus J. Crawford. Then we have a presentation to deliver to some stockholders," he frowned slightly and gave a little shrug. "I really don't have time to eat."

Yami walked by two guest chairs and around to the other side of Seto's desk, then jumped up and perched himself on a corner. "Too bad. But nothing says I can't eat. I'm sure you don't mind." He swung a plastic bag onto the table and fished out chopsticks, a plastic fork, and napkins, laying them down neatly by his lover's right arm. Then he fished out a large styrofoam container and two small sealed cups of sauce. After popping the lids off the sauce cups and laying them out on the napkins, Yami opened the styrofoam container and inhaled deeply. "Smells nice doesn't it?"

"What is it?" Had Seto actually bothered to look, it would have been obvious.

"Yogi's chicken teriyaki bowl, large, with extra green onions." He reached for the cups of sauce and dribbled a little bit of hot sauce and a little bit of teriyaki over the chicken and rice, then resealed them and tossed them back into the plastic bag. The chopsticks were broken apart, and the wrapper followed the sauce cups into the bag. "Are you sure you aren't hungry?"

A sigh. "I don't have time to eat. As it is, I'm lucky that I scheduled the presentation early enough for me to make it to dinner. What is for dinner anyways? Please tell me it's not pizza."

Yami smirked. "As heartbroken as Jou and Honda will be, no, it won't be pizza. I figured we'd do a barbecue." The younger teen took a few bites of his lunch, watching as his boyfriend scrutinized something on the computer screen before returning to his typing. "You know, the chicken is really good today..." Yami reached over and picked up the fork.

"It tastes the same every time I've had it."

"I think it tastes a little different every time. Maybe it depends on the cook?" He speared a piece of chicken and scooped up a little bit of rice and onion.

"Maybe." A moment later, a forkful of food was pressed up against his lips. "Yami..." he began to protest, but he got a mouthful of chicken and rice instead.

"I think it tastes better today. Really. Don't you think?"

Seto quickly chewed and swallowed. "It tastes the same, Yami."

Crimson eyes rolled. "Well if you eat it that fast, of course you don't notice the difference. Here, let me get you a bigger piece of chicken... and a bit more rice..." He offered the forkful to his boyfriend, who took it without further protest.

This time Seto tried chewing more slowly. "Hmm... I still can't tell. Give me another bite."

Yami grinned and complied. "Well? Or do you need another taste? Maybe with a little more hot sauce, or onion?"

Seto licked his lips, then shifted his eyes to his lover. "You're just trying to make me eat your lunch. And I told you I don't have time for this."

"Perhaps. And technically it's your lunch, Kai-baby."

The brunette snorted. "I never get it with extra onions. And now thanks to your cute little antics, I'm going to have bad breath thanks to the onions you insist on adding."

"Pop a mint. Or try this." The shorter duelist picked up the orange wedge in the corner of the container, popped out the seeds, and peeled it.

"I'll still need a mint," Seto complained, but he accepted the offering of orange anyways.

Yami hopped off the desk and went to open the bottom drawer on the left side of his lover's desk, but suddenly a hand shot out and caught his wrist. "Don't."

Crimson eyes slid down to Seto's hand, then up to the brunette's face. "I thought this is where you keep those deadly mints you like so much?"

"Amongst other things..."

Yami instantly brightened up. "Did you get me something new?"

His lover scowled. "It was supposed to be a surprise, but since I know you're going to insist on seeing it now... well, go ahead and open it, I guess." The hand was withdrawn and returned to its previous task of typing.

The younger teen eagerly opened the drawer, and after pulling out a bag of Seto's favorite mints, he rummaged past a loose assortment of lube and a plastic tub of toys to find a brown paper-wrapped parcel sitting at the bottom of the deep drawer. "Is this it?"

Seto's eyes flickered over to the package. "Yep. I haven't even opened it yet... I hope the order is right."

Yami shrugged and began tearing apart the wrapper. "Even if they messed up, as long as we don't already have it, it'll work for me. " He pulled a Swiss army knife from his pocket, cut the tape, and opened the box to peer inside. Seto spared a moment to glance inside and nodded his approval.

"Well, do you like them?"

Yami grinned broadly as he pulled out a small cardboard box and a cellophane bag. "What kind of deviant has his sex toys shipped to his office?"

"Peh. Maybe the kind of deviant that has two very sneaky 13-year-old brothers and one very curious boyfriend who all happen to take turns picking up his mail. And you didn't think I'd actually go to an adult shop, did you? I'd imagine the paparazzi would have a field day with that. So, anyways... do you like them?"

Yami held up the cellophane wrapped item, which was a black silicone butt-plug with a spray of peacock feathers sticking out of the base. "This... is really nice. Can I try it out, Baby?"

"Right now?"

Yami nodded, crinkling the cellophane a little with his fingers.

Seto rolled his eyes. "Only you'd get this excited over having something new to stick up your butt."

The ex-spirit refrained from sticking out his tongue. "You make me sound like some sort of pervert when you're the one providing the toys."

"Hey, you're the one who keeps wanting to try new things," said Seto. Yami laughed outright at that. "And you do know what the other item is, right?"

The shorter duelist regarded the smaller cardboard box. "It says 'USB powered multi-function vibrator.' Obviously I know what a vibrator is, but isn't USB one of your computer terms?"

The billionaire frowned at something on his monitor for a moment, then said, "Open the box... you should see a flat, rectangular plug on one end of the cord. Put that in my laptop here," and he pointed at an available port, "and put the controller next to my mouse. The vibe connects to the other side of the controller and then the bullet gets inserted into the hole at the base of the butt-plug."

"Ah... I see. But let me go wash this first," said Yami, waving the now unwrapped butt-plug at his boyfriend before disappearing through the door to his lover's private bathroom.

Seto turned back to his computer and frowned at the screen. Like Mokuba at Christmas. Or some other kid. Well, not that he's a kid. Hmm... these numbers still don't look right. I must have pulled the data from the previous year instead. I wonder if I should have bought a second ball gag, one for office use? Yami's been quite vocal as of late. Where's that data chart? Someone's going to get fired if they compiled the wrong information... ahh, here it is. Stupid document was mislabeled. Did I ever have the office soundproofed?

By the time Seto replaced the erroneous data with the correct chart, Yami was back, now clad in only his tight black shirt and usual black collar, his dick already half hard. "Are you sure you don't mind? I can wait until we get home..."

"I haven't objected now have I? And you're already half naked. But unfortunately I can't really participate right now, at least, not to the extent that I'd like." He stretched two fingers out past his mouse and tapped on the controller. "Doesn't meant that you can't have fun."

Yami smirked and finished assembling the vibrator, then dug up a bottle of his favorite lube. With a glance at his boyfriend, who was busy clicking on his mouse, the shorter duelist flipped open the cap and slathered a generous helping of slick on his new toy, letting a bit of lube dribble onto his fingers. Imagining that it was Seto's hand on his body instead, he probed his fingers gently at his puckered opening, then slid one in, his eyes fluttering shut. Mmm, feels nice... Leaning against his lover's desk for support, he easily added a second finger, taking time to stretch and prep himself properly. Opening his eyes again once he was ready, he couldn't help but notice that Seto's blue eyes were riveted on him and not the screen. "Seto, are you sure that..."

Not quite trusting his voice at the moment, the taller duelist just managed to nod. His ring finger was resting lightly on the surface of the vibration controller.

The crimson-eyed teen chuckled to himself, took a deep breath and gently slid the butt-plug into place. It provided a nice amount of pressure, though perhaps it could be a bit longer, with a more tapered neck. I wish I had a mirror right now! I wonder if I look silly with a tuft of feathers hanging out my ass. And peacock feathers at that. Am I supposed to strut? He couldn't resist sticking his butt out and wiggling it a little, then regarded his boyfriend's faint smile.

"I take it you like it, Kai-baby?"

He coughed. "Hmph. It suits you." And his finger dipped down and hit the switch. Yami gave out a soft moan as a low humming vibration began. "How many settings does this thing have? Eight or something? It's on the box."

"Huh? Box?"

Seto hit the switch again, and the humming increased. "Don't get distracted. How many..."

"I heard you the first time." Yami gasped, stretching his hand out to snag the packaging. "It says ten."

"Ten huh?" The brunette nudged the switch again, and Yami writhed in response, moaning loudly, his hand dropping down to finger the head of his cock before wrapping around his growing erection. "Is there a liquefy setting?"

"Don't... be ridiculous. There's low, medium, high vibration, pulsate, sur... ahhh!" He began to pump himself as the vibrator switched modes.

Seto smirked, continuing to press down on the switch at random. "Turn around Yami... let's see those tail feathers. And let me know if I hit a setting you like."

The shorter duelist turned himself so that his back was to his boyfriend. As an afterthought, he hiked his right knee up so that it was on Seto's desk, then he braced himself up with his left hand as his right continued to stroke up and down his shaft. "Is that... a good enough view?" he managed to ask.

Seto's response was to adjust himself quickly, then switch modes again. And again. And finally Yami screamed. "It's the best view in the city," the young billionaire finally said. "But don't scream so loud. Even the people seventy floors below can hear you."

"Mmm... good. I'll make them jealous." Another flick of the switch and the vibration stopped. Yami blinked and looked over his shoulder.

"Oops, I guess I just switched it off." Seto's attention was back on his computer monitor, so he quickly pressed down several times on the bottom switch to back it up a few settings. "So, any preferences?"

"Not... really." Seto began scrolling through the different modes more slowly. "That's nice, leave it right there. Yeah..." Yami's eyes shut and he arched his back, his breaths growing more ragged as his hand pumped more vigorously.

"Just make sure you don't make a mess on my desk." A drawer opened, and something was tossed on the desk in front of Yami. "There's some tissues in front of you."

"Won't... make a mess, nngh! Gah!!" Yami let out another scream as Seto switched settings again. "Baby, I want to come..."

"So do I, Yami, but it's already past 12:50 so you better make it quick."

Yami managed a weak smirk. "What... I haven't made you burst out of your pants yet?" He wiggled his ass and received a light smack for his efforts.

Seto gave a low chuckle. "Luckily for my pants and your ass, my libido has been sufficiently distracted by this stupid document and the thought of spending the next hour with Pegasus, so I'll should be able to survive the next few hours without you."

"You'll have to survive... a few more hours on top of that," Yami paused to catch his breath. "It's Friday... the barbecue...?"

Seto finished writing up his closing statements, then saved the file. Blue eyes flickered over to assess Yami. "Maybe we should make it a joint barbecue and sex education cla... what?"

Crimson eyes glared back at Seto. "No!" The brunette simply smirked and tapped the controller again. "Ah... nn..."

"Oh please, I was kidding. And people say I have no sense of humor. So... are you going to come or what?"

Yami scowled. He was so close but... "I'm trying! Stop talking damn it!"

"Hn." And he reached forward and smacked his lover's buttcheek again.

That did it. Yami threw his head back and howled, his body taut, his left hand coming up to cup the head of his cock and catch his release. The peacock feathers twitched in rhythm with his body's spasms as he wound down, and with a few more tugs he finished emptying himself onto his hand. "By Hathor's sistrum... that was great!" The shorter duelist snagged a few tissues and began cleaning himself off.

"It was rather entertaining. Want me to get that out for you?" The taller teen nudged the tail feathers.

Yami chuckled. "If you'd like... nnnhh..." he moaned as Seto grabbed a handful of tissues and slowly pulled out the butt-plug, wriggling it a little.

"Well, at least you didn't make too much of a mess this time." He disconnected the bullet from the controller and handed the entire affair to Yami, then as his lover went to the bathroom to clean up, Seto unplugged the controller from the USB port and tossed it back into the drawer before checking the time.

12:55. Time enough to toss back a mint and send Yami home. Hn... deadly mints. He popped a mint in his mouth and eyed Yami's unfinished lunch and the bottle of lube still on the desk. Or... I can just use a conference room. Making his decision, he snapped his laptop shut and stood up, stretching for a few moments before Yami came back into the room, with pants on this time.

He was grinning broadly. "Should I take these home," and he held up the butt-plug and vibe, "or do you want them back in the drawer, Kai-baby?"

"Whichever. It's not like we don't have enough stuff in here to keep you occupied. But I'm picking up another gag with my next order." Yami's grin grew even broader. "Anyways, since you didn't finish your lunch, you can stay here for a bit and I'll take Pegasus to a conference room instead." He leaned over and hit a button to take his phone and intercom back off of Do Not Disturb.

"Thanks! Don't worry, I'll straighten up your desk too," the ex-spirit added with a smirk, nudging the lube with his elbow and giving the peacock feathers a stroke, just as the phone buzzed.

Seto pressed the Intercom button. "Kaiba."

"Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Crawford is here to see you."

Reflexively he checked his watch. 12:59. "I'll be out in a minute," he responded, and took his finger off the button. Yami sauntered by and went to plop himself in Seto's chair, but the taller teen snagged his wrist again and quickly tugged him in for a hard kiss.

"Kaiiii-baby," Yami gasped when his boyfriend finally released him. Seto gave his lover a hint of a smile and brushed back a lock of blonde hair before urging him down into the chair.

"I'll see you at later," he said, and headed for the door.

Yami caught a brief glimpse of Pegasus as the door swung open, and the last thing he heard before the door swung shut again was Seto's voice. "Mr. Crawford..."

* * *

"Mr. Kaiba." Pegasus offered his hand and the two CEOs shook. At least Pegasus had the grace not to call him "Kaiba-boy" any more...

"Conference Room C is available and ready for your use, sir." Seto gave his secretary a brief glance, wondering for a moment as to why she was blushing, then turned to Pegasus again. The man seemed... amused, for lack of a better word.

"Is there something funny that I missed?" With no immediate response, he turned and began walking towards the elevators.

An elevator car was already waiting for them, doors open. Seto strode in and held the door open as Pegasus quickly followed him in.

As the doors slid shut, the silver-haired CEO turned to Seto and gave him a half-smile. "May I make a suggestion before we begin?"

Seto pushed the button for the 68th floor, then glanced at his former rival. "All right, I'm listening."

Pegasus grinned. "I was just going to suggest that you consider increasing the soundproofing in your office, Kaiba-boy."

* * *


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Additional Author's Notes (regarding how this chapter came up):

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May 13, 2005