Title: Domashipping Side Story
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Rafael x Valon x Amelda
Spoilers: none... post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. Aussie Real Volume shampoo is a product of Redmond Products, Inc. "I'm Too Sexy" is performed and recorded by Right Said Fred. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Side story to "The Boys of Summer." Seto and Yami have returned to Domino, so what are the Doom boys up to? Complete and utter PWP.
Status: 1 / 1
Archived at: http://www.phenixsol.com/Miko/FF/

This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Domashipping Side Story

* * *

Valon whistled to himself as he headed up the back stairway that lead to the deck in the rear of the townhouse. He was in a splendidly good mood thanks to a morning of perfect waves and memories of the previous fun filled night with Yami and Kaiba and Pegasus. Why, the group hug I instigated had to be the highlight of the entire week... or perhaps it was watching Amelda get blotto and hitting on Kaiba, or... hell, there were so many moments!

Once Valon was on the deck, he paused to gaze once more at the beach view that he loved. He was so glad he had managed to convince Rafael to buy the little beach house rather than a larger home elsewhere, especially considering that both his lovers wanted to be somewhere more metropolitan. Ah, there's definitely an advantage to being young and charming... he mused, as he carefully placed his surfboard on a wall rack and slipped off his flip-flops, dusting off any remaining sand clinging to his bare feet before heading inside.

... But there's no advantage to being left out! was Valon's next thought as he walked into the living room and spied Amelda and Rafael dozing on the sofa. Though the television was on, it was quite obvious that watching TV had not been the activity they had been engaging in. Amelda was stretched out on top of Rafael, his head resting on his forearm which was folded across the blonde's muscular chest. In return, Rafael had his arm wrapped around the younger man's waist. A throw rested haphazardly across Amelda's back, not hiding the fact that both men were naked beneath it. Of course, the pile of random clothing on the floor was also an obvious giveaway...

"So what are we watching on the idiot box?" Valon asked loudly, throwing himself into an armchair, not caring that his damp board shorts were leaving yet another water stain on the upholstery. He glanced momentarily at the television, smirking at the infomercial that was airing.

Amelda awoke with a start and glared weakly in the direction of Valon's voice. "Do you have to be so loud?"

The brunette shrugged unapologetically. "How come no one sent me an invite to the party?"

"I wasn't aware you needed an invite," Amelda answered.

Rafael didn't even bother to open his eyes, gruffly stating, "You usually just invite yourself, Valon."

Valon just grinned. They knew he was only playing around; there was no room for jealousy in a three-way relationship, and besides... Standing up, Valon winked at his boyfriends and dropped his shorts right onto the floor. "Well, I'm going to take a shower, mates..." he announced, bending over slowly to pick up his swimwear, shaking his butt slightly for emphasis.

"That's nice," Rafael said as Valon headed for the stairs, one eye now open to watch the brunette jog out of the room.

"You going to take care of him then?" Amelda asked as soon as Valon was out of earshot.

"Yeah. Unless you'd rather..."

The redhead shook his head and rolled off Rafael, then began plucking clothing off the rug. "I'm going to go fix lunch. Anything in particular you want?"

"Other than Valon?" Both men smiled briefly at each other. "Not really."

* * *

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! And I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan!" Valon sang loudly, reveling in the hot water as it streamed over his body. He poured some Aussie Real Volume shampoo into his hands and lathered it up, running it through his limp brown hair, his body swaying in time to the music. "I'm a model you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk. Yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah! I shake my little tush on the catwalk!" He wiggled his ass with all his might.

The music had been turned on so loud that Valon didn't hear the door open, nor did he notice the shower curtain sliding open. But Rafael couldn't resist loudly commenting, "Nice little tush!"

"Ahhh!!" Valon screamed in surprise, managing to squirt conditioner into his eyes. "AHHHHHH! It burns!"

"Valon! Stop clowning around," the blonde commanded as he turned down the music and stepped into the shower. He grabbed his boyfriend's hands and pulled them away from his face. "Don't rub at your eyes like that."

"Can't help it. It fuckin' burns!" the teen whined.

Rafael sighed and helped to irrigate Valon's eyes. The Aussie finally looked up, blinking furiously, blue eyes meeting blue, and scowled.


"You're mean!"

"It's not my fault if you're clumsy," Rafael pointed out, ignoring the little fact that Valon probably wouldn't have gotten conditioner in his eyes if he hadn't scared him. Well... but Valon had been shaking that ass like he was desperate for attention. So it really was Valon's own fault after all. Not that he was going to explain his logic to the shorter duelist.

"I'm not clumsy. And you didn't come here just to insult me, right?" That familiar, playful spark was back in Valon's eyes.

"Hmm. You're right." Rafael barely had time to brace himself before Valon pounced on him, pushing him into the far wall of the shower. He held back a moan as the brunette instantly began working on his nipples, biting down gently and sucking the sensitive bits of flesh, sending pulses of pleasure right down to his groin.

"I can hardly wait to get my mouth around your donger, big guy," Valon murmured into Rafael's chest.

The blonde felt himself swelling at the words, even though just an hour ago he had been satiated by Amelda. Valon's fire and enthusiasm was enough to get even a dead man going. "Then what are you waiting for? The next ice age?" he asked with uncharacteristic impatience.

The Aussie snickered as took Rafael in hand, squeezing and kneading and stroking the burgeoning erection. "Fuck or suck?"

"Considering you almost sprained your ankle the last time you and Amelda tried having sex in the shower? Suck."

Valon grinned and dropped to his knees. "All right." He put his hands behind his back and wrapped his lips around the velvety cock that pressed itself against his cheek, relaxing his jaw to take in as much as he could. After a few good sucks, Valon popped his mouth off, licked the shaft from base to head, and then engulfed it once again with his mouth.

For his part, Rafael leaned back against the tiled wall and enjoyed the feel of Valon's mouth, his fingers running themselves through brown hair on their own accord. "Jeesus, that's good," he groaned.

Encouraged, Valon sped up the action, his head dipping down only to rise up again, moist lips and an active tongue coaxing grunts of pleasure out of the other man.

Rafael's breathing grew ragged as his body flushed with heat, all his thoughts rushing to his groin along with his blood. With a hurried warning of, "I'm going to shoot!" the blonde gritted his teeth and jerked his hips as a rush of euphoria swept from the head of his manhood and out through every nerve of his body.

Valon jerked his head back and grabbed Rafael's shaft, milking it by hand, letting the spunk splatter onto his cheek and across his nose. He knew he looked hot all debauched like that, and with a sly smile, he waited for Rafael to come down off his high and notice him.

When the blonde did finally open his eyes, the first thing he noticed was the intensity of Valon's blue eyes and that devil-may-care grin playing across his face. Then immediately after... "You know, you have something on your face there," Rafael deadpanned, fighting off his urge to chuckle.

Those twinkling eyes widened with fake innocence. "Really?"

"Yeah. Looks like someone came all over you."

"Ah... can't imagine what might've happened. Good thing I'm in the shower then." Valon stood up, turned around, and began trying to wash his face off.

Rafael let a short laugh slip out. "Yes. So, would you like me to return the favor? Since we're in the shower already."

Valon pulled his face out of the stream of water, considered the offer for a moment, then gave an involuntary shiver as the water temperature began dropping. "I think the shower wants us out of here, mate. I'll go bug the bluey for a rooting in a bit."

* * *

Amelda was chopping up tomatoes for his chicken pesto pasta when Valon wandered into the kitchen buck-naked and grabbed a soda out of the fridge.

"Did your clothes piss you off again?" the redhead asked without looking up from the chef's knife as it rocked on the cutting board.

"Ha ha. Come on, mate, I only said that once. Besides, it's summer, I'm hot, and it's not like I have anything you haven't seen before." The Aussie ran his fingers through damp hair and leaned against the granite countertop, sipping at his drink, casually trying to look as sexy as possible.

"Hot. Right." Amelda pushed the tomatoes into a bowl and wiped his hands off with a towel before finally looking over at his boyfriend, his eyebrows knitting together. "What happened to your face? Looks like you've been scratching at it."

Valon's fingers fluttered over his pink cheeks. "Ah, er... I had something on my face."

Amelda sighed and rolled his eyes as he began frying up chunks of chicken. "That's why you're supposed to keep it in your mouth."


"So... where's Rafael?"

"Dunno. I think he wandered down to his room a while ago." Valon put down his soda and crept closer to Amelda, patting the redhead on the ass, giving him an extra hard pinch after a few seconds for good measure.

Amelda made a sound that was half squeak and half yell. "VALon, you dumbass! I'm trying to cook...?"

"So cook." Smirking, the brunette wrapped his arms around Amelda's trim waist and began tugging suggestively at the waistband of the loose flannel lounge pants with one hand while working the other one up the tight white tank top that was cropped right at the navel. "Still think you should get your belly button pierced."

"I already told you, unless both you and Rafael agree to have it done as well... no way. Mmmahhh, stop that!" Valon's hand had snaked down the front of Amelda's pants. "Damn it... Valon... the chicken is going to burn."

"You can still cook while I do you." The teen aggressively ground his hips against his lover. "It's called multitasking."

"It's called your lunch. And you promised Rafael; no more hanky panky in the kitchen."

Valon just shrugged and began peeling Amelda's pants down anyways. "Ah well, I like my chook charred, so it doesn't matter to me."

"You want your hide tanned too? I swear! Not all of us want... our chicken to... ahhh... be char... coal." Amelda squeezed his eyes shut and stifled yet another moan as Valon reached between his thighs and stroked an insistent digit between the halves of his buttcheeks.

"You like my tan, mate." Valon purred, his finger sliding into the puckered hole which was still moist from Amelda's and Rafael's previous activities.

"Huuh... nnmmm." Amelda reached out and fumbled to shut off the stove, but only managed to turn the heat down to low, which was better than nothing.

Heavy footsteps heralded Rafael's entry into the kitchen just as Valon added a second finger to his efforts. "Is lunch re... Hey, what did I tell you about messing around in the kitchen?" the older duelist demanded, putting down his laundry basket with a soft tap.

"I don't know. I wasn't listening," Valon replied airily.

Rafael sighed. "Why do I bother? Oh well... shoo. I'll finish making lunch then."

"NO!" Amelda and Valon yelled simultaneously. There was a reason why they always went out to eat when it was Rafael's turn to cook, after all. The man certainly had some novel ideas when it came to flavor combos.

The blonde merely snorted. "Oh, fine. And this isn't a clothing optional household, regardless of what you think, Valon."

Valon gave Rafael a rakish smirk, knowing that the burly man was completely bullshitting him. It was a longstanding joke that Valon ought to either join a nudist colony or become a stripper. "You going to hang around?" the teen asked as he withdrew his hand and began squirting slick out of a bottle.

Rafael's eyes flickered down to the lube. With a slight smile, he picked up his hamper without even looking at it. "I just came up to take care of this," and he nodded at the laundry, "and to see if lunch was ready. Wasn't expecting a free show."

"Enjoy doing your laundry then." Snickering, the Aussie maneuvered his redheaded boyfriend away from the stove. Amelda ended up across from the range with his palms flat on the countertop, his legs parted as far as his pants would allow, his top pushed up far enough to show off pale, peaked nipples. His cock now glistening with lube, Valon happily bumped the head of his hard-on up against Amelda's rear entrance.

"Just do it," Amelda said, and Valon needed no further encouragement as he slid into the hot passage. They both exhaled harshly as Valon paused for a moment, giving Amelda time to adjust to the intrusion, then began sucking in short, deep breaths as they began moving, trying to sync their efforts.

Rafael, who had begun going through his wash load, couldn't help but look up and admire his lovers as they went at it. Separating lights and darks just wasn't as appealing.

Valon's hips smacked rhythmically against Amelda's buttocks as they reached and strived to maintain a pace they were both comfortable with. "Yeah, ohhh... God..." Amelda gasped as Valon wrapped his hand around the redhead's erection, smearing pre-cum all over the tip before he began jerking the other man off in time with the thrusts.

Rafael went back to sorting laundry very, very slowly. Not that he cared which items were getting tossed into the washing machine as Valon suddenly threw his head back with a yell, his right leg thumping rapidly on the tile as he emptied himself into Amelda, his pelvis rocking back and forth. It was an erotic sight, but Rafael couldn't resist smiling a Valon and his thunderous thumping. As soon as Valon was completely spent, he pulled out rather abruptly and spun Amelda around, then dropped to his knees to finish his boyfriend off orally. The slender redhead bit down on his own forefinger, effectively gagging himself, while his other hand toyed with his own nipples, tweaking and tugging them as Valon quickly brought him to climax. With a soft cry, Amelda shot his load. This time, Valon chose to swallow the creamy cum that spurted into his mouth, grinning slightly as he pulled back and finished his task.

With a shake of his head, Rafael gave up on the laundry and walked towards the fridge to grab a beer. Popping the cap off, he watched as Valon stood up shakily, leaning against the granite to catch his breath. Amelda shut his eyes briefly while he wound down, then began tugging his clothing back into place before he headed to the bathroom to clean up before he resumed cooking.

The blonde caught Amelda for a quick kiss before he left the room, then turned to Valon, admiring the light sheen on his body before asking the question that was at best, secondary on his mind.

"So, uh... what exactly is for lunch?"

* * *


Author's Notes:

September 4, 2005