Title: The Dark Side of the Moon
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto
Spoilers: takes place post-Noa’s arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: "Harmony" is performed and recorded by Elton John. Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Yami Mutou fantasizes about dominating his rival.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *

Dark Side of the Moon

* * *

Hello, baby hello
Haven't seen your face for a while
Have you quit doing time for me
Or are you still the same spoiled child

Hello, I said hello
Is this the only place you thought to go
Am I the only man you ever had
Or am I just the last surviving friend that you know

- "Harmony," Elton John

* * *

Yami awoke abruptly one night with one hand down his boxers and the ghost of a fantastically pleasant dream rapidly fleeing his mind. Even half asleep, his predatory instincts kicked in and he gave chase, wanting to pin the dream down, to force it back into his brain, but despite all his efforts, it dodged and evaded, mocking him, becoming more incorporeal by the second. With a growl of frustration he made one last lunge for it, managing to snag a few teasing tendrils, but the rest of the fantasy deftly escaped his clutches. As always, memories were such elusive things…

Damn you, Kaiba, Yami cursed, though there was no real venom there. It wasn’t Kaiba’s fault anyhow; he certainly hadn’t asked to be the subject of an X-rated fantasy! Actually, he’d put up quite a fight, even in said fantasy. No wonder Yami felt so worked up.

The crimson-eyed teen breathed out a frustrated sigh and rolled over onto his back. There was absolutely no way he was going to fall back asleep after that. Although his mind couldn’t recall any additional details, his body certainly remembered enough – he was still breathing hard. There was still a needy twinge between his legs, demanding satisfaction.

He sat up slowly, looking over at the alarm clock, at Yugi’s silhouette in the bed a mere yard away. The game shop was small; the house attached to the rear, equally compact. And the third bedroom had always served as storage and an office for the shop. So sharing a bedroom was a necessity, though not an unpleasant one.

But despite how close they were, it was still inconvenient at times…

Yami passed his hand back over his throbbing hard-on. He supposed his desire for Kaiba had always been there, but for a long time it’d been muted, muddled. As grateful as he was to Yugi for everything he’d done, everything he’d taught him, it had come at a price: losing his individuality and sense of self, not that he’d had much of that as a newly awakened spirit. And so he’d confused his friendship with Anzu for something more romantic, had thought his interest in his rival merely an extension of his respect for him. Wanting to talk to Kaiba… he’d told himself that that was because they had common interests, and because they enjoyed verbally sparring. Wanting to look at him… well, that’d been a little harder to explain away. Maybe there was just something about blue-eyed brunettes that he and Yugi responded to? But wanting to fuck him… well, that’d been something Yami had kept tightly to himself. It wasn’t that he’d been ashamed of his orientation – it was just that dreams belonged to the living. And he’d been neither living nor dead during his time in the Puzzle.

He looked back over at his other half, then lightly touched his throat; he didn’t sleep with the collar on. But he felt a little naked without it. In a way, it was almost a substitute for the Sennen Puzzle as well as another link to Yugi, though neither one of them was completely certain whose aesthetic the collar represented. It had been Yugi’s body, Yugi had bought it… but Yugi also hadn’t worn it before the Puzzle was assembled.

It wasn’t until they’d been separated that Yami had been able to differentiate between his feelings and Yugi’s, though… just like the bedroom, there was a lot between them that they still shared. And that was fine. He’d meant it when he’d told Yugi that he wanted to be with him forever. But now they were able to pursue their own interests and express their own individuality without feeling the niggling guilt that they were stealing time from the other.

Like a thief, Yami finally stole out of bed, creeping down the hallway and into the lone bathroom on the second floor. He shut the door behind him, dropped his boxers, and sat himself on the cool floor. For something like this, darkness was preferable. It was more intimate, personal. He felt freer… as if all constraints had melted away.

He began fondling himself, fingers grazing over balls, shaft, head. It felt good of course, but was lacking a little zip, a little pizzazz. It felt entirely too predictable. Was that another part of Kaiba’s appeal then – that he was a wild card? That despite all their fights, both as partners and as rivals, there was always an element of surprise?

It was strange though… On one hand Yami wanted to dominate the proud young billionaire, to force him down onto his knees, to see those beautiful eyes flashing with indignant rage. He wanted to be rough, almost punishing, as Kaiba resisted all efforts to subdue him. But on the other hand Yami wanted the exact opposite too: Kaiba willingly submitting to him, not by force, but through trust and mutual desire. That too was a challenge, perhaps an even greater one…

Thankfully he could have it any way he wanted in the privacy of his own dreams.

Even though it was nearly pitch black in the bathroom, Yami went ahead and shut his eyes, etching the perfect scene onto his eyelids. In his mind he pictured his rival in his Battle City get up, the one with the black turtleneck and the studded white coat, then began editing the image as he saw fit. He thought of how fetching Kaiba would look on his knees, his coat and pants still in place, but with the turtleneck off his torso and the sleeves knotted around his wrists, securing them in place around… a bedpost. He’d be straining against the restraints, growling, "Yamiii…" in disapproval even while a smoldering desire burned in his blue eyes. For despite his position and predicament, Kaiba would never be a victim. There was no unwillingness there…

Yes, it was a nice image indeed.

Yami pictured himself pacing in front of the bed slowly, like a cat toying with its prey. He bet Kaiba had a nice body under all the layers he wore; he’d seen firsthand just how deceptively powerful the slender teen was. The white trench coat was in the way though; Yami imagined himself dramatically flipping up the bottom of it to expose Kaiba’s long legs tucked up on the bed, still clad in slim cut black trousers. They’d have to go as well. Yami licked his lips as he saw himself swiftly undoing the KC logo belt, lowering the pants to bare Kaiba’s ass and upper thighs. He bet the skin there was pale and smooth, just begging to be touched or even spanked. But perhaps he’d save that for another day…

Yami groaned as his hand began moving on its own up and down his hard cock. He could just imagine cupping Kaiba’s ass, running his fingers teasingly between the cheeks. Kaiba’s muscles would tense up for a moment in protest, before relaxing under Yami’s hands. He’d even spread his legs as much as his pants would allow. Yami gripped himself tighter as he fantasized about fondling Kaiba’s balls and cock with his left hand while continuing to rub his ass with his right, then, when the taller teen least expected it, he’d draw back that right hand and bring it down swiftly on one of the exposed cheeks.

Oops. He hadn’t meant to do that, though he felt some satisfaction when he saw the resulting blush blooming on white skin.

At least Kaiba wouldn’t cry out. He might let out a low hiss, but otherwise maintained his position. Yami could swear that maybe he’d even lift his hips up a bit higher, as if to let Yami know that he ought to do as he pleased, at least for the time being.

It was too irresistible. The former Pharaoh let his imagination go wild and ended up giving his rival a good spanking. He made sure to control himself… he didn’t want to hurt Kaiba of course, but he was very thorough, reddening Kaiba’s ass all over until the skin radiated a steady heat. But even after he was done, the image crystal clear in his head, he wasn’t quite sure why he’d found it so appealing; it just simply was. It felt good, like he’d just managed to release some pent up frustration that he didn’t even know he had.

Just as it seemed that things couldn’t be better, Yami hesitated. He even stopped jerking off like he was trying to set his dick on fire. Had he pushed things too far? Was this even something Kaiba would enjoy? Or would it be something he tolerate just because Yami wanted it?

"What’s the problem? Are we going to fuck or are you just going to stand there like an idiot?" Kaiba would suddenly snarl, his voice rough but his timing perfect. He’d sound a little breathless, and more than a little impatient.

Immediately Yami felt his temper flare up, but beyond that, as always, Kaiba’s words cleared his mind. He was grateful for it. But that didn’t mean he was going to go easy on him, either… He was up for the challenge.

He could only describe sex with Kaiba as being indescribably intense, hot and overwhelming. Even though it would be his first time – or at least the first time he knew of – there’d be an instant synch between their bodies. From the moment he claimed Kaiba it would be as if they knew exactly what to do, when and how to move. That was how they dueled; that would be how they’d make love. Their bodies would grow slippery with sweat and their muscles would ache from movements they were unaccustomed to. Yami felt his abs in particular cramping up, but he couldn’t stop himself from continuing to thrust madly into the tight channel before him.

Yami could barely keep himself from groaning Kaiba’s name. Only the dim knowledge in the back of his mind that this wasn’t really happening – and that the walls of the house were thin – kept him quiet. He swore to himself if it ever really happened, he’d yell Kaiba’s name until he lost his voice.

He wanted it to last. He knew he had to slow down, but he couldn’t. Like a runaway train speeding towards its destination, all he could do was hang on for as long as the ride lasted, and hope the crash at the end wasn’t too abrupt.

Images flooded Yami’s mind: Kaiba’s flushed ass, with him buried deep inside; Kaiba’s arms stretched taut before him, fingers clutching spasmodically at nothing but air; Kaiba’s head jerking back, damp strands of hair clinging to his forehead, mouth open in a wordless yell…

And just like that, regrettably… it was over.

Yami slumped back against the door with a soft thud, his cock twitching and pulsing in his right hand. His left was tacky thanks to the cum that had pooled in his palm. He gave himself a half-minute or so to wind down and catch his breath, then slowly picked himself up to get some tissues. He got himself cleaned up and pulled his boxers back on, then sat back down by the door. He still felt too charged up to sleep.

What would it be like after sex with Kaiba? he wondered. He wasn’t thinking in terms of how they’d feel physically, but how more along the lines of how things would change between them. They’d been enemies… they’d been rivals and even friends. Something like sex would logically bring them even closer. They’d be lovers. Or would things become awkward… would they quietly go their own way, their uncertainty driving a wedge between them?

Even in a fantasy, Yami didn’t want that to happen. He cared deeply for Kaiba and wanted to show him that, even if he wasn’t ready to confront him with it in real life.

The former Pharaoh shut his eyes once again. He’d left off with Kaiba still tied up, disheveled and panting. That wouldn’t do. He imagined gently untying him, rubbing his wrists to make sure they weren’t chafed, helping him sit up while getting his clothing straightened back up. Kaiba would probably glower at him at being treated like an invalid, but Yami would simply respond with a tolerant smile, baffling the taller man.

As if Kaiba wouldn’t be confused enough by that, Yami would follow it up by sitting down and opening up his arms to him. "Come here."

Wary as a wild beast, Kaiba’s eyes would narrow. Yami sighed inwardly, realizing it’d probably easier to bed the proud brunette than to try and coax him into his arms. But finally… after a very long minute, maybe Kaiba would crawl over, even while his eyes continued searching over Yami’s face, as if he were anticipating a trap.

Only the truth would suffice. "I just want to hold you."

Kaiba’s lips would curl back slightly at that. "Why?"

They’d just made love. Of course Yami wanted to hold him and be held in return. But Kaiba would think his job was done, now that they’d both gotten off. As if they both didn’t deserve more.

Thankfully Kaiba was the type to find action easier than words. Eventually he’d creep close enough that Yami could enfold him in his arms. Maybe he’d even be willing to rest his head on Yami’s leg or stomach.

That’d be enough for the time being. They could sort through the details later. For now, Yami just wanted to lay back and bask in the afterglow. He was inexplicably tired all of a sudden. Content, he hunkered down, imagining he was curled up with Kaiba, and shut his eyes just a little tighter…

* * *

A persistent tapping sound pounded its way into Yami’s awareness, waking him from his deep slumber, and he grumbled in discontent while curling even tighter around the body in his arms. He was becoming aware of how unusually chilly it was. Something wasn’t right. He didn’t know why Kaiba’s mattress was so hard and unforgiving, nor why Yugi was outside the bedroom, knocking on the…

Yugi? Why would…

Yami’s eyes flickered open. He found himself blearily staring at the bathroom baseboards with a few small dust bunnies rolled up in the corner. He was half sticking to the linoleum floor, clutching stupidly at a body sheet he’d somehow dragged down from the towel rod. Apparently he’d mistaken the towel for Kaiba…

"Yami, are you all right?" Yugi began asking through the door, punctuating it with more knocks.

"Um, er… yeah! I’ll be just a minute. Sorry," the crimson-eyed teen responded as he scrambled to his feet and began cleaning up any evidence of the fact that he’d spent the night in the bathroom, wet for Kaiba. He squashed down the tissues in the trash can, washed his hands, and hung up the towel, then brushed over his undershirt and boxers real quick, though nothing was going to get rid of the obvious sleep creases. He glanced over at the mirror and frowned at his tousled hair, at the red marks on his face and arm caused by his lying on the hard floor.


"Yes, Aibou." Yami opened the door and sheepishly ducked his head down, scurrying out of the bathroom in the hopes that Yugi wouldn’t notice – or at least could pretend not to notice – how disheveled he was.

Of course Yugi wasn’t blind, but he held his tongue. After all, he was the same age as Yami; he understood what he was going through. There were only so many places to escape to in their home. He was just thankful he’d never fallen asleep afterwards in the bathroom…

"Yami? Everything okay?" Sugoroku asked. "Oh, are you not feeling well? You look…"

Great, his honorary grandfather was in the hallway too… even better. "Thanks I’m fine!" Yami quickly mumbled before disappearing back into his bedroom.

"Hmm…" Sugoroku began.

"He’s fine," Yugi quickly assured him. "Really. I’d know if he wasn’t. And I have to use the bathroom."

"Well, all right then, since you’re sure. Try not to take too long in there though."

Yugi nodded and struggled to not laugh. He wasn’t sure if his grandfather was playing dumb, or maybe he just didn’t remember what it was like to be a teenager. Either way, Yugi didn’t want to know, and didn’t need to know.

But it wasn’t as easy to purge the faint, lingering traces of Yami’s fantasy from his mind.

Kaiba, huh?

* * *


Author’s Notes:

September 8, 2010