Title: Control
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "Inside Out" is performed and recorded by Eve 6. "Control" is performed and recorded by Janet Jackson. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Even Seto can enjoy losing control every once in a while. PWP.
Status: 1 / 1
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *


* * *

I alone am the one you don’t know you need
You don’t know you need me
Make me blind when your eyes close
Tie me to the bed post

- "Inside Out," Eve 6

* * *


He couldn’t help but struggle a little… it wasn’t in his nature to hold still. Or to submit… not to anyone!

But he had willingly come into the room. Had let his lover lead him to the seemingly innocuous padded metal framework that he was now snugly secured to. He hadn’t questioned it when a gag had been shoved between his teeth, hadn’t protested at all when the blindfold had been placed over his eyes. Course, the gag might’ve had something to do with that, although it still wasn’t enough to keep him completely silent…

He gave a low, guttural grunt as he felt the tongue circling his navel dip in, and a pair of fingers began pinching nipples that had already been flicked to firmness. He inhaled sharply through his nostrils as his breathing picked up in time with his pulse. It was getting harder to think, but he stubbornly clung to his desire to analyze the situation, as if maintaining that tiny bit of self control brought him more pleasure than all of the sensations assaulting his body.

His analytical side assessed his current position. He was half lying, half sitting in an inclined position, as if he were leaning way back in an office chair. Yards of bondage tape circled his upper torso, exposing only a few slivers of flesh to the cold air – nipples, a couple of random ribbons of pale skin. His forearms were bound together in a leather sleeve from wrist to elbow and locked down just above his head. His thighs were completely immobilized, held apart by padded brackets and straps attached to the framework; his ankles were cuffed and clipped to anchors on the underside of the brackets, leaving him completely exposed. His boyfriend had already taken advantage of that opening and had girded him with a smooth, weighty cock ring before inserting a length of anal beads into him, an obvious promise of something more substantial to come…

There was something oddly titillating about being so vulnerable. It wasn’t that he had some sort of fetish for being bound and gagged… quite the contrary. He hated being helpless. He was a man who needed to be in control; damn it, he was Seto Kaiba, President and CEO of one the world’s most successful companies! But being with Yami, like this… it made him forget all that. It made him want to lose control.

It seemed like such a strange contradiction, to want to be under the spell of the one person who could really hurt him, who could even kill him if he wanted to. But that was part of the thrill. At the same time, Seto also knew with absolute certainty that his crimson-eyed lover wouldn’t harm him in any way, and that knowledge excited him as well. It was adrenaline and testosterone slamming together, mixing to form a volatile cocktail that strengthened his desires… a heady infusion more cloying than the scent of sweat and leather in the air, more suffocating than the gag in his mouth.

The soft jingling of keys brought him out of the strange trance he had slipped into. A hand was stroking its way down his abdomen now, lightly skimming over the shiny tape, whispering past his collared cock, before it slid slowly down the inside of his thigh. Uncertain of what would happen next – Yami had dampened their link enough to leave him in the dark as to his intentions – Seto got back into the game and shifted his hips as much as he could, unconsciously urging the hand to encircle his shaft, play with the handle of the beaded plug, something… anything!

Yami smirked wickedly, his free hand drifting down to tug at his own erection. Seeing Seto all worked up, sweaty and squirming and straining against the restraints, was an undeniable turn on. He was gorgeous. Even more beautiful was the fact that he had allowed himself to be placed in that position, completely at the mercy of his lover… and that he craved such a thing. To be touched, teased… and finally, taken.

Yami’s prick ached at the very thought, not content with the hand that was rubbing it, bitter about the fact that it wasn’t already sheathed inside Seto’s warm body. But this was, like all their duels, an activity too enjoyable to allow to come to such a quick conclusion.

That didn’t mean that he’d keep the brunette waiting too long, though…

Much to Seto’s relief, there was finally a tug on the ringed end of the insertable. He felt the beads being drawn out of him, one by one, making lewd popping sounds as his anal opening, sticky with lube, expanded and contracted with the passage of each bump. He moaned and drooled and hated himself for the loss of control, all while wanting the toy to be shoved back in so he could experience it all over again. "Errhh…"

"You like that, don’t you?" A tongue wetted his hipbone. Seto wished it would wrap itself around his cock instead. His dick nodded slightly, seconding that. "But I have something better for you," Yami continued to tease, his voice thick like honey, and Seto found himself imagining his boyfriend’s length and girth pushing its way in. He certainly was prepared to take it. But instead of hot flesh, there was another lifeless lubed object pressed against his entrance.

The gag in Seto’s mouth swallowed up the gasp he made as the wand slid in, curving its way inside until one end of it rubbed up against his sweet spot, and the other hugged his perineum. A flick of a switch and the entire body of the silicone toy began vibrating, making his head roll from side to side.

"Is it good?" Yami playfully purred, all sugar and spice as he used more tape to temporarily keep the toy secured, though of course he didn’t expect a response. At least, not a coherent verbal one. While he began masturbating in earnest, he leaned over to give Seto’s glans a light kiss, earning him another buck of the hips and a taste of bittersweet and salt on his tongue. He licked his lips thoughtfully, considering his options…

Seto made a questioning sound as the vibration on the toy was abruptly switched to a minimal setting. As disappointed as his body was to lose the vigorous stimulation that had put his prick at full attention, at least it allowed his mind to clear a little. What was Yami up to? Then he realized his lover was moving around, shifting on his feet; he was probably trying to reach something. Seto tried to remember if he’d seen anything lying around when he had first come into the room… Undoubtedly Yami had laid out the toys he wanted to use ahead of time. But the playroom – or the dungeon, as Yami lovingly called it – had been rather dark when he had entered, lit only by a few dim spotlights, and to be frank, all Seto had been thinking about at the time was what he wanted to do to Yami…

Something hard, long and thin brushed against his inner thigh. Seto barely had the chance to identify it before it suddenly smacked down, just hard enough to sting the soft skin.

A riding crop… The impact of the initial bite had always made him jump; it was an unconscious reaction that had been branded too deeply for him to stave off. But Yami understood – had always been aware of those scars on some level – and gave Seto the time he needed to settle down, stroking and kissing the tender mark to remind him that he was in good hands, that this was for pleasure and not punishment. He knew Seto would end up enjoying it as long as he was reminded of who was wielding it.

Once that initial panic was gone, once Seto remembered to start breathing again, Yami laid down a second faint stripe, inches from the first. He lavished his affections on this one as well, then surprised Seto by sucking on the head of his cock for a good ten or fifteen seconds. Another pair of strokes on the other leg, and the taller man had earned himself several firm licks up his shaft ending in a swirling of tongue. Seto was practically vibrating by this point, rattling the frame he was strapped to, wanting release in more ways than one.

Yami paused, then stepped back slightly to get a good look at his handiwork thus far. He traced one of the pink stripes lightly with a fingernail, imagining how much hotter a whole set of them would look, as both a visual reminder of Seto’s trust in him and a sign of possession. Unable to resist, Yami put down a few more strokes, harder than the first set, then began sucking on Seto in earnest, dropping the whip to begin fumbling at removing the toy still buzzing inside his lover. Too impatient to even bother with shutting the thing off properly, Yami just jabbed at the off button as he straightened up, letting the wand fall so that he could concentrate on penetrating the now available orifice.

He moaned with relief when he finally slipped in. Seto was so open, so well slicked, that Yami had no problem entering him with nothing more than the natural juices wetting the tip of his cock. He plunged in hungrily, balls to the wall so to speak, filling Seto for several strokes, then pulled out completely, as if deprivation would somehow sharpen the edge of their lust. Maybe there was some truth to that… The moment of contact was so exquisite, he just wanted to relive it over and over again, and so he did. By the fourth time he withdrew, the brunette was slobbering around the gag, his leg muscles bunching up in a vain attempt to keep Yami inside.

It was wonderful to see such a strong reaction. But there was a difference between teasing and being needlessly cruel; Yami could take the hint. With a soft grunt that echoed Seto’s, he thrust in again, this time with much more restraint than before, replacing deprivation with frustration. He worked slowly, concentrating on precision, trying to hit that special place inside his lover with each drawn out stroke. Seto was already on edge… Yami just wanted to keep him there as long as possible while taking care of his own needs, too.

Once again, Yami pulled out… actually, he had to. He was coming too close to completion too soon; he’d be damned if he were going to come after less than two minutes of actual intercourse. He regretted not putting a cock ring on himself to extend their playtime, but it was too late for that. Probably too late to stop the inevitable as well, so…

Might as well give in then. The shorter duelist pushed back inside his boyfriend, then, in a complete one-eighty, began pounding him as vigorously as he could. Seto groaned, thrashing his head around at the unexpected change in tempo, but still managed to tilt his pelvis just a wee bit to draw Yami in a few more centimeters, reclaiming a sliver of control for himself. Yami didn’t protest and in fact showed his appreciation by capturing Seto’s right nipple between his fingertips, pushing it in circles while his lips and tongue mirrored the motion on the other pink nub, all while teasing his own nipples with a splayed hand until the peaks pressed back against his fingers.

They were past the point of words and conscious thought. Like one, they panted and bucked, flesh meeting flesh, rapidly forgetting about things like control and restraint until sweat mingled with spurts of cum. Yami sighed in tired satisfaction… he had deliberately pulled out a bit prematurely because he couldn’t resist tagging Seto with one final mark, which began rolling down the crease of his immobilized thigh before cooling and losing momentum. But they weren’t quite done yet…

"You’ve been very good," he breathed in his lover’s ear. He ran his left thumb over the tip of Seto’s neglected erection, rubbing the moisture that had gathered there. "So how shall I finish you off? With my mouth? With my hands?"

"Mrrrhh…" Seto replied, nostrils flaring as he greedily sucked in air, not giving a shit about what Yami did to get him off as long as it happened, and soon.

"Both? I can do that," Yami assured him, and he took the head into his mouth and rolled it around while his right hand fisted itself around Seto’s shaft. As he began pumping strongly and lashing at the glans with his tongue, he positioned the heel of his left hand against the underside of his boyfriend’s balls, then thrust two fingers in all the way to the knuckle, making a stroking motion against the inner walls. Seto bucked and writhed and his dick jumped like a wild stallion, but Yami clung on like a desperate rider, alternating between spurring on the savage beast and caressing it with a fine touch until finally, with one last squeeze, Seto came. Yami pulled off just in time to allow the spurts of ejaculate to shoot all over his hand, the milky droplets rolling down to pool around the brushed steel ring that lay at the base of the brunette’s prick.

Noticing that Seto was beginning to sag in the restraints, Yami decided he better start freeing him, or Seto would really let him have it when the tables were inevitably turned. After wiping his hands clean, he began working on removing the gag since Seto was breathing hard, though it took the older man several seconds to relax his jaw enough for it to be pulled free. The sleeves had to be unlocked – like many of the items, they’d been padlocked in place, which was why Yami had kept the keys around his neck – and unbuckled. Next came the ankle cuffs and leg brackets, and then the length of tape around Seto’s torso.

And then lastly, the blindfold came off. Seto shook his head a little and blinked a few times, adjusting to the presence of a spotlight that had been turned to bathe his body with bright warmth. He felt sore and stiff and yet... satisfied as well. He let out an audible sigh, glad that it wasn’t muffled by a piece of rubber this time.

"How was it?" Yami came and stood in front of him. Seto blinked again. Haloed by the light, his features shadowed… all the young CEO could think was, That’s how he looked, the first time we dueled… Though… to be fair, Yami hadn’t been gloriously naked the first time they had met.

Content though it had been, Seto’s penis suddenly stirred at the memory of that initial meeting. He grumbled, realizing he was already turned on again. Damn it… "Round 2?" he asked with a rakish grin, as he began blatently assessing the spanking bench behind Yami.

An answering smile alighted on his lover’s face. Yami loosely swung the blindfold in circles by the strap before pressing the leather mask against his pursed lips. "Why not?" he finally responded. "I’m always up for a challenge…"

* * *


Author’s Notes:

May 30, 2008