Title: The Boys of Summer - Ch. 7: Endless Summer Nights
Author: bnomiko
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Seto + Yami, Rafael + Valon + Amelda, Malik + Bakura
Spoilers: none... takes place post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "The Boys of Summer" is performed and recorded by Don Henley. "Endless Summer Nights" is performed and recorded by Richard Marx. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Sequel to "More Than Words" (can stand alone, but it makes more sense if read as a sequel). The seventh and final day of the vacation... saying goodbye to new friends.
Status: 8 / 9
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This is a SHONEN-AI fic (male + male romantic relationship). If you are offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

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Author's Notes:

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The Boys of Summer

Ch. 7: Endless Summer Nights

* * *

Exhausted by hours of dancing, Yami fell asleep during the short drive back to the hotel. Seto carried his lover onto the elevator and up to their suite, roused him enough to get him out of his ridiculously tight pants and into the shower, then had to finish drying him off when the ex-spirit fell asleep while performing the task himself. Tired beyond words, the taller teen curled up beside his boyfriend after getting himself cleaned up, promptly falling asleep as well.

Early the next morning, Seto awoke to the faint sound of laughter. Puzzled, he blearily opened his eyes just as the door creaked open and a warm weight settled itself onto his back, quickly followed by a light, soothing caress feathering over his spine and shoulders.

Good morning, Yami's mental voice purred.

Mm... morning. It was a nice way to wake up, almost as good as a cup of coffee. Seto stretched his legs out, extending his back, and melted under Yami's gentle touch. Was... I thought I heard...

Oh, sorry I woke you. I was watching some TV.


Yami leaned down and settled himself on his lover's back as he put a little more muscle into the massage. He was pleased to see that Seto's entire body was much more relaxed than usual, the result of their vacation, he supposed. A slightly bitter smile flitted across his face. You do realize... it's our last day here.

Seto's shoulders tensed slightly. Hn. Vacations aren't meant to last forever, Yami.

I know. The younger duelist began moving his palms in small circles, brushing his fingers over the outline of the tattoo which stood out boldly against the pale skin. So... did you enjoy your first official vacation?

Seto took moment to gather his thoughts. Admittedly, it wasn't what I originally expected. Not sure what I expected, actually. But riding at Pegasus' ranch, shopping with Amelda, critiquing art with Rafael, watching fireworks off Valon's yacht... and dear God, last night's fiasco... well, those things certainly weren't on my itinerary. But... I guess I'm okay with that, now that I think about it.

So no regrets, huh?

Well, there is one... The brunette slowly rolled himself over and Yami tumbled onto the right side of the bed.

Really? What's that?

You promised me wild and crazy sex until we wore out the mattress. Well, I don't see any wear or tear on this bed at all. He rolled over again until he was on top of Yami and wedged between parted legs, then brushed back his boyfriend's hair and trailed his fingers down a cheekbone until his fingertips brushed against soft lips.

Yami kissed the offered fingers as the brunette ground his burgeoning arousal against his lover's groin. Horny little devil.

Hmph. There's nothing little about me. And I'll be happy to prove that to you.

The crimson-eyed teen merely smiled in response as his boyfriend began stripping his robe off of him.

* * *

Some twenty minutes later, Yami snuck out of the bedroom looking a bit more rumpled and a lot more flushed. Both Rafael and Valon gave him amused looks, though the blonde had his hand placed firmly over his lover's mouth as the brunette shook with silent laughter.

Yami just gave the pair a charming smile.

"Well... that was... different," Rafael whispered, finally releasing Valon from his stranglehold.

"Heh... I know you said you were going to put him back to sleep, but ah... wasn't expecting that. You're quite loud, I must say."

Yami quirked an eyebrow at Valon. "It wasn't my original plan. I thought he'd just go back to sleep after a backrub but... Hey, wait a minute! He only woke up because he heard you laughing. If he wakes up again, I'm sending you in there!"

"Hey, don't blame me, mate. If he saw this picture..." and Valon picked up a very unflattering candid photo of Seto rolling his eyes at a display at the Getty, "Well, he'd probably die of embarrassment. After burning the print and the memory card. And killing Rafael for snapping the shot."

"And killing me for unintentionally burning the image into my memory? Oh hell," Yami snatched the print and went to rip it in half, but Valon tried to grab it back.

"Come on, let me keep it. Please!"

"No!" The Sennen Eye lit up on Yami's forehead.

Rafael quickly snatched the photo out of the former Pharaoh's grasp and tore it up, eliciting a groan of disappointment from Valon and an amused snigger from Yami. "There, now no one has to go to the Shadow Realm."

"Too bad. I was so looking forward to sending Valon there."

The brunette stuck his tongue out at Yami, then picked up another stack of photos. "How long you think he'll stay asleep for?"

"Well, he fell asleep right after... oh, shut up Valon!" Yami smacked the Aussie on the arm as he snickered. "Anyways, I think I bought us two more hours or so." The ex-spirit grabbed another pile of pictures and began flipping through them, pulling out prints that he liked.

"We should be done and out of here by then," said Rafael. "So you think he'll accept our invitation?"

"I don't see why not."

* * *

Several hours later, Seto awoke to find himself naked and sprawled face down on the bed. A quick glance at the bedside clock told him it was nearly noon, so he rolled over and called out to Yami, who walked in with his cellphone in hand.

"Uh huh... yeah, that sounds great!" Yami said to whoever was on the other end. Seto guessed it was Valon, since the Aussie seemed to be awfully buddy-buddy with Yami as of late. "Oh come on... I'm sure you're a great cook. Wait, hold on..." Seto.

Let me guess... Valon?

We don't have any plans today, right Baby?

"Well I thought we could go to the Montage Spa today..." Seto said aloud, sitting up and enunciating the words so that he could be heard over the phone.

Yami listened to Valon's response, then relayed it. "Valon said, 'Or you could spend the day having fun with us!' Kai-baby..."

Seto groaned. We've spent most of this week with those fools! Is it too much to ask for a day where it's just you and me?

The younger teen frowned slightly, though inwardly he was thrilled that Seto wanted to have a day all to themselves. He would have to take him up on the offer on a later date. But isn't it nice that we've made some new friends here?

Friends? Last I checked, they were our enemies. In case you've forgotten, all four of those dweebs tried to steal our souls at one point or another. And yes, I'm including Pegasus in that bunch.

That's all in the past. You realize that if we all held on to our grudges forever, then you and I would never have gotten together.

Whatever. I don't need a friendship talk from you. Look, I like having you around. And I tolerate your friends because of you. But I don't need them! I only need you. Seto blinked in surprise at his own statement. If I just said it, does that mean it's true?

Yami gave his perplexed lover a gentle smile. That would make sense, yes. So...?

The CEO sighed aloud. So what type of torture do they have planned for us today? More art exhibits? Watch Rafael get drunk instead? What does it take, a whole case of vodka?

They want us to come over and see their place, then maybe hang out on the beach and have a barbecue for dinner... that's all.

That's all? Sounds like an all-day affair. Seto rested his chin in his hand. You really want to do this, huh? Yami nodded, his crimson eyes lighting up. The things I do for you... Oh, all right...

Thank you, Kai-baby! He bent down and planted a kiss on the brunette's brow. "Okay, Valon, we're on. Yeah, well... we'll be there in about an hour and a half, maybe two. Yes, I have the directions written down. Mmhmm, we'll see you later then!"

* * *

By 2:00 PM, Seto found himself sitting with Amelda underneath a large beach umbrella on a semi-private stretch of hot California sand while Yami, Valon and Rafael played an odd game of rugby / tag out in the surf. The young billionaire snarled softly every time Rafael dumped Yami in the water or Valon tackled him to the ground, but from all the laughter, it was obvious that the ex-spirit didn't mind the roughhousing. However, that didn't mean that Seto wasn't seriously consider breaking Valon's hands if they strayed one more time over Yami's scantily clad ass. Where on Earth did the younger teen find such tiny trunks anyways, and did he realize that the bright orange hook-and-eye fly was just begging to be undone?

"You really are possessive, aren't you? Actually, you both are, come to think of it." Amelda finally said, tipping his sunglasses down just far enough to peer at the brunette.

Seto turned and gave him an odd look. He had thought the redhead was still hung over from the night before, considering that he hadn't said a word since they arrived. "No."

"Well, why are you sitting here when you'd rather be out there?"

"Probably because I'd sunburn in about 15 seconds, like you."

"All right, fine..." Amelda sat back in his lounger. "So how are your brothers? Isn't it Mokuba's birthday today?"

Blue eyes narrowed slightly. "Yes. I should be at home."

"I... see. But he didn't want you to postpone your trip?"

"Hn. Don't think you know anything about me just because I've been stuck with you and your cronies for the past week."

Amelda just furrowed his brow before the crunch of footsteps caught their joint attention. "Actually, Mokuba and Noa Kaiba and Yugi Mutou were the ones who set this vacation up, isn't that right, Kaiba-boy?" Pegasus asked, all smiles as he unfolded a beach chair and placed it next to Seto's.

"Pegasus. And I thought I was finally rid of you, what with your impressive performance last night. I didn't know you were so... touchy."

Amelda blinked at at the silver-haired man. "You made a pass at him?"

Seto slapped his hand against his forehead. "You BOTH made passes at me!"

"I did not!" both men protested.

"Pegasus, you told me you were lonely and offered me a Blow Job and a Violent Fuck after complimenting my Buttery Nipples," Seto retorted. "And then you tried to hug me... twice!" Both Pegasus and Amelda gaped at Seto until he let his smirk slip through.

The older CEO scratched his head. "I hate to say this, but I can't tell if you're joking or not. Please tell me you're referring to the shots."

"When do I ever joke? But I did have to peel you off Yami twice. You're lucky I didn't break your face."

Amelda chuckled. "I didn't know Yami was your type, Pegasus."

"I didn't know *I* was your type either, Amelda," Seto threw in, causing the redhead to blink again in confusion. "You called me a cuddle bunny, asked me to compliment your boots, then requested I take you home."

"Cuddle... bunny?"

"Haha. I remember that part, Amelda. Valon dared you to tell Kaiba that to his face. I guess you did," Pegasus said as Valon came trotting up to the trio, salt water dripping from his bangs.

"I dared who what? Geez, look at the three of you... you're all so pale the light reflecting off your skin hurts my... ouch!" A football bounced off the back of Valon's head and innocently rolled away a few inches.

"Oops, was that your head?" Rafael deadpanned.

Yami ran up and joined the conversation with a laugh. "Nice shot, Rafael."

"Of course."

Valon frowned at both of his playmates. "You do realize Yami, if Rafael had missed, he would've nailed your boyfriend in the face instead."

"And then I would have congratulated him with a one-way trip to the Shadow Realm, after sending you there first for ducking out of the way," Yami finished up cheerfully, planting his sea-soaked behind on Seto's lap and grabbing a bottle of drinking water. The brunette scowled as his board shorts absorbed the seawater, but promptly forgot about it as Yami ground his butt hard against his crotch.

"I'm still trying to figure out which of you is more possessive," said Amelda after a moment of silence.

"He is," Yami and Seto answered at the same time, each pointing to the other.

* * *

After several hours out in the sun, the six duelists retired to the duplex the former Doom members shared. Valon fired up the grill out on the deck while Amelda mixed drinks in the kitchen. Not wanting to see what would happen if Amelda and Pegasus managed to get sloshed again, Seto followed Yami out onto the deck, where the younger teen stood watching the waves crash onto the sandy beach just beyond the house.

You remember our talk about getting a vacation house, Kai-baby? Yami asked as Seto wrapped his long arms around his lover's shoulders.

I remember you talking about it, yes. Yami smiled deviously. Oh no... if you were going to suggest that we buy the townhouse next door...

Why not? It's for sale, and this is a great spot.

Maybe because I don't want to live next door to these nutjobs?

These "nutjobs" have been considerate enough to take time out of their schedule to show us around and I've had a great time on this trip because of it. Why can't you accept that they're no longer our rivals or enemies?

Whatever, Yami. I didn't ask for them to take us around. I didn't even ask for a vacation.

So you didn't have a good time? Is that what you're saying? Honestly, Seto... Yami turned to Valon and asked, "Where is it?"

"Hmm? Oh... that. Up in my room. Third floor, door on the left."

"What?" The young billionaire blinked. What in the world are they talking about?

"Come inside, Baby. I need to show you something." Taking his lover's hand, Yami led Seto inside, sat him in a chair, and disappeared up to the third floor.

Seto scowled as Pegasus, Rafael and Amelda wandered in from the kitchen and sat down on the sofa across from him, studying him with curiosity in their eyes. "Jesus, what the fuck is with you people?"

"Don't worry, it's a good thing, Kaiba-boy," Pegasus said just as the crimson-eyed teen came back down with something behind his back.

Yami waited until Valon stepped inside as well, then turned to Seto and said, "Baby, remember how I told you I had Mokuba's birthday gift covered? Well, I had everyone here help out with this, since I wanted it to be a surprise, but... well, anyways, here it is."

Seto cocked an eyebrow as Yami handed him a photo album. "Um, okay..."

Open it, silly.

Hmph. I was going to. The brunette CEO cracked open the album, which was stuffed with candid photos taken during their stay in California. While it was a nice, if rather arbitrary, collection of pictures, Seto didn't understand why his little brother would want it. Okay, you'll have to explain this to me. Mokuba asked for pictures?

Yami chuckled and draped himself over Seto's shoulder. "Not exactly. But before we left, I asked him if he wanted anything, and he said, 'If Seto has a good time, that'll be the best gift of all.' So that's what I'm trying to give him, you... grouch. We've been snapping candid shots for this all week... you didn't think we were just taking pictures of the scenery, did you? I don't think I've seen a better compilation of pictures of you, well... enjoying life. Ever."

"... Ah." Seto continued to review the photos, but began flipping through the pages much more slowly than before.

Valon frowned. "That's it? How about a thank you instead?"

Yami and Seto both glared at him, and Yami added, "Your steaks are charring."

"Er... right." The Aussie sheepishly headed back out to the deck.

"You know, we didn't do this for a thank you, Kaiba," Amelda said once the youngest ex-Doom member shut the door. "I'd like to think that Miruko... well, maybe he would have wanted the same thing for me. To be happy, I mean." Seto's head jerked up and his eyes met Amelda's momentarily.

"Same with Sonia and Julien," Rafael added gruffly. Next to him, Pegasus silently folded his arms across his chest, obviously thinking about Cyndia as well.

Does it make sense now, Seto?

Yeah... I guess. You really think... Mokuba will like this? Seto's fingers slowly traced the border of a photo taken the previous night at the Crazy Horse. Someone else must have snapped the picture, because all six of them were in it. And right below that, there was an image of him leaning against the railing on the dance floor with Yami singing against his cheek. How come I didn't notice the flash when these were taken?

To answer your first question, I think he'll love it. I know he's smart enough to understand the sentiment behind it. And besides, Mokuba's got too many video games anyways. What's the point of giving him another stack? And as far as your second question... well, you're oblivious to a lot of things. At least when I'm around.

Hmph. I have no idea what you're talking about.

I know. Like I said, oblivious. Anyways, I'm going to go outside and make sure Valon isn't stewing too much, all right? Yami stroked Seto's hair, then straightened back up and walked through the French doors leading to the deck.

The brunette took his time flipping through the rest of the album, then slowly shut it before clearing his throat and addressing the three duelists on the sofa. "You're right, Amelda. I believe... it's exactly what he... what they would have wanted. All of them."

* * *

Yami stood silently by the grill for several minutes, watching as Valon focused his attention on the barbecue. He knew the Aussie wasn't too happy with Seto at the moment, but he wasn't going to broach the subject unless Valon wanted to talk about it.

The ex-Doom member finally sighed and glanced over at Yami. With a sudden grin, Valon cheerfully said, "Ah, hell... I'm not sore about it, Yami. I know he's a wanker," before viciously skewering a piece of meat and flipping it over.

Yami winced a little. The poor steak was going to lose all of its juiciness if Valon kept jabbing it like that. "Seto's not a... whatever you just called him. But since I know he'll never say it, then I'll do it for him. Thank you for your help, Valon. It really was nice of you to pitch in."

"You're welcome. Ah? Huh... he must've said something to make Amelda happy." Valon's expression softened as he peered into the living room and Yami craned his neck to see the redhead handing Seto a cocktail. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter if Kaiba's grateful or not. As long as he stops acting like a prick to Amelda, I don't care."


The Aussie shrugged. "He said something about Miroku and Mokuba earlier today. You know how that goes. But, ah... We get on well, don't you think? Me and you I mean."

"Yes, I think so."

"You know, the other townhouse is up for grabs."

Yami walked over to the edge of the deck and sat himself up on the railing, looking over his shoulder at the sweeping view. "Amelda mentioned it to us yesterday. And I asked Seto about it earlier."


"I don't know. He wasn't enthusiastic about it. I won't force him to do anything that he doesn't want to do, even if it would be for his own good."

"What's for my own good?" Seto asked, suddenly stepping out onto the deck with a Screwdriver in hand. He took a quick sip and admired his boyfriend over the rim of the glass.

"Buying the duplex next door," Valon said unabashedly. Both brunettes stared at each other.

"Is that so." Seto said evenly. "Well, that particular house isn't on the market anymore, as of a few minutes ago."

Valon blinked. "Huh? But it was just listed..."

Excited, Yami cut him off. "Baby, does that mean...?"

"Don't get too worked up over it, Yami. It's just a good investment at this time, even if I offered more than the asking price," the young CEO said coolly, wandering over to place himself between the ex-spirit's thighs.

"A good investment..." Yami smirked and looped his arms around Seto's neck. Is that what I am?

What makes you think this is for you? It makes sense for me to have a conveniently located residence for my business trips, and also the housing market here is really hot right now.

So I had nothing to do with it, hmm? Not even a little? Even though you're buying it sight unseen?

Well... maybe just a little bit.

How little? Give me a number. Five percent? Ten?

Just a tiny bit, like I said. God, don't be pushy.

One percent? Yami pouted playfully, his legs twining around Seto's waist.

The brunette billionaire shrugged. Maybe... 99 percent? Give or take a little.

Yami laughed out loud. Only 99 percent?! In what universe is that tiny?

Does it matter?

"Hey you two, you're not going to start going at it on my deck, right? Not that I'd complain or anything, but er... there is sort of a law against public fornication."

"Fuck the public," Seto scoffed as Yami commandeered his drink.

Valon grinned, his eyes bright with mischievousness. "No no, not fuck the public. Fucking in public."

"Whatever. And since we're going to be neighbors, I'm going to ask that you keep your kinks to a minimum. If I ever see a four-way out on the deck, I might be inclined to kill all of you and dump your bodies in the ocean for the sharks to eat."

"A four-way? Who's the fourth... oh. Hahaha, that's funny! But since we're on the subject of neighbors and noise levels, you may want to talk to your boyfriend about keeping it down while rooting, hmm? Cause he's a real screamer."

"What the HELL are you talking about?"

Yami glared at Valon. "So, *Valon*... don't you have something inside that you have to do?"

"Ah, nope."

"Yes you do." A brief flash of light flitted across Yami's forehead.

"Why, you're right! I totally forgot. Ah... watch the barbie, okay?" Valon hastily scurried away.

All right, what gives?

Nothing, Kai-baby.

He was over at the hotel this morning, wasn't he?

Well, sort of. Rafael was too.

Oh God, Yami! Seto groaned. Should we just fuck in front of Amelda and get it over with? Because it's inevitable you know. Or would a sex tape suffice?

If you had just gone back to sleep after the backrub like you were supposed to, then they wouldn't have heard anything because there wouldn't have been anything to hear!

Blue eyes narrowed. So this is my fault when you're the one screaming his head off? "Ohh, fuck me harder, Baby!!"

Yami couldn't help but smile in the face of his boyfriend's annoyance. You like it when I'm loud, Baaaa~by.

Hn. You should thank all your Egyptian gods each and every day that you're sexy and hot in the sack, or I'd have dumped your ass a long time ago for mouthing off to me.

Oh please... you like it. Besides, who else would put up with you?

Me? What about you, Mr. Bow-before-the-almighty-Pharaoh?

What do you...

Pegasus popped his head out the door. "Can Valon come back out yet? He's annoying us in here."

"If he promises to behave, I suppose he can come back," Yami responded with a dramatic sigh.

Valon ran back out triumphantly and jogged over to the grill with a wink.

* * *

After a very nice dinner and an impromptu game of hearts around the dining room table, which Yami won easily, Seto reluctantly announced that he and Yami had to leave in order to catch their flight home. The mood in the room immediately became somber and everyone shut up for a minute.

"Well, at least remember to come back and visit some time," Amelda finally said, breaking the silence.

"Since I'm buying the other duplex, it's not like I have much of a choice," Seto muttered.

"Buying it is one thing. Using it is another, Kaiba-boy," Pegasus said. "Don't work so hard."

"Maybe you guys could come visit us sometime in the future," Yami suggested, ignoring Seto's grunt of protest.

"Oooh, is that a standing invite?" Valon asked.

"Sure, for everyone except you... ow!" Seto turned and glared at his lover for poking him in the ribs. "Oh fine, you can come too. I wouldn't want Rafael and Amelda to have to go through the embarrassment of hiring a babysitter to watch over you."

"Ha. I'll miss you too, you bastard."

Rafael smiled at his brunette boyfriend. "Well, do you two need a ride to the airport then? I noticed that the trunk on the Prowler is about as big as a grocery bag."

"The rental place already sent a limo down to pick up our luggage from the hotel. We just need to return the car and the limo will take us to LAX," Seto replied.

"... but thank you for your offer, Rafael," Yami added, eyeing his boyfriend. You aren't going to thank them for anything, are you?


"All right then." Rafael stood up and everyone else followed suit. "It was an interesting week, that's for sure." He held out his hand and Seto accepted it, shaking it firmly. Yami did the same.

"Take care of yourselves," said Amelda, also shaking their hands.

"And take care of each other," Pegasus said before exchanging handshakes with the two departing duelists.

"Hooroo. But I'm not bothering with handshakes. Come on, give me a hug." Valon extended his arms out to both Yami and Seto, but the brunette CEO backed off with a snarl. The two shorter teens both laughed as they quickly embraced sans Seto.

"Okay, that's enough, go hug someone else, dork," Seto decided after about a second, forcing himself between his boyfriend and the exuberant Aussie. Valon took advantage of Seto's positioning to lasso him into the hug.

"Come on mates, group hug!"

"Oh heck, why not?" said Pegasus, joining the fray. Amelda and Rafael followed right after him.

Seto growled in displeasure as he was surrounded and squeezed. Yami, do something!


A Mind Crush would be appropriate right about now!

The former Pharaoh looked up at his lover and grinned. ... Nah.

* * *


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Additional Author's Notes (regarding how this chapter came up):

* * *

August 11, 2005