Title: The Boys of Summer – Ch. 5: Afternoon Delight
Author: bnomiko
Rating: R / NC-17
Pairing(s): Yami x Seto (sorta… LOL), Rafael + Valon + Amelda, Malik + Bakura
Spoilers: none… takes place post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "The Boys of Summer" is performed and recorded by Don Henley. "Afternoon Delight" is performed and recorded by The Starland Vocal Band. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Sequel to "More Than Words" (can stand alone, but it makes more sense if read as a sequel). After a meeting with Pegasus, an unplanned afternoon experiment yields unexpected results during the fifth day of the vacation.
Status: 6 / 9
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

* * *

Author’s Notes:

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The Boys of Summer

Ch. 5: Afternoon Delight

* * *

All right, that was Cook's Corner. What's next?

Yami pushed back his blond bangs, frowning when the wind whipping over the open top of the Prowler blew them right back over his sunglasses. Let's see… go 2.7 miles past Cook's Corner and pass three large oak trees, turn right immediately after. Go over the ridge and the road forks in three directions…

Seto let out a barely audible snort of air. What lame directions. I guess they don't believe in road signs out in the boondocks.

Apparently not, Yami agreed, eyeing the chaparral and gnarled oaks that seemed to have sprung out of nowhere. Just a few miles back, there were housing tracts and shopping centers as far as the eye could see, and now, dirt driveways and a scattering of mailboxes were the only signs of human habitation. At least Pegasus was nice enough to map this all out for us.

Hn. Only that nut would… what the…?

Yami and Seto both turned their heads to see a motorcycle suddenly roar by their car, then slow down just enough to keep pace in the bike lane on the passenger's side. The rider turned his head slightly to look at them, then gave them the bird.

"What the fuck!? This is a single lane, buddy!" Seto yelled, flipping the biker off in return.

The man simply raised his hand again and flipped up his face shield, revealing a familiar pair of blue eyes.

Yami blinked over the top of his frames. Valon?

"It is! Valon, you crazy fucker! What do you think you're doing?" Seto snarled.

The former Doom member merely winked and pointed at the young billionaire, then crooked his finger in a come-hither motion before lowering his face shield and rocketing his bike ahead of the roadster.

Guess he wants us to follow him? Yami began folding up the map.

Guess so.

Valon began to slow down as they approached a cluster of old oaks and motioned for Seto to turn right onto a narrow asphalt path. The road took them up over a ridge and then split in three directions. They followed the left fork to a bridge over a dry creek bed, then drove along a line of white pasture fencing which led to a guard booth beneath a gate marked "Welcome to Toon World."

"Cheesy. 'Welcome to the Funny Farm' would have been better," Seto commented, as Pegasus' security staff checked them over and waved them onto the property.

Yami smiled and pushed up his shades. "Right. Because that's not cheesy at all."

Seto scowled and pulled the Prowler into a circular driveway in front of an expansive ranch-style house and parked behind Valon's bike. "Shut up, Yami."

"Mmm, make me, Baby," Yami purred, his voice smooth as silk.

"I'll shut you… what do you want, Valon? Shouldn't you be at WORK or something?"

The Aussie leaned up against the rental car and grinned. "Naw, yesterday was a national holiday. So today's my 'day off.' Well technically... I'm chucking a sickie, not that Pegasus really cares. But ah, since I have an open invite to come down to the station whenever I please..."

"You decided to come down and irritate me," complained the young CEO.

"Hey now, I have other things to do with my time than irritate you. Like horseback riding."

"Riding?" Yami's eyes lit up. "That's probably why Pegasus wrote down 'wear jeans' in his directions. Hmm, I haven't ridden since… well, in a long while."

Seto folded his arms across his chest. "And that's a good thing. I don't trust horses. They're big dumb animals that are just waiting to dump you on the ground and kick you in the head."

Yami frowned at his lover while Valon laughed. "Now that sounds like something Amelda would say. He refuses to ride with Rafael and me. Says that he fell off once when he was a wee lad and doesn't want to do it again. But since you've got a meeting planned with Pegasus, Kaiba, I don't see why Yami can't come riding with me. I'll keep an eye on him for you."

"Oh, like you did yesterday?" Two pairs of blue eyes met. "And this time, try to keep your clothes on, both of you."

"Kai-baby, the term 'bareback riding' doesn't mean that the rider is naked," Yami pointed out with a smirk.

Valon chuckled in agreement. "If it worked that way, riding bareback would chafe… all that leather against the insides of your… ah… hehe."

Seto rolled his eyes. "Fine. Go ride. But remember Yami, I get two hours so I don't want any distractions from either of you during that time."

"But Kai-baby, what if I fall off and get kicked in the head?"

"Then go bleed somewhere quietly." He leaned over and kissed his lover on the forehead. "I'll see you in two hours. Try not to accumulate any injuries in the meantime."

* * *

Crocketts ended up leading Seto to the expansive back patio, where Pegasus had planned to conduct the meeting. The brunette billionaire quirked a brow at the choice of location but made no comment… he figured Pegasus was only half sane at best, so if he wanted to have a business meeting in the back yard, so be it. And at least the stable was visible from the yard, so he could keep an eye on Yami just in case something did happen.

The first half-hour passed by uneventfully. The two CEOs were in the middle of discussing a planned release of a new Duel Monsters card series when Yami and Valon rode by the back fence. Seto's ears were still tuned to Pegasus but his eyes and mind were preoccupied by the sight of his boyfriend trotting a dark bay horse past the yard. Are all horses that tall? Couldn't they find him something shorter? If he falls off he's going to break his neck. Why does Valon look so smug? What's so funny? He's probably telling Yami some lame joke… but at least Yami's smiling, and he does look good riding, all hot and sweaty with his legs apart, swaying slightly in the saddle… Doesn't that hurt your balls?

Pegasus' grating voice broke into his reverie. "You know, we can take a break if you want."

"Huh? What?"

Pegasus smiled and motioned for Crocketts to refresh their drinks. "Take a break. You are on vacation, you know."

"We're here to talk business, not to waste time having lemonade while…"

"… while you're obviously distracted by your boyfriend riding around with my employee? Hmm?"

"Can it, Mr. Crawford."

The silver-haired man shrugged. "I was just stating a fact. There's nothing wrong with being concerned about your boyfriend, Kaiba-boy. As a matter of fact, I wholeheartedly approve of your relationship with Yami Mutou."

Seto bristled at the nickname. "I don't need your approval," he snarled. "I'm only here to talk business, not to discuss my personal life."

"I happen to be taking a day off, so I'm not exactly anxious to discuss business matters myself; you'll forgive me, I hope. I only agreed to this in consideration of your convenience." Pegasus focused his single eye on the younger CEO. "I know you don't care what I think. And I admit, I was initially skeptical about your relationship with little Yugi-boy's other half, but… Well, how did those tattoos turn out? I never did find out if you went with my revised design."

"I did. Not that it's any of your business."

"That's wonderful! I was quite pleased with the way those illustrations came out. I still have the original paintings and if you'd like, I'll give them to you."

Seto's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why?"

"Well, what am I going to do with them?"

"What's with you, anyways? Why the nice guy act?"

Pegasus looked slightly offended. "Who said I wasn't a nice guy? It's true that I wasn't behaving very well during the Duelist Kingdom tournament and I do apologize for that, but I'm trying to make amends." His expression grew somber and serious. "It's not easy being alone, Kaiba. You have a good thing going right now. Don't mess it up."

"Hn. Whatever," Seto huffed, his eyes flickering over to the fence again as Yami's horse loped by, followed shortly by Valon's. What's the deal with the pep talk? Why does he care?

Pegasus smiled to himself and sat back in satisfaction. "Have you ever tried discussing business on horseback?"

The brunette rolled his eyes. "No."

"Well, neither have I. But it's bound to be interesting. Want to give it a shot?"

* * *

The four riders returned to the stable shortly before noon.

"It was nice of you and Pegasus to come riding with us, Kai-baby," Yami said, expertly reining his horse up next to Seto's Appaloosa. "And thanks for the invite to dinner and the First Thursday Artwalk tonight, Pegasus. We hadn't heard about it, but I'm sure we'll enjoy it."

The last thing Seto wanted to do was spend the evening as well with the Industrial Illusions CEO and his trio of ex-Doom devotees, however Yami wanted to go, so he was stuck. Ugh… Seto made a face and shifted awkwardly in his seat, causing the spotted mare to begin backing up, much to the brunette billionaire's dismay. "Yeah, whatever. My ass feels like it's been pounded with a meat mallet. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever done. Stupid horse. Stupid art shit."

"Aw, it's not poor Bun-bun's fault that your, well, bun-buns aren't used to riding," said Pegasus slyly. Valon snorted derisively.

Seto glared at them both. "Who the fuck names a horse 'Bun-bun' anyways? I know you're crazy, Pegasus, but that's pushing it, even for you." Valon sniggered, then turned to his boss, awaiting his comeback.

"Well, her name's actually Dark Rabbit," Pegasus sweetly explained. "Bun-bun is just her special nickname."

"Special my ass!" Seto complained, yanking off his borrowed riding helmet. Why he was the only one stuck riding with a helmet he had no idea, but it was starting to drive him crazy.

Valon burst into peals of laughter as Yami raised both brows and grinned broadly. "Oh Seto… it's okay, my butt is a bit sore too. Takes a while to get used to riding again, I guess. But it was fun."

Hmph. You want to ride something, I'll give you something a lot nicer to ride.

Not here, Kai-baby, the former Pharaoh replied with amusement.

Seto glanced at their two companions, then shrugged. Don't tell me what to do. With a firm tug on Yami's arm, Seto pulled his boyfriend in for a through kiss. Pegasus and Valon whooped encouragingly while the two locked lips, Seto's hand coming up to hold Yami's head in place.

Yami finally had to break away for a breath of air. Kai-baby, you devil!

Blue eyes glimmering, Seto smirked and tapped Yami on the nose. My meeting was thoroughly fucked thanks to you distracting me. So now I'm going to drag you back to the hotel and give you what you've got coming.

* * *

"I still… mmm… say I wasn't… distracting you… oooh!"

"Hn." Seto slipped his tongue under the lobe of Yami's ear as the shorter teen writhed on the bed, sliding right out of the towel that he had wrapped around his waist after his shower. You kept riding by the patio with that idiot Valon, and you had your thighs squeezing that horse so hard…

Baby, I was squeezing hard because I was trying to keep my mount going!

See, you keep saying dirty things like 'mount,' 'stud' and 'riding.'

Yami rolled his eyes, then gasped as Seto flipped him over and pulled him up on his knees. "Anxious, Kai-baby?"

"Hn. I told you, I'm going to give you what you've got coming. I obviously didn't spank you hard enough two days ago to properly drive home my point." Yami tried to squirm away, but Seto hooked an arm around the younger duelist's waist and pressed his knee lightly into the junction of Yami's leg. Give it up, Yami. The sooner you get your ass in the air, the sooner this will be over.

But I don't want tooo, the ex-spirit whined playfully. I didn't dooo anything wrong.

Seto caressed his lover's ass, then lifted his hand and slapped it down onto his target with a loud smack. "Ow! What the…" He pulled off the towel he had been wearing and rubbed his own sore buttcheek in confusion. "That was weird."

Yami rolled halfway onto his side and considered his lover. "Our link is getting a lot stronger, it seems. Like with yesterday…"

"Do I really hit that hard?" Seto interrupted, frowning.

Yami shrugged a shoulder. "Sometimes. And sometimes you hit even harder. Normally I don't mind, but we're both a bit sore right now."

"Hn. So what would happen if we stayed mind linked during sex then?"

The former Pharaoh just gave the brunette a mysterious smile. "Would you like to find out?"

"Do you have to ask?"

Yami eyed the growing erection that was waving at him and laughed. "Well, my ass is pretty tender right now, and so's yours, but I have an idea. Be right back." He rolled off the bed and sauntered towards the dresser.

Seto kicked back on the bed and watched Yami's naked body as he wandered around the room. He was still a bit pink in the back from their excursion the day before, but otherwise looked to be in tiptop shape. Seto couldn't help but run his tongue over his lips in anticipation… what was Yami doing? Then the younger duelist disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments only to come back with another towel wrapped around… something. "Yami?"

The shorter teen put the bundle down on the bed and crawled on top of Seto, kissing his lips, his jaw, his neck... working his way down to his lover's chest. I promise, you'll like this, he said as he took a nipple between his teeth.

Un... huh? Seto stared down in bafflement as Yami lifted his head and popped a finger into his own mouth, working it in and out and coating it liberally with saliva. Then the ex-spirit slid down the bed, lifting one of Seto's long legs and gently pressing his wet finger at the tight hole between the brunette's thighs. Mm, Ya… mi.

Yami couldn't help but gasp as he felt a phantom sensation mirroring what Seto was experiencing. His cock twitched as Seto squirmed on the bed while his sphincter gradually relaxed around the intrusion. Kai-baby, don't get too excited. We haven't even started yet. With one last wiggle, he withdrew his finger and wiped it on one of the towels.

Blue eyes mildly glared at him in rebuke. Smiling, Yami turned and reached for the wrapped bundle, pulling out a bottle of lube and two stainless steel butt plugs. Remember these? He flashed the end of one plug at Seto, showing off the blue crystal base.

Of course. You always get so excited at the prospect of shoving something new up your ass. Actually, he was pretty excited too, since Yami's infectious good mood was flooding through the link.

Heh. You first, Yami cheerfully announced, lubing up the plug with the blue base.

Seto scowled and sat up. Like hell! He snatched the other plug out of Yami's hand. Lube this so I can stick it up your…

Baby. The younger teen squirted a nice amount of slick onto the tip of plug, then flipped the cap shut. We should just do it at the same time. That's fair, right?

Whoever said I was trying to play fair? Seto argued, grabbing one of Yami's legs and pulling the other duelist off balance. The former Pharaoh fell onto his right side without much protest, even wriggling enticingly as Seto lay himself down facing Yami's crotch.

You're right, you're not playing fair. But I insist… same time. Yami pushed at Seto's left leg and the young CEO bent and lifted it willingly, then did the same in return as Seto tapped on his thigh. They both got themselves comfortably situated in the bed and positioned the plugs at the opening of the other's passage. Ready?

I still say it's you first, Seto said, his mental voice smug as he began pushing the red crystal plug into his lover without further delay. Yami's asshole easily stretched to accommodate the jeweled toy and he moaned aloud before retaliating and filling Seto in turn. Ohhh… fuck…

They both stilled and paused to catch their breaths. It's like…

… being penetrated twice in succession.

Yeah. And… you're a cheater, Yami said wickedly, opening his mouth and thrusting his head forward to suddenly take his boyfriend's erection into his mouth.

Ah!! Yami, shit!! Jesus! Yami's dick jumped and pressed itself insistently against Seto's lips, so he obliged and took it in as well. They both moaned aloud at the multiplication of sensation, though the cocks they were currently busying themselves with muffled their voices.

Yami tried to gather his thoughts into a coherent sentence and failed miserably. Ra… why didn't… we should have done this sooner. Much… sooner. He could feel Seto's thick, familiar member filling his mouth and stretching his jaws while he moved his head back and forth, but there was an odd, faint feeling of his tongue being in two places at once. And his penis! It felt like there were two pairs of lips encircling it, two tongues working up and down its length, two soft warm surfaces that bumped against the head with every bob.

Less talk... It's… fuckin' incredible. Seto wrapped his fingers around Yami's balls, gently stroking and tugging them and feeling his own respond in return.

Yami reeled from their shared euphoria, then stepped it up even further by tapping and lightly pressing the base of the butt plug into his lover. The decorative blue crystal winked teasingly at him, daring him to do more, so he used his index finger to manipulate the edge of the base so that the bulbous metal head would press against Seto's prostate, groaning as his body also reacted to the phantom pressure.

Shit! Holy shit! Seto didn't hold the same inane affection for anal toys as Yami did, but considering the shorter teen's physical reaction to it, he thought he might reconsider. He had never been so acutely aware of his prostate until now. Or was it Yami's? Releasing his boyfriend's balls, he wrapped his forefinger and thumb around the base of his lover's cock, then used his other hand to rock the sparking crimson plug seated in Yami's rear. The sudden shared sensation made Seto's eyes roll back and he felt as if he had suddenly gone up and over the edge, but had he? Hadn’t he? Fuck!! I'm…

Yami was already crying out, his dick spasming as spurts of cum erupted from it. As soon as the younger teen reached orgasm, it instantly triggered Seto's and the taller duelist trembled in unexpected pleasure as he fired his shots into Yami's warm mouth. Yami swallowed automatically, working his lips hard to wring out every last drop, and Seto found his throat and mouth moving to do the same.

Mmph, I can almost taste myself.

Why settle for almost, Baby? Yami picked himself up and turned himself around on the bed, then plopped himself down on top of Seto as the brunette rolled onto his back. They immediately joined lips and each slid their tongue into the other's mouth, twining them together and sliding them one over the other, tasting themselves in the other's mouth. After nearly half a minute of trying to devour one another, Yami withdrew his tongue with a final flick and propped himself up to admire his boyfriend. He loved seeing Seto all mussed up and winding down, his brown hair half-plastered to his face, his blue eyes darkened to a deep, intense navy, a soft blush playing across his cheeks. You're so sexy, you hot, sneaky bastard. He couldn't resist giving the older teen another sticky kiss.

Mm. You're not bad yourself. And how am I sneaky? I told you, you… first. Seto's eyes fluttered shut. God, this mind link thing is really wiping me out.

It's intensifying how tired we are, I think. The young CEO nodded once. Well, perhaps we should…

No, it's okay. I want to keep the link open. A nap won't hurt. Seto turned and cracked open an eye to glance at the bedside clock. We still have over two hours before we have to get ready to meet Pegasus and his little Doom buddies for dinner at… uh…

Claes in the Hotel Laguna. It's just down the hill on the other side of Main Beach. We'll walk.

Hn. Do me a favor?

Yami was already reaching his hand down between his lover's legs. I really liked these plugs. This was fun, he commented as he withdrew the toy from his lover's puckered hole. Seto groaned softly. Let me guess… you're too lazy to get up and clean yourself off as well, right?

Shut up. Yes.

The crimson-eyed teen smirked and relieved himself of his plug as well. All right… I do suppose I owe you for yesterday anyways.

Damn straight.

Yami headed for the bathroom, taking the toys and scattered towels with him. After wiping himself down, he began rinsing out his mouth, running his tongue over his teeth to make sure he got everything. You know what I hate? Other than sleeping in a pool of lube and spooge? It's the little bits of congealed cum that stick to your teeth, and those random hairs that get caught…

YAMI. I'm trying to sleep here! And that's just gross, Seto complained in exasperation. God, now all I can think about is that mouthful of cum I just injested.

Oops. Sorry. Okay, one wet towel, coming up. He headed back to the bed and began cleaning Seto off, who gave a rumbling purr of appreciation before slipping into a light doze.

* * *

(Over in Domino…)

Yugi smiled unconsciously as he drifted through a pleasant dreamscape. He was in a soft bed with Anzu lying beneath him, her intense blue eyes framed by wisps of silky brown hair, a light flush coloring her skin, her lips swollen and parted and...

Ohhhh, Anzu! Anzu, I love you!

Violet eyes snapped open as Yugi suddenly awoke and he found himself practically humping the pillow, one hand firmly stuck down his boxers. With a groan, he rolled himself off the abused pillow and removed his hand from his shorts.

"Great, my hand is all sticky." He quickly hopped out of the bed and headed to the attached bathroom to wash up. God, that seemed so real. I wonder… nah. But…

Yugi blearily looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He wished he was taller like Honda, or funnier like Jou, or more charming like Otogi, or more confident like… Yami. I want to call Yami and ask him for advice, but he's on vacation and I already know what he's going to say, and besides, I shouldn't bother him while he's off spending quality time with the guy he loves. Even if Kaiba's still in denial over… Love. Hmm. Briefly he thought about his vision of Anzu in bed, then slapped his hand down on the counter in determination. That's it - Yugi Mutou, you need to stop pussyfooting around! You were brave enough to take on Pegasus and Marik and Dartz and save the world with Yami countless times, so asking Anzu out should be a piece of cake!

He sighed. It obviously wasn't a piece of cake or else he'd have already done it. So he decided to approach the problem from another angle. All right… I helped Yami land the most prickly, stubborn guy in all of Domino, even if it was with a little help from Mokuba and Noa, so I should be able to help myself land the most loyal, sweet, friendly girl in all of Domino, right? Right! I even survived a heart-to-heart talk with Kaiba, right? Right again! So I'm not afraid of talking to her… even if she says… no. Oh God, what if she says no? Or worse, what if she's not over Yami yet? No! Wait, Yugi… now you're sounding negative and you are most definitely NOT a negative person. Think of the positives. Think of how gutsy you really are, even if you're scared shitless. Think of all the things you've been through with Anzu and the others, even if you're shorter than everyone… but you're taller than Mokuba and maybe Noa! Okay, okay, I can do this! I will do this! I know I can! Now… I just have to keep telling myself that…

Sucking in a breath, Yugi ran to the nightstand, grabbed his cellphone, and started dialing as fast as he could. Please pick up…

Several tense seconds went by, then just before he decided to hang up…

"Hello?" answered a sleepy female voice.

"Um, Anzu?"

"Oh, hi Yugi. What's up? It's…"

"Sorry, I know it's really early. Too early to call, probably, but uh…"

"Yugi? Is something wrong? You sound really tense."

Yugi sucked in another deep breath and blurted out, " Anzu do you want to see a movie or maybe have dinner or something I don't know when or what yet but it's up to you please say yes I really like you."

Anzu went silent for a moment, then said, "A movie? Sure… what did you want to see?"

"Not a movie. Er, well… yes, I… I don't want to see a movie as friends. You know what I mean?"

"… Are you asking me out on a date?"

"A date? Uh… yes. Please say yes."

"Sure, why not? It'll be fun."

YES! Yes yes yes! She said yes! "Oh, great! Okay. Uh… I don't know when though."

Anzu giggled. "That's okay. Think about it and let me know what you decide. Whenever is fine with me, but… I guess we're a little busy this weekend, aren't we?"

"Yeah. And I'm sorry I woke you up."

"That's okay, Yugi. I'm glad you did it. It was… sweet. Thank you!"

* * *

Yami was just getting settled in bed and closing his eyes when his cellphone suddenly went off. Seto's forehead wrinkled as he mumbled something and threw an arm over Yami's waist while the crimson-eyed teen struggled to grab the phone before it woke his lover up completely.

"Um, hello?"

"Yami! Hi! Oh my God!" Yugi screamed into the phone. Yami winced and held the cellphone away from his ear as his aibou literally shrieked.

"Wait… Yugi? What's going on?"

"Oh… oh geez… I did it! I asked her out!"

"Huh?" Yami dug through the foggy recesses of his mind for a better response. "You mean Anzu?"

"Yes, duh… isn't it afternoon over there?"


"Well, then why are you… never mind. I probably don't want to know. But yeah, I asked her out and she said yes! Isn't that fantastic!"

Yami quirked a smile at Yugi's excitement. "Yes, it is."

"It was sooo weird too. I mean, I just woke up after having the strangest dream. I dreamt that Anzu and I were in bed and all I could see was her brown hair and blue eyes, and she looked at me and I just stared at her eyes. They were so intense! But when I woke up I was humping the pillow and, well, It's embarrassing but I had my hand down my shorts and…"

"Too much information, Aibou." And then he yawned. Wait… he just had a dream that… OOPS. Please tell me that our signals didn't cross…

"… I'm bothering you, aren't I? You were taking a nap or something. I'll let you go. Call me later."

"No, it's all right," Yami said, unsuccessfully trying to stifle another yawn.

"Heh… I don't want to earn Kaiba's wrath. I'll talk to you later. Have a good nap. Gosh, can't believe it…"

Yugi hung up and Yami put the phone back on the nightstand. Seto reached out and tugged him back over against his body.

Mm glad you hung up because I was just about to do it for youuu, the brunette said, his mental voice sleepy and slurred.

Yugi was just excited because he finally asked Anzu out.

Hn. That's nice. Sleep now?

Yami chuckled softly. You're becoming spoiled. Soon you'll want a nap every afternoon.

Is your fault. Wiped me… out… you…

The younger teen simply smiled when he realized his lover had just fallen asleep again.

* * *


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Additional Author’s Notes (regarding how this chapter came up):

* * *

July 23, 2005