Title: The Boys of Summer – Ch. 1: Bizarre Love Triangle
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami, Rafael + Valon + Amelda
Spoilers: none… takes place post-Orichalcos Doom arc
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "The Boys of Summer" is performed and recorded by Don Henley. "Bizarre Love Triangle" is performed and recorded by New Order. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Sequel to "More Than Words" (can stand alone, but it makes more sense if read as a sequel). Yami and Seto’s first day on vacation leads them to some old rivals.
Status: 2 / 9
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

* * *

Author’s Notes:

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The Boys of Summer

Ch. 1: Bizarre Love Triangle

* * *

Yami decided that jet lag and time zones were a truly evil combination. If he were in Domino, it would be sometime between midnight and 6:00 AM. But in sunny Southern California, it was 11:00 AM according to the annoying bedside clock, and Seto was up and talking about breakfast.

With a groan, the shorter teen flopped back down on the bed and buried his head under a pillow to block out the bright light streaming in through the French doors.

"Yami, get up! I already made reservations for brunch." The bed creaked as Seto dropped his weight onto it.

"Noo… fugoff… tooerly…"

Seto rolled his eyes and ripped the covers off of his lover, then threw the pillow aside as well. The former Pharaoh lay on his stomach, arms over his head, still moaning pathetically.

"Yami…" The brunette ran his fingers up his boyfriend’s leg, snaking a hand under rumpled boxers to caress a firm asscheek. When Yami refused to respond, Seto pulled his hand back out and smacked him hard across the rump. Yami let out a muffled yelp and raised his head slowly to give Seto a bleary, half-hearted glare.

"… jackass…"

Seto smirked and began barking out orders. "It’s 11:00 AM. Get used to it. You need to be up and dressed in the next twenty minutes. I wrote up an itinerary this morning for the things we need to accomplish…"

Yami’s brain shut down again as Seto went down his list of things-to-do. Stupid itinerary… only Seto would try to run a vacation like a business meeting. "Okay, okay, I’ll get up," he grumbled.

Seto's brow shot up and his mouth snapped shut for a moment. "You… were you even listening to a thing I said?!"

"Yeah, whatever…" mumbled Yami, throwing one of Seto’s favorite retorts back in his face. Yawning mightily, the ex-spirit managed to swing his legs over the edge of the bed just before a handful of clothing smacked him in the face. "Omphh…"

"Don’t whatever me… get dressed! I’m not going to be late just because you can’t get your ass out of bed."

Yami’s eye twitched as he began haphazardly pulling his top on. Must resist urge to Mind Crush boyfriend… must get boyfriend some caffeine…

"Oh for crying out loud… Here." Seto yanked off the sleeveless hoodie that Yami had inadvertently put on inside out, then just as rapidly pulled it back over Yami’s head. Yami glowered at the rough treatment. "Please tell me you can manage your pants yourself."

The ex-spirit considered responding with some choice curse words, but squelched the urge at the last minute and instead resigned himself to putting on his denim shorts. "So where are we going?" he asked, still sounding a bit slow.

"A place called Las Brisas. It’s practically next door. The concierge said it’s very popular for brunch."

"And how long have you been up?"

"Since 6:00 AM. I’ve been working on our itinerary, like I was saying." He pointed at his laptop, which was surrounded by piles of brochures, on the glass table in the other room. .

"It’s a vacation, Kai-baby. We don’t need you working, and we don’t need an itinerary. The brochures were just there for ideas." Yami shuffled into the living area and headed for the computer.

Seto followed and continued on as if Yami hadn’t said anything. "I’ve purchased tickets for the Pageant of the Masters for tomorrow night. And for this afternoon I have… What the hell are you doing?"

"Hmm…" Yami frowned at the computer for a long moment, then clicked on a file and hit the Shift and Delete keys just as Seto came up behind him. "There."

"What? … You DELETED my itinerary? What the fuck?!!" Seto pushed past Yami and glared at the screen, as if that would automatically restore the missing file. "Well, lucky for your ass I know how to dig up so-called deleted files…"

"Seto, just leave it," snapped Yami, now irked enough to let his temper show. "Let’s go eat."

"Oh, aren’t we all bright and sunny this morning?"

Something about black pots and kettles… What was the saying? "I… you… argh!!!" Yami grabbed his sandals and went to storm out of the room, but Seto suddenly grabbed his arm and spun him into a tight embrace.

It’s "pot calling the kettle black," Yami, and I… I don’t mean to be so difficult in the morning. You know that. I didn't sleep well. And yes, I already had a cup of coffee but it tasted like shit. He planted a kiss on Yami’s forehead.

I know, Baby. Placated, Yami smiled slightly and wrapped his arms around his lover, dropping his sandals onto the floor. And I hope for both our sakes that this restaurant has coffee that doesn’t taste like shit.

* * *

By 11:30 the pair was standing outside of the lobby of the restaurant and true to concierge’s warning, it was extremely crowded and busy. Even with their reservations they would have to wait for a table. So while Seto leaned against the wall with a disinterested look on his face, Yami leaned against him and watched as cars piled up in front of the restaurant, dropping off and picking up passengers.

"Well I’ll be… Amelda was right! I should’ve recognized that hair earlier," came a cheerful, heavily accented voice from the direction of the restaurant’s patio.

Yami and Seto both turned their heads to see a familiar grinning brunette approach them. "Valon? What are you doing here?" asked Yami, automatically stepping away from his boyfriend. Seto slapped a hand on Yami's shoulder and held him in place, a gesture which the crimson-eyed teen acknowledged with a crooked grin.

"What am I doing here? Well, I live here! What’re you blokes doing here?"

"Wait… did you say Amelda?" asked Seto, echoing Valon’s earlier remark. The Australian gave a slight nod and swept his hand out towards the patio, where Amelda and Rafael sat at the bar. The two men raised their drinks in response.

Yami waved back briefly, then turned to Valon. "I see… well, we’re on vacation."

Valon blinked at the insinuation and stepped in a bit closer, taking in the way Seto's hand rested on Yami's shoulder and the SETO nameplate on Yami’s collar. If it were anyone other pair, he wouldn’t have been so surprised, but to see that the Pharaoh had hooked up with his dueling rival was something he never would have expected. In a hushed voice, he said, "To be honest, I didn’t know you swung that way, Pharaoh."

"Well, apparently you swing all ways," Yami chuckled in response, and it was Seto’s turn to look surprised.

Valon grinned smugly, but didn’t deny the accusation. "Aw, now, don’t be a whacker. And to think, I was just going to invite you to eat with us," he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a flashing, buzzing pager.

"We already have reservations," Seto began saying, but Valon interrupted him while waving his pager in the air at his teammates.

"Ah hell, guess you don’t know. All reservations mean is they’ll seat you sometime today. We had a reservation at 10:45. So don’t be shy. Eat with us. We won’t bite."

Yami turned around to face Seto and idly began playing with the buttons on his shirt. Might as well… what could it hurt?

Hn. Next thing you know they’ll want to show us around or something.

That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Besides, the faster we get some coffee in you, the more tolerable you’ll be.


Valon stared at the pair in bafflement as they stood facing each other in silence, then finally Yami turned and responded with a nod. "All right, we accept your invitation. Thank you."

The Aussie brightened up. "You’re welcome."

They joined Amelda and Rafael in the lobby while Valon turned in his pager and Seto’s as well. The two older former members of Doom each gave polite nods in greeting as the hostess led them to a table with a nice view of the ocean. She brought over an extra chair and passed out the menus, then disappeared.

"It’s good to see you again, Pharaoh," Rafael said as Yami sighed at the beautiful ocean view.

"Hm? Oh, please, call me Yami."

"Yami? Doesn’t that mean ‘darkness?’"

Yami smirked and gave a slight nod. The irony wasn’t lost on anyone present.

"So, Yami, Kaiba… are you two here on business?" Amelda asked.

"They’re on vacation together," Valon answered smugly, putting his hand on top of Amelda’s.

"Oh? Then does this mean…" Amelda’s eyes widened as Seto slung an arm around Yami’s shoulders and smirked. "Well, congratulations."

"Hn." Seto mumbled dismissively just as the server came by to introduce himself and take their orders. "Yami, what do you want?"

Yami quickly scanned over the neglected menu. "Uh… just anything that’s not too heavy."

"He’ll have the Crepas de Laguna with chicken and an orange juice. I’ll have the Filete Tierno de Res and coffee."

"And bring the coffee as soon as possible, please," Yami added in, grinning.

* * *

Seto found himself relaxing with the influx of caffeine while the others prattled on about various things. So far he had learned that the Doom trio were now working at the new Industrial Illusions headquarters as game testers, had purchased a duplex right up against the beach, hated their current neighbors, and that Pegasus bought on a ranch out in Trabuco Canyon, wherever that was. Oh, and also that they were all involved some sort of bizarre love triangle - not that he hadn’t all ready figured that out considering the fact that Amelda was now leaning on Rafael’s shoulder and Valon was now sipping at Amelda’s drink. In fact, he saw no reason to join in on the conversation until his prediction came true: Valon suddenly suggested that they "show them around town" for the next few days.

"No, absolutely not," he practically snarled as Yami and the Doom trio began making plans.

Not surprisingly, Yami rolled his eyes and began arguing back. "Seto, I think it’s a great idea. It’s not like we have an itinerary. And this way we can avoid tourist traps and…"

"We would have an itinerary if someone hadn’t deleted it off my computer."

Yami just glared at him for a moment, then his face softened and he began to chuckle. "Guilty as charged." I’ll make it up to you, Kai-baby.

You can make it up to me by giving me a day to arrange a meeting with Pegasus.

Seto, no! This is supposed to be a vacation; you need to get your mind off of work!

Seto ground his teeth and tried to suppress the urge to throttle his impractical boyfriend. It’ll be an informal meeting. It’ll keep me from having to fly out here again next month, he suggested, trying for a different approach.


Yami, please. Great. It only took Yami a few sentences to reduce him to begging.

Yami sighed aloud. You get one hour on one day.

Three hours, at least. But I’ll agree to one day only.

Two hours and not a minute more. And one day only. Or I’m calling Mokuba and Noa and letting them chew you out instead.

Fuck… playing dirty, Yami? "Fine! Whatever." He slammed his coffee cup down and motioned to the server for a refill. Everyone gave him a weird look as he started on his fourth cup of coffee.

"So…" Yami began again. "What were you suggesting, Valon?"

Valon shook his head, suppressing a laugh. Every time the pair blanked out they would get the oddest looks on their faces, as if they were communicating telepathically or something. Actually, considering the legendary powers of the Pharaoh, maybe it wasn't that farfetched. "Er… right. Well, I figure each of us could take a day off…" and he gestured at Rafael and Amelda, "and take the pair of you around to our favorite spots. So for example, I would probably elect to take you out in the harbor on my boat, the Phoenix Gravitation."

"That sounds nice," mused Yami as the food began arriving. "Well, Seto?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he grumbled, grabbing his silverware in frustration. "But not today."

The ex-spirit shrugged gracefully. "Coffee not kicking in yet?"

"Hn. Jet lag."

"Ah… well, we’ll keep our activities light today then. Maybe we can stop by the Laguna Art Museum next door after brunch, how about that? Rafael said it’s not too big so it shouldn’t take long."

"Hmph." But he nodded anyways, and started slicing up his filet mignon.

* * *

The rest of brunch slipped by at a fast clip, but to Seto it might as well have been a million years. Despite five cups of coffee, he was mentally wandering. He wasn’t even sure if he had accidentally eaten the zucchini on his plate or if Yami had nabbed it first. All he wanted to do was pay the bill and go back to the hotel to sleep. But of course, Yami refused to leave without dessert of some sort, and Seto found himself thinking that between Yami and Noa’s sweet tooths, the sugar suppliers around the world would never go out of business.

Eventually, dessert came in the form of coconut flan, and was instantly attacked by Yami, Amelda and Valon. Seto pulled himself together enough to pay the bill for the entire table, despite Rafael’s insistence that it wasn’t necessary, and after they all exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, the two groups parted ways for the day and Yami and Seto headed next door to the Laguna Art Museum.

Although Rafael was right about the size of the museum, Seto couldn’t get through it fast enough. At least Yami kept him upright by yanking him from room to room, with murmured promises of "I know you’re tired… we’ll head back to the hotel as soon as possible." That was until they wandered into an exhibition called "The Art of Erotica." After a wide-eyed Yami studied the rather suggestive photographs displayed in the room, he suddenly latched onto Seto and said, "Back to the hotel now, okay?"

Seto nodded absentmindedly as his shorter boyfriend rapidly marched them out of the museum and down the sidewalk to their hotel next door. By the time the pair made it back up to their suite, Seto was more than ready to curl up on the bed and sleep the rest of the day away. But from the way that Yami suddenly began kissing him and tearing at his clothes, it was obvious that the crimson-eyed teen had other plans.

"By the Eye of Horus, Kai-baby, you won’t believe how horny I am…" Yami murmured as he tried to maneuver his taller lover towards the bedroom. They ended up thumping into the doorjamb.

"Ow. If I knew museums got you… so worked up, I’d have bought you one… long ago," Seto panted in return, more from exhaustion than arousal, as he felt his way past the door. When had his shirt become unbuttoned? Must find the bed, he thought as his legs began to wobble.

"Wasn’t… the museum." Bed’s behind you, Kai-baby.

"Maybe something… in the museum? Perhaps… ‘The Art of Erotica?’ They should have just… called it ‘Homoerotic Porn.’" He chuckled softly.

"Yes, they should have," Yami agreed with a grin. He backed Seto up until the back of the taller duelist’s knees hit the bed, and both teens tumbled onto the mattress. "Shut up and kiss me again."

The young billionaire responded with a quick kiss, then breathed, "I know you don’t want to hear this, Yami. But I just want to sleep."

"Sleep later." Yami began working on undoing Seto’s khakis, then looked up to see a pair of glazed blue eyes watching him unsteadily. "Are… you really are that tired, aren’t you?"

"Mmm. Too horny to notice?" Yami lightly smacked him on the shoulder. "Ow."

"Not funny." Of course, the King of Games was never easily deterred, especially when he had a goal in mind. Tapping his lips with his fingers in thought, Yami finally said, "All right, you just lie there. I’ll do all the work. Be right back!" He bounced off the bed and began rooting through their luggage.

"Huh?" Seto felt his eyelids sliding shut. He must have fallen asleep for a moment, because the next thing he knew, Yami was back in bed and wearing nothing more than his collar, straddling him while flipping open the cap on a bottle of lube. A moan escaped his lips as he felt warm fingers and cold, slippery lube work their way up and down the length of his cock. Come to think of it, when had his pants come off? "What are…" he began to slur.

"I’m going to ride you, Baby. I want your dick inside me. Just stay awake enough for this."

"Mmm…" Seto managed to reach out and tweak a nipple.

Yami gasped and kissed his lover’s chest in return, then began sucking on his collarbone and throat while he worked the shaft behind him into a respectable firmness. He had briefly considered simply fucking Seto instead, but it didn’t seem right to ask to take advantage of his lover that way when the brunette was barely coherent. It was bad enough that he was thinking of his needs first.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to get much more cooperation out of the older teen, Yami reached back and eased out the butt plug he had previously inserted into himself, got into position, and let his weight ease him down onto the head of Seto’s thick cock. "Yesss…" he hissed as his entrance was slowly stretched and stuffed.

Seto’s hands drifted down to rest on Yami’s hips as the shorter duelist began rocking up and down, pistoning himself on his lover’s length. "Ahh… God…" Seto moaned as Yami added a little extra bounce on his downstroke, his palms slapping down on Seto’s chest for support, his fingers automatically seeking a nipple to toy with.

They were both shuddering, gasping, moaning… Seto’s eyes fluttered open to take in the sight of Yami’s sweat-slicked torso straining before him, and a pair of burning crimson eyes bearing into his. He felt delirious. At times like this, between consciousness and unconsciousness, he stopped trying to analyze the hows and whys. Yami was really there, really his. The heat and friction were real; their bodies joined as if they existed only for one another. Seto thanked every star in the sky that he had been blessed with an incredible lover like this, and then as if in response the stars exploded in a blinding supernova.

Yami cried out as Seto’s fingers dug into his hips in orgasmic pleasure. Conversely, the taller teen barely made a sound, his mouth opening silently, his breathing shallow and uneven. Yami milked him dry with a slow, deliberate grinding motion, then finally collapsed onto his lover’s chest, Seto’s cock still inside him. "You’re so good to me, Baby," he practically purred, rubbing his cheek against Seto’s smooth skin. "Baby?"

Seto had passed out.

Yami’s lips pursed. Well, at least Seto had stayed awake long enough to enjoy his conclusion. But Yami still hadn’t come yet and his dick was positively throbbing. Well, since he’s out cold… what the hell. He sat back up slowly and slid a hand down over his own shaft. With his eyes fixed on the lovely body beneath him and his free hand tracing each and every muscle, he began pumping hard. As hot as Yami was, it took him less than a minute to push himself over the edge, and he rose up and released himself all over Seto’s chest, spattering him with milky splashes of ejaculate. A bit of it even struck his flawless face and neck. At the same time, semen and slick leaked out of Yami’s ass, dribbling down to pool at the base of Seto’s now limp cock.

"Mmm, Kai-baby, you look so good when you’re all messy," Yami commented aloud as he slid off the bed and paused to take stock of the situation, "but I know you’ll be grumpy if you wake up and find yourself stuck to the sheets. Not that you won’t be grumpy regardless." He leaned over to kiss his lover and smooth back his hair. I love you even when you're grouchy.

The ex-spirit wandered off to the bathroom to fetch a hand towel, dampening it with a little warm water. After returning to the bed and reluctantly cleaning Seto off, then pulling a light sheet over him, Yami thought about what he ought to do with the rest of the day. Apparently Seto was going to sleep, which was more than fine with him. And in Domino it would be around 7:00 AM, so he supposed he could call and talk to the boys.

He took his phone out onto the balcony and shut the French doors behind him. While the phone auto-dialed the number, he took in a deep breath of the pungent sea air and swept his gaze out over the ocean. It really was a lovely view…

"Hi Yami! How's it going?" asked a cheerful voice.

"Hi Mokuba. You won't believe who we ran into today..."

* * *


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Additional Author’s Notes (regarding how this chapter came up):

* * *

June 7, 2005