Title: Aftermath
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami, Yami x Seto
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby" is performed and recorded by Barry White. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Seto and Yami celebrate the fact that they are back together again, but what do Yugi-tachi think of that little development? PWP with a purpose.
Status: 2 / 2
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *


Ch. 2: I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby

* * *

"I'll get it!" Yugi ran from the kitchen into the living room when he heard the sound of someone knocking on the front door. Considering that everyone else was already in the little house attached to the back of the Kame Game Shop, there was no doubt as to who was at the door, so Yugi fixed a smile on his face and answered the door with a cheerful, "Hi Yami!"

The former Pharaoh grinned back, his eyes bright even in the dim light of the entryway. He looked good... his cheeks flushed from the cold night air, his stance straight and proud, even with the crutches. "Aibou."

Glad to confirm with his own eyes that Yami was back to his old self, Yugi relaxed a little and stepped back to let everyone in. "Hey Mokuba, Noa! Kaiba. How are you?"

Seto fought the urge to roll his eyes at the way Yugi lamely tacked his name to his greeting. After all, his goal was to try and smooth over any ruffled feathers the best he could, not get Yugi and his buddies all riled up again, though he couldn't help but think to himself, Don't strain yourself with false pleasantries, short stuff.

"We're good, Yugi. Sorry we're late." Mokuba held up a large foil-covered dish and nodded his head at Noa, who was carrying a similar item. "Yami wanted to make dessert but he couldn't decide whether to make brownies or seven layer 'magic bars,' so he ended up making both."

"Oh geez, Yami... you didn't have to." Yugi shut the door and waited for the quartet to strip off their coats and shoes, quirking a brow at the fact that for once, Seto was wearing a lot more leather than Yami. Both were clad in head-to-toe black, but beneath Seto's leather trench coat, he wore tight leather pants with a dragon subtly embossed across the rear, arching from the back of one thigh all the way down the other, leather gloves, and a long sleeve black top with mesh insets around the biceps and a charcoal phoenix printed on the front. Then Yami removed his furry-collared jacket to reveal a sleeveless shirt with straps arranged in an X shape to hold a silver ring right in the middle of his chest, and slightly flare-cut bondage pants which were buckled tightly around the thighs. He also had on a pair of armwarmers, as if that were sufficient to counteract the cold weather. Then again, there was always such a thing as body heat, and Seto was standing so damn close to Yami...

"Of course he didn't have to. He insisted on doing it." Seto bit out, though he didn't mention the reason why Yami had insisted on making dessert. If it wasn't obvious enough that Yami was trying to help him smooth things over with Yugi-tachi...

Yugi just turned and stared at the brunette oddly, as if Seto had just voiced his unspoken thoughts aloud. "Well yes, I know that..."

"Kaiba, you sorry sack of shit!" Jou yelled as he suddenly burst into the room. He got right up in Seto's face as the rest of Yugi-tachi were filtering into the living room, eyes wide with morbid curiosity. "You've got a lot of nerve showin' up here after what you pulled! How could you, Kaiba? It wasn't enough that you left poor Yami all alone at the hospital and broke up with him, was it? You just had to beat him up too, didn't ya? Well, I don't let no one beat up MY friend and get away with it!"

Yami tried to push his way in between Jou and Seto, but Seto held out his hand and refused to let him get any closer. If a fight was going to break out, he didn't want Yami to get caught in the middle of it.

"Our relationship isn't any of your business, Mutt," Seto ground out. It was one thing to tolerate Mokuba's interference, or Yugi's. Their opinions actually mattered in one way or another. But Seto wasn't going to let someone like Jounouchi, a former bully and third-rate duelist, judge him, though... part of him was pleased that Jou would stick up for Yami. He was just doing it against the wrong guy.

"Like hell it ain't!" Jou lunged forward and thrust a clenched fist right under Seto's nose. "Let's see how smug ya are when I break your face!"

No one expected to see dark purplish wisps from the Shadow Realm suddenly wrapping themselves around Yami, the Sennen Eye springing to life in the middle of his forehead, his eyes glowing so brightly that they appeared to blank out. Startled, Jou unclenched his fists and took a step away from Seto. "Uh..."

YAMI! Stop it! Yugi mentally cried out as Yami began lifting his left hand, uncertain whether or not his darker half was even capable of listening to reason at this point. But then Seto stepped in, draping a long arm around Yami's shoulders, his left hand catching Yami's and gently guiding it upward until Yami began tilting his head back to stare up at his boyfriend in bewilderment. And the Shadow Magic dissipated.

It's okay. Don't be upset, Seto told Yami as calmly as he could, though he was somewhat amused by the entire situation. The young CEO didn't need his lover to protect him, though he was warmed by the significance of the gesture. Jou couldn't beat me up even if he tried.

Yami put his right hand on the arm lying possessively across his collarbone, then turned to look at Yugi, Jou, and the rest of the stunned people in the room. "Sorry, Jou. I didn't mean... to scare you like that."

The blonde teen scratched his head. "Uh... well, it's okay, I guess. But why you stickin' up for Kaiba? I know he's your so-called boyfriend, but you can't let him push you around, pal, or else he'll just do it again in the future. Besides, I wasn't gonna hurt him badly... he does deserve to have his ass kicked, and you know it."

"Perhaps, but that's between him and me. While I appreciate what you're trying to do as a friend... as a friend, I'm asking you to drop it."

"But Yami..."

"Jounouchi." The crimson-eyed teen fixed his gaze on his friend, silently letting him know that what he had said wasn't a request, but more of an order.

With a slight shake of his head, Jou sighed and stuffed his hands into his pockets, just in case he couldn't resist the urge to sucker punch Seto over Yami's head. Damn, he could get in a pretty good shot right about now if it weren't for the fact that his ass was grass if even breathed funny at Seto. "All right, all right... but I *swear* to God, Kaiba, if you ever..."

"He won't," Yami replied resolutely.

"I'm just sayin'..."

Mai approached the group in the entryway to put a hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, squeezing it to try and take Jou's focus off Seto. "Katsuya. Don't push it," she whispered.

Jou finally gave a nod and backed off, much to everyone's relief. But a hint of defiance still remained in eyes, a wordless promise to Seto that he'd be keeping tabs on him in the future.

* * *

After such a rocky start to the evening's get together, dinner was surprisingly sedate. Yugi and Sugoroku had fixed a simple meal of salad and spaghetti with tomato sauce and optional meatballs, and since there wasn't nearly enough space for everyone to sit in the dining room, Anzu wisely suggested that Jou, Mai, Shizuka, Otogi, Honda, Bakura and Malik all eat with her in the living room. Which meant that now Seto and Jou were far apart enough that neither would be able to cause any trouble without plowing over a dozen people in their path, though that didn't stop Jou, Otogi and Honda from casting wary glances at Seto.

"Well, I think it's time we break out the dessert," Yami was saying as he rubbed his tummy contentedly, pushing aside his empty plate. "Thank you for fixing dinner, Jii-chan, Yugi."

Yugi simply nodded. "No problem. Anyone want coffee with their dessert?"

Seto let out a soft snort. If he didn't know better, he'd swear that Yugi was trying to bait him. "Yeah, coffee's good."

Something flickered in the depths of Yugi's violet eyes. "Why don't you come help me in the kitchen for a moment, Kaiba?"

Oh, so he's acknowledging me directly now? "I guess." Seto pushed himself out of his chair and followed Yugi as he led them into the neat little kitchen.

As the short duelist began preparing a pot of coffee, Seto figured he'd do his part and began arranging Yami's sweet creations on two large platters, making sure that the lion's share of goodies would go to Jou's table. For a minute the two of them worked together in silence, then Yugi finally turned to Seto and said with conviction, "I'm glad the two of you made up, but... I agree with Jou. If you ever hurt Yami again, I will never forgive you. And I will make sure that Yami never forgives you either, is that clear?"

"If I ever hurt him again, I'll never forgive myself," the young CEO mumbled. He didn't need a lecture from Yugi, but he really hadn't expected anything less from Yami's other half.

Yugi mulled it over, then, apparently satisfied with the answer, relaxed a little, unclenching his jaw and leaning up against the counter. "It's nice to see him happy again. Mokuba and Noa too. Your actions and mood swings have a big impact on a lot of people, you know?"

Seto shrugged a shoulder, though privately he agreed with all of Yugi's observations. Hell, look at all the people he fired during that three-week period... if that wasn't a prime example of having an "impact" on people's lives, he didn't know what was.

"Well, anyways," Yugi continued, "I wanted to apologize for, um... kicking you. I had no right to do that. And I had no right to storm into your office and try to force you into a decision that you weren't ready to make."

"Hn, whatever. I can't blame you for your reaction, 'cause if I were you, I'd have kicked harder, a LOT harder. More satisfying that way."

Yugi wrinkled his nose. "I kicked you with everything I had! You really ticked me off!"

Seto couldn't help but laugh at that. "Then... your kicking skills suck. Sorry."

Yugi scowled, but he really wasn't mad about the slight jibe. He had acted out of anger, but really... he didn't have it in him to wish physical harm on anyone. Still, he couldn't resist poking fun at Seto in retaliation to his comment. "That's funny, I seem to recall seeing you rolling around on the floor in excruciating pain."

"Well, I didn't say it didn't hurt."

"I'm sorry," Yugi said with a bit more sincerity.

Seto smirked, but his head dipped in a nod of acceptance. "Whatever."

Yugi smiled and returned the nod, then picked up one of the dessert trays and swept out of the room, leaving Seto alone with the coffee maker.

* * *

Sugoroku watched as Yami dug into his serving of magic bar with relish, obviously enjoying his treat with an almost child-like glee. It was reassuring to see Yami acting like his true self again, the nearly normal teen he had come to love just as much as Yugi. Yami had come a long way since that time years ago when he was merely a lonely spirit, trapped in a tomb which served as his prison... since the days when his only reasons for existence were to protect Yugi and a world which had long forgotten about his sacrifice.

"I must say, you certainly have a knack for cooking," the old man commented, taking another bite of his brownie. "I'm glad you came over with dessert for all of us. Very thoughtful of you."

Mokuba gave Sugoroku an odd look all of a sudden, then motioned to Noa and the two got up and left the table to join the others in arguing about movies in the living room, much to Sugoroku's approval. He wanted a chance to sit down and talk to Yami again, and was grateful that the youngest of the Kaibas had become so adept at reading people's body language and emotional states.

"Mmm," Yami mumbled, finally swallowing the chunk of decadent goodness he had been chewing on. "I thought it would be a nice gesture, especially since you've been hosting Friday nights here for the last few weeks. And I know firsthand that it's a bit of work."

Sugoroku chuckled. "Believe me, I don't mind at all! You've been hosting these dinners for over a year now, so it was only fair for Yugi and I to take a turn while you were getting your life back in order. I trust that everything is back in order, yes? After all, I wouldn't imagine Kaiba would have accompanied you if things were still... unresolved between the two of you."

"Yes, we're fine... actually, I'd say we're doing better than before. He's really..." Yami paused, wondering if he were about to say too much, then shrugged off his concern, "he's really opened up. And I saw for myself what I had believed in all along, that Seto was only trying to do what was best for me."

"I'm glad. You deserve someone who'll always treasure you." Sugoroku said, then as an afterthought, he added, "Now then... would you like some coffee as well?" He began standing up, silently cursing his bad back for acting up.

"I think Seto will bring some out, but yes, please."

Sugoroku found Seto nursing a cup of coffee in the kitchen, though there was a second steaming mug on the counter. The old man though the young CEO was intending to bring it out to Yami, but instead Seto picked it up and handed it to him, staring at him with an unwavering, unreadable expression.

It was easy to see why so many people backed down from Seto. While he was tacitly giving his approval for Sugoroku to say what was on his mind, he wasn't shying away from the confrontation and in fact, was boldly making the first move. He had agreed to come to dinner knowing that everyone was waiting to judge him, but if he thought Sugoroku was just there to lecture him, he was wrong.

Not bothering with the bullshit, the elderly game shop owner cut to the chase. "So what are your intentions now with Yami?"

Seto shrugged and took a sip. "I just want him to be safe. And happy."

Sugoroku mulled that over. "And I want the same for him. But... I'm not a young man anymore. I planned on retiring soon and leaving the Kame Game Shop to Yugi. But that would leave Yami..."

"That leaves Yami with me."

"Yes, I suppose it does." Sugoroku stared into the depths of his coffee mug, waiting to see if Seto would volunteer anything else. But he remembered after a moment that talking to the young billionaire wasn't anything like talking to Yugi and his other friends. They liked to talk. Seto didn't, though he was much more open to conversation than he used to be. "... I'm just concerned about the... permanence of your relationship," Sugoroku finally decided to say.

Oddly, Seto relaxed a bit at that statement. "This isn't some fairy tale romance. And I don't believe in marriage. But... I won't ever leave him. He'll never be alone again. Yeah, Yugi told me about your little adventure in Egypt shortly before he nailed me in the nuts."

Yugi had relayed as much to his grandfather after that incident, but Sugoroku saw no reason to tell Seto that. "Oh? I thought you didn't believe in that sort of thing."

"Hn." But a small amount of hurt flickered in Seto's eyes. It still pained him to think of Yami sacrificing himself, being trapped in the Puzzle, listlessly wandering a dark tomb for 3,000 years with no hope of escape...

"I apologize. I was only joking... I shouldn't have said that," Sugoroku said kindly. He wondered if Seto was aware that he had let that bit of emotion show through, though on second thought, Seto was no longer the insanely driven nutcase he had first met several years ago. And he knew that had a lot to do with Yami. And speaking of Yami... he had to be aware of what was going on in the kitchen due to his bond with Seto, even if only on the most basic level. And he was allowing it to happen. But Sugoroku also understood that if Seto became too distressed, Yami would undoubtedly feel the need to interfere. His earlier display of power was definitely a reminder that no matter how mild-mannered Yami seemed nowadays, he was still quite capable of tapping the fearsome power at his disposal.

Seto just shrugged off the apology as if it didn't matter, but he still looked a bit tense as he took another gulp of coffee. Moments later, just as Sugoroku had predicted, Yami wandered into the kitchen, looking at the two men thoughtfully before hobbling over to Seto's side.

Seeing the two young lovers standing together, Yami mollifying Seto with just a simple touch on the arm and Seto responding with a turn of his head and a softening of the eyes, Sugoroku was satisfied that things were indeed going to be all right and that Seto would remain true to his word. They would never be a conventional couple, and yet they provided exactly what the other needed. Love, companionship, understanding, acceptance... Suddenly feeling like he was privy to too much of their private business, Sugoroku silently slipped out the door and went to join the other young adults still bickering in the living room.

* * *

Yami and Seto didn't stay for long after that. Since Mokuba and Noa wanted to go with Yugi-tachi to catch a movie and Yugi was offering to drive them home afterwards, Seto didn't see much reason to stay with a bunch of people that merely tolerated him when he had other plans, plans which involved getting Yami home and naked. Yami didn't protest his lover's decision at all, knowing that Seto was starting to get uncomfortable with how everyone was acting around him. He had hoped that their friends would've understood that they really had no grounds to be mad at Seto when they weren't the ones dating him, but at the same time, he knew they were only upset because they though he ought to still be upset, so...



Are you getting out of the car or do you really expect me to drag your lazy ass out of there?

Yami blinked and looked to his left, then to the right. They were home already and Seto was addressing him while standing by the open door, smirking. "Oh. I, um..."

The smirk melted into a smile. "It's okay, I'll carry you." Seto patiently held out a gloved hand.

Yami shook his head and began getting out of the sedan. "Kai-baby, you're not goinnnn... put me down! I can walk! Really!" he shrieked in mock protest as Seto easily swung him up over his shoulder.

"Hmph. You're too slow," the brunette complained, hauling the squirming ex-spirit up the front steps.

Well, Yami couldn't argue with that. Faster they got up the stairs, faster he'd get laid.

* * *

"I still don't get it. I mean, how can they make up, just like that?" Jou was saying as he and the others waited in line for seats at the cinema. They had finally agreed on seeing some big blockbuster flick that had just opened in theaters that day, but that meant crowds and lines and having to stand around for 40 minutes just to get in to find seats.

Mokuba sighed. "Look, Jou... do you trust Yami's judgement or not?" He was a bit tired of trying to explain that it didn't matter how Yami and Seto had gotten back together again, it was only important that they did.

Neither Mokuba nor Noa had really wanted to see the movie, but from what they could tell, Seto and Yami weren't quite finished with what would probably end up being a marathon lovefest, so rather than hang around the mansion and pretend to ignore Yami's loud cries of pleasure, they figured they'd give the lovers a bit of privacy and just stay out of the way, at least for a few hours.

"Course I trust Yami's judgement," Jou finally said, as if he really had to think about it.

"Well then, if Yami had good enough reason for forgiving Nii-sama for being an asshat, why would you be mad for him?" Noa asked, seeing how Mokuba was on the brink of getting really mad. "I mean, Yami was going to Mind Crush *you*, not Seto, when he thought you two were gonna start brawling."

"Hey now, you two wanted me to kick Kaiba's ass just a few days ago!" Jou reminded the brothers. "And Yugi got to kick him, so why can't I?" he practically whimpered, brown eyes all wide and pleading. Mai chuckled at that cute look and patted him on the head.

Otogi laughed aloud. "Is that what you're really upset about? The fact that you missed your chance to beat up Kaiba?"

"Damn straight. B'sides, like I told him, I don't let no one beat up on my friends."

"Onii-san!" Shizuka cried out. Jou really was going to get himself in trouble if he kept going on about it.

"I already told you! Nii-sama didn't *beat* him!" Mokuba snapped. He just overreacted in the worst possible way, and I know for a fact he'll never do it again. Not that that excuses it, but Nii-sama saw it as the lesser of two wrongs, and... aw damn, I need to stop talking to myself.

Yugi shook his head, disrupting Anzu's attempt to braid his bangs. "I'm beginning to regret telling you any of that, Jou."

"All right, all right..." Jou sucked in a huge breath and let it all out in a rush. "I'll get over it, 'kay? Didn't mean to upset ya, kiddo." He went to ruffle Mokuba's hair, but the black-haired teen ducked out of the way. Mokuba figured he was too old for that sort of thing, unless it was from Seto.

Noa grinned at his brother's predicament, but luckily he had just found an out for him. "Oh look, they're starting to let people into the theater!"

* * *

"Ah, Seto~ooo... ooohhh..." Yami groaned, wriggling on the bed in frustration as Seto languidly nibbled at his collarbone, dipping down for brief moments to suck on a nipple while his hand made even more sporadic contact with Yami's arousal, which was practically begging for attention. It was driving the former Pharaoh mad, all this torturous teasing, especially since he couldn't do anything about it other than verbally encourage his lover to hurry it up. Seto had stripped him as soon as they had reached the bedroom, then produced a pair of plain black silk scarves. One scarf had gone on immediately, immobilizing Yami's arms above his head, leaving him unable to do anything other than watch as Seto slowly stripped off his shirt, then his pants. Oh... those pants! Yami had custom ordered them a good three months in advance for Seto's birthday, and he wasn't disappointed when he saw how perfectly they fit those long legs, and how the dragon across his ass appeared to be fondling him with every movement.

After Seto was completely naked, he smirked and loosely blindfolded Yami with the other scarf. Such a cruel move - it was bad enough for Yami when he couldn't touch his boyfriend, but now he couldn't see him either! And then the assault had begun... Yami was open and vulnerable to every caress that Seto chose to bestow upon him, but for once the older duelist was being a horrible tease, just making enough contact to make Yami beg for more, but not enough to give him any real satisfaction. Which lead to Yami writhing on the bed, crying out in frustration. "Baby, ooaaahhhh! OHHHH please!!"

"Please? Please what, Yami-kins?" Seto asked in a husky voice as he let Yami's cock strain against the flat of his hand, enjoying the sensation thoroughly. He wasn't trying to be mean, but he was having too much fun to stop. Nothing turned him on like the sight of a naked Yami in a bit of light bondage, his skin starting to gleam with a light coating of sweat.

"You... you know what..." Seto smirked and lubed up a finger, pressing it between Yami's buttocks. "AH! Ahhhh Raaa..."

You should be calling out my name, not the name of some ancient Egyptian god, Seto chided as he finger-fucked his lover.

Seto! Nnn... Seto... Setooo! Then Seto's finger rubbed against that one perfect spot... "Haaahhh!!" Yami cried aloud. Screw prep. Screw foreplay. He just wanted the brunette on top of him.

Seto chuckled, then shifted on the bed. The finger was removed after a few final strokes, and then there was an odd squishing sound. Yami bucked his hips up in anticipation, but instead of feeling a swollen head being pressed up against his entrance, his erection suddenly butted up against something moist and was engulfed by an incredible warmth.

"Ngh! Ahhh!" the crimson-eyed teen screamed as Seto pressed down, taking him deep into his own body. Ohhh... let me see! You have to... this isn't fair!

Seto stilled, letting his internal sphincter relax around the girth of Yami's dick. He had inserted a plug right after blindfolding Yami, and although it wasn't the optimal way for him to prepare himself, at least he had caught Yami by surprise. He supposed there was no need for the blindfold any longer since he was now comfortably perched on top of Yami's hips, his lover's cock nestled within him. Well, now... you promise to behave, right?

Of course! Come on, Kai-baby...

The young billionaire laughed out loud and finally removed the scarf, giving Yami a good look at what he was in store for. I'm going to ride you like a fuckin' bucking bronco. You think you can handle that?

In response, Yami smirked and thrust his hips up, pressing in just a little deeper, making Seto throw his head back and clutch at his own erection. Ride me, Baby.

Hn. The brunette lifted himself up, allowing Yami to nearly slide out of him completely, then sat back down with deliberate slowness, shuddering as each millimeter of firm flesh slid back into him, filling him. God, he could feel the bulbous head forcing itself against the sensitive spot right beneath his prostate. The sensation made his eyes roll back and he quickly got himself in position to repeat the move.

In the meantime, Yami was fighting a losing battle with his own desires. He didn't mind being used as a living sex toy, but... damn it! He just wanted to feel that delicious sensation of hot velvet walls sliding past the hungry head of his penis, and he wanted it fast. Seto was being such an ass and he was so worked up and... For the love of... Seto, move!

Like this? And Seto suddenly rose and came down so fast that they both gasped from it. Then he repeated the move, eliciting two more twin moans of pleasure.

Ah SETO!!!!!! More! Yami screeched it so loudly that for a moment, the young CEO wasn't sure if it was a mental or a verbal yell. Or perhaps it was a little of both.

Too aroused to hold himself back, Seto braced himself with one hand on the bed and keep the other firmly wrapped around his own throbbing shaft as he began arcing his back and swinging his hips in an undulating motion, effectively allowing him to control the pace of the ride. And such a nice ride it was... better than any car, or motorbike, or... or... anything.

For a few minutes their world consisted solely of one another and the wonderful pulses of pleasure that danced up their spines with each stroke. Yami had pretty much forgotten about being tied down, all his thoughts centering on his groin and the flushed, pleased look on Seto's face. He hadn't thought that Seto had been serious about his request from earlier, but he should have known better. The brunette never offered anything he wasn't willing to give, though it was hard sometimes trying to differentiate between want and obligation with Seto. But...from the looks of it, Seto wanted this just as much as Yami did, maybe even more.

They were both so close, just dancing on the edge of the precipice. Seto didn't want it to end, but regrettably, once the dominos started falling, there wasn't much he could do to stop it. He ended up decorating Yami's chest with his release just as Yami's muscles bunched underneath him and he came hard, trembling and moaning loudly in relief, his hips jerking violently, trying to take advantage of all the heat and friction that was being offered. No matter how many times they enjoyed each other's bodies and minds and feelings, no matter how often they came in and on each other, each time was just as special and magical as the first and truly, there were no words to adequately describe just how... mindblowing their sex life was.

When Yami was finally spent, Seto eased himself off Yami's softening cock, grunting as the tip finally popped out of his body. He climbed off of Yami and pushed aside the towel on the bed with the used lube and plug before letting himself sink into the mattress next to his boyfriend, wrapping his arms and legs around the short teen. They were both a bit sticky with sweat, amongst other things, but it was nice to curl up together for a little while, simply enjoying the fact that they had one another.

Yami finally broke the silence several minutes later. That was... very nice, Kai-baby.

Seto trailed his fingers over Yami's tummy, frowning slightly at the cooling mess he had left on the golden skin. I figured you'd like it.

Yami just chuckled. I need a shower.

Me too, but I don't mind waiting a bit. He stretched a little, enjoying how loose and relaxed his entire body felt.

Yeah, but you're not the one with cum all over you.

Seto laughed at that, then began swirling the tip of his index finger in Yami's navel. Hmm, can't figure it out...

Hmm? Figure what out?

The brunette poked at Yami's navel a little more. I'm looking for the slot for the quarter. You know, to extend the ride and all that.

Yami's brow furrowed, but as he went to sit up to reprimand his lover with a slap on the shoulder, he realized he was still tied down. Ha ha. Find a vibrating dildo or something and have a seat. And by the way... can you untie me now?

Oooh, ouch. Seto smirked and kissed Yami on the cheek. He was glad his boyfriend wasn't one of those guys who would just flop over on his back and put up with his bull, though he did need to learn a lesson in timing his requests better. Since you're being rude, I think I'll leave you like that for a while.

Jerk. The crimson-eyed teen snuggled up against his lover the best he could.

Seto smiled, and shut his eyes. Hn. Maybe I should have gagged you instead.

* * *

"Wake UP!" Seto Kaiba, WAKE UP damn it!!!

Seto bolted awake, instantly on the alert and looking around for signs of danger. But there didn't seem to be anything wrong. Confused, he looked over to where Yami lay glaring up at him in accusation. Wha...?

I can't feel my arms anymore!

Huh? Oh yeah, they had been having sex, and he had tied Yami down and... how long ago was that anyways? Hm... I didn't plan on falling asleep. He straddled Yami's body and began working at undoing the knot, but somehow it had slipped and tightened to the point where it was really, really stuck. And now his own fingers were feeling numb as well, making it that much harder to undo it. Fuck... stupid piece of shit...

Yami pouted and began thrashing around, which only tightened the knot even more. This is why I told you to untie me! Now my hands are numb! Do something!!

Seto tried to think of something, but was drawing a blank. Uh... uhhh...

If Yami weren't so upset about the entire situation, he would've found it hilarious that the famously cool and collected Seto Kaiba was unable to think of a solution to such a simple problem. But he had been woken up by the discomfort in his shoulders and the numbness in his arms, and he was just a *wee* bit testy. Knife! Scissors! Fucking chew through it with your teeth if you have to!!

Knife! Right! Kitchens had knives, right? Seto rolled off the bed and ran out the door, not even bothering to shut it behind him.

"Seto? Seto, WAIT!!"

* * *

Yugi and Anzu had offered to accompany the two younger teens to the front door out of courtesy, but Noa turned them down. Knowing Seto and Yami's predilection for having sex in full view of anyone wandering into or around the house, he figured the possibility was pretty high that the two of them hadn't even made it past the entryway before they were overcome with passion, and there was no point in traumatizing Anzu the way he, Mokuba and Yugi had been traumatized in the past. But as the brothers unlocked the door and entered the house, there was no Seto and no Yami in the foyer. Or in the parlor. Actually, from the sounds of it, they were upstairs and hadn't shut the door, because Yami was shrieking something...

I wonder if it's safe to go upstairs? Noa wondered, turning to Mokuba to see what he wanted to do.

"Guess we should just go on up. And maybe discreetly shut the door for them, ne?"

"Yeah, good idea."

They hadn't taken more than a few steps up the stairs when a naked Seto suddenly burst out of nowhere with a KNIFE and a loud "Coming through!!!" to race past them up the stairs.

Mokuba just stopped in his tracks and stared at the pale butt rapidly disappearing from view, and waited for his usual thought of "Ewwww" to go running through his head. And he waited. And waited. And then... Oh great, I've become so used to it, I don't even have a reaction anymore.

"Uh... he had a knife. Why?" asked Noa, knowing full well that he didn't really actually want to know. But he could help but wonder what compulsions drove Seto to throw his inhibitions out the window and run around the house naked, screwing Yami on every available inch of floor and furniture. Good thing gravity existed, or else the ceilings would have to be wiped down as well.

Mokuba strained to hear if there was any more screaming, but Yami had finally quieted. "I... don't want to know. Let's just go to bed."

* * *

Panting heavily, Seto threw himself onto the bed and began cutting through the scarf restraining Yami's wrists. When the fabric finally gave way in tatters, both of them gave a huge sigh of relief.

You okay? Seto asked, feeling guilty as he checked over Yami's wrists. His own hands were beginning to tingle in reaction to Yami's discomfort as the blood all rushed back in.

I'll survive, Yami replied, drawing his hands down in front of his face to watch his fingers flex. The pins and needles sensation was unpleasant, but bearable.

Sorry. You can tie me up next time, okay? Seto said glumly.

Nah, I'm okay. Just give me a few minutes.

Seto sighed and sat down on the edge of the mattress, finally realizing how stupid he had been. They had safety scissors in the specially designed drawers under the bed, precisely for a situation like this. And there were scissors in his office as well. But in his panic he had latched onto the first word Yami had fed him, and ran with it. Literally. If running with scissors was a bad idea, how much worse was it to run with a knife? "Now how am I going to explain this to Mokuba and Noa?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I just ran past them on the stairs... naked, with a knife. And since you were screaming, they probably think I'm in here stabbing you or something." The young CEO made a face.

"They would NOT think that!"

"Well, isn't that the obvious conclusion?"

"If they thought you were going to kill me, they'd have run in here yelling, 'Don't kill Yami!' or something like that. But..." and Yami turned to the empty doorway, "they didn't do that, did they? So they probably figure we're doing something weird and kinky, and decided that they really didn't want to know, so they went to bed and... now here we are."

"Yeah, whatever. That's a stupid explanation." But he's probably right.

Yami grinned smugly. "You know I'm right."

* * *


Author's Notes:

December 23, 2005