Title: Aftermath
Author: bnomiko
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Seto x Yami, Yami x Seto
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "Playing Your Game, Baby" is performed and recorded by Barry White. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.
Summary: Seto and Yami celebrate the fact that they are back together again, but what do Yugi-tachi think of that little development? PWP with a purpose, sorta.
Status: 1 / 2
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This is a YAOI fic (male x male sexual situations) and is not appropriate for minors. If you are underage or offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:

* * *


Ch. 1: Playing Your Game, Baby

* * *

Seto sighed as he finished reading the last of the many emails that had piled up during his two-day absence. He really shouldn't have taken the previous day off, but Mokuba had been adamant about it, saying that turning 20 was sort of a big deal. Why? He didn't want it to be a big deal. He didn't want the fanfare, a stupid cake with candles, a big, noisy gaggle of Yugi-tachi... and then Yami joined in the discussion with a backrub out of nowhere. So before he realized what was happening, he had fallen asleep like he didn't have a care in the world.

Several hours later, he woke up to find Yami dangling his car keys above his face. The ex-spirit apparently needed a ride to Mokuba and Noa's school because of some English assignment the two younger teens were handing in. That was an odd request, but what was even weirder was that both his brothers had apparently chosen to write their papers on Yami, though Mokuba had wormed his way out of giving his presentation that same day. Well, whatever... he had faith in his little brother's intelligence and trusted that he would do well even if he wasn't there to see it.

Afterwards they had all gone out for an early dinner and a movie, which he didn't remember watching as he was too busy fondling Yami, who told him after a good half-hour of licks and kisses that he had an issue with performing sexually in public. Hell, their first time took place in the woods! Wasn't that public? Did the dark back corner of a barely populated theater really count as public anyways? It wasn't like he was actually planning on screwing him or anything. So maybe he had a hand or two down the front of Yami's pants... no one was looking.

And then they all headed home, which normally would have been something to look forward to, but much to Seto's frustration, Yami fell asleep on the ride back. What. The. Hell!?! Seto had been tempted to wake his lover up just enough to have sex with him, but that would be cruel considering Yami was still recovering from his injuries, right? And he really, really didn't want to cause him any more pain. So Seto had carried Yami up to their bedroom and went to sleep frustrated, though much to his delight he was rewarded for his patience in the morning, because when Yami finally awoke, he gave him one of the best, albeit tragically short-lived, blow jobs of his life.

So here he was, back in his office and at his desk, staring at two new emails which had snuck into his inbox while he was distracted. Fuck. And here he was thinking that perhaps Kaiba Corp. wouldn't suddenly plunge into bankruptcy if he missed two days of work. However, judging by the fact that he received more panicky emails per minute than most of his staff received the entire day...

Gah! Work, home, work, home... Normally Seto was fine with his workload and schedule, but... as much as he hated to admit it, he really wished he were with Yami at the moment. Emails from whiny, incompetent employees who were fucking up things left and right just couldn't compare with Yami's warm, firm embrace and whispered words of affection.

Trying to push aside thoughts of his boyfriend for a few more moments, the young CEO went through his mental "to do" list, checking off tasks that had been taken care of and prioritizing those that still needed to be done. First thing he had done was rehire Isono, Nozaka, and nearly all the security detail he had foolishly fired during the last few weeks. As a way of making amends, he had offered all the returning employees an additional 10% raise outside of what they would receive on their yearly reviews. With that move, he should have laid off any of the replacements he had hired, like Ms. Shiroi. But... he really wasn't in a firing sort of mood. So he figured Ms. Nozaka would probably appreciate having another person helping her with her workload, and Fubeta would probably be happier in his old position under Isono, especially considering that he would be getting to keep the raise he had received from his promotion. Check.

Then he had Shiroi send out a company-wide email announcing that for the first time ever, Kaiba Corp. would be treating the week between Christmas and New Year's as a company holiday, meaning all regular employees would be paid for the downtime. It had been Mokuba's idea, boosting employee morale and celebrating the spirit of the season and bolstering the company's image in the public's perception... and Seto had agreed to it in light of all those reasons. Plus, it made Mokuba, Yami and Noa all very happy. Check.

Seto had also called up Pegasus and apologized to the man for his behavior on the phone. He tried to tell himself that it was just a business decision, but deep down, he knew he was doing it because the other CEO had made some good points, and he had just thrown them back in his face. And the fact that Pegasus had lost his wife... well, he could sympathize with that. Didn't mean he liked the guy, just... he understood now what Pegasus had been trying to tell him all along. Check.

A task that sort of took care of itself was the reversing of all the email and phone blocks he had put on his various accounts. Not that those things had really resolved themselves, but obviously Mokuba and Noa had gotten sick of what he had tried to do, so they undid what he had originally done. Brats. Check.

What else? His email inbox and voicemail logs were cleared out. Well, minus the two... er, five new emails in his inbox. Oh hell... check.

Faxes and paper mail still needed to be looked at though. Seto frowned. And Yugi-tachi were a whole other matter, though definitely not work related. But it was still something that he needed to deal with, and he'd have to do it that evening since Yugi and Sugoroku were hosting the regular Friday night get together at the Kame Game Shop. While he was no coward, he was concerned that someone like Jou would cause a commotion which in turn would upset Yami, and that unsettled him. Yami cared a lot about his ragtag bunch of friends, and hell, even Mokuba cared about those guys, and he cared about both of them, so...

Too distracted to start in on the pile of faxes on his desk, the brunette stood up and walked over to the enormous windows behind his desk, leaning against a metal support pillar as he took in the view of the city below. Despite it being the middle of autumn, it was a surprisingly clear day and a little warmer than usual, thanks to the sun's rays touching down lightly on every available surface. It was the type of day that Yami really liked, all sunny and warm. Just like his smile, and... ugh.

Need to stop that train of thought before I start spouting poetry about how even the sunrise couldn't compare to Yami's bleary eyes in the morning, or some shit like that, Seto thought to himself. But as he continued to enjoy the view, he couldn't resist the urge to touch Yami's mind with his own. ... I wish you were here right now, he sent.

In a way, I'm always with you, aren't I? Yami's mental voice purred in response.

That put a smile on his face. Cheesy much?

Yami chuckled. No, just horny.


I can't help it! It's been over three weeks now and I have NEEDS! Did you really have to go in to work so early today? Or at all? Yami huffed in mock exasperation.

Hn. Well, it wasn't that Seto didn't have needs as well, he just had more restraint. Sometimes. Okay, that was a blatant lie. He was surprised lightning hadn't struck him for even daring to think that. If Yami hadn't slid down under the covers and sucked him off earlier that morning, he'd probably be trying to hump a potted plant by now. Too bad he had lasted all of a minute under Yami's talented tongue. Talk about embarrassing! Yami had to have understood... he let Seto get out of bed and go to work without a word of protest, though his own morning woody was sticking straight up like a flagpole. And... although he hadn't mentioned it to his crimson-eyed lover, Seto was also still a bit concerned over whether or not actual sex sex would be a good idea with Yami's injuries, though miraculously all the bruising and even the scratches on his throat seemed to have vanished in the last day or so. I've missed two days of work already this week, so yes, I had to come in.

But you slept through most of the first day and half of yesterday, then we spent the rest of yesterday with Mokuba and Noa in their classroom and at dinner and the movies since we missed doing that on Wednesday. And then you went zipping off to Kaiba Corp. first thing this morning.

God, Seto could practically see Yami pouting, the manipulative little bugger. As if the guilt trip weren't enough. I just wanted to make sure things got taken care of here... I'll try to come home a little early, all right? the brunette said lamely as he began heading to his desk to shut down his computer. It was pointless trying to resist, but he had to put up *some* modicum of a fight.

Yami evilly sent his lover some obscene images of just a few of the things he wanted to be doing at the moment, and Seto found himself squirming as his pants suddenly began feeling uncomfortably tight. Oh, oops, I didn't mean to share those with you... I must be broadcasting...

Yeah, right. But privately, Seto wondered why his computer couldn't shut down a bit faster. Apparently his top-of-the-line system needed an upgrade.

Ra, I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna go jack off, okay?

Seto's eyes widened in alarm as he felt an unexpected shiver of pleasure shoot straight up his spine. You bastard! Stop that! I... I mean... I... shit. His body was practically tingling all over from that simple shared sensation.


I'll be home soon! Really soon!

Really? Oh, but you shouldn't. You've already missed two days of...

YAMI. I'm shutting down the computer right now! He cursed at his laptop and began fumbling for his coat with one hand while attempting to snag his briefcase with the other. Don't... don't do ANYTHING till I get home, okay? Damn tease.

Yami's light laughter rang through his head. You wouldn't want me any other way.

* * *

As soon as Seto pulled up to the house, he practically ran up the front stairs in his rush to reunite with his lover. Tossing his coat at the rack, he tugged off his tie and kicked off his shoes and called out Yami's name, but received no response. No matter. When the former Pharaoh was feeling that turned-on and playful, sex became a great adventure, and Seto was left wondering what the kink du jour would be. His fingers tightened on the handle of his briefcase as he considered what might happen. Another blow job would be nice, though Yami was probably a bit peeved at what had happened in the morning, so he ought to reciprocate before expecting more in that department. Something a bit rougher would be nice as well, though there was something inherently wrong with the idea of handcuffing Yami to the staircase and fucking him while he had that cast on his leg. Or perhaps Yami wanted to handcuff him to the stairs and top him instead. Actually, that didn't sound too bad... Seto figured he could go for something like that. He was in that sort of mood, and it had been quite a while...

He finally found Yami in the media room, buck naked except for his cast and collar, watching the large plasma screen with feigned interest. There was some gay porn flick playing, and the current scene had two tanned young men rolling around in a pile of hay in a barn or something, babbling naughty things in French to one another.

"Uh, I'm home," Seto blurted out, his eyes roaming all over Yami's body. The ex-spirit was relaxing on a leopard print throw over a large black velvet chaise lounge in the corner, his arms folded behind his head, his cock stirring faintly in his lap. He reminded Seto of a jungle cat at rest, sensuous and elegant even in repose.

Yami turned his head and smirked at the taller man. "Hey Baby. Wow, I can't believe you actually came home early. You shouldn't have," he deadpanned.


"Oh, geez. I just noticed I'm not wearing anything. How embarrassing. I wonder where my clothes went..."

"Yami, shut up," Seto demanded as he joined the shorter duelist on the lounger, immediately situating himself over Yami and locking lips with him.

Of course, even shoving a tongue down Yami's throat couldn't keep him quiet. Hehehe... just a little eager, hmm?

It's your fault, you know. Seto began stroking Yami's dick while Yami fumbled with the buttons on Seto's white dress shirt.

Mmm, yeah... guilty as char...ged. Seto...

The brunette groaned into Yami's mouth as his shirt was pulled open and his nipples were flicked. God, he could hardly wait to join their bodies and feel Yami thrusting into him. Yami... I... want you.

I want you too, Kai-baby. Yami got Seto's belt undone and began unzipping his pants.

No, I mean... I WANT you.

Yami's hands suddenly stilled, and he pulled back just a tad, fixing his eyes on Seto's. If this is about this morning, don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. I know we're both a bit on edge since we were... deprived for so long.

Seto growled. Of course Yami was still thinking about that! Stupid pent-up sexual frustration. That's not... A hand wrapped around his shaft and began pumping very slowly, and Seto's unfinished thought grew wings and flew away. Ahhhh...

I'm so glad you came home early. You deserve a reward for that. Yami shifted his position a bit, then propped himself up and began nibbling on a hardening nub, making all sorts of obscene smacking sounds which were oddly complemented by all the random French ramblings coming from the porn still playing in the background. His good leg hooked around Seto's thigh, pulling him in even closer so that their erections began rubbing full-bore against one another. Though Seto had already come that morning, Yami could tell that his lover was definitely eager for more as the swelling head of Seto's cock pressed hard into his abdomen, leaving a warm, thin trail of pre-cum around his navel. Mmm... you sure you want me?

Seto gave an audible snort. Dumbest. Question. Ever. I'll show you how much I want you. He got off the lounger and knelt on the floor, pulling Yami with him so that the younger duelist ended up sitting up against the low back of the chaise, then pried those golden thighs apart to begin toying with Yami's balls, prodding at the perineum with his index finger. Not surprisingly, Yami moaned and spread his legs apart even more, arching into Seto's touch, glistening pre-cum now dotting the tip of his arousal.

With a smug smile, Seto leaned forward and took a taste, working the remainder of the clear fluid back up to its point of origin. One of Yami's hands fisted in Seto's hair and instinctively guided his head down, and the brunette complied after giving the glans another teasing lick with the flat of his tongue.

"Ohhh... haahh..." the former Pharaoh panted as he threw his right leg over Seto's shoulder, pressing his cast into the pale skin. Seto took that as a sign that his efforts were appreciated and took as much of Yami as he could into his mouth, sucking in cheeks a bit with the amount of suction he was applying. After a minute, Yami began ease Seto off him, not wanting to finish too soon when there was so much more fun to be had.

Seto licked his lips as he withdrew, wiping away a bit of excess saliva with the back of his hand. Hmm? Liked that, didn't you?

Yami cupped his boyfriend's cheek and tugged him up for a kiss. Mmhmm... but there's something else I want even more. Crimson eyes traveled meaningfully down Seto's body until they came to rest on the turgid member jutting out from wisps of brown curls. With a smile, Yami reached under the chaise for the remote and turned off the movie, then fished out a bottle of lube, handing it to Seto. Make love to me, Baby...

The young billionaire felt his heart skip a beat at that simple, heartfelt request, and gently brushed his fingertips over Yami's hand as he accepted the bottle. Taking his time to coat his fingers with a copious amount of lubricant, he watched as Yami repositioned himself so that he was lying back on the lounger, his fingers playing over his own perked nipples, his thighs apart and his puckered entrance awaiting Seto's touch. With deliberate slowness, Seto moved his hand down and grazed the opening with a finger, moistening the entire area, then as Yami was on the verge of begging him for penetration, he pressed that digit in.

Yami's eyelids fluttered as he was comfortably filled by that lone finger, but it didn't take long before he was mentally chanting at Seto, More, I want more... Setooo!

Seto smirked as a second finger joined the first, the pair moving in rhythm as he admired the lines of Yami's face and tense body. The ex-spirit's head was tossed back and his mouth open wide as he cried out wordlessly in delight, the muscles of his body tense as his hips bucked hard against Seto's hand, the fingers inside stimulating that sensitive gland over and over. Feeling the echoes of pleasure coursing through his body as well, Seto knew Yami was nearly ready, so he finally pulled out, slicked up his arousal, and placed himself over the panting body lying on the lounger. There was no need for words, neither spoken nor mental... the look on Yami's face told Seto everything he needed to know.

They both moaned as Seto finally dove in, eager for the contact and sensations that they had been deprived of for the last several weeks. Yami opened up nicely, welcoming Seto home, his passage embracing the brunette's cock with just as much fervor as the arms which had made their way around Seto's torso.

"Yami... oh Goddd...." Seto grunted, his body pressing Yami's slighter frame hard into the cushioned surface beneath them. He felt as if he were sinking deeper into his lover with each thrust, and yet he could never be deep enough, close enough. It was so hot, so perfect, so familiar and inviting... Seto couldn't imagine how he would've gotten through life without experiencing all of these things again. Staying with Yami... it had to be the best decision of his life. At least it was definitely the most rewarding.

For his part, Yami was just hanging onto Seto as the torrents of pleasure threatened to sweep him away. He pressed his face against Seto's shoulder, trying in vain to muffle the cries that were being torn from him with each amazing thrust. He had wrapped his left leg around Seto's waist, trying to increase the depth of penetration, while his right scrabbled for purchase by Seto's hip. Both his arms were now twined around Seto's body, his hands pressing hard into the soft skin and lean muscles of his lover's back. "AHHHHHH! Nngh... Baby!!!"

Seto's breathing grew harsher as all the sensations assaulting him drove him towards orgasm once again. "I'm going to come; I want to fill you till... you can't take anymore. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Seto babbled sotto voce. "I'll make you... you'll always... be mine."

"Hnnh, yes... ohhhnNN!" Yami screamed, adding in a mental wail as well as he bit down on his lover's shoulder, feeling himself also rapidly approaching the point of no return.

"Yami... Yami, oh FUCK YESSS!!" Seto hissed as his entire body stiffened and stilled for just that split second it took him to begin his freefall into euphoria, then he began trembling slightly as his dick jerked in a spasmodic rhythm, filling Yami with a healthy dose of ejaculate, just as he had promised. As the initial shockwave of pleasure passed, Seto lifted his body off Yami's a bit to give him some more breathing room, though he continued to pump his penis into his lover for several more blissful seconds, until he was fully spent. Reluctantly, Seto finally pulled out, satisfied at the sloppy sound his cock made as he left Yami's wet hole, dragging with it a small amount of viscous cum which dotted the throw.

"... Kai-baby," Yami moaned, his hand closing in on his own unsatisfied erection. Seto immediately flushed and berated himself as he realized that he had left his boyfriend hanging... again. Before Yami even had a chance to begin tugging on his weeping cock, Seto brushed his hand away and took the shaft in his own hand, watching Yami's expression as he quickly worked his way up into a rhythm which Yami liked. A hand job probably wasn't the resolution Yami was hoping for, but Seto had already made up his mind to make it up to the former Pharaoh later, so this would do for the time being, especially since Yami was just *teetering* on the edge. With almost no warning at all, Yami suddenly tensed and shot into the air with a scream loud enough to wake the dead. With a smirk, Seto let Yami hump his fist until he had nothing left, then finally released him to assess the mess they had made.

It wasn't too bad. Most of Yami's release had ended up somewhere in the vicinity of Yami's right shoulder, though a few tiny beads had landed on his lower cheek. And Seto's hand of course was splattered with sticky cum. Casually wiping that hand off on the throw, which was obviously going into the wash very soon, he leaned down and languorously licked off the salty pearls which spotted Yami's face, smiling at the dazed, satisfied look on Yami's face.


Yami responded to the smile with a lazy one of his own. Hmm?

Still glad I came home early?

Oh yes. Very. You really ought... Yami trailed off as he thought he heard something outside the entrance of the media room. Uh, what time is it?

"Hey Seto, Yami... you two in there?" a youthful voice called out. "I'm not coming in 'cause God knows what you've been doing, but... well, just answer me if you're in there."

Mokuba? wondered Yami. Was school out already? Boy, those two always had such perfect timing...

"We're in here," Seto replied, already flipping open his briefcase in search of a towel or two. "Don't come in."

"Oh, okay. Uh... see you in a bit."

* * *

As Mokuba and Noa headed upstairs to their bedroom, Noa couldn't help but snigger about Mokuba's blatant lie. "That was great. 'Hey, are you two in there?' You should have just told them that we've been home for the last 20 minutes. I'd love to hear Seto's response to that."

"Nah, I didn't want to be a jerk about it. I mean, we just got them back together, so let them have their fun," Mokuba pointed out cheerfully.

"More like let them have the illusion that they got to make up in private?"

Mokuba just grinned. "Well, I'm not going to tell them, are you?"

* * *


Author's Notes:

December 14, 2005